Wednesday, February 8, 2012

0810.1240 (A. Osterloh)

Entanglement and its facets in condensed matter systems    [PDF]

A. Osterloh

1007.4798 (Xiao-song Ma et al.)

Experimental generation of single photons via active multiplexing    [PDF]

Xiao-song Ma, Stefan Zotter, Johannes Kofler, Thomas Jennewein, Anton Zeilinger

1008.4116 (Xiao-song Ma et al.)

Quantum simulation of the wavefunction to probe frustrated Heisenberg
spin systems

Xiao-song Ma, Borivoje Dakic, William Naylor, Anton Zeilinger, Philip Walther

1105.2556 (Teodor Banica et al.)

Asymptotic eigenvalue distributions of block-transposed Wishart matrices    [PDF]

Teodor Banica, Ion Nechita

1108.5867 (Erez Michaely et al.)

Effective noise theory for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with

Erez Michaely, Shmuel Fishman

1109.1762 (Xiao-song Ma et al.)

A high-speed tunable beam splitter for feed-forward photonic quantum
information processing

Xiao-song Ma, Stefan Zotter, Nuray Tetik, Angie Qarry, Thomas Jennewein, Anton Zeilinger

1109.4619 (J. H. Miller Jr. et al.)

Correlated Quantum Transport of Density Wave Electrons    [PDF]

J. H. Miller Jr., A. I. Wijesinghe, Z. Tang, A. M. Guloy

1110.1649 (Richard Schmidt et al.)

Fermi polarons in two dimensions    [PDF]

Richard Schmidt, Tilman Enss, Ville Pietilä, Eugene Demler

1110.2537 (J. H. Miller Jr. et al.)

Magnetic Blockade Mechanism for Quantum Nucleation of Superconducting
Vortex-Antivortex Pairs in Zero External Magnetic Field

J. H. Miller Jr., A. I. Wijesinghe

1111.1864 (Joel J. Wallman et al.)

Observers can always generate nonlocal correlations without aligning
measurements by covering all their bases

Joel J. Wallman, Stephen D. Bartlett

1111.2704 (J. Benavides)

Sheaf Logic, Quantum Set Theory and the Interpretation of Quantum

J. Benavides

1111.2747 (Yoshifumi Nakata et al.)

Phase-random states    [PDF]

Yoshifumi Nakata, Peter S. Turner, Mio Murao

1111.3259 (Sophia Lloyd et al.)

Quantised orbital angular momentum transfer and magnetic dichroism in
the interaction of electron vortices with matter

Sophia Lloyd, Mohamed Babiker, Jun Yuan

1201.0549 (Nicolai Friis et al.)

Motion generates entanglement    [PDF]

Nicolai Friis, David Edward Bruschi, Jorma Louko, Ivette Fuentes

1201.4865 (Noburo Shiba)

Entanglement Entropy of Two Spheres    [PDF]

Noburo Shiba

1201.6008 (Mikhail Khankhasayev et al.)

On Axion's Effect on Propagation of Monochromatic Electromagnetic Wave
Through Strong Magnetic Field

Mikhail Khankhasayev, Carol Scarlett

1202.1440 (G. L. Klimchitskaya et al.)

Comparison between experiment and theory for the thermal Casimir force    [PDF]

G. L. Klimchitskaya, M. Bordag, V. M. Mostepanenko

1202.1301 (Marco Drewes et al.)

Boltzmann Equations from First Principles without Gradient Expansion    [PDF]

Marco Drewes, Sebastian Mendizabal, Christoph Weniger

1202.1315 (Nicolas Roch et al.)

Widely tunable, non-degenerate three-wave mixing microwave device
operating near the quantum limit

Nicolas Roch, Emmanuel Flurin, François Nguyen, Pascal Morfin, Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq, Michel H. Devoret, Benjamin Huard

1202.1321 (Isaac Shnaid)

Modified Schrödinger equation, its analysis and experimental

Isaac Shnaid

1202.1376 (Norio Konno et al.)

On the entropy of decoherence matrix for quantum walks    [PDF]

Norio Konno, Etsuo Segawa

1202.1394 (Alexei M. Frolov)

The hyperfine structure of the ground states in the helium muonic atoms    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1202.1437 (Jan Perina Jr et al.)

Photon-number distributions of twin beams generated in spontaneous
parametric down-conversion and measured by an intensified CCD camera

Jan Perina Jr, Ondrej Haderka, Martin Hamar, Vaclav Michalek

1202.1470 (Stefano De Leo et al.)

Graphene tests of Klein phenomena    [PDF]

Stefano De Leo, Pietro Rotelli

1202.1474 (Stefano De Leo et al.)

Resonant laser tunnelling    [PDF]

Stefano De Leo, Pietro Rotelli

1202.1485 (Mohammad F. Maghrebi et al.)

Spontaneous emission by rotating objects: A scattering approach    [PDF]

Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Robert L. Jaffe, Mehran Kardar

1202.1494 (Eugen Vetsch et al.)

Nanofiber-based optical trapping of cold neutral atoms    [PDF]

Eugen Vetsch, Samuel T. Dawkins, Rudolf Mitsch, Daniel Reitz, Philipp Schneeweiss, Arno Rauschenbeutel

1202.1495 (Ferdi Altintas et al.)

Correlation and nonlocality measures as indicators of quantum phase
transitions in several critical systems

Ferdi Altintas, Resul Eryigit

1202.1508 (Tony E. Lee et al.)

Pattern formation of quantum jumps with Rydberg atoms    [PDF]

Tony E. Lee, M. C. Cross

1202.1518 (A. Matthew Smith)

A Multi-Layer Three Dimensional Superconducting Nanowire Photon Detector    [PDF]

A. Matthew Smith

1202.1522 (Robert N. C. Pfeifer)

Simulation of Anyons Using Symmetric Tensor Network Algorithms    [PDF]

Robert N. C. Pfeifer