Monday, June 18, 2012

1107.1759 (Savannah Garmon et al.)

Analysis technique for exceptional points in open quantum systems and
QPT analogy for the appearance of irreversibility

Savannah Garmon, Ingrid Rotter, Naomichi Hatano, Dvira Segal

1111.5445 (Jingfu Zhang et al.)

Experimental Implementation of a Codeword Stabilized Quantum Code    [PDF]

Jingfu Zhang, Markus Grassl, Bei Zeng, Raymond Laflamme

1206.3300 (A. K. Ringsmuth et al.)

Multiscale photosynthetic exciton transfer    [PDF]

A. K. Ringsmuth, G. J. Milburn, T. M. Stace

1206.3445 (Wen-Zhuo Zhang et al.)

QED-based Optical Bloch Equations without electric dipole approximation:
A model for a two-level atom interacting with a monochromatic X-ray laser

Wen-Zhuo Zhang, Wu-Ming Liu

1206.3051 (Isaac J. Luxmoore et al.)

Interfacing a quantum dot spin with a photonic circuit    [PDF]

Isaac J. Luxmoore, Nicholas A. Wasley, Andrew J. Ramsay, Arthur C. T. Thijssen, Ruth Oulton, Maxime Hugues, Sachin Kasture, Achanta V. Gopal, A. Mark Fox, Maurice S. Skolnick

1206.3310 (Yogesh N. Joglekar et al.)

Competing PT potentials and re-entrant PT symmetric phase for a particle
in a box

Yogesh N. Joglekar, Bijan Bagchi

1206.3313 (Ian Mondragon-Shem et al.)

Characterizing disordered fermion systems using the momentum-space
entanglement spectrum

Ian Mondragon-Shem, Mayukh Khan, Taylor L. Hughes

1206.3335 (P. M. Poggi et al.)

Control of open quantum systems and the quantum speed limit    [PDF]

P. M. Poggi, F. C. Lombardo, D. A. Wisniacki

1206.3339 (Francesco V. Pepe et al.)

Domain wall suppression in trapped mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Francesco V. Pepe, Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Florio, S. Pascazio

1206.3348 (Jeffrey Booth Jr)

Quantum Compiler Optimizations    [PDF]

Jeffrey Booth Jr

1206.3356 (Peter A. Rose et al.)

Dynamics of "Quantumnes" Measures in the Decohering Harmonic Oscillator    [PDF]

Peter A. Rose, Andrew C. McClung, Tyler E. Keating, Adam T. C. Steege, Eric S. Egge, Arjendu K. Pattanayak

1206.3405 (C. Eichler et al.)

Characterizing Quantum Microwave Radiation and its Entanglement with
Superconducting Qubits

C. Eichler, D. Bozyigit, A. Wallraff

1206.3436 (Metod Saniga et al.)

`Magic' Configurations of Three-Qubit Observables and Geometric
Hyperplanes of the Smallest Split Cayley Hexagon

Metod Saniga, Michel Planat, Petr Pracna, Peter Levay

1206.3450 (Daniel S. Kosov et al.)

Markovian kinetic equation approach to electron transport through
quantum dot coupled to superconducting leads

Daniel S. Kosov, Tomaž Prosen, Bojan Žunkovič

1206.3459 (S. Ya. Kilin et al.)

Single-atom laser generates nonlinear coherent states    [PDF]

S. Ya. Kilin, A. B. Mikhalychev

1206.3477 (Yanqiang Guo et al.)

Transferring entanglement to the steady-state of flying qubits    [PDF]

Yanqiang Guo, Jie Li, Tiancai Zhang, Mauro Paternostro

1206.3505 (Florian Hilser et al.)

All-optical control of the spin state in the NV-center in diamond    [PDF]

Florian Hilser, Guido Burkard

1206.3548 (David S. Simon et al.)

Quantum Key Distribution with Fibonacci Orbital Angular Momentum States    [PDF]

David S. Simon, Nate Lawrence, Jacob Trevino, Luca Dal Negro, Alexander V. Sergienko

1206.3558 (N. E. Flowers-Jacobs et al.)

Fiber-Cavity-Based Optomechanical Device    [PDF]

N. E. Flowers-Jacobs, S. W. Hoch, J. C. Sankey, A. Kashkanova, A. M. Jayich, C. Deutsch, J. Reichel, J. G. E. Harris