Thursday, February 28, 2013

1201.2648 (Zheng-Cheng Gu et al.)

Symmetry-protected topological orders for interacting fermions --
fermionic topological non-linear sigma-models and a group super-cohomology

Zheng-Cheng Gu, Xiao-Gang Wen

1302.6596 (Eliot Kapit)

Quantum Simulation Architecture for Lattice Bosons in Arbitrary, Tunable
External Gauge Fields

Eliot Kapit

1302.6610 (S. Bernon et al.)

Manipulation and coherence of ultra-cold atoms on a superconducting atom

S. Bernon, H. Hattermann, D. Bothner, M. Knufinke, P. Weiss, F. Jessen, D. Cano, M. Kemmler, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, J. Fortágh

1302.6638 (Christopher G. Yale et al.)

All-optical control of a solid-state spin using coherent dark states    [PDF]

Christopher G. Yale, Bob B. Buckley, David J. Christle, Guido Burkard, F. Joseph Heremans, Lee C. Bassett, David D. Awschalom

1302.6657 (Li-Jun Lang et al.)

Topologically protected mid-gap states induced by impurity in
one-dimensional superlattices

Li-Jun Lang, Shu Chen

1302.6673 (S. Lorenzo et al.)

Geometrical characterization of non-Markovianity    [PDF]

S. Lorenzo, F. Plastina, M. Paternostro

1302.6698 (Yu-Chun Wu et al.)

Structural feature of Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt type Bell inequalities    [PDF]

Yu-Chun Wu, Marek Żukowski, Guang-Can Guo

1302.6701 (A. A. Kyasov et al.)

Fluctuation-electromagnetic interaction of a small particle with
evanescent modes of the surface: impact of translational motion and rotation

A. A. Kyasov, G. V. Dedkov

1302.6740 (Illarion Dorofeyev)

Spectral description of fluctuating electromagnetic fields of solids
including a self consistency

Illarion Dorofeyev

1302.6759 (Anthony J. Bennett et al.)

Voltage tunability of single spin-states in a quantum dot    [PDF]

Anthony J. Bennett, Matthew A. Pooley, Yameng Cao, Niklas Sköld, Ian Farrer, David A. Ritchie, Andrew J. Shields

1302.6861 (Victor Bapst et al.)

The effect of quantum fluctuations on the coloring of random graphs    [PDF]

Victor Bapst, Guilhem Semerjian, Francesco Zamponi

1302.6879 (M. E. Shirokov)

On singular Bosonic linear channels    [PDF]

M. E. Shirokov

1302.6893 (Benjamin Brecht et al.)

Characterizing entanglement in pulsed parametric downconversion using
chronocyclic Wigner functions

Benjamin Brecht, Christine Silberhorn

1302.6899 (Pierre Rouchon et al.)

Contraction and stability analysis of steady-states for open quantum
systems described by Lindblad differential equations

Pierre Rouchon, Alain Sarlette

1302.6901 (Xing Chen et al.)

Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of one-dimensional spinor
Bose gases with spin-orbit coupling

Xing Chen, Haiping Hu, Yuzhu Jiang, Shu Chen

1302.6923 (Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz et al.)

Study of a quantum scattering process by means of entropic measures    [PDF]

Ricardo Lopez-Ruiz, Jaime Sanudo

1302.6944 (Maurizio Fagotti et al.)

Reduced Density Matrix after a Quantum Quench    [PDF]

Maurizio Fagotti, Fabian H. L. Essler

1302.6990 (David Gross et al.)

Stabilizer information inequalities from phase space distributions    [PDF]

David Gross, Michael Walter

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1010.2067 (John C. Baez et al.)

Algorithmic Thermodynamics    [PDF]

John C. Baez, Mike Stay

1103.5076 (Joseph M. Renes et al.)

Holonomic quantum computing in symmetry-protected ground states of spin

Joseph M. Renes, Akimasa Miyake, Gavin K. Brennen, Stephen D. Bartlett

1106.1654 (O. O. Soykal et al.)

Phonitons as a sound-based analogue of cavity quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

O. O. Soykal, Rusko Ruskov, Charles Tahan

1209.3111 (Regine Frank et al.)

Photonic transport explains the confinement of random laser modes    [PDF]

Regine Frank, Janos Sartor, Heinz Kalt

1302.6187 (Benjamin Batistić et al.)

The relevance of Brody level spacing distribution in dynamically
localized chaotic eigenstates

Benjamin Batistić, Thanos Manos, Marko Robnik

1302.6245 (Jose I. Latorre et al.)

Quantum Computation of Prime Number Functions    [PDF]

Jose I. Latorre, German Sierra

1302.6251 (U. Marzolino et al.)

Frustration, Entanglement, and Correlations in Quantum Many Body Systems    [PDF]

U. Marzolino, S. M. Giampaolo, F. Illuminati

1302.6262 (Janis Noetzel)

The depolarising channel and Horns problem    [PDF]

Janis Noetzel

1302.6278 (GianCarlo Ghirardi et al.)

On the completeness of quantum mechanics and the interpretation of the
state vector

GianCarlo Ghirardi, Raffaele Romano

1302.6284 (Minghui Xu et al.)

Simulating Open Quantum Systems using the Simple Lie Group SU(4)    [PDF]

Minghui Xu, D. A. Tieri, M. J. Holland

1302.6349 (Hal Tasaki)

"Polar" and "antiferromagnetic" order in f=1 many-boson systems    [PDF]

Hal Tasaki

1302.6366 (Ping Zhang et al.)

Dissipationless behavior of asymptotic non-Markovian dynamics within
structured environments

Ping Zhang, Bo You, Li-Xiang Cen

1302.6389 (T. Kuroda et al.)

Symmetric quantum dots as efficient sources of highly entangled photons    [PDF]

T. Kuroda, T. Mano, N. Ha, H. Nakajima, H. Kumano, B. Urbaszek, M. Jo, M. Abbarachi, Y. Sakuma, K. Sakoda, I. Suemune, X. Marie, T. Amand

1302.6438 (Shion Chen et al.)

Testing Bell's Inequality using Charmonium Decays    [PDF]

Shion Chen, Yuki Nakaguchi, Sachio Komamiya

1302.6439 (M. M. Glazov et al.)

Spin noise in polariton lasers    [PDF]

M. M. Glazov, M. A. Semina, E. Ya. Sherman, A. V. Kavokin

1302.6444 (Felipe Herrera et al.)

Entanglement creation in cold molecular gases using strong laser pulses    [PDF]

Felipe Herrera, Sabre Kais, K. Birgitta Whaley

1302.6450 (Sol H. Jacobsen et al.)

Optimal correction of independent and correlated errors    [PDF]

Sol H. Jacobsen, Florian Mintert

1302.6502 (C. Ates et al.)

Fast and quasi-deterministic single ion source from a dipole-blockaded
atomic ensemble

C. Ates, I. Lesanovsky, C. S. Adams, K. J. Weatherill

1302.6509 (Jean-Charles Forgues et al.)

Noise Intensity-Intensity Correlations and the Fourth Cumulant of
Current Fluctuations

Jean-Charles Forgues, Fatou Bintou Sane, Simon Blanchard, Lafe Spietz, Christian Lupien, Bertrand Reulet

1302.6541 (Pankaj K. Jha et al.)

Ultra-short, off-resonant, strong excitation of two-level systems    [PDF]

Pankaj K. Jha, Hichem Eleuch, Fabio Grazioso

1302.6555 (Alexander I. Nesterov et al.)

Non-Hermitian Quantum Annealing in the Antiferromagnetic Ising Chain    [PDF]

Alexander I. Nesterov, Gennady P. Berman, Juan C. Beas Zepeda, Alan R. Bishop

1302.6565 (J. Khatibi Moqadam et al.)

Analyzing Toffoli Gate in Disordered Circuit QED    [PDF]

J. Khatibi Moqadam, Renato Portugal, N. F. Svaiter, G. O. Corrêa

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1009.5625 (Anmer Daskin et al.)

Decomposition of Unitary Matrices for Finding Quantum Circuits:
Application to Molecular Hamiltonians

Anmer Daskin, Sabre Kais

1301.4439 (Thomas Vanderbruggen et al.)

A continuous source of spin-polarized cold atoms    [PDF]

Thomas Vanderbruggen, Mitchell Morgan

1302.6159 (S. A. Rashkovskiy)

Is a rational explanation of wave-particle duality possible?    [PDF]

S. A. Rashkovskiy

1302.5509 (Marko Znidaric)

Coexistence of diffusive and ballistic transport in a simple spin ladder    [PDF]

Marko Znidaric

1302.5517 (John Schliemann)

Entanglement Spectra and Entanglement Thermodynamics of Hofstadter

John Schliemann

1302.5731 (L. A. Gonzalez-Diaz et al.)

Bound states and scattering coefficients of self-adjoint Hamiltonians
with a mass jump

L. A. Gonzalez-Diaz, S. Diaz-Solorzano

1302.5733 (M. B. Hastings et al.)

Obstructions To Classically Simulating The Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm    [PDF]

M. B. Hastings, M. H. Freedman

1302.5753 (Dagoberto S. Freitas et al.)

Preparation of Schrödinger cat states of a cavity field via coupling
to a superconducting charge qubit

Dagoberto S. Freitas, M. C. Nemes

1302.5826 (Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi)

A remark on the role of indeterminism and non-locality in the violation
of Bell's inequality

Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi

1302.5842 (S. M. Girvin)

Basic Concepts in Quantum Information    [PDF]

S. M. Girvin

1302.5844 (Y. S. Nam et al.)

Scaling laws for Shor's algorithm with a banded quantum Fourier

Y. S. Nam, R. Blümel

1302.5902 (Mario Berta et al.)

An equality between entanglement and uncertainty    [PDF]

Mario Berta, Patrick J. Coles, Stephanie Wehner

1302.5921 (R. F. O'Connell)

Two oscillators in a common heat bath    [PDF]

R. F. O'Connell

1302.5933 (Haiping Hu et al.)

Mapping trapped atomic gas with spin-orbit coupling to quantum Rabi-like

Haiping Hu, Shu Chen

1302.5937 (Vincenzo Savona)

Unconventional photon blockade in coupled optomechanical systems    [PDF]

Vincenzo Savona

1302.5986 (Chang Qiao et al.)

Unambiguous discrimination of extremely similar states by a weak

Chang Qiao, Shengjun Wu, Zeng-Bing Chen

1302.6003 (Riuji Mochizuki)

Quantum logic and weak values    [PDF]

Riuji Mochizuki

1302.6005 (Shantanav Chakraborty et al.)

Non-classical Correlations in the Quantum Search Algorithm    [PDF]

Shantanav Chakraborty, Satyabrata Adhikari

1302.6027 (Yanxia Liu et al.)

Improvement of the matching of the exact solution and variational
approaches in an interacting two-fermion system

Yanxia Liu, Jun Ye, Yuanyuan Li, Yunbo Zhang

1302.6037 (Frederic Menous)

From dynamical systems to renormalization    [PDF]

Frederic Menous

1302.6112 (V. Kapoor et al.)

Periodicity of the time-dependent Kohn-Sham equation and the Floquet

V. Kapoor, M. Ruggenthaler, D. Bauer

1302.6134 (X. -F. Qian et al.)

Bell Violation with Discrete-Continuous Entanglement    [PDF]

X. -F. Qian, C. J. Broadbent, J. H. Eberly

1302.6139 (Salvatore Butera et al.)

Field fluctuations in a one-dimensional cavity with a mobile wall    [PDF]

Salvatore Butera, Roberto Passante

1302.6146 (J. L. Alonso et al.)

Norm conservation in: A. Abedi, N. T. Maitra and E. K. U. Gross, J.
Chem. Phys. 137, 22A530, 2012

J. L. Alonso, J. Clemente-Gallardo, P. Echenique, J. A. Jover-Galtier

1302.6157 (A. Härter et al.)

Minimization of ion micromotion using ultracold atomic probes    [PDF]

A. Härter, A. Krükow, A. Brunner, J. Hecker Denschlag

1302.6163 (W. -D. R. Stein)

Quantized magnetic flux through the orbits of hydrogen-like atoms within
the atomic model of Sommerfeld

W. -D. R. Stein

1302.6179 (Amir H. Safavi-Naeini et al.)

Squeezing of light via reflection from a silicon micromechanical

Amir H. Safavi-Naeini, Simon Groeblacher, Jeff T. Hill, Jasper Chan, Markus Aspelmeyer, Oskar Painter

1302.6206 (Franklyn Quinlan et al.)

Analysis of shot noise in the detection of ultrashort optical pulse

Franklyn Quinlan, Tara M. Fortier, Haifeng Jiang, Scott A. Diddams

1302.6208 (Noomen Belmechri et al.)

Microwave control of atomic motional states in a spin-dependent optical

Noomen Belmechri, Leonid Förster, Wolfgang Alt, Artur Widera, Dieter Meschede, Andrea Alberti

1302.6218 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Feshbach projection formalism for quantum non-Markovian dynamics    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Andrzej Kossakowski

1302.6223 (Costantino Budroni et al.)

Extremal temporal quantum correlations    [PDF]

Costantino Budroni, Tobias Moroder, Matthias Kleinmann, Otfried Gühne

1302.6226 (Feng-kuo Hsu et al.)

Angle-Resolved Spectroscopy of Parametric Fluorescence    [PDF]

Feng-kuo Hsu, Chih-Wei Lai

Monday, February 25, 2013

1106.3518 (L. Gaudreau et al.)

Coherent control of three-spin states in a triple quantum dot    [PDF]

L. Gaudreau, G. Granger, A. Kam, G. C. Aers, S. A. Studenikin, P. Zawadzki, M. Pioro-Ladrière, Z. R. Wasilewski, A. S. Sachrajda

1110.6321 (Lin Zhang)

Entropy, Stochastic Matrices, and Quantum Operations    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1302.5418 (Warren Leffler)

Failure of the Bell Locality Condition over a Space of Ideal Particles
and their Paths

Warren Leffler

1302.5453 (Noah Linden et al.)

The Quantum Entropy Cone of Stabiliser States    [PDF]

Noah Linden, Mary Beth Ruskai, Andreas Winter

1302.5459 (F. Haas et al.)

Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation around
Classical Trajectories

F. Haas, J. M. F. Bassalo, D. G. da Silva, A. B. Nassar, M. Cattani

1302.5537 (Florian Hebenstreit et al.)

Simulating fermion production in 1+1 dimensional QED    [PDF]

Florian Hebenstreit, Jürgen Berges, Daniil Gelfand

1302.5545 (A. Yu. Kamenshchik et al.)

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, mesoscopic anthropic
principle and biological evolution

A. Yu. Kamenshchik, O. V. Teryaev

1302.5552 (Arne L. Grimsmo)

Quantum discord in predictive processes    [PDF]

Arne L. Grimsmo

1302.5553 (Daniel J. Egger et al.)

Multimode circuit QED with hybrid metamaterial transmission lines    [PDF]

Daniel J. Egger, Frank K. Wilhelm

1302.5558 (S. I. Mukhin et al.)

Generation of non-classical photon states in superconducting quantum

S. I. Mukhin, M. V. Fistul

1302.5582 (Ashley Milsted et al.)

Matrix product states and variational methods applied to critical
quantum field theory

Ashley Milsted, Jutho Haegeman, Tobias J. Osborne

1302.5596 (H. Hernandez-Coronado et al.)

Quantum equivalence principle without mass superselection    [PDF]

H. Hernandez-Coronado, E. Okon

1302.5601 (Muhammad Adeel Ajaib)

Numerical Methods and Causality in Physics    [PDF]

Muhammad Adeel Ajaib

1302.5615 (Robin Gutöhrlein et al.)

Bifurcations and exceptional points in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Robin Gutöhrlein, Jörg Main, Holger Cartarius, Günter Wunner

1302.5621 (L. Steffen et al.)

Realization of Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Solid State

L. Steffen, A. Fedorov, M. Oppliger, Y. Salathe, P. Kurpiers, M. Baur, G. Puebla-Hellmann, C. Eichler, A. Wallraff

1302.5629 (J. J. Mendoza-Arenas et al.)

Dephasing enhanced transport in non-equilibrium strongly-correlated
quantum systems

J. J. Mendoza-Arenas, T. Grujic, D. Jaksch, S. R. Clark

1302.5669 (Giuliano G. La Guardia)

Asymmetric Quantum Codes: New Codes from Old    [PDF]

Giuliano G. La Guardia

Friday, February 22, 2013

1111.4022 (Clare Horsman et al.)

Surface code quantum computing by lattice surgery    [PDF]

Clare Horsman, Austin G. Fowler, Simon Devitt, Rodney Van Meter

1112.1687 (Naresh Sharma et al.)

Non-asymptotic information theoretic bound for some multi-party

Naresh Sharma, Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi

1302.5107 (G. L. Klimchitskaya et al.)

Van der Waals and Casimir interactions between two graphene sheets    [PDF]

G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko

1302.5133 (A. S. Tolba et al.)

Q#, a quantum computation package for the .NET platform    [PDF]

A. S. Tolba, M. Z. Rashad, M. A. El-Dosuky

1302.5135 (C. -E. Bardyn et al.)

Topology by dissipation    [PDF]

C. -E. Bardyn, M. A. Baranov, C. V. Kraus, E. Rico, A. Imamoglu, P. Zoller, S. Diehl

1302.5140 (Wojciech Brzezicki et al.)

Exotic spin orders driven by orbital fluctuations in the Kugel-Khomskii

Wojciech Brzezicki, Jacek Dziarmaga, Andrzej M. Oleś

1302.5147 (J. P. Groen et al.)

Partial-measurement back-action and non-classical weak values in a
superconducting circuit

J. P. Groen, D. Ristè, L. Tornberg, J. Cramer, P. C. de Groot, T. Picot, G. Johansson, L. DiCarlo

1302.5182 (Alexandru Paler et al.)

Synthesis of Topological Quantum Circuits    [PDF]

Alexandru Paler, Simon J. Devitt, Kae Nemoto, Ilia Polian

1302.5203 (X. -D. Chen et al.)

Vector magnetic field sensing by single nitrogen vacancy center in

X. -D. Chen, F. -W. Sun, C. -L. Zou, J. -M. Cui, L. -M. Zhou, G. -C. Guo

1302.5231 (Gregory B. Furman et al.)

Fading entanglement near equilibrium state    [PDF]

Gregory B. Furman, Victor M. Meerovich, Vladimir L. Sokolovsky

1302.5232 (G. B. Furman et al.)

Quantum entanglement at negative temperature    [PDF]

G. B. Furman, V. M. Meerovich, V. L. Sokolovsky

1302.5234 (Horacio Olivares Pilón)

Quadrupole transitions in the bound rotational-vibrational spectrum of
the deuterium molecular ion

Horacio Olivares Pilón

1302.5238 (K. V. S. Shiv Chaitanya et al.)

Entanglement in two site Bose-Hubbard model    [PDF]

K. V. S. Shiv Chaitanya, Sibasish Ghosh, V. Srinivasan

1302.5239 (M. A. Yurischev)

Quantum discord of two-qubit CS states: Analytical solution    [PDF]

M. A. Yurischev

1302.5266 (T. Bui Dinh et al.)

Electromagnetically induced transparency in systems with degenerate
autoionizing levels in Λ-configuration

T. Bui Dinh, W. Leoński, V. Cao Long, J. Peřina Jr

1302.5269 (Pavel Exner et al.)

Resonances on hedgehog manifolds    [PDF]

Pavel Exner, Jiri Lipovsky

1302.5281 (Naresh Sharma et al.)

Fundamental bound on the reliability of quantum information transmission    [PDF]

Naresh Sharma, Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi

1302.5285 (L. Lepori et al.)

Scaling of the entanglement spectrum near quantum phase transitions    [PDF]

L. Lepori, G. De Chiara, A. Sanpera

1302.5290 (Irina G. Pirozhenko et al.)

On the Casimir repulsion in sphere-plate geometry    [PDF]

Irina G. Pirozhenko, Michael Bordag

1302.5296 (Sujit K Choudhary et al.)

Persistence of Hardy's nonlocality in time    [PDF]

Sujit K Choudhary, Sandeep K Goyal, Thomas Konrad, Sibasish Ghosh

1302.5311 (Sixia Yu)

Quantum Fisher Information as the Convex Roof of Variance    [PDF]

Sixia Yu

1302.5336 (M. E. Shirokov)

On equalities in two entropic inequalities    [PDF]

M. E. Shirokov

1302.5343 (S. Ulm et al.)

Observation of the Kibble-Zurek scaling law for defect formation in ion

S. Ulm, J. Roßnagel, G. Jacob, C. Degünther, S. T. Dawkins, U. G. Poschinger, R. Nigmatullin, A. Retzker, M. B. Plenio, F. Schmidt-Kaler, K. Singer

1302.5362 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Remarks on the Aharonov-Casher dynamics in a CPT-odd Lorentz-violating

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva

1302.5364 (Lajos Diósi)

Gravity-related wave function collapse: Is superfluid He exceptional?    [PDF]

Lajos Diósi

1302.5365 (Lajos Diósi)

Gravity-related wave function collapse: mass density resolution    [PDF]

Lajos Diósi

1302.5382 (Afshin Abdollahi et al.)

Reversible Logic Synthesis by Quantum Rotation Gates    [PDF]

Afshin Abdollahi, Mehdi Saeedi, Massoud Pedram

1302.5385 (Dagoberto S. Freitas et al.)

Stochastic coupling in two modes systems: the weak-strong coupling

Dagoberto S. Freitas, M. C. Nemes

1302.5390 (S. A. R. Horsley et al.)

The cutoff-dependence of the Casimir force within an inhomogeneous

S. A. R. Horsley, W. M. R. Simpson

1302.5398 (Ignacio Gomez et al.)

A Quantum Version of The Spectral Decomposition Theorem of Dynamical
Systems, Quantum Chaos Hierarchy: Ergodic, Mixing and Exact

Ignacio Gomez, Mario Castagnino

Thursday, February 21, 2013

0910.5660 (Benjamin Schulz)

Reply to a comment of I. Schmelzer    [PDF]

Benjamin Schulz

1201.1510 (Robert B. Griffiths)

Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics Is Noncontextual    [PDF]

Robert B. Griffiths

1302.4792 (D. Reitz et al.)

Coherence properties of nanofiber-trapped cesium atoms    [PDF]

D. Reitz, C. Sayrin, R. Mitsch, P. Schneeweiss, A. Rauschenbeutel

1302.4797 (Oscar Rosas-Ortiz et al.)

Kronecker product in terms of Hubbard operators and the Clebsch-Gordan
decomposition of SU(2)xSU(2)

Oscar Rosas-Ortiz, Marco Enriquez

1302.4800 (Haruki Watanabe et al.)

Redundancies in Nambu-Goldstone Bosons    [PDF]

Haruki Watanabe, Hitoshi Murayama

1302.4801 (Mordecai Waegell et al.)

Proofs of the Kochen-Specker theorem based on the N-qubit Pauli group    [PDF]

Mordecai Waegell, P. K. Aravind

1302.4822 (Grahame Vittorini et al.)

Modular cryostat for ion trapping with surface-electrode ion traps    [PDF]

Grahame Vittorini, Kenneth Wright, Kenneth R. Brown, Alexa W. Harter, S. Charles Doret

1302.4839 (María Florencia Pascual-Winter et al.)

Securing coherence rephasing with a pair of adiabatic rapid passages    [PDF]

María Florencia Pascual-Winter, Robert-Christopher Tongning, Thierry Chanelière, Jean-Louis Le Gouët

1302.4891 (Hang Zheng et al.)

Quantum critical point of spin-boson model and infrared catastrophe in
bosonic bath

Hang Zheng, Zhiguo Lü

1302.4897 (M. Cramer et al.)

Entanglement of bosons in optical lattices    [PDF]

M. Cramer, A. Bernard, N. Fabbri, L. Fallani, C. Fort, S. Rosi, F. Caruso, M. Inguscio, M. B. Plenio

1302.4900 (Bob Coecke et al.)

Compositional Quantum Logic    [PDF]

Bob Coecke, Chris Heunen, Aleks Kissinger

1302.4909 (Hoda Hossein-Nejad et al.)

Dynamical transitions in Markovian exciton transport    [PDF]

Hoda Hossein-Nejad, Alexandra Olaya-Castro, Francesca Fassioli, Gregory D. Scholes

1302.4923 (Hans-Juergen Stoeckmann et al.)

On the Generalized Bloch Precession Equations    [PDF]

Hans-Juergen Stoeckmann, Dirk Dubbers

1302.4924 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Quantum Entropic Ambiguities: Ethylene    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, Amilcar R. de Queiroz, S. Vaidya

1302.5044 (Raffaele Carlone et al.)

On the spectral theory of Gesztesy-Šeba realizations of 1-D Dirac
operators with point interactions on a discrete set

Raffaele Carlone, Mark Malamud, Andrea Posilicano

1302.5052 (Robert B. Griffiths)

Quantum Measurements Are Noncontextual    [PDF]

Robert B. Griffiths

1302.5069 (Sebastian Deffner et al.)

Quantum speed limit for non-Markovian dynamics    [PDF]

Sebastian Deffner, Eric Lutz

1302.5070 (Stephen D. Foulkes)

Exploring the foundations of quantum mechanics using Monte Carlo
simulations of the Freedman-Clauser experimental test of Bell's Inequality

Stephen D. Foulkes

1302.5081 (Yuichiro Fujiwara)

Quantum error correction via less noisy qubits    [PDF]

Yuichiro Fujiwara

1302.5083 (Pierre Wendenbaum et al.)

Hydrodynamic description of Hard-core Bosons on a Galileo ramp    [PDF]

Pierre Wendenbaum, Mario Collura, Dragi Karevski

1302.5087 (Megan R. Ray et al.)

Missing data outside the detector range: application to continuous
variable entanglement verification and quantum cryptography

Megan R. Ray, S. J. van Enk

1302.5103 (M. Bhattacharya et al.)

The ground state OH molecule in combined electric and magnetic fields:
exact solution of the effective Hamiltonian

M. Bhattacharya, Z. Howard, M. Kleinert

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1302.4430 (James Lim et al.)

Role of Energy-Level Mismatches in a Multi-Pathway Complex of

James Lim, Junghee Ryu, Changhyoup Lee, Seokwon Yoo, Hyunseok Jeong, Jinhyoung Lee

1302.4446 (Roger Colbeck et al.)

A short note on the concept of free choice    [PDF]

Roger Colbeck, Renato Renner

1302.4453 (Philipp Strack et al.)

Quantum fragile matter: mechanical excitations of a Reggeon ion chain    [PDF]

Philipp Strack, Vincenzo Vitelli

1302.4459 (Adam Sawicki et al.)

A link between Quantum Entanglement, Secant varieties and Sphericity    [PDF]

Adam Sawicki, Valdemar V. Tsanov

1302.4498 (Joanne L. Hall et al.)

A family of Alltop functions that are EA-inequivalent to the cubic

Joanne L. Hall, Asha Rao, Stephen M. Gagola III

1302.4505 (O. L. Berman et al.)

Coupling of two Dirac particles    [PDF]

O. L. Berman, R. Ya. Kezerashvili, K. Ziegler

1302.4525 (Alexey E. Rastegin)

Unified-entropy uncertainty relations for a single quantum channel    [PDF]

Alexey E. Rastegin

1302.4528 (Qin Li et al.)

On the existence of quantum signature for quantum messages    [PDF]

Qin Li, Wai Hong Chan, Chunhui Wu, Zhonghua Wen

1302.4547 (Ruben Van Boxem et al.)

Relativistic effects in electron vortex states    [PDF]

Ruben Van Boxem, Jo Verbeeck, Bart Partoens

1302.4571 (Sanjib Dey et al.)

Hermitian versus non-Hermitian representations for minimal length
uncertainty relations

Sanjib Dey, Andreas Fring, Boubakeur Khantoul

1302.4608 (Sang-Yun Lee et al.)

Readout and control of a single nuclear spin with a meta-stable electron
spin ancilla

Sang-Yun Lee, Matthias Widmann, Torsten Rendler, Marcus Doherty, Thomas M. Babinec, Sen Yang, Moritz Eyer, Petr Siyushev, Birgit J. M. Haussmann, Marko Loncar, Zoltán Bodrog, Adam Gali, Neil Manson, Helmut Fedder, Jörg Wrachtrup

1302.4613 (Boon Leng Chuah et al.)

Sub-Doppler Cavity Cooling Beyond The Lamb-Dicke Limit    [PDF]

Boon Leng Chuah, Nicholas C. Lewty, Radu Cazan, Murray D. Barrett

1302.4614 (L. Menculini et al.)

Exact solutions of the (2+1) Dimensional Dirac equation in a constant
magnetic field in the presence of a minimal length

L. Menculini, O. Panella, P. Roy

1302.4654 (Szilárd Szalay)

Quantum entanglement in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces    [PDF]

Szilárd Szalay

1302.4669 (Ranjith V. et al.)

Quantum First-Passage Time: Exact Solutions for a Class of Tight-Binding
Hamiltonian Systems

Ranjith V., N. Kumar

1302.4690 (Simeon Sauer et al.)

Optimal coherent control to counteract dissipation    [PDF]

Simeon Sauer, Clemens Gneiting, Andreas Buchleitner

1302.4700 (Sai Vinjanampathy et al.)

Operational Interpretation of the Ratio of Total Correlations to
Classical Correlations

Sai Vinjanampathy, A. R. P. Rau

1302.4709 (Andreson L. C. Rego et al.)

Inhibition of the dynamical Casimir effect with Robin boundary

Andreson L. C. Rego, B. W. Mintz, C. Farina, Danilo T. Alves

1302.4730 (Jeremy B. Clark et al.)

Spatially Addressable Readout and Erasure of an Image in a Gradient Echo

Jeremy B. Clark, Quentin Glorieux, Paul D. Lett

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1109.5346 (Mark M. Wilde et al.)

Polar codes for degradable quantum channels    [PDF]

Mark M. Wilde, Saikat Guha

1302.3923 (Hao-Yu Wu et al.)

A complicated Duffing oscillator in the surface-electrode ion trap    [PDF]

Hao-Yu Wu, Yi. Xie, Wei Wan, Liang Chen, Fei Zhou, Mang Feng

1302.3927 (Zhaofang Bai et al.)

The automatic additivity of $ξ-$Lie derivations on von Neumann

Zhaofang Bai, Shuanping Du, Yu Guo

1302.3934 (Michael Siomau et al.)

Myoelectric Control of Artificial Limb by Quantum Information Processing    [PDF]

Michael Siomau, Ning Jiang

1302.3951 (Geoffrey M. Beck et al.)

Quantum dynamics of a nano-rod under compression    [PDF]

Geoffrey M. Beck, Alessandro Sergi

1302.3963 (Adel Trabelsi et al.)

Classification Scheme for Kinetic Energy Operators with
Position-Dependent Mass

Adel Trabelsi, Fethi Madouri, Abdeldjalil Merdaci, Abdulkarim Almatar

1302.3980 (Silvano Garnerone et al.)

A generalized quantum microcanonical ensemble from random matrix product

Silvano Garnerone, Thiago R. de Oliveira

1302.3998 (Daniel Becker et al.)

Dynamic Generation of Topologically Protected Self-Correcting Quantum

Daniel Becker, Tetsufumi Tanamoto, Adrian Hutter, Fabio L. Pedrocchi, Daniel Loss

1302.4008 (Emerson Sadurni)

Time dependent Stark ladders: Exact propagator and caustic control    [PDF]

Emerson Sadurni

1302.4031 (Richard Berkovits)

Two particle excited states entanglement entropy in a one-dimensional

Richard Berkovits

1302.4039 (Yao-Kun Wang et al.)

Super quantum correlation and geometry for Bell-diagonal states with
weak measurements

Yao-Kun Wang, Teng Ma, Heng Fan, Shao-Ming Fei, Zhi-Xi Wang

1302.4050 (Balint Szabo)

Predictability of measurements    [PDF]

Balint Szabo

1302.4081 (Jiangwei Shang et al.)

Maximum-likelihood regions and smallest credible regions    [PDF]

Jiangwei Shang, Hui Khoon Ng, Arun Sehrawat, Xikun Li, Berthold-Georg Englert

1302.4100 (Leonardo Novo et al.)

Genuine multiparticle entanglement of permutationally invariant states    [PDF]

Leonardo Novo, Tobias Moroder, Otfried Gühne

1302.4110 (Hideo Hasegawa)

Gaussian wavepacket dynamics and quantum tunneling in asymmetric
double-well systems

Hideo Hasegawa

1302.4122 (Peter Brooks et al.)

Protected gates for superconducting qubits    [PDF]

Peter Brooks, Alexei Kitaev, John Preskill

1302.4131 (A. V. Dodonov et al.)

Photon statistics in the dynamical Casimir effect modified by a harmonic
oscillator detector

A. V. Dodonov, V. V. Dodonov

1302.4139 (Masahito Hayashi et al.)

Security analysis of the decoy method with the Bennett-Brassard 1984
protocol for finite key lengths

Masahito Hayashi, Ryota Nakayama

1302.4150 (Ching-Yi Lai et al.)

Duality in Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error Correction    [PDF]

Ching-Yi Lai, Todd A. Brun, Mark M. Wilde

1302.4156 (W. H. Sulis)

Quantum Mechanics Without Observers    [PDF]

W. H. Sulis

1302.4180 (Benjamin Schulz)

Review of Nelson's analysis of Bell's theorem    [PDF]

Benjamin Schulz

1302.4228 (Timothy J. Hollowood)

The Copenhagen Interpretation as an Emergent Phenomenon    [PDF]

Timothy J. Hollowood

1302.4247 (Adriano Orefice et al.)

Quantum Particle Dynamics and Uncertainty    [PDF]

Adriano Orefice, Raffaele Giovanelli, Domenico Ditto

1302.4259 (C. Addis et al.)

Two-qubit non-Markovianity induced by a common environment    [PDF]

C. Addis, P. Haikka, S. McEndoo, C. Macchiavello, S. Maniscalco

1302.4260 (Massimo Borrelli et al.)

Non-Markovianity as a probe for structural phase transitions in ion

Massimo Borrelli, Pinja Haikka, Gabriele De Chiara, Sabrina Maniscalco

1302.4262 (Lucas Béguin et al.)

Direct measurement of the van der Waals interaction between two single

Lucas Béguin, Aline Vernier, Radu Chicireanu, Thierry Lahaye, Antoine Browaeys

1302.4306 (Falk Töppel et al.)

Identical classical particles: half fermions and half bosons    [PDF]

Falk Töppel, Andrea Aiello

1302.4310 (X. -D. Cai et al.)

Experimental Quantum Computing to Solve Systems of Linear Equations    [PDF]

X. -D. Cai, Christian Weedbrook, Z. -E. Su, M. -C. Chen, Mile Gu, M. -J. Zhu, Li Li, N. -L. Liu, Chao-Yang Lu, Jian-Wei Pan

1302.4314 (Harsha Vemuri et al.)

PT symmetric lattices with a local degree of freedom    [PDF]

Harsha Vemuri, Yogesh N. Joglekar

1302.4322 (Tao Cai et al.)

Controlled coupling of photonic crystal cavities using photochromic

Tao Cai, Ranojoy Bose, Glenn S. Solomon, Edo Waks

1302.4349 (Giorgio Papini)

Spin currents in non-inertial frames    [PDF]

Giorgio Papini

1302.4392 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Comment on "Cooling by Heating: Refrigerator Powered by Photons"    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Karen V. Hovhannisyan, Guenter Mahler

1302.4408 (M. Reagor et al.)

Ten Milliseconds for Aluminum Cavities in the Quantum Regime    [PDF]

M. Reagor, Hanhee Paik, G. Catelani, L. Sun, C. Axline, E. Holland, I. M. Pop, N. A. Masluk, T. Brecht, L. Frunzio, M. H. Devoret, L. I. Glazman, R. J. Schoelkopf

Monday, February 18, 2013

1106.4754 (Muhamad Sadiq et al.)

Bell inequalities for the simplest exclusivity graph    [PDF]

Muhamad Sadiq, Piotr Badziag, Mohamed Bourennane, Adan Cabello

1302.3638 (Guillaume Duclos-Cianci et al.)

Kitaev's Z_d-Codes Threshold Estimates    [PDF]

Guillaume Duclos-Cianci, David Poulin

1302.3648 (A. del Campo et al.)

Causality and non-equilibrium second-order phase transitions in
inhomogeneous systems

A. del Campo, T. W. B. Kibble, W. H. Zurek

1302.3680 (Achim Kempf)

Quantum Gravity on a Quantum Computer?    [PDF]

Achim Kempf

1302.3689 (Thomás Fogarty et al.)

Effect of inter-particle interaction in a free oscillation atomic

Thomás Fogarty, Anthony Kiely, Steve Campbell, Thomas Busch

1302.3706 (Bharath Srivathsan et al.)

Narrowband source of correlated photon pairs via four-wave mixing in a
cold atomic ensemble

Bharath Srivathsan, Gurpreet Kaur Gulati, Chng Mei Yuen Brenda, Gleb Maslennikov, Dzmitry Matsukevich, Christian Kurtsiefer

1302.3709 (Prabha Mandayam et al.)

Unextendible Mutually Unbiased Bases from Pauli Classes    [PDF]

Prabha Mandayam, Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Markus Grassl, William K. Wootters

1302.3781 (R. C. Sterling et al.)

Two-dimensional ion trap lattice on a microchip for quantum simulation    [PDF]

R. C. Sterling, H. Rattanasonti, S. Weidt, K. Lake, P. Srinivasan, S. C. Webster, M. Kraft, W. K. Hensinger

1302.3786 (Tomoyuki Morimae et al.)

Secure entanglement distillation for double-server blind quantum

Tomoyuki Morimae, Keisuke Fujii

1302.3787 (Steven Peil)

Proposed test of relative phase as hidden variable in quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Steven Peil

1302.3803 (Taksu Cheon et al.)

Quantum anholonomy with topology change    [PDF]

Taksu Cheon, Atushi Tanaka, Ond\vrej Turek

1302.3810 (Gonzalo Manzano et al.)

Synchronization, quantum correlations and entanglement in oscillator

Gonzalo Manzano, Fernando Galve, Gian Luca Giorgi, Emilio Hernández-García, Roberta Zambrini

1302.3823 (Bhaskar Roy Bardhan et al.)

Dynamical decoupling with tailored waveplates for long distance
communication using polarization qubits

Bhaskar Roy Bardhan, Katherine L. Brown, Jonathan P. Dowling

1302.3824 (P. J. Jones et al.)

Tunable electromagnetic environment for superconducting quantum bits    [PDF]

P. J. Jones, J. A. M. Huhtamäki, K. Y. Tan, M. Möttönen

1302.3831 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Quantum Entanglement in Concept Combinations    [PDF]

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo

1302.3838 (D. Mogilevtsev et al.)

Thermal noise for quantum state inference    [PDF]

D. Mogilevtsev, V. S. Shchesnovich, N. Korolkova

1302.3847 (I. Diniz et al.)

Ultrafast QND measurements based on diamond-shape artificial atom    [PDF]

I. Diniz, E. Dumur, O. Buisson, A. Auffèves

1302.3850 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Identifying Quantum Structures in the Ellsberg Paradox    [PDF]

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo, Jocelyn Tapia

1302.3865 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

Upper bounds on mixing rates    [PDF]

Elliott H. Lieb, Anna Vershynina

Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3240 (Andrew J. Landahl et al.)

Complex instruction set computing architecture for performing accurate
quantum $Z$ rotations with less magic

Andrew J. Landahl, Chris Cesare

1302.3247 (Yingkai Ouyang)

The Perturbed Error-Correction Criterion and Rescaled Truncated Recovery    [PDF]

Yingkai Ouyang

1302.3281 (Stephen M. Gagola III et al.)

Two families of planar functions on F_{p^{2r}}    [PDF]

Stephen M. Gagola III, Joanne L. Hall

1302.3305 (S. Berger et al.)

Exploring the Effect of Noise on Geometric Phases using Superconducting

S. Berger, M. Pechal, A. A. Abdumalikov Jr., C. Eichler, L. Steffen, A. Fedorov, A. Wallraff, S. Filipp

1302.3356 (Zhaofang Bai et al.)

Characterization of affine automorphisms and ortho-order automorphisms
of quantum probabilistic maps

Zhaofang Bai, Shuanping Du

1302.3358 (Marko Lovrić et al.)

Faithful Solid State Optical Memory with Dynamically Decoupled Spin Wave

Marko Lovrić, Alban Ferrier, Dieter Suter, Philippe Goldner

1302.3373 (M. Palmero et al.)

Towards a measurement of quantum backflow    [PDF]

M. Palmero, E. Torrontegui, J. G. Muga, M. Modugno

1302.3383 (Paolo Facchi et al.)

Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions of Entanglement    [PDF]

Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Florio, Giorgio Parisi, Saverio Pascazio, Kazuya Yuasa

1302.3399 (Yong Siah Teo)

Numerical Estimation Schemes for Quantum Tomography    [PDF]

Yong Siah Teo

1302.3419 (R. Rosenfelder)

Scattering Theory with Path Integrals    [PDF]

R. Rosenfelder

1302.3428 (Barbara M. Terhal)

Quantum Error Correction for Quantum Memories    [PDF]

Barbara M. Terhal

1302.3465 (J. Michael Dunn et al.)

The Third Life of Quantum Logic: Quantum Logic Inspired by Quantum

J. Michael Dunn, Lawrence S. Moss, Zhenghan Wang

1302.3468 (D. Gelbwaser-Klimovsky et al.)

How much work can a quantum device extract from a heat engine?    [PDF]

D. Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, R. Alicki, G. Kurizki

1302.3484 (Waltraut Wustmann et al.)

Parametric resonance in tunable superconducting cavities    [PDF]

Waltraut Wustmann, Vitaly Shumeiko

1302.3502 (M. Markiewicz et al.)

Unified approach to contextuality, non-locality, and temporal

M. Markiewicz, P. Kurzynski, J. Thompson, S. -Y. Lee, A. Soeda, T. Paterek, D. Kaszlikowski

1302.3504 (O. Romero-Isart et al.)

Superconducting Vortex Lattices for Ultracold Atoms    [PDF]

O. Romero-Isart, C. Navau, A. Sanchez, P. Zoller, J. I. Cirac

1302.3509 (Toshihiko Sasaki et al.)

Universal Separability and Entanglement in Identical Particle Systems    [PDF]

Toshihiko Sasaki, Tsubasa Ichikawa, Izumi Tsutsui

1302.3511 (Sergio Cordero et al.)

Analytical study of quadratic and non-quadratic short-time behavior of
quantum decay

Sergio Cordero, Gastón García-Calderón

Thursday, February 14, 2013

1107.4646 (Lian-Ao Wu et al.)

No-go theorem for passive single-rail linear optical quantum computing    [PDF]

Lian-Ao Wu, Philip Walther, Daniel A. Lidar

1302.2932 (André D. Bandrauk et al.)

Atoms and Molecules in Intense Laser Fields: Gauge Invariance of Theory
and Models

André D. Bandrauk, François Fillion-Gourdeau, Emmanuel Lorin

1302.2936 (Arseni Goussev et al.)

Scattering of quantum wave packets by shallow potential islands: A
quantum lens

Arseni Goussev, Klaus Richter

1302.2970 (V. Yu. Argonov)

Velocity selective trapping of atoms in a frequency-modulated standing
laser wave

V. Yu. Argonov

1302.2984 (Dong Pyo Chi et al.)

Generalized Entropy and Global Quantum Discord in Multi-party Quantum

Dong Pyo Chi, Jeong San Kim, Kyungjin Lee

1302.3005 (Salman Khan)

Entanglement of Tripartite States with Decoherence in Noninertial frames    [PDF]

Salman Khan

1302.3011 (Jung Jun Park et al.)

Heat engine driven by purely quantum information    [PDF]

Jung Jun Park, Kang-Hwan Kim, Takahiro Sagawa, Sang Wook Kim

1302.3031 (Matthias Sonnleitner et al.)

Attractive optical forces from black-body radiation    [PDF]

Matthias Sonnleitner, Monika Ritsch-Marte, Helmut Ritsch

1302.3036 (Yevhen Miroshychenko et al.)

Virtual photon processes in the collective dynamics of multilevel atomic

Yevhen Miroshychenko, Klaus Mølmer

1302.3063 (Wen-Te Liao et al.)

A three-beam setup for coherently controlling nuclear state population    [PDF]

Wen-Te Liao, Adriana Pálffy, Christoph H. Keitel

1302.3110 (Laszlo Gyongyosi et al.)

Concatenated Capacity-Achieving Polar Codes for Optical Quantum Channels    [PDF]

Laszlo Gyongyosi, Sandor Imre

1302.3114 (Laszlo Gyongyosi)

Polaractivation of Hidden Private Classical Capacity Region of Quantum

Laszlo Gyongyosi

1302.3117 (R. Roknizadeh et al.)

Correspondence Between Classical and Quantum Theory by $f$-Deformed
Coherent State

R. Roknizadeh, S. A. A. Ghorashi, H. Heydari

1302.3118 (Laszlo Gyongyosi)

Local Operations can Generate Quantum Entanglement: The Correlation
Conversion Property of Quantum Channels

Laszlo Gyongyosi

1302.3138 (Sho Sugiura et al.)

Canonical Thermal Pure Quantum State    [PDF]

Sho Sugiura, Akira Shimizu

1302.3143 (Aleksandrs Belovs)

Quantum Walks and Electric Networks    [PDF]

Aleksandrs Belovs

1302.3186 (Mihai Vidrighin et al.)

Requirements for two-source entanglement concentration    [PDF]

Mihai Vidrighin, Tim J. Bartley, Gaia Donati, Xian-Min Jin, Marco Barbieri, W. Steven Kolthammer, Animesh Datta, Ian A. Walmsley

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

0909.1133 (S. Balik et al.)

Near-resonance Light Scattering from a High-density, Ultracold Atomic
$^{87}$Rb Gas

S. Balik, A. L. Win, M. D. Havey, I. M. Sokolov, D. V. Kupriyanov

1105.3932 (Robert B. Griffiths)

A Consistent Quantum Ontology    [PDF]

Robert B. Griffiths

1108.3397 (A. Thilagam)

Violation of the "information-disturbance relationship" in a
multipartite system

A. Thilagam

1111.5163 (Xi-Jun Ren et al.)

Non-monogamy of quantum discord and upper bounds for quantum correlation    [PDF]

Xi-Jun Ren, Heng Fan

1212.2098 (J. S. Dowker)

Sphere Renyi entropies    [PDF]

J. S. Dowker

1302.2502 (Sergey Rashkovskiy)

Eulerian and Newtonian dynamics of quantum particles    [PDF]

Sergey Rashkovskiy

1302.2616 (Alexey A. Kryukov)

Functional methods underlying classical mechanics, relativity and
quantum theory

Alexey A. Kryukov

1302.2632 (Peter Janotta et al.)

Generalized Probabilistic Theories Without the No-Restriction Hypothesis    [PDF]

Peter Janotta, Raymond Lal

1302.2650 (Ching-Kit Chan et al.)

Robust Distant Entanglement Generation Using Coherent Multiphoton

Ching-Kit Chan, L. J. Sham

1302.2669 (Adrian Hutter et al.)

An efficient decoding algorithm for stabilizer codes    [PDF]

Adrian Hutter, James R. Wootton, Daniel Loss

1302.2691 (Shuro Izumi et al.)

Quantum receivers with squeezing and photon-number-resolving detectors    [PDF]

Shuro Izumi, Masahiro Takeoka, Kazuhiro Ema, Masahide Sasaki