Friday, April 13, 2012

0907.1657 (Hendrik Weimer et al.)

A Rydberg Quantum Simulator    [PDF]

Hendrik Weimer, Markus Müller, Igor Lesanovsky, Peter Zoller, Hans Peter Büchler

0912.5537 (Charles H. Bennett et al.)

Quantum Reverse Shannon Theorem    [PDF]

Charles H. Bennett, Igor Devetak, Aram W. Harrow, Peter W. Shor, Andreas Winter

1006.3920 (Toshihiko Sasaki et al.)

Outcome Independence of Entanglement in One-Way Computation    [PDF]

Toshihiko Sasaki, Tsubasa Ichikawa, Izumi Tsutsui

1104.5448 (Shai Machnes et al.)

Pulsed Laser Cooling for Cavity-Optomechanical Resonators    [PDF]

Shai Machnes, Javier Cerrillo, Markus Aspelmeyer, Witlef Wieczorek, Martin B. Plenio, Alex Retzker

1108.3966 (Arkady Fedorov et al.)

Implementation of a Toffoli Gate with Superconducting Circuits    [PDF]

Arkady Fedorov, Lars Steffen, Matthias Baur, Andreas Wallraff

1108.5777 (J. G. G. S. Ramos et al.)

Spin Accumulation Encoded in Electronic Noise for Mesoscopic Billiards
with Finite Tunneling Rates

J. G. G. S. Ramos, A. L. R. Barbosa, D. Bazeia, M. S. Hussein

1110.3418 (Ferdi Altintas et al.)

Creation of quantum correlations between two atoms in a dissipative
environment from an initial vacuum state

Ferdi Altintas, Resul Eryigit

1110.5760 (I. P. Ivanov)

Creation of two vortex-entangled beams in a vortex beam collision with a
plane wave

I. P. Ivanov

1111.5686 (A. D. Martin et al.)

Quantum dynamics of atomic bright solitons under splitting and
re-collision, and implications for interferometry

A. D. Martin, J. Ruostekoski

1201.1947 (Kouki Nakata)

Quantum spin pumping mediated by magnon    [PDF]

Kouki Nakata

1201.2234 (Yukihiro Ota et al.)

Implementing general measurements on linear optical and solid-state

Yukihiro Ota, Sahel Ashhab, Franco Nori

1204.2562 (Rafael Chaves et al.)

Multipartite quantum non-locality under local decoherence    [PDF]

Rafael Chaves, Daniel Cavalcanti, Leandro Aolita, Antonio Acín

1204.2569 (Chad R. Galley et al.)

Theory of optomechanics: Oscillator-field model of moving mirrors    [PDF]

Chad R. Galley, Ryan O. Behunin, B. L. Hu

1204.2602 (D. Z. Xu et al.)

Superradiant quantum phase transition in a circuit QED system: a revisit
from a fully microscopic point of view

D. Z. Xu, Y. B. Gao, C. P. Sun

1204.2615 (Jun Suzuki et al.)

Symmetric coupling of four spin-1/2 systems    [PDF]

Jun Suzuki, Berthold-Georg Englert

1204.2627 (Zhang Xiu-Xing et al.)

Detecting multi-spin interaction of an XY spin chain by geometric phase
of a coupled qubit

Zhang Xiu-Xing, Zhang Ai-Ping, Li Fu-Li

1204.2631 (Zhang Xiu-Xing et al.)

Singularity of classical and quantum correlations at critical points of
the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model in bipartition and tripartition of spins

Zhang Xiu-Xing, Li Fu-Li

1204.2663 (Andrea Chiuri et al.)

Engineering a C-Phase quantum gate: optical design and experimental

Andrea Chiuri, Chiara Greganti, Paolo Mataloni

1204.2673 (M Mortazavi et al.)

A new class of $f$-deformed charge coherent states and their
nonclassical properties

M Mortazavi, M K Tavassoly

1204.2675 (M J Faghihi et al.)

Dynamics of entropy and nonclassical properties of the state of a
$Λ$-type three-level atom interacting with a single-mode cavity field
with intensity-dependent coupling in a Kerr medium

M J Faghihi, M K Tavassoly

1204.2680 (M K Tavassoly et al.)

Representations of Coherent and Squeezed States in an Extended
Two-parameters Fock Space

M K Tavassoly, M H Lake

1204.2687 (Su-Yong Lee et al.)

Second-order superposition operations via Hong-Ou-Mandel interference    [PDF]

Su-Yong Lee, Hyunchul Nha

1204.2700 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Approximate bound states of the Dirac equation with some physical
quantum potentials

Sameer M. Ikhdair, Ramazan Sever

1204.2701 (Ali Mostafazadeh et al.)

Perturbative Analysis of Spectral Singularities and Their Optical

Ali Mostafazadeh, Saber Rostamzadeh

1204.2722 (Marcin Wieśniak et al.)

Package of facts and theorems for efficiently generating entanglement
criteria for many qubits

Marcin Wieśniak, Koji Maruyama

1204.2738 (Lars S. Madsen et al.)

Experimental Investigation of the Evolution of Gaussian Quantum Discord
in an Open System

Lars S. Madsen, Adriano Berni, Mikael Lassen, Ulrik L. Andersen

1204.2750 (Tsubasa Ichikawa et al.)

Minimal and Robust Composite Two-Qubit Gates with Ising-Type Interaction    [PDF]

Tsubasa Ichikawa, Utkan Güngördü, Masamitsu Bando, Yasushi Kondo, Mikio Nakahara

1204.2751 (Antoine Suarez)

Do Hardy-type proposals test nonlocality of single-particle?    [PDF]

Antoine Suarez

1204.2752 (Anna Jencova)

Extremality conditions for generalized channels    [PDF]

Anna Jencova

1204.2770 (Daoling Peng et al.)

Local Relativistic Exact Decoupling    [PDF]

Daoling Peng, Markus Reiher

1204.2780 (Konstantin Y. Bliokh et al.)

Electron vortex beams in a magnetic field: A new twist on Landau levels
and Aharonov-Bohm states

Konstantin Y. Bliokh, Peter Schattschneider, Jo Verbeeck, Franco Nori

1204.2789 (M. Arsenijevic et al.)

Markovian Zero-Discord Classicality for Bipartite Quantum Systems    [PDF]

M. Arsenijevic, J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic

1204.2792 (V. Mourik et al.)

Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor
nanowire devices

V. Mourik, K. Zuo, S. M. Frolov, S. R. Plissard, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, L. P. Kouwenhoven

1204.2817 (A. M. Gavrilik et al.)

Three-parameter (two-sided) deformation of Heisenberg algebra    [PDF]

A. M. Gavrilik, I. I. Kachurik

1204.2819 (Dmitry A. Abanin et al.)

Measuring entanglement entropy of a generic many-body system with a
quantum switch

Dmitry A. Abanin, Eugene Demler

1204.2821 (Vadim N. Smelyanskiy et al.)

A Near-Term Quantum Computing Approach for Hard Computational Problems
in Space Exploration

Vadim N. Smelyanskiy, Eleanor G. Rieffel, Sergey I. Knysh, Colin P. Williams, Mark W. Johnson, Murray C. Thom, William G. Macready, Kristen L. Pudenz