Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1105.5635 (Tzu-Chieh Wei et al.)

Quantum computational universality of the Cai-Miyake-Dür-Briegel 2D
quantum state from Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki quasichains

Tzu-Chieh Wei, Robert Raussendorf, Leong Chuan Kwek

1106.2337 (Yingkai Ouyang)

Upper Bounds on the Quantum Capacity of the Depolarizing Channel with
Higher Dimension Amplitude Damping Channels

Yingkai Ouyang

1107.4274 (Jian-Hua Jiang et al.)

Non-Abelian states from topological semimetals and related systems under
superconducting proximity effects

Jian-Hua Jiang, Si Wu

1107.4650 (Francois Fillion-Gourdeau et al.)

Numerical Solution of the Time-Dependent Dirac Equation in Coordinate
Space without Fermion-Doubling

Francois Fillion-Gourdeau, Emmanuel Lorin, Andre D. Bandrauk

1108.0528 (M. Albert et al.)

Collective strong coupling between ion Coulomb crystals and an optical
cavity field: Theory and experiment

M. Albert, J. P. Marler, P. F. Herskind, A. Dantan, M. Drewsen

1109.2516 (Giuseppe Carleo et al.)

Localization and Glassy Dynamics Of Many-Body Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Giuseppe Carleo, Federico Becca, Marco Schiró, Michele Fabrizio

1109.6024 (V. Gritsev et al.)

Dynamical Quantum Hall Effect in the Parameter Space    [PDF]

V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov

1109.6420 (E. I. Kuznetsova et al.)

Quantum discord versus second-order MQ NMR coherence intensity in dimers    [PDF]

E. I. Kuznetsova, A. I. Zenchuk

1110.0442 (Wen-Long You)

Quantum Correlation in One-dimensional Extend Quantum Compass Model    [PDF]

Wen-Long You

1110.1759 (Tak-San Ho et al.)

Critical points of the optimal quantum control landscape: a propagator

Tak-San Ho, Herschel Rabitz, Gabriel Turinici

1111.0776 (Marc Cheneau et al.)

Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system    [PDF]

Marc Cheneau, Peter Barmettler, Dario Poletti, Manuel Endres, Peter Schauß, Takeshi Fukuhara, Christian Gross, Immanuel Bloch, Corinna Kollath, Stefan Kuhr

1111.0919 (Keisuke Fujii et al.)

Topologically protected measurement-based quantum computation on the
thermal state of a nearest-neighbor two-body Hamiltonian with spin-3/2

Keisuke Fujii, Tomoyuki Morimae

1111.7199 (Jordan M. Horowitz)

Quantum Trajectory Approach to the Stochastic Thermodynamics of a Forced
Harmonic Oscillator

Jordan M. Horowitz

1112.3829 (A. S. Sanz et al.)

Quantum Zeno effect: Quantum shuffling and Markovianity    [PDF]

A. S. Sanz, C. Sanz-Sanz, T. Gonzalez-Lezana, O. Roncero, S. Miret-Artes

1112.4045 (Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi)

Playing with elastic bands to understand quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi

1112.5556 (Padma Kant Shukla et al.)

Novel Attractive Force Between Ions in Quantum Plasmas    [PDF]

Padma Kant Shukla, Bengt Eliasson

1112.5773 (Maurice de Gosson et al.)

The Reconstruction Problem and Weak Quantum Values    [PDF]

Maurice de Gosson, Serge de Gosson

1201.0465 (M. Revzen)

Radon Transform in Finite Dimensional Hilbert Space    [PDF]

M. Revzen

1201.4877 (Dominic V. Else et al.)

Symmetry-protected phases for measurement-based quantum computation    [PDF]

Dominic V. Else, Ilai Schwarz, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty

1201.5060 (Kelly R. Patton et al.)

Storing flux qubits in the quantum RAM of binary Bose-Einstein

Kelly R. Patton, Uwe R. Fischer

1201.5143 (Tomasz Stachowiak)

On integrable rational potentials of the Dirac equation    [PDF]

Tomasz Stachowiak

1202.0829 (Nathalie P. de Leon et al.)

Tailoring Light-Matter Interaction with a Nanoscale Plasmon Resonator    [PDF]

Nathalie P. de Leon, Brendan J. Shields, Chun L. Yu, Dirk Englund, Alexey V. Akimov, Mikhail D. Lukin, Hongkun Park

1202.0841 (Louis Sica)

Logical inconsistency in combining counterfactual results from
non-commutative operations: Deconstructing the GHZ-Bell theorems

Louis Sica

1202.0883 (Jian Yang et al.)

Improved Four-state Continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution with
Long Secure Distance

Jian Yang, Bingjie Xu, Xiang Peng, Hong Guo

1202.0916 (Werner Wong)

Micro Oscillation Monitored by Entanglement    [PDF]

Werner Wong

1202.0921 (Alfred Driessen et al.)

Propagation of short lightpulses in microring resonators: ballistic
transport versus interference in the frequency domain

Alfred Driessen, Douwe H. Geuzebroek, Edwin Klein, Ronald Dekker, Remco Stoffer, C. Bornholdt

1202.0928 (Alexey A. Kovalev et al.)

Improved quantum hypergraph-product LDPC codes    [PDF]

Alexey A. Kovalev, Leonid P. Pryadko

1202.0939 (T. Pramanik et al.)

Role of quantum discord in the reduction of entropic uncertainty
relation in presence of quantum memory

T. Pramanik, S. Mal

1202.0946 (Igor G. Vladimirov et al.)

Gaussian Stochastic Linearization for Open Quantum Systems Using
Quadratic Approximation of Hamiltonians

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

1202.0955 (V. S. Shchesnovich)

State diagram and the phase transition of $p$-bosons in a square
bi-partite optical lattice

V. S. Shchesnovich

1202.0956 (V. S. Shchesnovich)

Vortex-like superfluid of Bose-Einstein condensate in the honeycomb
optical lattice with a sublattice of dissipative sites

V. S. Shchesnovich

1202.0983 (Takahiro Sagawa)

Second Law-Like Inequalities with Quantum Relative Entropy: An

Takahiro Sagawa

1202.1015 (Sergey N. Filippov et al.)

Probability-based comparison of quantum states    [PDF]

Sergey N. Filippov, Mario Ziman

1202.1016 (Andrzej Grudka et al.)

Long distance quantum communication over noisy networks    [PDF]

Andrzej Grudka, Michal Horodecki, Pawel Horodecki, Pawel Mazurek, Lukasz Pankowski, Anna Przysiezna

1202.1019 (Chris Fields)

A model-theoretic interpretation of environmentally-induced

Chris Fields

1202.1021 (M. B. Plenio et al.)

Quantum dynamics of bio-molecular systems in noisy environments    [PDF]

M. B. Plenio, S. F. Huelga

1202.1027 (Oded Regev et al.)

Impossibility of a Quantum Speed-up with a Faulty Oracle    [PDF]

Oded Regev, Liron Schiff

1202.1033 (Xiaoting Wang et al.)

Symmetries on Spin Chains: Limited Controllability and Minimal Controls
for Full Controllability

Xiaoting Wang, Daniel Burgarth, Sophie Schirmer

1202.1072 (Ran Fischer et al.)

Room-temperature optical polarization of nuclear ensembles in diamond    [PDF]

Ran Fischer, Andrey Jarmola, Pauli Kehayias, Dmitry Budker

1202.1117 (A. V. Zolotaryuk et al.)

Controlling a resonant transmission across the $δ'$-potential: the
inverse problem

A. V. Zolotaryuk, Y. Zolotaryuk

1202.1126 (Ligong Wang et al.)

Private-Capacity Bounds for Bosonic Wiretap Channels    [PDF]

Ligong Wang, Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Nivedita Chandrasekaran, Gregory W. Wornell

1202.1142 (Faisal Shah Khan et al.)

Gaming the Quantum    [PDF]

Faisal Shah Khan, Simon J. D. Phoenix

1202.1143 (Darran F. Milne et al.)

Composite Cluster States and Alternative Architectures for One- Way
Quantum Computation

Darran F. Milne, Natalia V. Korolkova

1202.1167 (Vladyslav A. Golyk et al.)

Casimir forces between cylinders at different temperatures    [PDF]

Vladyslav A. Golyk, Matthias Krüger, M. T. Homer Reid, Mehran Kardar

1202.1199 (T. Schuster et al.)

Feshbach spectroscopy and scattering properties of ultracold Li+Na

T. Schuster, R. Scelle, A. Trautmann, S. Knoop, M. K. Oberthaler, M. M. Haverhals, M. R. Goosen, S. J. J. M. F. Kokkelmans, E. Tiemann

1202.1229 (Christopher Portmann)

Key recycling in authentication    [PDF]

Christopher Portmann

1202.1230 (Carlos Sabin et al.)

On-chip past-future quantum correlations    [PDF]

Carlos Sabin, Borja Peropadre, Marco del Rey, Eduardo Martin-Martinez