Friday, August 17, 2012

1108.3080 (Max Tegmark)

How unitary cosmology generalizes thermodynamics and solves the
inflationary entropy problem

Max Tegmark

1201.4174 (Jutho Haegeman et al.)

An order parameter for symmetry-protected phases in one dimension    [PDF]

Jutho Haegeman, David Perez-Garcia, Ignacio Cirac, Norbert Schuch

1208.3193 (Robert R. Tucci)

Capacity Region for Quantum Wiretap Coding    [PDF]

Robert R. Tucci

1208.3203 (Yakir Aharonov et al.)

Unusual Interaction of a Pre-and-Post-Selected Particle    [PDF]

Yakir Aharonov, Eliahu Cohen, Shay Ben-Moshe

1208.3209 (Jonathan R. McDonald et al.)

A geometric view of quantum cellular automata    [PDF]

Jonathan R. McDonald, Paul M. Alsing, Howard A. Blair

1208.3256 (Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa et al.)

Preservation of Commutation Relations and Physical Realizability of Open
Two-Level Quantum Systems

Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa, Zibo Miao, I. R. Petersen, V. Ugrinovskii, M. R. James

1208.3268 (S. A. Malinovskaya et al.)

Impact of Decoherence on Internal State Cooling using Optical Frequency

S. A. Malinovskaya, S. L. Horton

1208.3329 (Martin Enderlein et al.)

Single ions trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice    [PDF]

Martin Enderlein, Thomas Huber, Christian Schneider, Tobias Schaetz

1208.3334 (James D. Whitfield et al.)

Computational Complexity in Electronic Structure    [PDF]

James D. Whitfield, Peter J. Love, Alan Aspuru-Guzik

1208.3359 (Tanmoy Pal et al.)

Renormalization group limit cycle for three-stranded DNA    [PDF]

Tanmoy Pal, Poulomi Sadhukhan, Somendra M. Bhattacharjee

1208.3411 (Atsushi Noguchi et al.)

Generation of a spin-squeezed state with trapped ions using a dressing

Atsushi Noguchi, Kenji Toyoda, Shinji Urabe

1208.3419 (Cozmin Ududec et al.)

Equilibration of Measurement Statistics Under Complex Dynamics    [PDF]

Cozmin Ududec, Nathan Wiebe, Joseph Emerson