Monday, June 24, 2013

1209.0082 (Monireh Houshmand et al.)

Recursive quantum convolutional encoders are catastrophic: A simple

Monireh Houshmand, Mark M. Wilde

1302.5584 (Mayeul Arminjon)

On the non-uniqueness problem of the covariant Dirac theory and the
spin-rotation coupling

Mayeul Arminjon

1306.5192 (Sindhu Chitikela)

State Decoding in Multi-Stage Cryptography Protocols    [PDF]

Sindhu Chitikela

1306.4979 (G. L. Klimchitskaya et al.)

Constraints on corrections to Newtonian gravity from two recent
measurements of the Casimir interaction between metallic surfaces

G. L. Klimchitskaya, U. Mohideen, V. M. Mostepanenko

1306.4986 (S. Genway et al.)

Dynamics of thermalization and decoherence of a nanoscale system    [PDF]

S. Genway, A. F. Ho, D. K. K. Lee

1306.4989 (Matthew J. M. Power et al.)

Dynamical symmetry breaking with optimal control: reducing the number of

Matthew J. M. Power, Gabriele De Chiara

1306.5017 (Dmitri A. Ivanov et al.)

Fisher-Hartwig expansion for Toeplitz determinants and the spectrum of a
single-particle reduced density matrix for one-dimensional free fermions

Dmitri A. Ivanov, Alexander G. Abanov

1306.5039 (S. Iriyama et al.)

On Quantum Algorithm for Binary Search and Its Computational Complexity    [PDF]

S. Iriyama, M. Ohya, I. V. Volovich

1306.5057 (Masahiro Hotta et al.)

Black Hole Firewalls Require Huge Energy of Measurement    [PDF]

Masahiro Hotta, Jiro Matsumoto, Ken Funo

1306.5065 (Dong Xie et al.)

Precision frequency metrology in Correlated Environments    [PDF]

Dong Xie, An Min Wang

1306.5136 (Hong-rong Li et al.)

Control excitation and coherent transfer in a dimer    [PDF]

Hong-rong Li, Pei Zhang, Yingjun Liu, Fu-li Li, Shi-yao Zhu

1306.5143 (David Gomez-Ullate et al.)

Rational extensions of the quantum harmonic oscillator and exceptional
Hermite polynomials

David Gomez-Ullate, Yves Grandati, Robert Milson

1306.5173 (Kao-Yueh Kuo et al.)

On the Hardnesses of Several Quantum Decoding Problems    [PDF]

Kao-Yueh Kuo, Chung-Chin Lu

1306.5181 (Jonathan B. Balewski et al.)

Coupling a single electron to a Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Jonathan B. Balewski, Alexander T. Krupp, Anita Gaj, David Peter, Hans Peter Büchler, Robert Löw, Sebastian Hofferberth, Tilman Pfau

1306.5205 (Daniel Uken et al.)

On Filtering Schemes in the Quantum-Classical Liouville Approach to
Non-adiabatic Dynamics

Daniel Uken, Alessandro Sergi, Francesco Petruccione

1306.5206 (Eugenio Bianchi et al.)

The boundary is mixed    [PDF]

Eugenio Bianchi, Hal M. Haggard, Carlo Rovelli

1306.5211 (Alfredo Luis)

Contradictory entropic joint uncertainty relations for complementary
observables in two-level systems

Alfredo Luis

1306.5223 (Xiong-Jun Liu et al.)

Detecting Topological Orders in Cold Atoms    [PDF]

Xiong-Jun Liu, K. T. Law, T. K. Ng, Patrick A. Lee