Thursday, October 11, 2012

1112.6402 (M. Loewe et al.)

The cylindrical δ-potential and the Dirac equation    [PDF]

M. Loewe, F. Marquez, R. Zamora

1201.0849 (Harry Buhrman et al.)

Complete Insecurity of Quantum Protocols for Classical Two-Party

Harry Buhrman, Matthias Christandl, Christian Schaffner

1210.2736 (Joel D. Cox et al.)

Dipole-dipole interaction between a quantum dot and graphene nanodisk    [PDF]

Joel D. Cox, Mahi R. Singh, Godfrey Gumbs, Miguel. A. Antón, Fernando Carreño

1210.2738 (Jason Crann et al.)

Quantum channels arising from abstract harmonic analysis    [PDF]

Jason Crann, Matthias Neufang

1210.2747 (Alessia Allevi et al.)

Experimental quantification of non-Gaussianity of phase-randomized
coherent states

Alessia Allevi, Stefano Olivares, Maria Bondani

1210.2791 (Luca D'Alessio et al.)

Many-body energy localization transition in periodically driven systems    [PDF]

Luca D'Alessio, Anatoli Polkovnikov

1210.2804 (Horace Yuen)

On the Foundations of Quantum Key Distribution - Reply to Renner and

Horace Yuen

1210.2812 (Andrew Critch et al.)

Polynomial constraints on representing entangled qubits as matrix
product states

Andrew Critch, Jason Morton

1210.2820 (Mingtao Cao et al.)

Deutsch's algorithm with topological charges of optical vortices via
non-degenerate four-wave mixing

Mingtao Cao, Liang Han, Ruifeng Liu, Hao Liu, Dong Wei, Pei Zhang, Yu Zhou, Wenge Guo, Shougang Zhang, Hong Gao, Fuli Li

1210.2828 (Ana M. Martins)

Macroscopic entanglement between wave-packets at finite temperature    [PDF]

Ana M. Martins

1210.2845 (Joonwoo Bae)

Structure of minimum-error quantum state discrimination    [PDF]

Joonwoo Bae

1210.2856 (Sandor Imre)

Quantum Hyperdense Coding for Distributed Communications    [PDF]

Sandor Imre

1210.2860 (A. Bermudez et al.)

Dissipation-Assisted Quantum Information Procesing with Trapped Ions    [PDF]

A. Bermudez, T. Schaetz, M. B. Plenio

1210.2867 (Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim et al.)

Observing the decay of orbital angular momentum entanglement, through
experimentally simulated turbulence

Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim, Filippus S. Roux, Sandeep Goyal, Melanie McLaren, Thomas Konrad, Andrew Forbes

1210.2887 (Janos Polonyi)

Environment Induced Time Arrow and the Closed Time Path method    [PDF]

Janos Polonyi

1210.2888 (MingLiang Zhang et al.)

Radiation fields for nanoscale systems    [PDF]

MingLiang Zhang, D. A. Drabold

1210.2894 (Tihomir G. Tenev et al.)

Zitterbewegung of neutral relativistic particles in static longitudinal

Tihomir G. Tenev, Nikolay V. Vitanov

1210.2898 (Tobias Graß et al.)

Quasihole dynamics as a detection tool for quantum Hall phases    [PDF]

Tobias Graß, Bruno Juliá-Díaz, Maciej Lewenstein

1210.2920 (Malte C. Tichy et al.)

Limits to multipartite entanglement generation with bosons and fermions    [PDF]

Malte C. Tichy, Florian Mintert, Andreas Buchleitner

1210.2988 (Adan Cabello)

A simple explanation of the quantum violation of a fundamental

Adan Cabello

1210.2989 (Haozhen Situ et al.)

Investigating the implementation of restricted sets of multiqubit
operations on distant qubits: a communication complexity perspective

Haozhen Situ, Daowen Qiu

1210.3003 (Allison Koenecke et al.)

Recovering the Period in Shor's Algorithm with Gauss' Algorithm for
Lattice Basis Reduction

Allison Koenecke, Pawel Wocjan

1210.3018 (T. Fritz et al.)

Local orthogonality: a multipartite principle for correlations    [PDF]

T. Fritz, A. B. Sainz, R. Augusiak, J. B. Brask, R. Chaves, A. Leverrier, A. Acín