Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1005.4676 (Satoshi Ohya et al.)

Running Boundary Condition    [PDF]

Satoshi Ohya, Makoto Sakamoto, Motoi Tachibana

1111.4059 (Giulia Gualdi et al.)

Approximating open quantum system dynamics in a controlled and efficient
way: A microscopic approach to decoherence

Giulia Gualdi, Christiane P. Koch

1210.1657 (Alex Szorkovszky et al.)

Strong thermomechanical squeezing via weak measurement    [PDF]

Alex Szorkovszky, George A. Brawley, Andrew C. Doherty, Warwick P. Bowen

1301.6176 (Thijs Laarhoven et al.)

Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in Lattices Faster Using Quantum

Thijs Laarhoven, Michele Mosca, Joop van de Pol

1301.6193 (Robert L. Cook)

Continuous Measurement and Stochastic Methods in Quantum Optical Systems    [PDF]

Robert L. Cook

1301.6200 (Ana María Cetto et al.)

Atomic radiative corrections without QED: role of the zero-point field    [PDF]

Ana María Cetto, Luis de la Peña, Andrea Valdés-Hernández

1301.6207 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Critical behavior of the PT-symmetric $iφ^3$ quantum field theory    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, V. Branchina, Emanuele Messina

1301.6214 (Louis H. Kauffman)

Knot Logic and Topological Quantum Computing with Majorana Fermions    [PDF]

Louis H. Kauffman

1301.6248 (Morten P. Bakker et al.)

Monitoring the formation of oxide apertures in micropillar cavities    [PDF]

Morten P. Bakker, Henk Snijders, Donald J. Suntrup III, Tuan-Ahn Truong, Martin P. van Exter, Dirk Bouwmeester

1301.6264 (V. A. Reshetov et al.)

Electromagnetically induced transparency with degenerate atomic levels    [PDF]

V. A. Reshetov, I. V. Meleshko

1301.6266 (D. Witthaut)

Stochastic resonance driven by quantum shot noise in superradiant Raman

D. Witthaut

1301.6276 (K. W. Murch et al.)

Suppression of the radiative decay of atomic coherence in squeezed

K. W. Murch, S. J. Weber, K. M. Beck, Eran Ginossar, I. Siddiqi

1301.6305 (Margaret D. Reid et al.)

Probabilistic simulation of mesoscopic quantum paradoxes    [PDF]

Margaret D. Reid, Bogdan Opanchuk, Laura Rosales-Zárate, Peter D. Drummond

1301.6339 (Marco Dalai)

Lovász's Theta Function, Rényi's Divergence and the Sphere-Packing

Marco Dalai

1301.6374 (Guro K. Svendsen et al.)

Symmetries and optical transitions of hexagonal quantum dots in
GaAs/AlGaAs nanowires

Guro K. Svendsen, Johannes Skaar, Helge Weman, Marc-André Dupertuis

1301.6381 (Andreas V. Kuhlmann et al.)

Charge noise and spin noise in a semiconductor quantum device    [PDF]

Andreas V. Kuhlmann, Julien Houel, Arne Ludwig, Lukas Greuter, Dirk Reuter, Andreas D. Wieck, Martino Poggio, Richard J. Warburton

1301.6423 (Hideo Hasegawa)

A comparison between Gaussian wavepacket dynamics of double-well systems
in the Schrödinger and Heisenberg approaches

Hideo Hasegawa

1301.6482 (Chu-Hui Fan et al.)

Quantum discord and quantum phase transition in spin-1/2 frustrated
Heisenberg chain

Chu-Hui Fan, Heng-Na Xiong, Yixiao Huang, Zhe Sun

1301.6500 (Elisa Ercolessi et al.)

Symmetric logarithmic derivative for general n-level systems and quantum
Fisher information tensor for three level systems

Elisa Ercolessi, Michele Schiavina

1301.6517 (Tuukka Hiltunen et al.)

Lagrange mesh and exact diagonalization for numerical study of
semiconductor quantum dot systems with application in singlet-triplet qubits

Tuukka Hiltunen, Juha Ritala, Oona Kupiainen, Topi Siro, Ari Harju

1301.6535 (Loïc Freton et al.)

Infra-red expansion of entanglement entropy in the Interacting Resonant
Level Model

Loïc Freton, Edouard Boulat, Hubert Saleur

1301.6551 (N. David Mermin)

Annotated Interview with a QBist in the Making    [PDF]

N. David Mermin

1301.6567 (Gary Wolfowicz et al.)

Atomic clock transitions in silicon-based spin qubits    [PDF]

Gary Wolfowicz, Alexei M. Tyryshkin, Richard E. George, Helge Riemann, Nikolai V. Abrosimov, Peter Becker, Hans-Joachim Pohl, Mike L. W. Thewalt, Stephen A. Lyon, John J. L. Morton

1301.6577 (Xin-Bing Song et al.)

Experimental Observation of Quantum Holographic Imaging    [PDF]

Xin-Bing Song, De-Qin Xu, Hai-Bo Wang, Jun Xiong, Xiangdong Zhang, De-Zhong Cao, Kaige Wang

1301.6588 (Nicolas Delfosse)

Tradeoffs for reliable quantum information storage in surface codes and
color codes

Nicolas Delfosse

1301.6617 (Paul B. Slater)

A Concise Formula for Generalized Two-Qubit Hilbert-Schmidt Separability

Paul B. Slater

1301.6631 (A. A. Banishev et al.)

Measuring the Casimir force gradient from graphene on a SiO_2 substrate    [PDF]

A. A. Banishev, H. Wen, J. Xu, R. K. Kawakami, G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko, U. Mohideen

1301.6656 (A. Gabriel et al.)

Device-Independent Test for Genuine Multipartite Entanglement    [PDF]

A. Gabriel, Ł. Rudnicki, B. C. Hiesmayr

1301.6658 (Mattia Zorzi et al.)

Minimum Relative Entropy for Quantum Estimation: Feasibility and General

Mattia Zorzi, Francesco Ticozzi, Augusto Ferrante

1301.6663 (Pankaj K. Jha)

Coherence-Enhanced Lasing    [PDF]

Pankaj K. Jha