Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1101.5113 (Johan Noldus)

Foundations of a theory of quantum gravity    [PDF]

Johan Noldus

1112.3563 (T. Cooney et al.)

Rank-one Quantum Games    [PDF]

T. Cooney, M. Junge, C. Palazuelos, D. Pérez-García

1212.6271 (A. A. Banishev et al.)

Demonstration of Angle Dependent Casimir Force Between Corrugations    [PDF]

A. A. Banishev, J. Wagner, T. Emig, R. Zandi, U. Mohideen

1305.0848 (Maris Ozols et al.)

Bound entangled states with secret key and their classical counterpart    [PDF]

Maris Ozols, Graeme Smith, John A. Smolin

1305.0858 (Michael Ramm et al.)

Precision measurement method for branching fractions of excited P1/2
states applied to 40Ca+

Michael Ramm, Thaned Pruttivarasin, Mark Kokish, Ishan Talukdar, Hartmut Häffner

1305.0861 (F. De Zela)

Comment on "Fringe Visibility and Which-Way Information: An Inequality"    [PDF]

F. De Zela

1305.0878 (Kilian P. Heeg et al.)

Vacuum-assisted generation and control of atomic coherences at x-ray

Kilian P. Heeg, Hans-Christian Wille, Kai Schlage, Tatyana Guryeva, Daniel Schumacher, Ingo Uschmann, Kai S. Schulze, Berit Marx, Tino Kämpfer, Gerhard G. Paulus, Ralf Röhlsberger, Jörg Evers

1305.0885 (Sovik Roy et al.)

A cloned qutrit and its utility in information processing tasks    [PDF]

Sovik Roy, Nirman Ganguly, Atul Kumar, Satyabrata Adhikari, A. S. Majumdar

1305.0932 (Sina Salek et al.)

Negative Conditional Entropy of Post-Selected States    [PDF]

Sina Salek, Roman Schubert, Karoline Wiesner

1305.0949 (Walter Gessner)

Ideal quantum clocks and operator time    [PDF]

Walter Gessner

1305.0960 (J. Nunn et al.)

Large-Alphabet Time-Frequency Entangled Quantum Key Distribution by
means of Time-to-Frequency Conversion

J. Nunn, L. Wright, C. Söller, L. Zhang, I. A. Walmsley, B. J. Smith

1305.0970 (Q. H. Liu)

Geometric momentum for a particle constrained on a curved hypersurface    [PDF]

Q. H. Liu

1305.0985 (Zhe-Xuan Gong et al.)

Prethermalization and dynamical transition in an isolated trapped ion
spin chain

Zhe-Xuan Gong, L. -M. Duan

1305.0986 (Terence E. Stuart et al.)

A Flexible Source of Non-Degenerate Entangled Photons Based on a
Two-Crystal Sagnac Interferometer

Terence E. Stuart, Joshua A. Slater, Felix Bussieres, Wolfgang Tittel

1305.0990 (Martin Plesch et al.)

Single Min-Entropy Random Source can be Amplified    [PDF]

Martin Plesch, Matej Pivoluska

1305.1000 (R. A. Treumann et al.)

Electrons in Magnetic Mirror Geometry    [PDF]

R. A. Treumann, W. Baumjohann

1305.1020 (Marius Junge et al.)

Channel capacities via $p$-summing norms    [PDF]

Marius Junge, Carlos palazuelos

1305.1021 (Andris Ambainis et al.)

Parameterized Quantum Query Complexity of Graph Collision    [PDF]

Andris Ambainis, Kaspars Balodis, Jānis Iraids, Raitis Ozols, Juris Smotrovs

1305.1025 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

Symplectic and Hamiltonian Deformations of Gabor Frames    [PDF]

Maurice A. de Gosson

1305.1029 (Christopher J. Wood et al.)

Cavity cooling of an ensemble spin system    [PDF]

Christopher J. Wood, Troy W. Borneman, David G. Cory

1305.1051 (Daniel Braun et al.)

Coherently enhanced measurements in classical mechanics    [PDF]

Daniel Braun, Sandu Popescu

1305.1077 (Yeong-Dae Kwon et al.)

Femtojoule-scale all-optical latching and modulation via cavity
nonlinear optics

Yeong-Dae Kwon, Michael A. Armen, Hideo Mabuchi

1305.1083 (Hidetoshi Kumagai et al.)

Robustness of quantum communication based on decoherence-free subspace
using counter-propagating weak coherent light pulse

Hidetoshi Kumagai, Takashi Yamamoto, Masato Koashi, Nobuyuki Imoto

1305.1107 (D. B. Horoshko et al.)

Towards single-cycle squeezing in chirped quasi-phase-matched optical
parametric down-conversion

D. B. Horoshko, M. I. Kolobov

1305.1110 (Ferdi Altintas)

Dissipative dynamics of atom-field entanglement in the
ultrastrong-coupling regime

Ferdi Altintas

1305.1130 (Toshiki Kobayashi et al.)

Universal gates for transforming multipartite entangled Dicke states    [PDF]

Toshiki Kobayashi, Rikizo Ikuta, Sahin Kaya Ozdemir, Mark Tame, Takashi Yamamoto, Masato Koashi, Nobuyuki Imoto

1305.1149 (S. López-Rosa et al.)

Entropy and complexity analysis of hydrogenic Rydberg atoms    [PDF]

S. López-Rosa, I. V. Toranzo, P. Sánchez-Moreno, J. S. Dehesa

1305.1158 (Armen G. Hayrapetyan et al.)

Bessel beams of two-level atoms driven by a linearly polarized laser

Armen G. Hayrapetyan, Oliver Matula, Andrey Surzhykov, Stephan Fritzsche

1305.1197 (Xiaobing Luo et al.)

Coherent Destruction of Tunneling and Dark Floquet State    [PDF]

Xiaobing Luo, Liping Li, Li You, Biao Wu

1305.1226 (Li-Tuo Shen et al.)

Ground state of three qubits coupled to a harmonic oscillator with
ultrastrong coupling

Li-Tuo Shen, Zhen-Biao Yang, Rong-Xin Chen

1305.1239 (F. C. Alcaraz et al.)

Universal behavior of the Shannon mutual information of critical quantum

F. C. Alcaraz, M. A. Rajabpour

1305.1244 (C. J. Bonin et al.)

Evidence of several dipolar quasi-invariants in Liquid Crystals    [PDF]

C. J. Bonin, C. E. González, H. H. Segnorile, R. C. Zamar

1305.1262 (Olivier Brunet)

Weakening the Born Rule - Towards a Stateless Formulation of Quantum

Olivier Brunet

1305.1280 (Travis Norsen)

The Pilot-Wave Perspective on Spin    [PDF]

Travis Norsen

1305.1285 (Phillip R Atkins et al.)

Casimir Force for Arbitrary Objects Using the Argument Principle and
Boundary Element Methods

Phillip R Atkins, Weng Cho Chew, Qi I. Dai, Wei E. I. Sha