Tuesday, July 10, 2012

0908.0989 (Richard M. Green et al.)

The Veldkamp Space of the Smallest Slim Dense Near Hexagon    [PDF]

Richard M. Green, Metod Saniga

1101.4612 (Adrian Kent)

A No-summoning theorem in Relativistic Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Adrian Kent

1108.3681 (Giacomo M. D'Ariano et al.)

Spooky action at a distance in general probabilistic theories    [PDF]

Giacomo M. D'Ariano, Franco Manessi, Paolo Perinotti

1207.1740 (Anmer Daskin et al.)

Designing Efficient Programmable Quantum Circuits    [PDF]

Anmer Daskin, Ananth Grama, Giorgos Kollias, Sabre Kais

1207.1743 (T. C. Adorno et al.)

Noncommutative magnetic moment, fundamental length and lepton size    [PDF]

T. C. Adorno, D. M. Gitman, A. E. Shabad

1207.1779 (Jop Briet et al.)

Violating the Shannon capacity of metric graphs with entanglement    [PDF]

Jop Briet, Harry Buhrman, Dion Gijswijt

1207.1787 (Jian Xu et al.)

Two parameters scaling approach to Anderson localization of weekly
interacting BEC

Jian Xu, Dan-Wei Zhang, Xin-Ding Zhang, Zheng-Yuan Xue

1207.1810 (D. S. Goodman et al.)

Ion-neutral sympathetic cooling in a hybrid linear rf Paul and
magneto-optical trap

D. S. Goodman, I. Sivarajah, J. E. Wells, F. A. Narducci, W. W. Smith

1207.1819 (Carl Miller et al.)

Robust self-testing quantum states and binary nonlocal XOR games    [PDF]

Carl Miller, Yaoyun Shi

1207.1827 (Nicolai Friis et al.)

Quantum gates and multipartite entanglement resonances realized by

Nicolai Friis, Marcus Huber, Ivette Fuentes, David Edward Bruschi

1207.1871 (Bing Chen et al.)

Long-range adiabatic quantum state transfer through a tight-binding
chain as a quantum data bus

Bing Chen, Wei Fan, Yan Xu, Zhao-yang Chen, Xun-li Feng, C. H. Oh

1207.1884 (E. Dupont-Ferrier et al.)

Coupling and coherent electrical control of two dopants in a silicon

E. Dupont-Ferrier, B. Roche, B. Voisin, X. Jehl, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet, M. Sanquer, S. De Franceschi

1207.1901 (Timothy Harrison)

Towards in-situ cleaning of a trapped ion quantum computer    [PDF]

Timothy Harrison

1207.1911 (Alex Mahalov et al.)

Wave Packets and Coherent Structures for Nonlinear Schroedinger
equations in Variable Nonuniform Media

Alex Mahalov, Sergei K. Suslov

1207.1945 (Derek D. Scott et al.)

PT-symmetry breaking and maximal chirality in a nonuniform PT-symmetric

Derek D. Scott, Yogesh N. Joglekar

1207.1946 (Brian Pepper et al.)

Macroscopic superpositions via nested interferometry: finite temperature
and decoherence considerations

Brian Pepper, Evan Jeffrey, Roohollah Ghobadi, Christoph Simon, Dirk Bouwmeester

1207.1952 (Akihito Soeda et al.)

Existence of two spin-1/2 states that are non-local yet non-contextual    [PDF]

Akihito Soeda, Pawel Kurzynski, Ravishankar Ramanathan, Kavan Modi, Dagomir Kaszlikowski

1207.1968 (Kazuki Hasebe)

Non-Compact Hopf Maps and Fuzzy Ultra-Hyperboloids    [PDF]

Kazuki Hasebe

1207.1979 (Ananya Ghatak et al.)

Spectral singularity and deep multiple minima in the reflectivity in
non-Hermitian (complex) Ginocchio potential

Ananya Ghatak, Bhabani Prasad Mandal, Zafar Ahmed

1207.1988 (J. R. Johansson et al.)

Nonclassical microwave radiation from the dynamical Casimir effect    [PDF]

J. R. Johansson, G. Johansson, C. M. Wilson, P. Delsing, F. Nori

1207.1999 (Kazimierz Łakomy et al.)

Faraday patterns in coupled one-dimensional dipolar condensates    [PDF]

Kazimierz Łakomy, Rejish Nath, Luis Santos

1207.2001 (Dominique Delande et al.)

Many-body Anderson localization    [PDF]

Dominique Delande, Krzysztof Sacha, Marcin Plodzien, Sanat K. Avazbaev, Jakub Zakrzewski

1207.2006 (Simone A. Hamerla et al.)

Dynamics after Interaction Quenches in One-Dimensional Fermionic Systems    [PDF]

Simone A. Hamerla, Götz S. Uhrig

1207.2013 (Fabio Bagarello)

(Regular) pseudo-bosons versus bosons    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello

1207.2029 (Alastair A. Abbott et al.)

Kochen-Specker Theorem Revisited and Strong Incomputability of Quantum

Alastair A. Abbott, Cristian S. Calude, Jonathan Conder, Karl Svozil

1207.2036 (Zhihai Wang et al.)

Disappearance of equilibrium with thermal spin bath induced by
non-Markov process

Zhihai Wang, Yu Guo, D. L. Zhou

1207.2051 (Jing Lu et al.)

Non-Abelian geometrical control of a qubit in an NV center in diamond    [PDF]

Jing Lu, Lan Zhou

1207.2086 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Cosmological Inflation and the Quantum Measurement Problem    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Vincent Vennin, Patrick Peter

1207.2105 (Mehmet Ali Kuntman et al.)

How Much and What Kind of Nonlocality? A Sufficient Condition for
Singlet Spin Correlations

Mehmet Ali Kuntman, Ertan Kuntman

1207.2106 (A. Dabrowska et al.)

Squeezed coherent state undergoing a continuous nondemolition

A. Dabrowska, P. Staszewski

1207.2126 (Daniel J. Brod et al.)

Geometries for universal quantum computation with matchgates    [PDF]

Daniel J. Brod, Ernesto F. Galvão

1207.2141 (Christopher A. Fuchs)

Interview with a Quantum Bayesian    [PDF]

Christopher A. Fuchs