Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1010.2092 (Stefan Hunn et al.)

Inelastic chaotic scattering on a Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Stefan Hunn, Moritz Hiller, Andreas Buchleitner, Doron Cohen, Tsampikos Kottos

1101.1242 (J. Bernal et al.)

On the classical limit of quantum mechanics    [PDF]

J. Bernal, Alberto Martín-Ruiz, J. C. García-Melgarejo

1102.3354 (Niel de Beaudrap)

A linearized stabilizer formalism for systems of finite dimension    [PDF]

Niel de Beaudrap

1105.1286 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Determination of hidden variable models reproducing the spin-singlet    [PDF]

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1107.6023 (Michael Koehn)

Relativistic Wavepackets in Classically Chaotic Quantum Cosmological

Michael Koehn

1108.0922 (Miloš V. Lokajíček)

The assumption in Bell's inequalities and entanglement problem    [PDF]

Miloš V. Lokajíček

1109.4183 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Full counting statistics of weak measurement    [PDF]

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1109.6457 (Philipp Hauke et al.)

Can One Trust Quantum Simulators?    [PDF]

Philipp Hauke, Fernando M. Cucchietti, Luca Tagliacozzo, Ivan Deutsch, Maciej Lewenstein

1110.0665 (M. F. Ciappina et al.)

High-order harmonic generation from inhomogeneous fields    [PDF]

M. F. Ciappina, J. Biegert, R. Quidant, M. Lewenstein

1112.2378 (Ernst Binz et al.)

Clifford Algebras in Symplectic Geometry and Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Ernst Binz, Maurice A. de Gosson, Basil J. Hiley

1112.5609 (O. Romero-Isart et al.)

Quantum Magnetomechanics with Levitating Superconducting Microspheres    [PDF]

O. Romero-Isart, L. Clemente, C. Navau, A. Sanchez, J. I. Cirac

1112.6370 (Bruno Bellomo et al.)

Unified view of correlations using the square norm distance    [PDF]

Bruno Bellomo, Gian Luca Giorgi, Fernando Galve, Rosario Lo Franco, Giuseppe Compagno, Roberta Zambrini

1201.3979 (Zhengjun Xi et al.)

The one-way unlocalizable quantum discord    [PDF]

Zhengjun Xi, Heng Fan, Yongming Li

1203.0577 (A. M. Marino et al.)

Extracting Spatial Information from Noise Measurements of
Multi-Spatial-Mode Quantum States

A. M. Marino, J. B. Clark, Q. Glorieux, P. D. Lett

1203.0585 (Sahand Hormoz)

Quantum Collapse and the Second Law of Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Sahand Hormoz

1203.0595 (Li-Yun Hu et al.)

Entanglement and nonclassicality of photon-added two-mode squeezed
thermal state

Li-Yun Hu, Fang Jia, Zhi-Ming Zhang

1203.0613 (A. I. Arbab)

The complex quantum harmonic oscillator: A model for the fractional
quantum Hall effect

A. I. Arbab

1203.0618 (Zheng Liu et al.)

Controlling spontaneous emission of a two-level atom by hyperbolic

Zheng Liu, Wei Li, Xunya Jiang

1203.0623 (Peng Zhang et al.)

Interatomic collisions in the two-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional
confinements with Rashba spin-orbital coupling

Peng Zhang, Wei Zhang

1203.0628 (Stephen M. Barnett et al.)

Extending the Reach of QKD Using Relays    [PDF]

Stephen M. Barnett, Simon J. D. Phoenix

1203.0630 (Stephen M. Barnett et al.)

Securing a Quantum Key Distribution Network Using Secret Sharing    [PDF]

Stephen M. Barnett, Simon J. D. Phoenix

1203.0633 (Stephen M. Barnett et al.)

Detecting an Eavesdropper in QKD Without Public Bit Comparison    [PDF]

Stephen M. Barnett, Simon J. D. Phoenix

1203.0649 (M. Ya. Amusia et al.)

Generalized oscillator strength of endohedral molecules    [PDF]

M. Ya. Amusia, L. V. Chernysheva, E. Z. Liverts

1203.0650 (Bo You et al.)

Freezing phenomena of quantum discord under phase damping: necessary and
sufficient conditions

Bo You, Li-Xiang Cen

1203.0655 (Andrzej Dragan et al.)

Localised projective measurement of a relativistic quantum field in
non-inertial frames

Andrzej Dragan, Jason Doukas, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, David Edward Bruschi

1203.0658 (Su Zhi-Kun et al.)

Short coherent control pulse with small random errors in its direction    [PDF]

Su Zhi-Kun, Jiang Shao-Ji

1203.0687 (Horace W. Crater et al.)

Magnetic Resonance at Short Distances    [PDF]

Horace W. Crater, Cheuk-Yin Wong

1203.0717 (Mugurel Ţolea et al.)

Phase extraction in disordered isospectral shapes    [PDF]

Mugurel Ţolea, Bogdan Ostahie, Marian Niţă, Felicia Ţolea, Alexandru Aldea

1203.0722 (Hai-Rui Wei et al.)

Decomposition of orthogonal matrix and synthesis of two-qubit and
three-qubit orthogonal gates

Hai-Rui Wei, Yao-Min Di

1203.0739 (Shi-Hai Sun et al.)

Passive faraday mirror attack in practical two-way quantum key
distribution system

Shi-Hai Sun, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Lin-Mei Liang

1203.0776 (A. W. Chin et al.)

Vibrational structures and long-lasting electronic coherence    [PDF]

A. W. Chin, J. Prior, R. Rosenbach, F. Caycedo-Soler, S. F. Huelga, M. B. Plenio

1203.0785 (C. M. Chandrashekar et al.)

Quantum walk on distinguishable non-interacting many-particles and
indistinguishable two-particle

C. M. Chandrashekar, Th. Busch

1203.0792 (Le Huy Nguyen et al.)

Micromotion in trapped atom-ion systems    [PDF]

Le Huy Nguyen, Amir Kalev, Murray Barrett, Berthold-Georg Englert

1203.0794 (Stephen Pankavich et al.)

Multiscale Theory of Finite Size Bose Systems: Implications for
Collective and Single-Particle Excitations

Stephen Pankavich, Zeina Zhreif, Yong Chen, Peter Ortoleva

1203.0827 (Yuki Susa et al.)

Optimal Probe Wavefunction of Weak-Value Amplification    [PDF]

Yuki Susa, Yutaka Shikano, Akio Hosoya

1203.0859 (Haifeng Dong et al.)

Atomic-signal-based zero field finding technique for unshielded
laser-pumped atomic magnetometer

Haifeng Dong, Hongbo Lin, Xinbin Tang

1203.0861 (M. Shalaby et al.)

Weak mutually unbiased bases    [PDF]

M. Shalaby, A. Vourdas

1203.0887 (Domenico D'Alessandro et al.)

Indirect Controllability of Quantum Systems; A Study of Two Interacting
Quantum Bits

Domenico D'Alessandro, Raffaele Romano

1203.0894 (T. Wasak et al.)

Raman scattering of atoms from a quasi-condensate in a perturbative

T. Wasak, J. Chwedenczuk, P. Zin, M. Trippenbach

1203.0911 (Denis Rosset et al.)

Imperfect measurements settings: implications on quantum state
tomography and entanglement witnesses

Denis Rosset, Raphael Ferretti-Schöbitz, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Nicolas Gisin, Yeong-Cherng Liang

1203.0925 (K. G. L. Pedersen et al.)

Inducing spin-dependent tunneling to probe magnetic correlations in
optical lattices

K. G. L. Pedersen, B. M. Andersen, O. F. Syljuasen, G. M. Bruun, A. S. Sorensen

1203.0927 (Jacqueline Erhart et al.)

Response to `Comment on "Experimental demonstration of a universally
valid error-disturbance uncertainty relation in spin measurements" '

Jacqueline Erhart, Stephan Sponar, Georg Sulyok, Gerald Badurek, Masanao Ozawa, Yuji Hasegawa

1203.0929 (A. Sarlette et al.)

Stabilization of nonclassical states of one- and two-mode radiation
fields by reservoir engineering

A. Sarlette, Z. Leghtas, M. Brune, J. M. Raimond, P. Rouchon

1203.0935 (Clement Ampadu)

Ito's formula for the discrete-time quantum walk in two dimensions    [PDF]

Clement Ampadu

1203.0943 (Berislav Buca et al.)

A note on symmetry reductions of the Lindblad equation: transport in
constrained open spin chains

Berislav Buca, Tomaz Prosen

1203.0952 (Brandon Carter)

Classical Anthropic Everett model: indeterminacy in a preordained

Brandon Carter

1203.0976 (Ana M. Martins)

Influence of the spectral bandwidth in the entanglement of a
nondegenerate parametric amplifier

Ana M. Martins

1203.0980 (Eleonora Nagali et al.)

Experimental observation of impossible-to-beat quantum advantage on a
hybrid photonic system

Eleonora Nagali, Vincenzo D'Ambrosio, Fabio Sciarrino, Adan Cabello

1203.0981 (Adan Cabello et al.)

Proposed experiments of qutrit state-independent contextuality and
two-qutrit contextuality-based nonlocality

Adan Cabello, Elias Amselem, Kate Blanchfield, Mohamed Bourennane, Ingemar Bengtsson

1203.0993 (Morteza Rafiee et al.)

Stationary and uniform entanglement distribution in qubit networks with
quasi-local dissipation

Morteza Rafiee, Cosmo Lupo, Hossein Mokhtari, Stefano Mancini