Thursday, January 31, 2013

1301.6499 (Anton Ilderton et al.)

Radiation reaction from QED    [PDF]

Anton Ilderton, Greger Torgrimsson

1301.7100 (Nicholas Chancellor et al.)

Scalable universal holonomic quantum computation realized with an
adiabatic quantum data bus and potential implementation using superconducting
flux qubits

Nicholas Chancellor, Stephan Haas

1301.7107 (Austin G. Fowler et al.)

Surface code implementation of block code state distillation    [PDF]

Austin G. Fowler, Simon J. Devitt, Cody Jones

1301.7110 (Marcelo de Almeida et al.)

Entanglement-free certification of entangling gates    [PDF]

Marcelo de Almeida, Mile Gu, Alessandro Fedrizzi, Matthew A. Broome, Timothy C. Ralph, Andrew G. White

1301.7114 (S. Campbell et al.)

Global quantum correlations in finite-size spin chains    [PDF]

S. Campbell, L. Mazzola, G. De Chiara, T. J. G Apollaro, F. Plastina, Th. Busch, M. Paternostro

1301.7135 (Shumpei Masuda)

Protection of quantum states from disturbance due to random potential by
successive translation

Shumpei Masuda

1301.7136 (Weikang Fan et al.)

Heavily Enhanced Dynamic Stark Shift in a System of Bose Einstein
Condensation of Photons

Weikang Fan, Miao Yin, Ze Cheng

1301.7061 (Abdel-Baset A. Mohamed)

Quantum discord and its geometric measure with death entanglement in
correlated dephasing two qubits system

Abdel-Baset A. Mohamed

1301.7144 (Shibdas Roy et al.)

Robust Phase Estimation of Squeezed State    [PDF]

Shibdas Roy, Ian R. Petersen, Elanor H. Huntington

1301.7193 (Felix Just et al.)

Transverse Entanglement of Biphotons    [PDF]

Felix Just, Andrea Cavanna, Maria V. Chekhova, Gerd Leuchs

1301.7201 (Maksym Teslyk et al.)

Scalar field entanglement entropy for small Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Maksym Teslyk, Olena Teslyk

1301.7219 (Alexander Malyshev et al.)

Resonance Features of the Conductance of Open Billiards with the
Spin-Orbit Interaction

Alexander Malyshev, Galina Isupova

1301.7240 (Ming-Liang Hu et al.)

Upper bound and shareability of quantum discord based on the uncertainty

Ming-Liang Hu, Heng Fan

1301.7278 (Mario Castagnino et al.)

Toward a definition of the Quantum Ergodic Hierarchy: Kolmogorov and
Bernoulli systems

Mario Castagnino, Ignacio Gomez

1301.7306 (José C. Torres-Guzmán et al.)

The Casimir Effect for Arbitrary Optically Anisotropic Materials    [PDF]

José C. Torres-Guzmán, W. Luis Mochán

1301.7351 (Ross Anderson et al.)

Why quantum computing is hard - and quantum cryptography is not provably

Ross Anderson, Robert Brady