Wednesday, June 19, 2013

0912.3912 (Hector J. Garcia et al.)

High-performance Energy Minimization with Applications to Adiabatic
Quantum Computing

Hector J. Garcia, Igor L. Markov

1006.5823 (Oliver Buerschaper et al.)

Electric-magnetic duality of lattice systems with topological order    [PDF]

Oliver Buerschaper, Matthias Christandl, Liang Kong, Miguel Aguado

1105.3195 (Roger Colbeck et al.)

Free randomness can be amplified    [PDF]

Roger Colbeck, Renato Renner

1306.4220 (Robert Englman et al.)

Partial Decoherence and Thermalization through Time-Domain Ergodicity    [PDF]

Robert Englman, Asher Yahalom

1306.3780 (H. -Y. Lo et al.)

All-solid-state continuous-wave laser systems for ionization, cooling
and quantum state manipulation of beryllium ions

H. -Y. Lo, J. Alonso, D. Kienzler, B. C. Keitch, L. E. de Clercq, V. Negnevitsky, J. P. Home

1306.3991 (Jonathan Welch et al.)

Efficient Quantum Circuits for Diagonal Unitaries Without Ancillas    [PDF]

Jonathan Welch, Daniel Greenbaum, Sarah Mostame, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1306.3995 (C. Gogolin et al.)

Boson-Sampling in the light of sample complexity    [PDF]

C. Gogolin, M. Kliesch, L. Aolita, J. Eisert

1306.4002 (D. Ristè et al.)

Deterministic entanglement of superconducting qubits by parity
measurement and feedback

D. Ristè, M. Dukalski, C. A. Watson, G. de Lange, M. J. Tiggelman, Ya. M. Blanter, K. W. Lehnert, R. N. Schouten, L. DiCarlo

1306.4003 (J. I. Cirac et al.)

Robustness in Projected Entangled Pair States    [PDF]

J. I. Cirac, S. Michalakis, D. Perez-Garcia, N. Schuch

1306.4039 (V. I. Manko et al.)

Tomographic Discord and Quantum Correlations for System of Qubits    [PDF]

V. I. Manko, Anatoli Yurkevich

1306.4057 (Mei Lu et al.)

Generation of N-atom W-class states in spatially separated cavities    [PDF]

Mei Lu, Yan Xia, Jie Song, Nguyen Ba An

1306.4062 (D. B. Uskov et al.)

Success rates for linear optical generation of cluster states in
coincidence basis

D. B. Uskov, P. M. Alsing, M. L. Fanto, A. M. Smith

1306.4132 (Shailesh Kumar et al.)

Coupling of a Single Quantum Emitter to End-to-end Aligned Silver

Shailesh Kumar, Alexander Huck, Yuntian Chen, Ulrik L. Andersen

1306.4137 (W. J. Munro et al.)

Quantum communication without the necessity of quantum memories    [PDF]

W. J. Munro, A. M. Stephens, S. J. Devitt, K. A. Harrison, Kae Nemoto

1306.4142 (K. J. H. Giesbertz et al.)

Natural occupation numbers: When do they vanish?    [PDF]

K. J. H. Giesbertz, R. van Leeuwen

1306.4166 (Wataru Kumagai et al.)

Second Order Asymptotics of Optimal Approximate Conversion for
Probability Distributions and Entangled States and Its Application to LOCC

Wataru Kumagai, Masahito Hayashi

1306.4187 (Maria Stamenova et al.)

Dynamical Exchange Interaction From Time-Dependent Spin Density
Functional Theory

Maria Stamenova, Stefano Sanvito

1306.4191 (Takanori Sugiyama et al.)

Precision-guaranteed quantum tomography    [PDF]

Takanori Sugiyama, Peter S. Turner, Mio Murao

1306.4202 (Anirban Saha)

COW test of the weak equivalence principle: A low-energy window to look
into the noncommutative structure of space-time?

Anirban Saha

1306.4212 (Andrea Zen et al.)

Optimized structure and vibrational properties by error affected
potential energy surfaces

Andrea Zen, Delyan Zhelyazov, Leonardo Guidoni

1306.4252 (Sara Di Martino et al.)

Quantum particle in a box with moving walls    [PDF]

Sara Di Martino, Fabio Anza', Paolo Facchi, Andrzej Kossakowski, Giuseppe Marmo, Antonino Messina, Benedetto Militello, Saverio Pascazio

1306.4261 (Yu. E. Kuzovlev)

Quantum generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations in terms of
time-distributed observations

Yu. E. Kuzovlev

1306.4262 (Zhongxiao Xu et al.)

Long lifetime and high-fidelity quantum memory of photonic polarization
qubit by lifting Zeeman degeneracy

Zhongxiao Xu, Yuelong Wu, Long Tian, Lirong Chen, Zhiying Zhang, Zhihui Yan, Shujing Li, Hai Wang, Changde Xie, Kunchi Peng

1306.4275 (Robert H. Jonsson et al.)

Quantum signalling in cavity QED    [PDF]

Robert H. Jonsson, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Achim Kempf

1306.4306 (Hyungwon Kim et al.)

Ballistic spreading of entanglement in a diffusive nonintegrable system    [PDF]

Hyungwon Kim, David A. Huse