Monday, February 27, 2012

1010.1326 (Yong Tao)

Sufficient condition for validity of quantum adiabatic theorem    [PDF]

Yong Tao

1104.5665 (Simon Rips et al.)

Steady-state negative Wigner functions of nonlinear nanomechanical

Simon Rips, Martin Kiffner, Ignacio Wilson-Rae, Michael J. Hartmann

1106.4607 (Shengjun Wu et al.)

Feasible optical weak measurements of complementary observables via a
single Hamiltonian

Shengjun Wu, Marek Żukowski

1108.0053 (Petr Hajicek)

Changes of separation status during registration and scattering    [PDF]

Petr Hajicek

1201.1256 (Victor Veitch et al.)

Negative Quasi-Probability Representation is a Necessary Resource for
Magic State Distillation

Victor Veitch, Christopher Ferrie, Joseph Emerson

1201.4097 (Christoph Clausen et al.)

Quantum storage of polarization qubits in birefringent and
anisotropically absorbing materials

Christoph Clausen, Felix Bussieres, Mikael Afzelius, Nicolas Gisin

1202.5102 (Cyrille Heriveaux et al.)

Recovering the Hamiltonian from spectral data    [PDF]

Cyrille Heriveaux, Thierry Paul

1202.5326 (A. Matzkin)

Observing trajectories with weak measurements in quantum systems in the
semiclassical regime

A. Matzkin

1202.5328 (Thad G. Walker et al.)

Entanglement of Two Atoms using Rydberg Blockade    [PDF]

Thad G. Walker, Mark Saffman

1202.5344 (Jerry M. Chow et al.)

Complete universal quantum gate set approaching fault-tolerant
thresholds with superconducting qubits

Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta, A. D. Corcoles, Seth T. Merkel, John A. Smolin, Chad Rigetti, S. Poletto, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, J. R. Rozen, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen

1202.5352 (Ramin M. Abolfath et al.)

Dynamical Magnetic and Nuclear Polarization in Complex Spin Systems:
Semi-magnetic II-VI Quantum Dots

Ramin M. Abolfath, Anna Trojnar, Bahman Roostaei, Thomas Brabec, Pawel Hawrylak

1202.5372 (Sam Kennerly)

Illusory Decoherence    [PDF]

Sam Kennerly

1202.5378 (Andrzej Jarosz)

Generalized Bures products from free probability    [PDF]

Andrzej Jarosz

1202.5382 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Quantum information processing and multiatom entanglement engineering
with a thermal cavity

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5384 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Generation of entangled states for many multilevel atoms in a thermal
cavity and ions in thermal motion

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5387 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Unconventional geometric quantum phase gates with a cavity QED system    [PDF]

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5397 (Søren Gammelmark et al.)

Interacting spins in a cavity: finite size effects and symmetry-breaking

Søren Gammelmark, Klaus Mølmer

1202.5422 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Dicke-like quantum phase transition and vacuum entanglement with two
coupled atomic ensembles

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5434 (Geraldo A. Barbosa)

Can humans see beyond intensity images?    [PDF]

Geraldo A. Barbosa

1202.5435 (Ulrike Herzog)

Optimized maximum-confidence discrimination of N mixed quantum states
and application to symmetric states

Ulrike Herzog

1202.5459 (Xing-Can Yao et al.)

Experimental demonstration of topological error correction    [PDF]

Xing-Can Yao, Tian-Xiong Wang, Hao-Ze Chen, Wei-Bo Gao, Austin G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Zeng-Bing Chen, Nai-Le Liu, Chao-Yang Lu, You-Jin Deng, Yu-Ao Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

1202.5462 (Gregg M. Gallatin et al.)

Propagation of Vortex Electron Wave Functions in a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Gregg M. Gallatin, Ben McMorran

1202.5518 (Francesco De Martini et al.)

Investigating macroscopic quantum superpositions and the
quantum-to-classical transition by optical parametric amplification

Francesco De Martini, Fabio Sciarrino

1202.5533 (Chad Rigetti et al.)

Superconducting qubit in waveguide cavity with coherence time
approaching 0.1ms

Chad Rigetti, Stefano Poletto, Jay M. Gambetta, B. L. T. Plourde, Jerry M. Chow, A. D. Corcoles, John A. Smolin, Seth T. Merkel, J. R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen

1202.5541 (J. E. Johnson et al.)

Heralded state preparation in a superconducting qubit    [PDF]

J. E. Johnson, C. Macklin, D. H. Slichter, R. Vijay, E. B. Weingarten, John Clarke, I. Siddiqi