Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1011.5919 (M. Dugic et al.)

Parallel decoherence in composite quantum systems    [PDF]

M. Dugic, J. Jeknic-Dugic

1012.0992 (J. Jeknic-Dugic et al.)

Quantum Structures of a Model-Universe: Questioning the Everett
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic, A. Francom

1012.1821 (Christoph Söller et al.)

High-performance single-photon generation with commercial-grade optical

Christoph Söller, Offir Cohen, Brian J. Smith, Ian A. Walmsley, Christine Silberhorn

1103.5297 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Massless Dirac Fermions in Electromagnetic Field    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, Abderrahim El Mouhafid, Mohammed Daoud

1104.2289 (Elena R. Loubenets)

Local quasi hidden variable modelling and violations of Bell-type
inequalities by a multipartite quantum state

Elena R. Loubenets

1109.4945 (Ryan Barnett et al.)

Order by Disorder in Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates    [PDF]

Ryan Barnett, Stephen Powell, Tobias Grass, Maciej Lewenstein, S. Das Sarma

1109.6424 (J. Jeknic-Dugic et al.)

Quantum Structures of a Model-Universe: Questioning the Everett
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic, A. Francom

1110.4771 (A. I. Zenchuk)

Information propagation in a quantum system. Examples of open spin-1/2

A. I. Zenchuk

1112.4503 (M. Bruderer et al.)

Exploiting boundary states of imperfect spin chains for high-fidelity
state transfer

M. Bruderer, K. Franke, S. Ragg, W. Belzig, D. Obreschkow

1112.4733 (Stefan Riedl et al.)

Bose-Einstein condensate as a quantum memory for a photonic polarization

Stefan Riedl, Matthias Lettner, Christoph Vo, Simon Baur, Gerhard Rempe, Stephan Dürr

1202.2871 (Robert Löw et al.)

An experimental and theoretical guide to strongly interacting Rydberg

Robert Löw, Hendrik Weimer, Johannes Nipper, Jonathan B. Balewski, Björn Butscher, Hans Peter Büchler, Tilman Pfau

1202.2758 (Andrej Junginger et al.)

Transition state theory for wave packet dynamics. I. Thermal decay in
metastable Schrödinger systems

Andrej Junginger, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner, Markus Dorwarth

1202.2763 (Andrej Junginger et al.)

Transition state theory for wave packet dynamics. II. Thermal decay of
Bose-Einstein condensates with long-range interaction

Andrej Junginger, Markus Dorwarth, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner

1202.2908 (B. Zygelman)

Geometric gauge potentials and forces in low-dimensional scattering

B. Zygelman

1202.2916 (Oliver Viehmann et al.)

Reply to Comment on "Superradiant Phase Transitions and the Standard
Description of Circuit QED"

Oliver Viehmann, Jan von Delft, Florian Marquardt

1202.2939 (Santiago F. Caballero-Benitez et al.)

The Contact in the BCS-BEC crossover for finite range interatomic

Santiago F. Caballero-Benitez, Rosario Paredes, Victor Romero-Rochin

1202.2943 (Kazuya Okamura)

The Quantum Relative Entropy as a Rate Function and Information Criteria    [PDF]

Kazuya Okamura

1202.2948 (Yu Shi)

Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen State of Neutral Mesons: The Entangled Partner
of K_L Is Not K_S

Yu Shi

1202.2973 (Metod Saniga et al.)

Charting the Real Four-Qubit Pauli Group via Ovoids of a Hyperbolic
Quadric of PG(7,2)

Metod Saniga, Peter Levay, Petr Pracna

1202.2978 (Chiara Marletto et al.)

How to Counteract Systematic Errors in Quantum State Transfer    [PDF]

Chiara Marletto, Alastair Kay, Artur Ekert

1202.2982 (Udaysinh T. Bhosale et al.)

Entanglement between two subsystems, the Wigner semicircle and extreme
value statistics

Udaysinh T. Bhosale, Steven Tomsovic, Arul Lakshminarayan

1202.2983 (Liqun Qi)

The Minimum Hartree Value for the Quantum Entanglement Problem    [PDF]

Liqun Qi

1202.2992 (Tony Blake et al.)

A rate equation approach to cavity mediated laser cooling    [PDF]

Tony Blake, Andreas Kurcz, Almut Beige

1202.2993 (F. Benatti et al.)

Bipartite entanglement in systems of identical particles: the partial
transposition criterion

F. Benatti, R. Floreanini, U. Marzolino

1202.2997 (Pinja Haikka et al.)

Non-Markovianity, Loschmidt echo and criticality: a unified picture    [PDF]

Pinja Haikka, John Goold, Suzanne McEndoo, Francesco Plastina, Sabrina Maniscalco

1202.3019 (Yu-Bo Sheng et al.)

Efficient two-step entanglement concentration for arbitrary W states    [PDF]

Yu-Bo Sheng, Lan Zhou, Sheng-Mei Zhao

1202.3049 (Jonatan Bohr Brask et al.)

Robust multipartite Bell tests with a single photon    [PDF]

Jonatan Bohr Brask, Rafael Chaves

1202.3054 (Arghavan Safavi-Naini et al.)

First order SF-MI transition in the Bose-Hubbard model with tunable
three-body onsite interaction

Arghavan Safavi-Naini, Javier von Stecher, Barbara Capogrosso-Sansone, Seth T. Rittenhouse

1202.3057 (S . N. Andrianov et al.)

Magnon qubit on double Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

S . N. Andrianov, S. A. Moiseev

1202.3070 (P. Aniello et al.)

Tensorial characterization and quantum estimation of weakly entangled

P. Aniello, J. Clemente-Gallardo, G. Marmo, G. F. Volkert

1202.3099 (L. H. Ford et al.)

An Analog Model for Quantum Lightcone Fluctuations in Nonlinear Optics    [PDF]

L. H. Ford, V. A. De Lorenci, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

1202.3100 (André Voros)

Zeta-regularisation for exact-WKB resolution of a general 1D
Schrödinger equation

André Voros

1202.3116 (Stephan Weis)

Continuity of the maximum-entropy inference and open projections of
convex bodies

Stephan Weis

1202.3121 (H. Krull et al.)

Enhanced Perturbative Continuous Unitary Transformations    [PDF]

H. Krull, N. A. Drescher, G. S. Uhrig