Friday, February 10, 2012

1003.6079 (J. M. Yearsley)

Quantum Arrival Time For Open Systems    [PDF]

J. M. Yearsley

1004.4911 (Zhenwei Cao et al.)

On the efficiency of Hamiltonian-based quantum computation for low-rank

Zhenwei Cao, Alexander Elgart

1009.3623 (Qi Zhang et al.)

Dynamical fluctuations in classical adiabatic processes: General
description and their implications

Qi Zhang, Jiangbin Gong, C. H. Oh

1011.5039 (Marcin Ostrowski)

Information and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Marcin Ostrowski

1101.0064 (Toyohiro Tsurumaru et al.)

Dual universality of hash functions and its applications to quantum

Toyohiro Tsurumaru, Masahito Hayashi

1101.4845 (Gentaro Watanabe et al.)

Dissipation-induced squeezing    [PDF]

Gentaro Watanabe, Harri Mäkelä

1103.2587 (S. N. Sandhya et al.)

Geometric Phase: a Diagnostic Tool for Entanglement    [PDF]

S. N. Sandhya, Subhashish Banerjee

1104.5242 (Ángel Rivas et al.)

Open Quantum Systems. An Introduction    [PDF]

Ángel Rivas, Susana F. Huelga

1106.3235 (Jianxin Chen et al.)

Rank Reduction for the Local Consistency Problem    [PDF]

Jianxin Chen, Zhengfeng Ji, Alexander Klyachko, David W. Kribs, Bei Zeng

1106.4767 (J. M. Yearsley et al.)

Quantum Arrival and Dwell Times via Idealised Clocks    [PDF]

J. M. Yearsley, D. A. Downs, J. J. Halliwell, A. K. Hashagen

1108.2143 (Francesco Ciccarello et al.)

Local-channel-induced rise of quantum correlations in
continuous-variable systems

Francesco Ciccarello, Vittorio Giovannetti

1109.6895 (L. J. Salazar et al.)

Quantum-correlated two-photon transitions to excitons in semiconductor
quantum wells

L. J. Salazar, D. A. Guzmán, F. J. Rodríguez, L. Quiroga

1111.2073 (Timur Sh. Iskhakov et al.)

Fully Entangled Macroscopic Light Pulses of 10^5 Photons    [PDF]

Timur Sh. Iskhakov, Ivan N. Agafonov, Maria V. Chekhova, Gerd Leuchs

1112.0900 (D. G. England et al.)

High-Fidelity Polarization Storage in a Gigahertz Bandwidth Quantum

D. G. England, P. S. Michelberger, T. F. M. Champion, K. F. Reim, K. C. Lee, M. R. Sprague, X. -M. Jin, N. K. Langford, W. S. Kolthammer, J. Nunn, I. A. Walmsley

1112.1355 (Fu-Guo Deng)

Optimal nonlocal multipartite entanglement concentration based on
projection measurements

Fu-Guo Deng

1112.5198 (Łukasz Rudnicki)

Heisenberg position-momentum uncertainty relation beyond central

Łukasz Rudnicki

1202.1404 (V. D. Rusov et al.)

Quantization in relativistic classical mechanics: the Stueckelberg
equation, neutrino oscillation and large-scale structure of the Universe

V. D. Rusov, D. S. Vlasenko

1202.2007 (George Svetlichny)

How Free Will Could Will    [PDF]

George Svetlichny

1202.1823 (Sungkun Hong et al.)

Coherent, mechanical control of a single electronic spin    [PDF]

Sungkun Hong, Michael S. Grinolds, Patrick Maletinsky, Ronald L. Walsworth, Mikhail D. Lukin, Amir Yacoby

1202.1828 (Michael D. Shulman et al.)

Demonstration of Entanglement of Electrostatically Coupled
Singlet-Triplet Qubits

Michael D. Shulman, Oliver E. Dial, Shannon P. Harvey, Hendrik Bluhm, Vladimir Umansky, Amir Yacoby

1202.1852 (H. Bombin et al.)

Strong resilience of topological codes to depolarization    [PDF]

H. Bombin, Ruben S. Andrist, Masayuki Ohzeki, Helmut G. Katzgraber, M. A. Martin-Delgado

1202.1893 (E. D. Vol)

Simple Quantum Model of Learning Explains the Yerkes-Dodson Law in

E. D. Vol

1202.1899 (Kai-Yan Lee et al.)

Relation Between Quantum Speed Limits And Metrics On U(n)    [PDF]

Kai-Yan Lee, H. F. Chau

1202.1900 (Zhenglu Duan et al.)

Slowing light with a coupled optomechanical crystal array    [PDF]

Zhenglu Duan, Bixuan Fan

1202.1923 (J. Q. You et al.)

Atomic physics and quantum optics using superconducting circuits    [PDF]

J. Q. You, Franco Nori

1202.1931 (Tamas Palmai et al.)

Fixed energy potentials through an auxiliary inverse eigenvalue problem    [PDF]

Tamas Palmai, Barnabas Apagyi

1202.1932 (Tomasz Sowinski)

Exact diagonalization of the one dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with
local 3-body interactions

Tomasz Sowinski

1202.1947 (Jukub Luczak et al.)

Entanglement in a three spin system controlled by electric and magnetic

Jukub Luczak, Bogdan R. Bulka

1202.1959 (Manuel Gessner et al.)

Correlations in quantum states and the local creation of quantum discord    [PDF]

Manuel Gessner, Elsi-Mari Laine, Heinz-Peter Breuer, Jyrki Piilo

1202.1963 (Kasper R. Zangenberg et al.)

Spatial mode effects in a cavity EIT-based quantum memory with ion
Coulomb crystals

Kasper R. Zangenberg, Aurélien Dantan, Michael Drewsen

1202.1965 (Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda et al.)

Finite-Size Scaling Analysis of the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis
in a One-Dimensional Interacting Bose gas

Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda, Yu Watanabe, Masahito Ueda

1202.1982 (Stefan Yoshi Buhmann et al.)

Casimir-Polder interaction of fullerene molecules with surfaces    [PDF]

Stefan Yoshi Buhmann, Stefan Scheel, Simen Å. Ellingsen, Klaus Hornberger, Andreas Jacob

1202.2025 (Teodor Banica et al.)

Almost Hadamard matrices: general theory and examples    [PDF]

Teodor Banica, Ion Nechita, Karol Zyczkowski

1202.2026 (Akira SaiToh et al.)

Semiclassical genetic algorithm with quantum crossover and mutation

Akira SaiToh, Robabeh Rahimi, Mikio Nakahara

1202.2028 (Fabio Bagarello et al.)

Non linear pseudo-bosons versus hidden Hermiticity. II: The case of
unbounded operators

Fabio Bagarello, Miloslav Znojil

1202.2041 (Alberto Barchielli et al.)

Entanglement protection and generation under continuous monitoring    [PDF]

Alberto Barchielli, Matteo Gregoratti

1202.2044 (M. Radonjic et al.)

Emergence of classical behavior from the quantum spin    [PDF]

M. Radonjic, S. Prvanovic, N. Buric

1202.2053 (Preethika Kumar et al.)

Simplified Approach to Implementing Controlled-Unitary Operations in a
Two-Qubit System

Preethika Kumar, Steven R. Skinner

1202.2070 (Hong Liu et al.)

A refinement of entanglement entropy and the number of degrees of

Hong Liu, Mark Mezei

1202.2084 (Chui-Ping Yang et al.)

Generation of GHZ entangled states of photons in multiple cavities via a
superconucting qubit or an atom through resonant interaction

Chui-Ping Yang, Siyuan Han