Friday, March 30, 2012

1102.3556 (Hervé Bergeron et al.)

To what extent are canonical and coherent state quantizations physically

Hervé Bergeron, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Ahmed Youssef

1103.2286 (Jutho Haegeman et al.)

Variational matrix product ansatz for dispersion relations    [PDF]

Jutho Haegeman, Bogdan Pirvu, David J. Weir, J. Ignacio Cirac, Tobias J. Osborne, Henri Verschelde, Frank Verstraete

1111.0407 (Zong-Wen Wei et al.)

Renormalization Induced Quantum Small-World Networks    [PDF]

Zong-Wen Wei, Bing-Hong Wang, Xiao-Pu Han

1111.3949 (M. Hohenadler et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model    [PDF]

M. Hohenadler, Z. Y. Meng, T. C. Lang, S. Wessel, A. Muramatsu, F. F. Assaad

1111.6461 (Ignacio Franco et al.)

Electronic coherence dynamics in trans-polyacetylene oligomers    [PDF]

Ignacio Franco, Paul Brumer

1201.0582 (A. Borschevsky et al.)

Relativistic ab initio calculations of the P-odd interaction constant
W_A in diatomic molecules

A. Borschevsky, M. Ilias, V. A. Dzuba, K. Beloy, V. V. Flambaum, P. Schwerdtfeger

1201.4542 (Michael J. W. Hall et al.)

Heisenberg-style bounds for arbitrary estimates of shift parameters
including prior information

Michael J. W. Hall, Howard M. Wiseman

1203.6355 (Edwin Barnes et al.)

Exact master equation solution of central spin dephasing dynamics    [PDF]

Edwin Barnes, Łukasz Cywiński, S. Das Sarma

1203.6365 (C. Van Vlack et al.)

Finite-difference time-domain technique as an efficient tool for
obtaining the regularized Green function: applications to the local field
problem in quantum optics for inhomogeneous lossy materials

C. Van Vlack, S. Hughes

1203.6392 (J. True Merrill et al.)

Progress in compensating pulse sequences for quantum computation    [PDF]

J. True Merrill, Kenneth R. Brown

1203.6417 (Vincenzo D'Ambrosio et al.)

Complete experimental toolbox for alignment-free quantum communication    [PDF]

Vincenzo D'Ambrosio, Eleonora Nagali, Stephen P. Walborn, Leandro Aolita, Sergei Slussarenko, Lorenzo Marrucci, Fabio Sciarrino

1203.6419 (Yu-xi Liu et al.)

From blockade to transparency: controllable photon transmission through
a circuit QED system

Yu-xi Liu, Xun-Wei Xu, Adam Miranowicz, Franco Nori

1203.6447 (Rajesh R. Parwani)

Information and Cosmological Physics    [PDF]

Rajesh R. Parwani

1203.6469 (Pinja Haikka et al.)

Time Invariant Discord and Non-Markovianity    [PDF]

Pinja Haikka, Sabrina Maniscalco

1203.6483 (A Petrova et al.)

Gaussian fluctuations in an ideal bose-gas - a simple model    [PDF]

A Petrova, O Nedopekin, D Tayurskii, Q A Wang

1203.6489 (M. Hosseini et al.)

Storage and Manipulation of Light Using a Raman Gradient Echo Process    [PDF]

M. Hosseini, B. M. Sparkes, G. T. Campbell, P. K. Lam, B. C. Buchler

1203.6493 (Ahmad Abu Taleb)

The Statistical Distribution of quantum particles where any of them can
be a fermion with probability [P] or a boson with probability [1-p]

Ahmad Abu Taleb

1203.6518 (Kinjalk Lochan et al.)

Statistical thermodynamics for a non-commutative special relativity:
Emergence of a generalized quantum dynamics

Kinjalk Lochan, Seema Satin, Tejinder P. Singh

1203.6550 (Henrik Stegeby et al.)

Variational calculations for the hydrogen-antihydrogen system with a
mass-scaled Born-Oppenheimer potential

Henrik Stegeby, Konrad Piszczatowski, Hans O Karlsson, Roland Lindh, Piotr Froelich

1203.6555 (Ondřej Turek et al.)

Potential-controlled filtering in quantum star graphs    [PDF]

Ondřej Turek, Taksu Cheon

1203.6557 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

Levinson's theorem for graphs II    [PDF]

Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset

1203.6558 (Imad Agha et al.)

Low-noise on-chip frequency conversion by four-wave-mixing Bragg
scattering in SiNx waveguides

Imad Agha, Marcelo Davanco, Bryce Thurston, Kartik Srinivasan

1203.6584 (Morgan W. Mitchell et al.)

Certified quantum non-demolition measurement of material systems    [PDF]

Morgan W. Mitchell, Marco Koschorreck, Marcin Kubasik, Mario Napolitano, Robert J. Sewell

1203.6585 (Beatriz Olmos et al.)

Facilitated spin models of dissipative quantum glasses    [PDF]

Beatriz Olmos, Igor Lesanovsky, Juan P. Garrahan

1203.6587 (Louis Vervoort)

Bell's Theorem: the Neglected Solution    [PDF]

Louis Vervoort

1203.6588 (M. N. Chernodub)

Permanently rotating devices: extracting rotation from quantum vacuum

M. N. Chernodub

1203.6590 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Negative-energy PT-symmetric Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Daniel W. Hook, S. P. Klevansky

1203.6595 (M. Müller et al.)

Engineered Open Systems and Quantum Simulations with Atoms and Ions    [PDF]

M. Müller, S. Diehl, G. Pupillo, P. Zoller

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1107.0276 (Akobuije Chijioke et al.)

Thermal noise of whispering gallery resonators    [PDF]

Akobuije Chijioke, Qun-Feng Chen, Alexander Yu. Nevsky, Stephan Schiller

1109.4216 (Jung-Wan Ryu et al.)

Analysis of multiple exceptional points related to three interacting
eigenmodes in a non-Hermitian Hamiltonian

Jung-Wan Ryu, Soo-Young Lee, Sang Wook Kim

1109.6704 (Fang Gao et al.)

Optimal coherent control of CARS: signal enhancement and background

Fang Gao, Feng Shuang, JunHui Shi, Herschel Rabitz, HaiFeng Wang, JiXin Cheng

1110.0549 (Stephen D. H. Hsu)

On the origin of probability in quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Stephen D. H. Hsu

1110.6583 (Jianxin Chen et al.)

From Ground States to Local Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Jianxin Chen, Zhengfeng Ji, Bei Zeng, D. L. Zhou

1111.3291 (A. Ramezanpour)

Cavity approach to variational quantum mechanics    [PDF]

A. Ramezanpour

1111.4064 (Yong Yang et al.)

Characterization of Zero-point Vibration in One-Component Crystals    [PDF]

Yong Yang, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

1112.5830 (Kavan Modi et al.)

Classical to quantum in large number limit    [PDF]

Kavan Modi, Rosario Fazio, Saverio Pascazio, Vlatko Vedral, Kazuya Yuasa

1201.3305 (Marcello Dalmonte et al.)

Critical properties and Rényi entropies of the spin-3/2 XXZ chain    [PDF]

Marcello Dalmonte, Elisa Ercolessi, Luca Taddia

1201.3725 (Shruti Puri et al.)

Two-Qubit Geometric Phase Gate for Quantum Dot Spins using Cavity
Polariton Resonance

Shruti Puri, Na Young Kim, Yoshihisa Yamamoto

1203.6065 (M. Kanasz-Nagy et al.)

Global superfluid phase diagram of three component fermions with
magnetic ordering

M. Kanasz-Nagy, G. Zarand

1203.6128 (Bin Hwang et al.)

Optimal control for non-Markovian open quantum systems    [PDF]

Bin Hwang, Hsi-Sheng Goan

1203.6141 (Zehua Tian et al.)

How the Unruh effect affects transition between classical and quantum

Zehua Tian, Jiliang Jing

1203.6149 (Xueyuan Hu et al.)

Quantum-correlating power of local quantum channels    [PDF]

Xueyuan Hu, Heng Fan, D. L. Zhou, Wu-Ming Liu

1203.6153 (Masafumi Ishihara et al.)

Refined Holographic Entanglement Entropy for the AdS Solitons and AdS
black Holes

Masafumi Ishihara, Feng-Li Lin, Bo Ning

1203.6161 (Anderson de Araújo et al.)

Classical and quantum satisfiability    [PDF]

Anderson de Araújo, Marcelo Finger

1203.6171 (M. D. Birowosuto et al.)

Fast Purcell-enhanced single photon source in 1,550-nm telecom band from
a resonant quantum dot-cavity coupling

M. D. Birowosuto, H. Sumikura, S. Matsuo, H. Taniyama, P. J. van Veldhoven, R. Nötzel, M. Notomi

1203.6204 (Libor Veis et al.)

Quantum computing approach to non-relativistic and relativistic
molecular energy calculations

Libor Veis, Jiří Pittner

1203.6211 (Hongmei Wang et al.)

Density-functional theory for 1D harmonically trapped Bose-Fermi mixture    [PDF]

Hongmei Wang, Yajiang Hao, Yunbo Zhang

1203.6241 (Ali Mostafazadeh)

Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics with Unbounded Metric Operators    [PDF]

Ali Mostafazadeh

1203.6242 (Ross Duncan)

A graphical approach to measurement-based quantum computing    [PDF]

Ross Duncan

1203.6245 (A. Baena et al.)

Control of the valley degree of freedom of donor electrons near a
Si/SiO_2 interface

A. Baena, A. L. Saraiva, Belita Koiller, M. J. Calderón

1203.6254 (Bozhidar Z. Iliev)

Transformation laws of the components of classical and quantum fields
and Heisenberg relations

Bozhidar Z. Iliev

1203.6256 (Christian B. Mendl)

Efficient Algorithm for Two-Center Coulomb and Exchange Integrals of
Electronic Prolate Spheroidal Orbitals

Christian B. Mendl

1203.6260 (B. Rowland et al.)

Implementing quantum logic gates with GRAPE: principles and

B. Rowland, J. A. Jones

1203.6261 (A. V. Dodonov)

Mean excitation numbers due to anti-rotating term (MENDART) in cavity
QED under pure atomic dephasing

A. V. Dodonov

1203.6262 (Kil-Chan Ha et al.)

Geometry of the faces for separable states arising from generalized Choi

Kil-Chan Ha, Seung-Hyeok Kye

1203.6267 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

Renormalization: the observable-state model Part II    [PDF]

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Mario Castagnino

1203.6304 (Wijnand Broer et al.)

Roughness correction to the Casimir force at short separations: Contact
distance and extreme value statistics

Wijnand Broer, George Palasantzas, Jasper Knoester, Vitaly B. Svetovoy

1203.6305 (Guy Bensky et al.)

Optimizing Inhomogeneous Spin Ensembles for Quantum Memory    [PDF]

Guy Bensky, David Petrosyan, Johannes Majer, Jörg Schmiedmayer, Gershon Kurizki

1203.6315 (Lynden K. Shalm et al.)

Three-photon energy-time entanglement    [PDF]

Lynden K. Shalm, Deny R. Hamel, Zhizhong Yan, Christoph Simon, Kevin J. Resch, Thomas Jennewein

1203.6325 (Dmitri A. Ivanov et al.)

Characterizing correlations with full counting statistics: classical
Ising and quantum XY spin chains

Dmitri A. Ivanov, Alexander G. Abanov

1203.6332 (John King Gamble et al.)

Two-electron dephasing in single Si and GaAs quantum dots    [PDF]

John King Gamble, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, Xuedong Hu

1203.6349 (Joel Yuen-Zhou et al.)

A witness for coherent electronic oscillations in ultrafast spectroscopy    [PDF]

Joel Yuen-Zhou, Jacob J. Krich, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

0906.0279 (Hai-Long Zhao)

On the Implication of Bell's Probability Distribution and Proposed
Experiments of Quantum Measurement

Hai-Long Zhao

1005.1323 (N. L. Chuprikov)

On the generalized Hartman effect and transmission time for a particle
tunneling through two identical rectangular potential barriers

N. L. Chuprikov

1008.0452 (Joseph M. Renes et al.)

One-Shot Classical Data Compression with Quantum Side Information and
the Distillation of Common Randomness or Secret Keys

Joseph M. Renes, Renato Renner

1010.3392 (Hua Y. Geng et al.)

High-pressure behavior of dense hydrogen up to 3.5 TPa from density
functional theory calculations

Hua Y. Geng, Hong X. Song, J. F. Li, Q. Wu

1010.4875 (Salman Khan et al.)

Environmental influences on Quantum Monty Hall problem    [PDF]

Salman Khan, M. Ramzan, M. K. Khan

1012.4814 (Joseph M. Renes et al.)

Noisy channel coding via privacy amplification and information

Joseph M. Renes, Renato Renner

1104.0202 (Ulrich Seyfarth et al.)

Cyclic mutually unbiased bases, Fibonacci polynomials and Wiedemann's

Ulrich Seyfarth, Kedar S. Ranade

1104.3370 (W. K. Kantor)

MUBs inequivalence and affine planes    [PDF]

W. K. Kantor

1110.1646 (Chih-Chun Chien et al.)

Bosonic and fermionic transport phenomena of ultra-cold atoms in 1D
optical lattices

Chih-Chun Chien, Michael Zwolak, Massimiliano Di Ventra

1110.3516 (Markus P. Mueller et al.)

The structure of reversible computation determines the self-duality of
quantum theory

Markus P. Mueller, Cozmin Ududec

1111.3490 (Libor Veis et al.)

Relativistic quantum chemistry on quantum computers    [PDF]

Libor Veis, Jakub Višňák, Timo Fleig, Stefan Knecht, Trond Saue, Lucas Visscher, Jiří Pittner

1111.4633 (Fernanda Pinheiro et al.)

Confined p-band Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Fernanda Pinheiro, Jani-Petri Martikainen, Jonas Larson

1112.4474 (Hyejin Ju et al.)

Universal large-scale entanglement in two-dimensional gapless systems    [PDF]

Hyejin Ju, Ann B. Kallin, Paul Fendley, Matthew B. Hastings, Roger G. Melko

1201.2433 (Zhizhong Yan et al.)

An Ultra-Low Noise Telecom Wavelength Free Running Single Photon
Detector Using Negative Feedback Avalanche Diode

Zhizhong Yan, Deny R. Hamel, Aimee K. Heinrichs, Xudong Jiang, Mark A. Itzler, Thomas Jennewein

1202.1961 (Felix Nissen et al.)

Non-equilibrium dynamics of coupled qubit-cavity arrays    [PDF]

Felix Nissen, Sebastian Schmidt, Matteo Biondi, Gianni Blatter, Hakan E. Türeci, Jonathan Keeling

1203.5794 (Mark M. Wilde et al.)

Polar codes for private classical communication    [PDF]

Mark M. Wilde, Joseph M. Renes

1203.5801 (Sergey Bravyi et al.)

Criticality without frustration for quantum spin-1 chains    [PDF]

Sergey Bravyi, Libor Caha, Ramis Movassagh, Daniel Nagaj, Peter Shor

1203.5813 (John Preskill)

Quantum computing and the entanglement frontier    [PDF]

John Preskill

1203.5833 (M. Asorey et al.)

Generalized quantum tomographic maps    [PDF]

M. Asorey, P. Facchi, V. I. Man'ko, G. Marmo, S. Pascazio, E. C. G. Sudarshan

1203.5867 (Wenting Zhou et al.)

Spontaneous excitation of a static multilevel atom coupled with
electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations in Schwarzschild spacetime

Wenting Zhou, Hongwei Yu

1203.5868 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Multi-indexed (q)-Racah Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1203.5869 (Jiawei Hu et al.)

Geometric phase for an accelerated two-level atom and the Unruh effect    [PDF]

Jiawei Hu, Hongwei Yu

1203.5872 (Hermann Kampermann et al.)

An algorithm for characterizing SLOCC classes of multiparticle

Hermann Kampermann, Otfried Gühne, Colin Wilmott, Dagmar Bruß

1203.5894 (M. Ruggenthaler et al.)

Density-potential mappings in quantum dynamics    [PDF]

M. Ruggenthaler, K. J. H Giesbertz, M. Penz, R. van Leeuwen

1203.5896 (Stefan Teufel)

Semiclassical approximations for adiabatic slow-fast systems    [PDF]

Stefan Teufel

1203.5909 (A. J. Bennett et al.)

Electric-field-induced coherent coupling of the exciton states in a
single quantum dot

A. J. Bennett, M. A. Pooley, R. M. Stevenson, M. B. Ward, R. B. Patel, A. Boyer de la Giroday, N. Sköld, I. Farrer, C. A. Nicoll, D. A. Ritchie, A. J. Shields

1203.5931 (Chitra Shukla et al.)

On the group theoretic structure of a class of quantum dialogue

Chitra Shukla, Vivek Kothari, Anindita Banerjee, Anirban Pathak

1203.5934 (Ariel Guerreiro et al.)

Generation of entangled light via dynamical Casimir effect    [PDF]

Ariel Guerreiro, Paulo Alcino

1203.5949 (Dan-Wei Zhang et al.)

Relativistic quantum effects of Dirac particles simulated by ultracold

Dan-Wei Zhang, Zi-Dan Wang, Shi-Liang Zhu

1203.5962 (Peng Xue)

Implementation of multi-walker quantum walks with cavity grid    [PDF]

Peng Xue

1203.5994 (Kieran D. B. Higgins et al.)

Quantum thermometry using the ac Stark shift within the Rabi model    [PDF]

Kieran D. B. Higgins, Brendon W. Lovett, Erik M. Gauger

1203.6003 (Victor Bapst et al.)

On quantum mean-field models and their quantum annealing    [PDF]

Victor Bapst, Guilhem Semerjian

1203.6016 (Elena del Valle et al.)

Theory of frequency-filtered and time-resolved N-photon correlations    [PDF]

Elena del Valle, Alejandro Gonzalez-Tudela, Fabrice P. Laussy, Carlos Tejedor, Michael J. Hartmann

1203.6039 (F. Alexander Wolf et al.)

Exact real-time dynamics of the quantum Rabi model    [PDF]

F. Alexander Wolf, Marcus Kollar, Daniel Braak

1203.6040 (A. Shaham et al.)

Realizing a variable isotropic depolarizer    [PDF]

A. Shaham, H. S. Eisenberg

1203.6044 (Ranojoy Bose et al.)

All-optical tuning of a quantum dot in a coupled cavity system    [PDF]

Ranojoy Bose, Tao Cai, Glenn. S. Solomon, Edo Waks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1104.4145 (R. Ghobadi et al.)

Quantum Optomechanics in the Bistable Regime    [PDF]

R. Ghobadi, A. R. Bahrampour, C. Simon

1105.3956 (R. Prevedel et al.)

Classical analog for dispersion cancellation of entangled photons with
local detection

R. Prevedel, K. M. Schreiter, J. Lavoie, K. J. Resch

1106.0788 (R. Ghobadi et al.)

Optomechanical Entanglement in the Presence of Laser Phase Noise    [PDF]

R. Ghobadi, A. R. Bahrampour, C. Simon

1106.5228 (A. A. Deriglazov)

Spinning-particle model for the Dirac equation and the relativistic

A. A. Deriglazov

1107.0273 (A. A. Deriglazov)

Semiclassical Description of Relativistic Spin without use of Grassmann
variables and the Dirac equation

A. A. Deriglazov

1107.4927 (Y. Dovzhenko et al.)

Nonadiabatic quantum control of a semiconductor charge qubit    [PDF]

Y. Dovzhenko, J. Stehlik, K. D. Petersson, J. R. Petta, H. Lu, A. C. Gossard

1108.3013 (D. -S. Lühmann et al.)

Multi-orbital and density-induced tunneling of bosons in optical

D. -S. Lühmann, O. Jürgensen, K. Sengstock

1108.3682 (J. Medford et al.)

Scaling of Dynamical Decoupling for Spin Qubits    [PDF]

J. Medford, L. Cywinski, C. Barthel, C. M. Marcus, M. P. Hanson, A. C. Gossard

1109.1199 (Tekin Dereli et al.)

Two-Frequency Jahn-Teller Systems in Circuit QED    [PDF]

Tekin Dereli, Yusuf Gül, Pol Forn-Díaz, Özgür E. Müstecaplıoğlu

1109.3195 (Joseph M. Renes et al.)

Efficient Quantum Polar Coding    [PDF]

Joseph M. Renes, Frederic Dupuis, Renato Renner

1110.1664 (Patrick J. Coles)

Unification of different views of decoherence and discord    [PDF]

Patrick J. Coles

1110.5512 (Nicolas Brunner et al.)

Testing the Structure of Multipartite Entanglement with Bell

Nicolas Brunner, James Sharam, Tamas Vertesi

1111.3632 (Daniel McNulty et al.)

All Mutually Unbiased Product Bases in Dimension Six    [PDF]

Daniel McNulty, Stefan Weigert

1111.5937 (Yu. A. Sitenko et al.)

The Aharonov-Bohm effect in scattering of short-wavelength particles    [PDF]

Yu. A. Sitenko, N. D. Vlasii

1111.6119 (G. P. Brandino et al.)

Quench Dynamics in Randomly Generated Extended Quantum Models    [PDF]

G. P. Brandino, A. De Luca, R. M. Konik, G. Mussardo

1112.1469 (Dina Genkina et al.)

Optimal Probabilistic Simulation of Quantum Channels from the Future to
the Past

Dina Genkina, Giulio Chiribella, Lucien Hardy

1201.4608 (Hans-Michael Stiepan et al.)

Semiclassical approximations for Hamiltonians with operator-valued

Hans-Michael Stiepan, Stefan Teufel

1202.0947 (Didier Poilblanc et al.)

Entanglement and boundary theories of Resonating Valence Bond

Didier Poilblanc, Norbert Schuch, David Pérez-García, J. Ignacio Cirac

1203.5357 (Robert Bücker et al.)

Dynamics of parametric matter wave amplification    [PDF]

Robert Bücker, Ulrich Hohenester, Tarik Berrada, Sandrine van Frank, Aurélien Perrin, Stephanie Manz, Thomas Betz, Julian Grond, Thorsten Schumm, Jörg Schmiedmayer

1203.5359 (Christian Gross)

Spin squeezing, entanglement and quantum metrology with Bose-Einstein

Christian Gross

1203.5363 (Devin Underwood et al.)

Low-Disorder Microwave Cavity Lattices for Quantum Simulation with

Devin Underwood, Will Shanks, Jens Koch, Andrew A. Houck

1203.5368 (Enrico Prati)

Valley blockade quantum switching in Silicon nanostructures    [PDF]

Enrico Prati

1203.5373 (S. C. Hou et al.)

Optimal Lyapunov-based quantum control for quantum systems    [PDF]

S. C. Hou, M. A. Khan, Daoyi Dong, Ian R. Petersen, X. X. Yi

1203.5393 (Dmitry Guzatov et al.)

The influence of chiral spherical particles on the radiation of
optically active molecules

Dmitry Guzatov, Vasily Klimov

1203.5394 (M. Yoshimura et al.)

Dynamics of paired superradiance    [PDF]

M. Yoshimura, N. Sasao, M. Tanaka

1203.5396 (Takuya Machida)

Limit theorem for discrete-time quantum walks on the line with binomial
initial states

Takuya Machida

1203.5400 (Zhao-Ming Wang et al.)

Non-perturbative Dynamical Decoupling Control: A Spin Chain Model    [PDF]

Zhao-Ming Wang, Lian-Ao Wu, Jun Jing, Bin Shao, Ting Yu

1203.5408 (Lixian Yu et al.)

Analytical solutions for the Rabi model    [PDF]

Lixian Yu, Shiqun Zhu, Qifeng Liang, Gang Chen, Suotang Jia

1203.5412 (Atushi Tanaka et al.)

Gauge invariants of eigenspace and eigenvalue anholonomies: Examples in
hierarchical quantum circuits

Atushi Tanaka, Taksu Cheon, Sang Wook Kim

1203.5477 (Saeedeh Jahanmirinejad et al.)

Photon-number resolving detector based on a series array of
superconducting nanowires

Saeedeh Jahanmirinejad, Giulia Frucci, Francesco Mattioli, Dondu Sahin, Alessandro Gaggero, Roberto Leoni, Andrea Fiore

1203.5478 (Pouria Pedram)

A note on the one-dimensional hydrogen atom with minimal length

Pouria Pedram

1203.5516 (T. J. G. Apollaro et al.)

99%-fidelity ballistic quantum-state transfer through long uniform

T. J. G. Apollaro, L. Banchi, A. Cuccoli, R. Vaia, P. Verrucchi

1203.5534 (Andrei Galiautdinov)

Simple protocol for generating W states in resonator-based quantum
computing architectures

Andrei Galiautdinov

1203.5557 (John P. Ralston)

Quantum Theory without Planck's Constant    [PDF]

John P. Ralston

1203.5580 (Seth Olsen et al.)

An Effective Hamiltonian for Symmetric Diarylmethanes from a Series of
Analogous Quantum Chemical Models

Seth Olsen, Ross H. McKenzie

1203.5594 (Mi-Ra Hwang et al.)

Three-Tangle in Non-inertial Frame    [PDF]

Mi-Ra Hwang, Eylee Jung, DaeKil Park

1203.5598 (G. Contopoulos et al.)

Order in de Broglie - Bohm quantum mechanics    [PDF]

G. Contopoulos, N. Delis, C. Efthymiopoulos

1203.5607 (S. J. Balian et al.)

Suppression of decoherence due to spin diffusion for bismuth qubits in

S. J. Balian, M. B. A. Kunze, M. H. Mohammady, G. W. Morley, W. M. Witzel, C. W. M. Kay, T. S. Monteiro

1203.5614 (Peter B. R. Nisbet-Jones et al.)

Quantum Homodyning of Photonic Qubits, Qutrits and Ququads Emitted on
Demand from an Atomic Source

Peter B. R. Nisbet-Jones, Jerome Dilley, Annemarie Holleczek, Oliver Barter, Axel Kuhn

1203.5622 (Corsin Pfister)

One simple postulate implies that every polytopic state space is

Corsin Pfister

1203.5630 (Peng Xue)

Non-Markovian Decoherent Quantum Walks    [PDF]

Peng Xue

1203.5632 (D. Sokolovski et al.)

Anomalous Zeno effect for sharply localised atomic states    [PDF]

D. Sokolovski, M. Pons, T. Kamalov

1203.5659 (Brecht Verstichel)

Variational determination of the two-particle density matrix as a
quantum many-body technique

Brecht Verstichel

1203.5684 (Andreas Jacob et al.)

Effect of molecular rotation on enantioseparation    [PDF]

Andreas Jacob, Klaus Hornberger

1203.5688 (Emilio Santos)

Towards a realistic interpretation of quantum physics providing a
physical model of the natural world

Emilio Santos

1203.5697 (A. A. Deriglazov)

Classical-mechanical models without observable trajectories and the
Dirac electron

A. A. Deriglazov

1203.5702 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

WKB Analysis of PT-Symmetric Sturm-Liouville problems. II    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Hugh F. Jones

1203.5705 (B. M. Rodríguez-Lara et al.)

Classical dynamics of a two-species Bose-Einstein condensate in the
presence of nonlinear maser processes

B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, R. -K. Lee

1203.5726 (Samuel P. Bowen et al.)

Charge Conjugation, Heavy Ions, e^+ e^- pairs: Was there a better way to
add potentials to Dirac's free electrons?

Samuel P. Bowen, Jay D. Mancini

1203.5752 (Stephan Humeniuk et al.)

Quantum Monte Carlo calculation of entanglement Renyi entropies for
generic quantum systems

Stephan Humeniuk, Tommaso Roscilde

Monday, March 26, 2012

1106.4143 (C. Sanz-Sanz et al.)

Quantum Zeno-based control mechanism for molecular fragmentation    [PDF]

C. Sanz-Sanz, A. S. Sanz, T. Gonzalez-Lezana, O. Roncero, S. Miret-Artes

1108.5357 (Mario Berta et al.)

Entanglement Cost of Quantum Channels    [PDF]

Mario Berta, Fernando Brandao, Matthias Christandl, Stephanie Wehner

1109.0602 (Adrian Hutter et al.)

Almost All Quantum States Have Low Entropy Rates for Any Coupling to the

Adrian Hutter, Stephanie Wehner

1109.1769 (Vladyslav A. Golyk et al.)

Heat radiation from long cylindrical objects    [PDF]

Vladyslav A. Golyk, Matthias Krüger, Mehran Kardar

1111.7283 (Sadegh Raeisi et al.)

Proposal for Inverting the Quantum Cloning of Photons    [PDF]

Sadegh Raeisi, Wolfgang Tittel, Christoph Simon

1112.5300 (Endre Kajari et al.)

Statistical mechanics of entanglement mediated by a thermal reservoir I    [PDF]

Endre Kajari, Alexander Wolf, Eric Lutz, Giovanna Morigi

1203.5108 (A. Goban et al.)

Demonstration of a state-insensitive, compensated nanofiber trap    [PDF]

A. Goban, K. S. Choi, D. J. Alton, D. Ding, C. Lacroûte, M. Pototschnig, T. Thiele, N. P. Stern, H. J. Kimble

1203.5116 (Gerardo Adesso et al.)

Theory of Gaussian quantum information and correlations using Renyi-2

Gerardo Adesso, Davide Girolami, Alessio Serafini

1203.5120 (Ran Wei et al.)

Pair density waves and vortices in an elongated two-component Fermi gas    [PDF]

Ran Wei, Erich J. Mueller

1203.5167 (D. V. Makarov et al.)

Study of wave chaos in a randomly-inhomogeneous oceanic acoustic
waveguide: spectral analysis of the finite-range evolution operator

D. V. Makarov, L. E. Kon'kov, M. Yu. Uleysky, P. S. Petrov

1203.5172 (Sayipjamal Dulat et al.)

The Aharonov-Casher and scalar Aharonov-Bohm topological effects    [PDF]

Sayipjamal Dulat, Kai Ma

1203.5201 (Xin Lü et al.)

Mutually unbiased bases for the rotor degree of freedom    [PDF]

Xin Lü, Philippe Raynal, Berthold-Georg Englert

1203.5209 (Kavan Modi et al.)

Positivity in the presence of initial system-environment correlation    [PDF]

Kavan Modi, César A. Rodríguez-Rosario, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1203.5217 (Joseph F. Fitzsimons et al.)

Unconditionally verifiable blind computation    [PDF]

Joseph F. Fitzsimons, Elham Kashefi

1203.5287 (D. V. Khomitsky et al.)

Spin dynamics in a strongly driven system: very slow Rabi oscillations    [PDF]

D. V. Khomitsky, L. V. Gulyaev, E. Ya. Sherman

1203.5310 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

The Symplectic Camel and Quantum Universal Invariants: the Angel of
Geometry vs. the Demon of Algebra

Maurice A. de Gosson

1203.5326 (C. D. Markle et al.)

A General Approach to Casimir Force Problems Based on Local Reflection
Amplitudes and Huygen's Principle

C. D. Markle, R. Cowsik

Friday, March 23, 2012

1101.1671 (Simeon Sauer et al.)

Entanglement resonances of driven multi-partite quantum systems    [PDF]

Simeon Sauer, Florian Mintert, Andreas Buchleitner

1105.1462 (M. D. Schroer et al.)

Field Tuning the G-Factor in InAs Nanowire Double Quantum Dots    [PDF]

M. D. Schroer, K. D. Petersson, M. Jung, J. R. Petta

1106.2178 (S. A. R. Horsley)

On the consistency of certain constitutive relations with quantum

S. A. R. Horsley

1108.4756 (M. F. Abdul Khir et al.)

Weak+Vacuum and One Decoy State with Two Way Quantum Key Distribution

M. F. Abdul Khir, S. Shaari

1110.1203 (Yukinao Akamatsu et al.)

Stochastic potential and quantum decoherence of heavy quarkonium in the
quark-gluon plasma

Yukinao Akamatsu, Alexander Rothkopf

1110.1429 (Yan-Min Hu et al.)

Adiabatic Mach-Zehnder interferometer via an array of trapped ions    [PDF]

Yan-Min Hu, Mang Feng, Chaohong Lee

1110.3337 (Guillermo Chacón-Acosta et al.)

Effective quantum equations for the semiclassical description of the
Hydrogen atom

Guillermo Chacón-Acosta, Héctor H. Hernández

1110.4980 (Yi-Fei Wang et al.)

Non-Abelian Quantum Hall Effect in Topological Flat Bands    [PDF]

Yi-Fei Wang, Hong Yao, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Chang-De Gong, D. N. Sheng

1110.6718 (Peng-Bo Li et al.)

Dissipative preparation of entangled states between two spatially
separated nitrogen-vacancy centers

Peng-Bo Li, Shao-Yan Gao, Hong-Rong Li, Sheng-Li Ma, Fu-Li Li

1111.1088 (G. C. Hegerfeldt et al.)

Discriminating between the von Neumann and Lüders reduction rule    [PDF]

G. C. Hegerfeldt, R. Sala Mayato

1111.1531 (Dominic Hosler et al.)

Information gap for classical and quantum communication in a
Schwarzschild spacetime

Dominic Hosler, Carsten van de Bruck, Pieter Kok

1201.4610 (D. L. McAuslan et al.)

Reducing decoherence in optical and spin transitions in rare-earth-ion
doped materials

D. L. McAuslan, J. G. Bartholomew, M. J. Sellars, J. J. Longdell

1203.5056 (Avinash Kolli et al.)

The fundamental role of localised vibrations in excitation dynamics in
photosynthetic light-harvesting systems

Avinash Kolli, Edward J. O'Reilly, Gregory D. Scholes, Alexandra Olaya-Castro

1203.4816 (Norbert Schuch et al.)

Resonating valence bonds states in the PEPS formalism    [PDF]

Norbert Schuch, Didier Poilblanc, J. Ignacio Cirac, David Perez-Garcia

1203.4834 (Xiao-song Ma et al.)

Experimental delayed-choice entanglement swapping    [PDF]

Xiao-song Ma, Stefan Zotter, Johannes Kofler, Rupert Ursin, Thomas Jennewein, Časlav Brukner, Anton Zeilinger

1203.4838 (M. I. Dyakonov)

Model for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect problem    [PDF]

M. I. Dyakonov

1203.4843 (Pantita Palittapongarnpim et al.)

A Monolithic Filter Cavity for Experiments in Quantum Optics    [PDF]

Pantita Palittapongarnpim, Andrew MacRae, A. I. Lvovsky

1203.4878 (Bryan J. Dalton et al.)

Grassmann Variables and the Jaynes-Cummings Model    [PDF]

Bryan J. Dalton, Barry M. Garraway, John Jeffers, Stephen M. Barnett

1203.4885 (Abel Molina)

Parallel Repetition of Prover-Verifier Quantum Interactions    [PDF]

Abel Molina

1203.4909 (Yong Wook Cheong et al.)

Balance between information gain and reversibility in weak measurement    [PDF]

Yong Wook Cheong, Seung-Woo Lee

1203.4922 (Clive Emary)

A Bell's inequality for the moment generating function of transferred

Clive Emary

1203.4940 (D. Stucki et al.)

Long term performance of the SwissQuantum quantum key distribution
network in a field environment

D. Stucki, M. Legre, F. Buntschu, B. Clausen, N. Felber, N. Gisin, L. Henzen, P. Junod, G. Litzistorf, P. Monbaron, L. Monat, J. -B. Page, D. Perroud, G. Ribordy, A. Rochas, S. Robyr, J. Tavares, R. Thew, P. Trinkler, S. Ventura, R. Voirol, N. Walenta, H. Zbinden

1203.4944 (N. E. Koval et al.)

Dynamic screening of a localized hole during photoemission from a metal

N. E. Koval, D. Sánchez-Portal, A. G. Borisov, R. Díez Muiño

1203.4968 (Lars Erik Würflinger et al.)

Useful multipartite correlations from useless reduced states    [PDF]

Lars Erik Würflinger, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Antonio Acín, Nicolas Gisin, Tamas Vertesi

1203.4977 (Gernot Schaller)

Fighting Decoherence by Feedback-controlled Dissipation    [PDF]

Gernot Schaller

1203.4986 (Babette Döbrich et al.)

Magnetically amplified light-shining-through-walls via virtual
minicharged particles

Babette Döbrich, Holger Gies, Norman Neitz, Felix Karbstein

1203.4988 (Bob Coecke et al.)

Strong complementarity and non-locality in categorical quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Bob Coecke, Ross Duncan, Aleks Kissinger, Quanlong Wang

1203.5011 (D. Kochan et al.)

The Pauli equation with complex boundary conditions    [PDF]

D. Kochan, D. Krejcirik, R. Novak, P. Siegl

1203.5024 (Luke S. Langsjoen et al.)

Qubit relaxation from evanescent-wave Johnson noise    [PDF]

Luke S. Langsjoen, Amrit Poudel, Maxim G. Vavilov, Robert Joynt

1203.5039 (M. Chabab et al.)

Analytic l-state solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation for q-deformed
Woods-Saxon plus generalized ring shape potential

M. Chabab, A. Lahbas, M. Oulne

1203.5041 (Niklas Rohling et al.)

Universal Quantum Computing with Spin and Valley    [PDF]

Niklas Rohling, Guido Burkard

1203.5068 (M. F. Cornelio et al.)

Sudden Quantum-to-Classical Transition Through the Dynamics of

M. F. Cornelio, O. Jiménez Farías, F. F. Fanchini, I. Frerot, G. H. Aguilar, M. O. Hor-Meyll, M. C. de Oliveira, S. P. Walborn, A. O. Caldeira, P. H. Souto Ribeiro

1203.5087 (S. Campbell et al.)

Critical assessment of two-qubit post-Markovian master equations    [PDF]

S. Campbell, A. Smirne, L. Mazzola, N. Lo Gullo, B. Vacchini, Th. Busch, M. Paternostro

1203.5094 (Chih-Chun Chien et al.)

Interaction-induced conducting-nonconducting transition of ultra-cold
atoms in 1D optical lattices

Chih-Chun Chien, Massimiliano Di Ventra, Michael Zwolak

Thursday, March 22, 2012

1012.4167 (Moritz Hiller et al.)

Robust states of ultra-cold bosons in tilted optical lattices    [PDF]

Moritz Hiller, Hannah Venzl, Tobias Zech, Bartlomiej Oleś, Florian Mintert, Andreas Buchleitner

1101.1053 (Asif Shakeel)

An Improved Query for the Hidden Subgroup Problem    [PDF]

Asif Shakeel

1103.2044 (Alexei M. Frolov et al.)

Vacuum polarization in light two-electron atoms and ions    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov, David M. Wardlaw

1109.0657 (Cecilia Muldoon et al.)

Control and Manipulation of Cold Atoms in Optical Tweezers    [PDF]

Cecilia Muldoon, Lukas Brandt, Jian Dong, Dustin Stuart, Edouard Brainis, Matthew Himsworth, Axel Kuhn

1110.1270 (Alexander Altland et al.)

Quantum chaos and effective thermalization    [PDF]

Alexander Altland, Fritz Haake

1111.2063 (Jenny Hide)

Concurrence in Disordered Systems    [PDF]

Jenny Hide

1112.0334 (Stuart Moulder et al.)

Quantised superflow glitches in an annular Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Stuart Moulder, Scott Beattie, Robert P. Smith, Naaman Tammuz, Zoran Hadzibabic

1112.3014 (C. Payette et al.)

Single charge sensing and transport in double quantum dots fabricated
from commercially grown Si/SiGe heterostructures

C. Payette, K. Wang, P. J. Koppinen, Y. Dovzhenko, J. C. Sturm, J. R. Petta

1112.6171 (Sirshendu Bhattacharyya et al.)

Transverse Ising Chain under Periodic Instantaneous Quenches: Dynamical
Many-Body Freezing and Emergence of Solitary Oscillation

Sirshendu Bhattacharyya, Arnab Das, Subinay Dasgupta

1201.0681 (L. Holender et al.)

Quantum fluids in the Kaehler parametrization    [PDF]

L. Holender, M. A. Santos, I. V. Vancea

1203.4556 (Selcuk S. Bayin)

On the Consistency of the Solutions of the Space Fractional
Schrödinger Equation

Selcuk S. Bayin

1203.4565 (Subir Sachdev)

The quantum phases of matter    [PDF]

Subir Sachdev

1203.4585 (Zhang Jiang et al.)

Ancilla models for quantum operations: For what unitaries does the
ancilla state have to be physical?

Zhang Jiang, Marco Piani, Carlton M. Caves

1203.4612 (M. Arsenijevic et al.)

Markovian Classicality from Zero Discord for Bipartite Quantum Systems    [PDF]

M. Arsenijevic, J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic

1203.4629 (A. S. Sanz et al.)

Temperature crossover of decoherence rates in chaotic and regular bath

A. S. Sanz, Y. Elran, P. Brumer

1203.4631 (Adam Zaman Chaudhry et al.)

Protecting and Enhancing Spin Squeezing via Continuous Dynamical

Adam Zaman Chaudhry, Jiangbin Gong

1203.4638 (Aram Z. Mekjian)

Viscosity of a nucleonic fluid    [PDF]

Aram Z. Mekjian

1203.4658 (Andrii Sotnikov et al.)

Advantages of mass-imbalanced ultracold fermionic mixtures for
approaching quantum magnetism in optical lattices

Andrii Sotnikov, Daniel Cocks, Walter Hofstetter

1203.4687 (GianCarlo Ghirardi et al.)

A general theorem on local parts of hidden variable models    [PDF]

GianCarlo Ghirardi, Raffaele Romano

1203.4703 (Andreas Reiser et al.)

Translation of Time-Reversal Violation in the Neutral K-Meson System
into a Table-Top Mechanical System

Andreas Reiser, Klaus R. Schubert, Juergen Stiewe

1203.4719 (Eric A. Carlen et al.)

Bounds for Entanglement via an Extension of Strong Subadditivity of

Eric A. Carlen, Elliott H. Lieb

1203.4740 (Scott Aaronson et al.)

Quantum Money from Hidden Subspaces    [PDF]

Scott Aaronson, Paul Christiano

1203.4774 (Yu-Liang Xu et al.)

Thermal entanglement between non-nearest-neighbor spins on fractal

Yu-Liang Xu, Lu-Shun Wang, Xiang-Mu Kong

1203.4779 (Maximilian Schlosshauer et al.)

On a recent quantum no-go theorem    [PDF]

Maximilian Schlosshauer, Arthur Fine

1203.4785 (Christine A. Muschik et al.)

Robust entanglement generation by reservoir engineering    [PDF]

Christine A. Muschik, Hanna Krauter, Kasper Jensen, Jonas M. Petersen, J. Ignacio Cirac, Eugene S. Polzik

1203.4792 (T. Subeesh et al.)

Effect of Squeezing on the Atomic and the Entanglement Dynamics in the
Jaynes-Cummings Model

T. Subeesh, Vivishek Sudhir, A. B. M. Ahmed, M. Venkata Satyanarayana

1203.4803 (V. Peano et al.)

Sharp tunneling peaks in a parametric oscillator: quantum resonances
missing in the rotating wave approximation

V. Peano, M. Marthaler, M. I. Dykman

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1004.4050 (Haidong Yuan et al.)

Controllability on relaxation-free subspaces: On the relationship
between adiabatic population transfer and optimal control

Haidong Yuan, Christiane Koch, Peter Salamon, David Tannor

1011.0105 (Ilja Gerhardt et al.)

Full-field implementation of a perfect eavesdropper on a quantum
cryptography system

Ilja Gerhardt, Qin Liu, Antia Lamas-Linares, Johannes Skaar, Christian Kurtsiefer, Vadim Makarov

1105.0083 (Joan A. Vaccaro)

Particle-wave duality: a dichotomy between symmetry and asymmetry    [PDF]

Joan A. Vaccaro

1105.0628 (D. Manzano)

Statistical measure of complexity for quantum systems with continuous

D. Manzano

1107.5405 (Eylee Jung et al.)

Uncertainties in Gapped Graphene    [PDF]

Eylee Jung, Kwang S. Kim, DaeKil Park

1109.4672 (Ian Marquette)

Generalized 5D Kepler system, Yang-Coulomb monopole and Hurwitz

Ian Marquette

1110.3214 (K. Byczuk et al.)

Quantification of correlations in quantum many-particle systems    [PDF]

K. Byczuk, J. Kunes, W. Hofstetter, D. Vollhardt

1111.3743 (Elias Amselem et al.)

Experimental fully contextual correlations    [PDF]

Elias Amselem, Lars Eirik Danielsen, Antonio J. Lopez-Tarrida, Jose R. Portillo, Mohamed Bourennane, Adan Cabello

1111.6255 (Pijush K. Ghosh)

Supersymmetric Many-particle Quantum Systems with Inverse-square

Pijush K. Ghosh

1112.2418 (Sergei K. Suslov)

The Berry Phase for Simple Harmonic Oscillators    [PDF]

Sergei K. Suslov

1203.4149 (Yves Grandati)

New rational extensions of solvable potentials with finite bound state

Yves Grandati

1203.4241 (J. Flores et al.)

Anderson Localization in Disordered Vibrating Rods    [PDF]

J. Flores, L. Gutiérrez, R. A. Méndez-Sánchez, G. Monsivais, P. Mora, A. Morales

1203.4277 (James D. Siverns et al.)

Optimisation of two-dimensional ion trap arrays for quantum simulation    [PDF]

James D. Siverns, Seb Weidt, Kim Lake, Bjoern Lekitsch, Marcus D. Hughes, Winfried K. Hensinger

1203.4296 (Jacob R. West et al.)

Exchange-Only Dynamical Decoupling in the 3-Qubit Decoherence Free

Jacob R. West, Bryan H. Fong

1203.4300 (Changliang Ren et al.)

Clock synchronization using maximal multipartite entanglement    [PDF]

Changliang Ren, Holger F. Hofmann

1203.4321 (Shuang Wang et al.)

Field test of the wavelength-saving quantum key distribution network    [PDF]

Shuang Wang, Wei Chen, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Yang Zhang, Tao Zhang, Hong-Wei Li, Fang-Xing Xu, Zheng Zhou, Yang Yang, Da-Jun Huang, Li-Jun Zhang, Fang-Yi Li, Dong Liu, Yong-Gang Wang, Guang-Can Guo, Zheng-Fu Han

1203.4323 (Shuang Wang et al.)

2-GHz clock quantum key distribution over 260 km of standard telecom

Shuang Wang, Wei Chen, Jun-Fu Guo, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Hong-Wei Li, Zheng Zhou, Guang-Can Guo, Zheng-Fu Han

1203.4325 (Alfredo Luis)

Signal detection without finite-energy limits to quantum resolution    [PDF]

Alfredo Luis

1203.4341 (David Breyel et al.)

Rydberg crystallization detection by statistical means    [PDF]

David Breyel, Thomas L. Schmidt, Andreas Komnik

1203.4384 (Chang-Ling Zou et al.)

Disembodiment of Physical Properties by Pre- and Post-Selections    [PDF]

Chang-Ling Zou, Xu-Bo Zou, F. -W. Sun, Guang-Can Guo

1203.4390 (V. A. Reshetov)

Polarization Properties of the "Photon Pistol"    [PDF]

V. A. Reshetov

1203.4402 (Jani-Petri Martikainen et al.)

Multi-orbital bosons in bipartite optical lattices    [PDF]

Jani-Petri Martikainen, Jonas Larson

1203.4414 (Abhishek Shukla et al.)

Characterization of RF Inhomogeneity via NOON states    [PDF]

Abhishek Shukla, T. S. Mahesh

1203.4417 (Kaisa Laiho et al.)

Observing normalized factorial moments of displaced single photons    [PDF]

Kaisa Laiho, Malte Avenhaus, Christine Silberhorn

1203.4441 (Cheuk-Yin Wong)

Novel Bose-Einstein Interference in the Passage of a Fast Particle in a
Dense Medium

Cheuk-Yin Wong

1203.4444 (M. M. Santos et al.)

Using quantum state protection via dissipation in a quantum-dot molecule
to solve the Deutsch problem

M. M. Santos, F. O. Prado, H. S. Borges, A. M. Alcalde, J. M. Villas-Bôas, E. I. Duzzioni

1203.4498 (Paul B. Slater)

A Hypergeometric Formula for Hilbert-Schmidt Generic 2 x 2 Generalized
Separability Probabilities

Paul B. Slater

1203.4516 (Markus P. Mueller et al.)

Information-theoretic postulates for quantum theory    [PDF]

Markus P. Mueller, Lluis Masanes

1203.4525 (M. R. Vanner et al.)

Quantum State Orthogonalization and a Toolset for Quantum Optomechanical
Phonon Control

M. R. Vanner, M. Aspelmeyer, M. S. Kim

1203.4539 (Y. S. Kim)

Poincaré Sphere and Decoherence Problems    [PDF]

Y. S. Kim

1203.4540 (Dario Poletti et al.)

Interaction-induced impeding of decoherence and anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

Dario Poletti, Jean-Sebastien Bernier, Antoine Georges, Corinna Kollath