Friday, June 28, 2013

1212.6315 (Marie Bonneau et al.)

Tunable source of correlated atom beams    [PDF]

Marie Bonneau, Josselin Ruaudel, Raphaël Lopes, Jean-Christophe Jaskula, Alain Aspect, Denis Boiron, Christoph I Westbrook

1306.6574 (Gerald I. Kerley)

On Corrections to the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation    [PDF]

Gerald I. Kerley

1306.6524 (Horace W. Crater et al.)

On Relativistic Entanglement and Localization of Particles and on their
Comparison with the Non-Relativistic Theory

Horace W. Crater, Luca Lusanna

1306.6356 (E. R. MacQuarrie et al.)

Mechanical spin control of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond    [PDF]

E. R. MacQuarrie, T. A. Gosavi, N. R. Jungwirth, S. A. Bhave, G. D. Fuchs

1306.6359 (Tony E. Lee et al.)

Quantum simulation of quantum van der Pol oscillators with trapped ions    [PDF]

Tony E. Lee, H. R. Sadeghpour

1306.6387 (Ilya G. Ryabinkin et al.)

Geometric phase effects in dynamics near conical intersections: Symmetry
breaking and spatial localization

Ilya G. Ryabinkin, Artur F. Izmaylov

1306.6422 (Andrey R. Kolovsky)

Master equation approach to conductivity of bosonic and fermionic
carriers in one- and two-dimensional lattices

Andrey R. Kolovsky

1306.6425 (E. I. Baibekov)

High temperature collective spin-photon coupling in a microwave cavity    [PDF]

E. I. Baibekov

1306.6427 (Yuxiang Yang et al.)

Is asymptotic cloning equivalent to state estimation when all clones are
examined jointly?

Yuxiang Yang, Giulio Chiribella

1306.6431 (Merlin Cooper et al.)

Quantum state estimation with unknown measurements    [PDF]

Merlin Cooper, Michal Karpinski, Brian J. Smith

1306.6435 (Tobias Brandes)

Excited-State Quantum Phase Transitions in Dicke Superradiance Models    [PDF]

Tobias Brandes

1306.6495 (Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim et al.)

Orbital angular momentum entanglement in turbulence    [PDF]

Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim, Filippus S. Roux, Melanie McLaren, Thomas Konrad, Andrew Forbes

1306.6504 (Karol Bartkiewicz et al.)

Entanglement estimation from Bell inequality violation    [PDF]

Karol Bartkiewicz, Bohdan Horst, Karel Lemr, Adam Miranowicz

1306.6517 (William N. Plick et al.)

The Forgotten Quantum Number: A short note on the radial modes of
Laguerre-Gauss beams

William N. Plick, Radek Lapkiewicz, Sven Ramelow, Anton Zeilinger

1306.6525 (S. N. Filippov et al.)

Bipartite entanglement-annihilating maps: necessary and sufficient

S. N. Filippov, M. Ziman

1306.6528 (Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros et al.)

Quasi-pinning and entanglement in the lithium isoelectronic series    [PDF]

Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros, José M. Gracia-Bondía, Michael Springborg

1306.6536 (Philippe Brax et al.)

Probing Strongly Coupled Chameleons with Slow Neutrons    [PDF]

Philippe Brax, Guillaume Pignol, Damien Roulier

1306.6573 (A. M. Gavrilik et al.)

Plethora of q-oscillators possessing pairwise energy level degeneracy    [PDF]

A. M. Gavrilik, A. P. Rebesh

1306.6579 (M. Scala et al.)

Matter Wave Interferometry of a Levitated Thermal Nano-Oscillator
Induced and Probed by a Spin

M. Scala, M. S. Kim, G. W. Morley, P. F. Barker, S. Bose

1306.6600 (Jérémy Le Deunff et al.)

Semiclassical description of resonance-assisted tunnelling in
one-dimensional integrable models

Jérémy Le Deunff, Amaury Mouchet, Peter Schlagheck

1306.6603 (Z. Darázs et al.)

Parametric amplification of the mechanical vibrations of a suspended
nanowire by magnetic coupling to a Bose-Einstein condensate

Z. Darázs, Z. Kurucz, O. Kálmán, T. Kiss, J. Fortágh, P. Domokos

1306.6607 (A. S. Sanz et al.)

Dissipative Bohmian mechanics: A trajectory analysis of wave-packet
dynamics in viscid media

A. S. Sanz, R. Martinez-Casado, H. C. Pennate-Rodriguez, G. Rojas-Lorenzo, S. Miret-Artes

1306.6619 (Curt A. Moyer)

A Unified Theory of Quasibound States    [PDF]

Curt A. Moyer

1306.6621 (Peña Igor et al.)

On the possibility of measuring the Unruh Effect    [PDF]

Peña Igor, Sudarsky Daniel