Thursday, November 8, 2012

1108.5329 (Matthias Christandl et al.)

Reliable Quantum State Tomography    [PDF]

Matthias Christandl, Renato Renner

1110.1956 (Doron Cohen et al.)

Temporal quantum fluctuations in the fringe-visibility of atom
interferometers with interacting Bose-Einstein condensate

Doron Cohen, Amichay Vardi

1211.1584 (Moslem Alidoosty Shahraki et al.)

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics of Multipartite Systems    [PDF]

Moslem Alidoosty Shahraki, Sina Khorasani

1211.1398 (A. Sindona et al.)

Orthogonality catastrophe and decoherence in a trapped-Fermion

A. Sindona, J. Goold, N. Lo Gullo, S. Lorenzo, F. Plastina

1211.1399 (Mohammadreza Mohammadi et al.)

Fourier Transform Quantum State Tomography    [PDF]

Mohammadreza Mohammadi, Agata M. Branczyk, Daniel F. V. James

1211.1400 (Peter Brooks et al.)

Fault-tolerant quantum computation with asymmetric Bacon-Shor codes    [PDF]

Peter Brooks, John Preskill

1211.1402 (Stefano Pironio et al.)

Device-independent quantum key distribution secure against adversaries
with no long-term quantum memory

Stefano Pironio, Lluis Masanes, Anthony Leverrier, Antonio Acin

1211.1404 (Dong E. Liu et al.)

Floquet Majorana Fermions for Topological Qubits    [PDF]

Dong E. Liu, Alex Levchenko, Harold U. Baranger

1211.1411 (Louis Vervoort)

Violation of the Bell-Inequality in Supercorrelated Systems    [PDF]

Louis Vervoort

1211.1425 (Deng-Kuan Liu et al.)

Nonlatching Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detection with
Quasi-Constant-Voltage Bias

Deng-Kuan Liu, Si-Jing Chen, Li-Xing You, Yong-Liang Wang, Shigehito Miki, Zhen Wang, Xiao-Ming Xie, Mian-Heng Jiang

1211.1427 (Peter P. Rohde et al.)

The information capacity of a single photon    [PDF]

Peter P. Rohde, Joseph F. Fitzsimons, Alexei Gilchrist

1211.1461 (M. S. Bardavelidze et al.)

General Solution of the Two-Dimensional Intertwining Relations for
Supercharges with Hyperbolic (Lorentz) Metrics

M. S. Bardavelidze, M. V. Ioffe, D. N. Nishnianidze

1211.1469 (Yoshitaka Tanimura)

Reduced hierarchy equations of motion approach with Drude plus Brownian
spectral distribution: Probing electron transfer processes by means of two-
dimensionalcorrelation spectroscopy

Yoshitaka Tanimura

1211.1470 (A. A. Banishev et al.)

Demonstration of the Casimir force between ferromagnetic surfaces of a
Ni-coated sphere and a Ni-coated plate

A. A. Banishev, G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko, U. Mohideen

1211.1525 (Motohisa Fukuda et al.)

Partial transpose of random quantum states, Weingarten calculus and

Motohisa Fukuda, Piotr Śniady

1211.1531 (K. Berrada et al.)

Nonlocal correlations for manifold quantum systems: Entanglement of
two-spin states

K. Berrada, A. Mohammadzade, S. Abdel-Khalek, H. Eleuch, S. Salimi

1211.1532 (Yan Li et al.)

Prepotential approach to systems with dynamical symmetries    [PDF]

Yan Li, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen, L. C. Kwek

1211.1560 (H. F. Jones)

The Floquet Method for $PT$-symmetric Periodic Potentials    [PDF]

H. F. Jones

1211.1574 (M. Dugic)

Delayed choice without choice    [PDF]

M. Dugic

1211.1585 (E. Agudelo et al.)

Quasiprobabilities for Multipartite Quantum Correlations of Light    [PDF]

E. Agudelo, J. Sperling, W. Vogel

1211.1586 (N. Malossi et al.)

Quantum driving protocols for a two level system: from generalized
Landau-Zener sweeps to superadiabatic control

N. Malossi, M. G. Bason, M. Viteau, E. Arimondo, R. Mannella, O. Morsch, D. Ciampini

1211.1587 (Julien Chabe et al.)

Superradiant Forward Scattering in Multiple Scattering    [PDF]

Julien Chabe, Louis Bellando, Tom Bienaime, Romain Bachelard, Nicola Piovella, Robin Kaiser

1211.1591 (Simon Moulieras et al.)

Entanglement engineering and topological protection by discrete-time
quantum walks

Simon Moulieras, Maciej Lewenstein, Graciana Puentes

1211.1619 (O. W. Greenberg et al.)

N-quantum calculation of the hydrogen atom with one-photon exchange    [PDF]

O. W. Greenberg, Steve Cowen