Friday, December 14, 2012

0901.1076 (Domagoj Kuic)

Quantum mechanical virial theorem in systems with translational and
rotational symmetry

Domagoj Kuic

1212.2982 (Nathan K. Langford)

Errors in quantum tomography: diagnosing systematic versus statistical

Nathan K. Langford

1212.2993 (K. Müller et al.)

All optical quantum control of a spin-quantum state and ultrafast
transduction into an electric current

K. Müller, T. Kaldewey, R. Ripszam, J. S. Wildmann, A. Bechtold, M. Bichler, G. Koblmüller, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley

1212.2994 (Anna Y. Herr et al.)

An 8-bit carry look-ahead adder with 150 ps latency and sub-microwatt
power dissipation at 10 GHz

Anna Y. Herr, Quentin P. Herr, Oliver T. Oberg, Ofer Naaman, John X. Przybysz, Pavel Borodulin, Steven B. Shauck

1212.3012 (Thomas Grujic et al.)

Repulsively induced photon super-bunching in driven resonator arrays    [PDF]

Thomas Grujic, Stephen R. Clark, Dieter Jaksch, Dimitris G. Angelakis

1212.3020 (John H. Miller, Jr. et al.)

Coherent quantum transport of charge density waves    [PDF]

John H. Miller, Jr., Asanga I. Wijesinghe

1212.3029 (Fang-Yu Hong)

The essence of microphysical entities    [PDF]

Fang-Yu Hong

1212.3037 (L. P. Teo)

Casimir interaction between a sphere and a cylinder    [PDF]

L. P. Teo

1212.3059 (Qi-Ping Su et al.)

Realizing an $n$-target-qubit controlled phase gate in cavity QED: An
approach without classical pulses

Qi-Ping Su, Man Liu, Chui-Ping Yang

1212.3061 (C. Jess Riedel)

Direct Detection of Dark Matter through Quantum Decoherence    [PDF]

C. Jess Riedel

1212.3072 (Sergey A. Rashkovskiy)

Quantum-Like Behavior of Nonlinear Classical Oscillator    [PDF]

Sergey A. Rashkovskiy

1212.3077 (Raam Uzdin et al.)

A third-order exceptional point effect on the dynamics of a single
particle in a time-dependent harmonic trap

Raam Uzdin, Emanuele Dalla Torre, Ronnie Kosloff, Nimrod Moiseyev

1212.3099 (S. Gasparinetti et al.)

Environment-governed dynamics in driven quantum systems    [PDF]

S. Gasparinetti, P. Solinas, S. Pugnetti, R. Fazio, J. P. Pekola

1212.3127 (Christian Nölleke et al.)

Efficient teleportation between remote single-atom quantum memories    [PDF]

Christian Nölleke, Andreas Neuzner, Andreas Reiserer, Carolin Hahn, Gerhard Rempe, Stephan Ritter

1212.3196 (M. Puchalski et al.)

D1 and D2 lines in $^{6,7}$Li including QED effects    [PDF]

M. Puchalski, D. Kedziera, K. Pachucki

1212.3211 (B. Tuguldur et al.)

Some features of the Driven Jaynes-Cummings system    [PDF]

B. Tuguldur, Ts. Gantsog

1212.3238 (S. H. Lerma et al.)

The Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model as a particular limit of the SU(1,1)
Richardson-Gaudin integrable models

S. H. Lerma, J. Dukelsky

1212.3245 (Wojciech H. Zurek)

Actionable Information, Repeatability, Quantum Jumps, and the Wavepacket

Wojciech H. Zurek

1212.3270 (G. Lochead et al.)

Number-resolved imaging of excited-state atoms using a scanning
autoionization microscope

G. Lochead, D. Boddy, D. P. Sadler, C. S. Adams, M. P. A. Jones

1212.3275 (Eric G. Brown et al.)

Purified discord and and multipartite entanglement    [PDF]

Eric G. Brown, Eric J. Webster, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Achim Kempf

1212.3286 (R. Chaves et al.)

Noisy metrology beyond the standard quantum limit    [PDF]

R. Chaves, J. B. Brask, M. Markiewicz, J. Kolodynski, A. Acin

1212.3294 (Yue Ban)

Fast adiabatic-like spin manipulation in a two-electron double quantum

Yue Ban

1212.3300 (Andrew J. Kerman)

Quantum information processing using quasiclassical electromagnetic
interactions between qubits and electrical resonators

Andrew J. Kerman

1212.3325 (Yue Ban et al.)

Spin dynamics in tunneling decay of a metastable state    [PDF]

Yue Ban, E. Ya. Sherman