Friday, March 22, 2013

0910.1745 (Johan Aberg et al.)

Directed quantum communication    [PDF]

Johan Aberg, Stefan Hengl, Renato Renner

1303.5322 (J. Yuan et al.)

Chiral specific electron vortex beam spectroscopy    [PDF]

J. Yuan, S. M. Lloyd, M. Babiker

1303.5092 (Changhyoup Lee et al.)

Robust-to-loss entanglement generation using a quantum plasmonic
nanoparticle array

Changhyoup Lee, Mark Tame, Changsuk Noh, James Lim, Stefan A. Maier, Jinhyoung Lee, Dimitris G. Angelakis

1303.5110 (J. D. Montealegre et al.)

One-norm geometric quantum discord under decoherence    [PDF]

J. D. Montealegre, F. M. Paula, A. Saguia, M. S. Sarandy

1303.5122 (N. A. Sinitsyn)

Nonadiabatic transitions in exactly solvable quantum mechanical
multichannel model: role of level curvature and counterintuitive behavior

N. A. Sinitsyn

1303.5124 (Miguel Navascues)

All entangled states violate a Leggett inequality    [PDF]

Miguel Navascues

1303.5176 (L. P. Teo)

Material dependence of Casimir interaction between a sphere and a plate:
First analytic correction beyond proximity force approximation

L. P. Teo

1303.5182 (Fazal Ghafoor)

Autler-Townes multiplet spectroscopy    [PDF]

Fazal Ghafoor

1303.5186 (Fazal Ghafoor)

An alternative realization of spontaneous emission cancelation via Field
Generated Coherence (FGC)

Fazal Ghafoor

1303.5238 (V. N. Chernega)

Purity dependent uncertainty relation and possible enhancement of
quantum tunneling phenomenon

V. N. Chernega

1303.5256 (Omri Gat et al.)

Resonance phenomena in the interaction of a many-photon wave packet and
a qubit

Omri Gat, Max Lein, Stefan Teufel

1303.5257 (Federica A. Beduini et al.)

Optical spin squeezing: bright beams as high-flux entangled photon

Federica A. Beduini, Morgan W. Mitchell

1303.5266 (Song Cheng et al.)

Complete positivity and contextuality of quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Song Cheng, Dongsheng Wang

1303.5281 (Giorgio Brida et al.)

Experimental Test of an Event-Based Corpuscular Model Modification as an
Alternative to Quantum Mechanics

Giorgio Brida, Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Marco Genovese, Alan Migdall, Fabrizio Piacentini, Sergey V. Polyakov, Paolo Traina

1303.5289 (Héloïse Linget et al.)

Time reversal of light by linear dispersive filtering near atomic

Héloïse Linget, Thierry Chanelière, Jean-Louis Le Gouët, Anne Louchet-Chauvet

1303.5319 (J. Lockhart et al.)

Performance of continuous time quantum walks under phase damping    [PDF]

J. Lockhart, C. Di Franco, M. Paternostro

1303.5326 (Junghee Ryu et al.)

Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem for N-partite quDits    [PDF]

Junghee Ryu, Changhyoup Lee, Marek Zukowski, Jinhyoung Lee

1303.5343 (Zheshen Zhang et al.)

Entanglement's Benefit Survives an Entanglement-Breaking Channel    [PDF]

Zheshen Zhang, Maria Tengner, Tian Zhong, Franco N. C. Wong, Jeffrey H. Shapiro

1303.5355 (Giulia Ferrini et al.)

Compact Gaussian quantum computation by multi-pixel homodyne detection    [PDF]

Giulia Ferrini, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Thomas Coudreau, Claude Fabre, Nicolas Treps