Monday, February 25, 2013

1106.3518 (L. Gaudreau et al.)

Coherent control of three-spin states in a triple quantum dot    [PDF]

L. Gaudreau, G. Granger, A. Kam, G. C. Aers, S. A. Studenikin, P. Zawadzki, M. Pioro-Ladrière, Z. R. Wasilewski, A. S. Sachrajda

1110.6321 (Lin Zhang)

Entropy, Stochastic Matrices, and Quantum Operations    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1302.5418 (Warren Leffler)

Failure of the Bell Locality Condition over a Space of Ideal Particles
and their Paths

Warren Leffler

1302.5453 (Noah Linden et al.)

The Quantum Entropy Cone of Stabiliser States    [PDF]

Noah Linden, Mary Beth Ruskai, Andreas Winter

1302.5459 (F. Haas et al.)

Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation around
Classical Trajectories

F. Haas, J. M. F. Bassalo, D. G. da Silva, A. B. Nassar, M. Cattani

1302.5537 (Florian Hebenstreit et al.)

Simulating fermion production in 1+1 dimensional QED    [PDF]

Florian Hebenstreit, Jürgen Berges, Daniil Gelfand

1302.5545 (A. Yu. Kamenshchik et al.)

Many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, mesoscopic anthropic
principle and biological evolution

A. Yu. Kamenshchik, O. V. Teryaev

1302.5552 (Arne L. Grimsmo)

Quantum discord in predictive processes    [PDF]

Arne L. Grimsmo

1302.5553 (Daniel J. Egger et al.)

Multimode circuit QED with hybrid metamaterial transmission lines    [PDF]

Daniel J. Egger, Frank K. Wilhelm

1302.5558 (S. I. Mukhin et al.)

Generation of non-classical photon states in superconducting quantum

S. I. Mukhin, M. V. Fistul

1302.5582 (Ashley Milsted et al.)

Matrix product states and variational methods applied to critical
quantum field theory

Ashley Milsted, Jutho Haegeman, Tobias J. Osborne

1302.5596 (H. Hernandez-Coronado et al.)

Quantum equivalence principle without mass superselection    [PDF]

H. Hernandez-Coronado, E. Okon

1302.5601 (Muhammad Adeel Ajaib)

Numerical Methods and Causality in Physics    [PDF]

Muhammad Adeel Ajaib

1302.5615 (Robin Gutöhrlein et al.)

Bifurcations and exceptional points in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Robin Gutöhrlein, Jörg Main, Holger Cartarius, Günter Wunner

1302.5621 (L. Steffen et al.)

Realization of Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Solid State

L. Steffen, A. Fedorov, M. Oppliger, Y. Salathe, P. Kurpiers, M. Baur, G. Puebla-Hellmann, C. Eichler, A. Wallraff

1302.5629 (J. J. Mendoza-Arenas et al.)

Dephasing enhanced transport in non-equilibrium strongly-correlated
quantum systems

J. J. Mendoza-Arenas, T. Grujic, D. Jaksch, S. R. Clark

1302.5669 (Giuliano G. La Guardia)

Asymmetric Quantum Codes: New Codes from Old    [PDF]

Giuliano G. La Guardia