Thursday, September 13, 2012

1105.4029 (Rytis Jursenas)

On the three-body Schrödinger equation with decaying potentials    [PDF]

Rytis Jursenas

1106.2742 (G. Sentís et al.)

Quantum learning without quantum memory    [PDF]

G. Sentís, J. Calsamiglia, R. Munoz-Tapia, E. Bagan

1109.3438 (Yuji Hirota et al.)

On correlations and mutual entropy in quantum composed systems    [PDF]

Yuji Hirota, Dariusz Chruściński, Takashi Matsuoka, Masanori Ohya

1209.2423 (Renato Renner)

Reply to recent scepticism about the foundations of quantum cryptography    [PDF]

Renato Renner

1209.2426 (Sergey Bravyi et al.)

Magic state distillation with low overhead    [PDF]

Sergey Bravyi, Jeongwan Haah

1209.2428 (Matthew Headrick et al.)

Bose-Fermi duality and entanglement entropies    [PDF]

Matthew Headrick, Albion Lawrence, Matthew M. Roberts

1209.2438 (Nicola Paradiso et al.)

Imaging backscattering through impurity-induced antidots in quantum Hall

Nicola Paradiso, Stefan Heun, Stefano Roddaro, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Davide Venturelli, Fabio Taddei, Vittorio Giovannetti, Fabio Beltram

1209.2445 (Francesc S. Roig)

Time-extended measurement of the position of a driven harmonic

Francesc S. Roig

1209.2464 (Ulrich Vogl et al.)

A Compact Source for Quantum Image Processing with Four-wave Mixing in

Ulrich Vogl, Ryan T. Glasser, Paul D. Lett

1209.2474 (Masazumi Fujiwara et al.)

Highly efficient coupling of photons from nanoemitters into single-mode
optical fibers

Masazumi Fujiwara, Kiyota Toubaru, Tetsuya Noda, Hong-Quan Zhao, Shigeki Takeuchi

1209.2475 (Masazumi Fujiwara et al.)

Coupling of ultrathin tapered fibers with high-Q microsphere resonators
at cryogenic temperatures and observation of phase-shift transition from
undercoupling to overcoupling

Masazumi Fujiwara, Tetsuya Noda, Akira Tanaka, Kiyota Toubaru, Hong-Quan Zhao, Shigeki Takeuchi

1209.2494 (Wenting Zhou et al.)

Spontaneous excitation of a uniformly accelerated atom coupled with
vacuum Dirac field fluctuations

Wenting Zhou, Hongwei Yu

1209.2496 (Jiawei Hu et al.)

Geometric phase outside a Schwarzschild black hole and the Hawking

Jiawei Hu, Hongwei Yu

1209.2497 (Eugenio Ley-Koo et al.)

Ladder Operators for Quantum Systems Confined by Dihedral Angles    [PDF]

Eugenio Ley-Koo, Guo-Hua Sun

1209.2499 (Kurt Jacobs)

Simulating many-body lattice systems on a single nano-mechanical

Kurt Jacobs

1209.2521 (V. Jelic et al.)

The double well potential in quantum mechanics: a simple, numerically
exact formulation

V. Jelic, F. Marsiglio

1209.2556 (Katarzyna Bolonek-Lason et al.)

Some properties of maximally entangled ELW game    [PDF]

Katarzyna Bolonek-Lason, Piotr Kosinski

1209.2565 (A. Drezet)

Should the wave-function be a part of the quantum ontological state?    [PDF]

A. Drezet

1209.2665 (Rodolfo Figari et al.)

Emergence of classical trajectories in quantum systems: the cloud
chamber problem in the analysis of Mott (1929)

Rodolfo Figari, Alessandro Teta

1209.2674 (Gary McConnell)

An entropic partial order on a parabolic quotient of S6    [PDF]

Gary McConnell

1209.2683 (Sergii Strelchuk et al.)

Entanglement recycling and generalized teleportation    [PDF]

Sergii Strelchuk, Michał Horodecki, Jonathan Oppenheim

1209.2698 (Adam Miranowicz et al.)

Analytical progress on symmetric geometric discord: Measurement-based
upper bounds

Adam Miranowicz, Pawel Horodecki, Ravindra W. Chhajlany, Jan Tuziemski, Jan Sperling