Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1001.0017 (Aram Harrow et al.)

Testing product states, quantum Merlin-Arthur games and tensor

Aram Harrow, Ashley Montanaro

1005.0005 (Toby S. Cubitt et al.)

Extracting dynamical equations from experimental data is NP-hard    [PDF]

Toby S. Cubitt, Jens Eisert, Michael M. Wolf

1005.0915 (Cord A. Müller et al.)

Disorder and interference: localization phenomena    [PDF]

Cord A. Müller, Dominique Delande

1009.1220 (Manfred Requardt)

An Alternative to Decoherence by Environment and the Appearance of a
Classical World

Manfred Requardt

1101.5222 (Bernard Silvestre-Brac et al.)

The auxiliary field method in quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Bernard Silvestre-Brac, Claude Semay, Fabien Buisseret

1103.0945 (Andrey Pototsky et al.)

Relativistic Brownian motion on a graphene chip    [PDF]

Andrey Pototsky, Fabio Marchesoni, Feodor V. Kusmartsev, Peter Hänggi, Sergey E. Savel'ev

1105.3598 (Leandro Aolita et al.)

Fully nonlocal quantum correlations    [PDF]

Leandro Aolita, Rodrigo Gallego, Antonio Acín, Andrea Chiuri, Giuseppe Vallone, Paolo Mataloni, Adán Cabello

1109.6666 (H. Falomir et al.)

Graphene and non-Abelian quantization    [PDF]

H. Falomir, J. Gamboa, M. Loewe, M. Nieto

1110.0418 (J. Dressel et al.)

Contextual-value approach to the generalized measurement of observables    [PDF]

J. Dressel, A. N. Jordan

1110.3588 (S. N. Shevchenko et al.)

Inverse Landau-Zener-Stuckelberg problem for qubit-resonator systems    [PDF]

S. N. Shevchenko, S. Ashhab, Franco Nori

1111.3776 (Vit Jakubsky et al.)

Supersymmetric twisting of carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Vit Jakubsky, Mikhail S. Plyushchay

1111.3802 (Tomasz Sowinski)

Creation on demand of higher orbital states in a vibrating optical

Tomasz Sowinski

1201.1418 (Rémy Dubertrand et al.)

Fidelity for kicked atoms with gravity near a quantum resonance    [PDF]

Rémy Dubertrand, Italo Guarneri, Sandro Wimberger

1201.1696 (Jie-Qiao Liao et al.)

Spectrum of single-photon emission and scattering in cavity

Jie-Qiao Liao, H. K. Cheung, C. K. Law

1201.2736 (Hiromichi Nakazato et al.)

A measurement scheme for purity based on two two-body gates    [PDF]

Hiromichi Nakazato, Toru Tanaka, Kazuya Yuasa, Giuseppe Florio, Saverio Pascazio

1202.5712 (Stéphanie Valleau et al.)

Exciton transport in thin-film cyanine dye J-aggregates    [PDF]

Stéphanie Valleau, Semion K. Saikin, Man-Hong Yung, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1202.6337 (Nayeli Zuniga-Hansen et al.)

Effects of Noise, Correlations and errors in the preparation of initial
states in Quantum Simulations

Nayeli Zuniga-Hansen, Yu-Chieh Chi, Mark S. Byrd

1202.6079 (Aleks Kissinger)

Synthesising Graphical Theories    [PDF]

Aleks Kissinger

1202.6096 (B. M. Sparkes et al.)

Precision spectral manipulation: a demonstration using a coherent
optical memory

B. M. Sparkes, C. Cairns, M. Hosseini, D. Higginbottom, G. Campbell, P. K. Lam, B. C. Buchler

1202.6100 (S. Singh et al.)

Quantum state transfer between a Bose-Einstein condensate and an
optomechanical mirror

S. Singh, H. Jing, E. M. Wright, P. Meystre

1202.6111 (Austin G. Fowler et al.)

Topological code Autotune    [PDF]

Austin G. Fowler, Adam C. Whiteside, Angus L. McInnes, Alimohammad Rabbani

1202.6145 (Claudia Benedetti et al.)

Quantum correlations in continuos-time quantum walks of two
indistinguishable particles

Claudia Benedetti, Fabrizio Buscemi, Paolo Bordone

1202.6195 (Jovica Stanojevic et al.)

Controlling the quantum state of a single photon emitted from a single

Jovica Stanojevic, Valentina Parigi, Erwan Bimbard, Rosa Tualle-Brouri, Alexei Ourjoumtsev, Philippe Grangier

1202.6210 (André Xuereb et al.)

Strong coupling and long-range collective interactions in optomechanical

André Xuereb, Claudiu Genes, Aurélien Dantan

1202.6220 (Valerij S. Gurin et al.)

SAC-CI Calculation of a Series of the Lowest 2-Pi-States of HCl+ and
HBr+ Ions

Valerij S. Gurin, Mikhael V. Korolkov, Vitaly E. Matulis

1202.6225 (A. Orefice et al.)

Quantum trajectories and Cushing's historical contingency    [PDF]

A. Orefice, R. Giovanelli, D. Ditto

1202.6257 (Daniel Nagaj et al.)

Quantum Speedup by Quantum Annealing    [PDF]

Daniel Nagaj, Rolando D. Somma, Maria Kieferova

1202.6286 (S. K. Lee et al.)

Phase Space Tomography of Matter-Wave Diffraction in the Talbot Regime    [PDF]

S. K. Lee, M. S. Kim, C. Szewc, H. Ulbricht

1202.6315 (Tomas Rybar et al.)

Simulation of indivisible qubit channels in collision models    [PDF]

Tomas Rybar, Sergey N. Filippov, Mario Ziman, Vladimir Buzek

1202.6356 (Francesco Intravaia et al.)

Engineering Casimir force reduction through metallic surface

Francesco Intravaia, Stephan Koev, Il Woong Jung, A. Alec Talin, Paul S. Davids, Ricardo S. Decca, Vladimir A. Aksyuk, Diego A. R. Dalvit, Daniel Lopez

1202.6361 (Sylvain Nascimbène et al.)

Experimental realization of plaquette resonating valence bond states
with ultracold atoms in optical superlattices

Sylvain Nascimbène, Yu-Ao Chen, Macros Atala, Monika Aidelsburger, Stefan Trotzky, Belén Paredes, Immanuel Bloch

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

0905.1542 (Wei-Bo Gao et al.)

Experimental demonstration of topological error correction    [PDF]

Wei-Bo Gao, Austin G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Xing-Can Yao, He Lu, Ping Xu, Chao-Yang Lu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Youjin Deng, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

0906.5445 (Zong-Guo Li et al.)

Maximally entangled state can be a mixed state    [PDF]

Zong-Guo Li, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei, Heng Fan, W. M. Liu

0911.3030 (S. Arunagiri)

Quantum entanglement in soliton fractionalisation process    [PDF]

S. Arunagiri

1006.0338 (H. Nikolic)

Closed timelike curves, superluminal signals, and "free will" in
universal quantum mechanics

H. Nikolic

1008.3099 (S. Belinschi et al.)

Laws of large numbers for eigenvectors and eigenvalues associated to
random subspaces in a tensor product

S. Belinschi, B. Collins, I. Nechita

1101.2971 (Yang Xiang et al.)

Bound on genuine multipartite correlations from the principle of
information causality

Yang Xiang, Wei Ren

1104.5057 (Fu-Lin Zhang et al.)

Speed of disentanglement in multi-qubit systems under depolarizing

Fu-Lin Zhang, Yue Jiang, Mai-Lin Liang

1105.2007 (Alexei Ourjoumtsev et al.)

Observation of squeezed light from one atom excited with two photons    [PDF]

Alexei Ourjoumtsev, Alexander Kubanek, Markus Koch, Christian Sames, Pepijn W. H. Pinkse, Gerhard Rempe, Karim Murr

1106.1683 (Sarah Mostame et al.)

Quantum simulator of an open quantum system using superconducting
qubits: exciton transport in photosynthetic complexes

Sarah Mostame, Patrick Rebentrost, Alexander Eisfeld, Andrew J. Kerman, Dimitris I. Tsomokos, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1106.5275 (Tillmann Baumgratz et al.)

Lower Bounds for Ground States of Condensed Matter Systems    [PDF]

Tillmann Baumgratz, Martin B. Plenio

1108.2819 (John Robert Burger)

Qubit-wannabe Neural Networks    [PDF]

John Robert Burger

1111.0154 (Tao Liu et al.)

The vacuum induced Berry phase beyond rotating-wave approximation    [PDF]

Tao Liu, Mang Feng, K. L. Wang

1111.2342 (Yi Zhang et al.)

Quasi-particle Statistics and Braiding from Ground State Entanglement    [PDF]

Yi Zhang, Tarun Grover, Ari Turner, Masaki Oshikawa, Ashvin Vishwanath

1111.7145 (Pablo L. Saldanha et al.)

Physical interpretation of the Wigner rotations and its implications for
relativistic quantum information

Pablo L. Saldanha, Vlatko Vedral

1201.0055 (Takayasu Sekihara)

New Approach to Continuum Path Integrals for Particles and Fields    [PDF]

Takayasu Sekihara

1201.4310 (Richard Schmidt et al.)

Efimov physics beyond universality    [PDF]

Richard Schmidt, Steffen Patrick Rath, Wilhelm Zwerger

1202.5507 (G. Romero et al.)

Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with a Superconducting Quantum Point

G. Romero, I. Lizuain, V. S. Shumeiko, E. Solano, F. S. Bergeret

1202.5558 (Peter Barmettler et al.)

Propagation front of correlations in an interacting Bose gas    [PDF]

Peter Barmettler, Dario Poletti, Marc Cheneau, Corinna Kollath

1202.5589 (Wolfgang Zeller et al.)

Spectra and ground states of one- and two-dimensional laser-driven
lattices of ultracold Rydberg atoms

Wolfgang Zeller, Michael Mayle, Thorsten Bonato, Gerhard Reinelt, Peter Schmelcher

1202.5602 (Austin G. Fowler et al.)

Towards practical classical processing for the surface code: timing

Austin G. Fowler, Adam C. Whiteside, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg

1202.5604 (Stephen Parrott)

Proof gap in "Sufficient conditions for uniqueness of the Weak Value" by
J. Dressel and A. N. Jordan, J. Phys. A 45 (2012) 015304

Stephen Parrott

1202.5607 (Hongyi Yu et al.)

Fraunhofer diffraction of Stokes photons from cold atomic ensembles:
entanglement witness, and collectively enhanced metrology

Hongyi Yu, Wang Yao

1202.5642 (Y. Kopelevich et al.)

Extraordinary magnetoresistance in graphite: experimental evidence for
the time-reversal symmetry breaking

Y. Kopelevich, R. R. da Silva, A. S. Alexandrov

1202.5664 (Andreas Weichselbaum)

General framework for non-abelian symmetries in tensor networks    [PDF]

Andreas Weichselbaum

1202.5672 (J. Shen et al.)

Observation of a rotational transition in trapped and sympathetically
cooled molecular ions

J. Shen, A. Borodin, M. Hansen, S. Schiller

1202.5679 (Magnus O. Borgh et al.)

Topological interface engineering and defect crossing in ultracold
atomic gases

Magnus O. Borgh, Janne Ruostekoski

1202.5705 (B. Billaud et al.)

Lamb shift of non-degenerate energy level systems placed between two
infinite parallel conducting plates

B. Billaud, T. -T. Truong

1202.5707 (Erik Lucero et al.)

Computing prime factors with a Josephson phase qubit quantum processor    [PDF]

Erik Lucero, Rami Barends, Yu Chen, Julian Kelly, Matteo Mariantoni, Anthony Megrant, Peter O'Malley, Daniel Sank, Amit Vainsencher, James Wenner, Ted White, Yi Yin, Andrew N. Cleland, John M. Martinis

1202.5716 (Giorgio Papini)

Zitterbewegung and gravitational Berry phase    [PDF]

Giorgio Papini

1202.5719 (Tao Liu et al.)

Parity breaking and scaling behavior in the spin-boson model    [PDF]

Tao Liu, Mang Feng, Lei Li, Wanli Yang, Kelin Wang

1202.5726 (Nihal Yapage)

Mean-field equations for higher-order quantum statistical models : an
information geometric approach

Nihal Yapage

1202.5731 (A. D. Ernest)

The role of quantum expansion in cosmic evolution    [PDF]

A. D. Ernest

1202.5741 (D. Petz et al.)

Conditional SIC-POVMs    [PDF]

D. Petz, L. Ruppert, A. Szanto

1202.5744 (A. I. Arbab)

The emergent longitudinal wave from space and time derivatives

A. I. Arbab

1202.5748 (Hartmann Roemer)

Now, Factuality and Conditio Humana    [PDF]

Hartmann Roemer

1202.5752 (Q. Y. He et al.)

Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement in two-well BEC systems: ground

Q. Y. He, P. D. Drummond, M. D. Reid

1202.5757 (A. A. Deriglazov et al.)

Non-Grassmann mechanical model of the Dirac equation    [PDF]

A. A. Deriglazov, B. F. Rizzuti, G. P. Z. Chauca, P. S. Castro

1202.5779 (Daniel Oi et al.)

Quantum system characterization with limited resources    [PDF]

Daniel Oi, Sophie Schirmer

1202.5817 (Chen Wang et al.)

Quantum discord dynamics of two qubits in the single-mode cavities    [PDF]

Chen Wang, Qing-Hu Chen

1202.5822 (Andrew M. Childs et al.)

Hamiltonian Simulation Using Linear Combinations of Unitary Operations    [PDF]

Andrew M. Childs, Nathan Wiebe

1202.5839 (Jiahao Chen et al.)

Error analysis of free probability approximations to the density of
states of disordered systems

Jiahao Chen, Eric Hontz, Jeremy Moix, Matthew Welborn, Troy Van Voorhis, Alberto Suárez, Ramis Movassagh, Alan Edelman

1202.5845 (Fritz Keilmann et al.)

Mid-infrared frequency comb spanning an octave based on an Er fiber
laser and difference-frequency generation

Fritz Keilmann, Sergiu Amarie

1202.5868 (Shu Tanaka et al.)

Quantum Annealing and Quantum Fluctuation Effect in Frustrated Ising

Shu Tanaka, Ryo Tamura

1202.5871 (Doron Cohen)

Energy absorption by "sparse" systems: beyond linear response theory    [PDF]

Doron Cohen

1202.5872 (S. Ashhab et al.)

Speed limits for quantum gates in multi-qubit systems    [PDF]

S. Ashhab, P. C. de Groot, Franco Nori

1202.5905 (Juha-Pekka Pellonpää)

Completely positive maps on modules, instruments, extremality problems,
and applications to physics

Juha-Pekka Pellonpää

1202.5934 (Ł. Pawela et al.)

Quantum Prisoner's Dilemma game on hypergraph networks    [PDF]

Ł. Pawela, J. Sładkowski

1202.5950 (Ilai Schwarz et al.)

Efficient entanglement length measurements for photonic cluster state

Ilai Schwarz, Terry Rudolph

1202.5955 (Stephan Ritter et al.)

An Elementary Quantum Network of Single Atoms in Optical Cavities    [PDF]

Stephan Ritter, Christian Nölleke, Carolin Hahn, Andreas Reiserer, Andreas Neuzner, Manuel Uphoff, Martin Mücke, Eden Figueroa, Jörg Bochmann, Gerhard Rempe

1202.5976 (R. Combescot et al.)

"Gray" BCS condensate of excitons and internal Josephson effect    [PDF]

R. Combescot, M. Combescot

Monday, February 27, 2012

1010.1326 (Yong Tao)

Sufficient condition for validity of quantum adiabatic theorem    [PDF]

Yong Tao

1104.5665 (Simon Rips et al.)

Steady-state negative Wigner functions of nonlinear nanomechanical

Simon Rips, Martin Kiffner, Ignacio Wilson-Rae, Michael J. Hartmann

1106.4607 (Shengjun Wu et al.)

Feasible optical weak measurements of complementary observables via a
single Hamiltonian

Shengjun Wu, Marek Żukowski

1108.0053 (Petr Hajicek)

Changes of separation status during registration and scattering    [PDF]

Petr Hajicek

1201.1256 (Victor Veitch et al.)

Negative Quasi-Probability Representation is a Necessary Resource for
Magic State Distillation

Victor Veitch, Christopher Ferrie, Joseph Emerson

1201.4097 (Christoph Clausen et al.)

Quantum storage of polarization qubits in birefringent and
anisotropically absorbing materials

Christoph Clausen, Felix Bussieres, Mikael Afzelius, Nicolas Gisin

1202.5102 (Cyrille Heriveaux et al.)

Recovering the Hamiltonian from spectral data    [PDF]

Cyrille Heriveaux, Thierry Paul

1202.5326 (A. Matzkin)

Observing trajectories with weak measurements in quantum systems in the
semiclassical regime

A. Matzkin

1202.5328 (Thad G. Walker et al.)

Entanglement of Two Atoms using Rydberg Blockade    [PDF]

Thad G. Walker, Mark Saffman

1202.5344 (Jerry M. Chow et al.)

Complete universal quantum gate set approaching fault-tolerant
thresholds with superconducting qubits

Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta, A. D. Corcoles, Seth T. Merkel, John A. Smolin, Chad Rigetti, S. Poletto, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, J. R. Rozen, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen

1202.5352 (Ramin M. Abolfath et al.)

Dynamical Magnetic and Nuclear Polarization in Complex Spin Systems:
Semi-magnetic II-VI Quantum Dots

Ramin M. Abolfath, Anna Trojnar, Bahman Roostaei, Thomas Brabec, Pawel Hawrylak

1202.5372 (Sam Kennerly)

Illusory Decoherence    [PDF]

Sam Kennerly

1202.5378 (Andrzej Jarosz)

Generalized Bures products from free probability    [PDF]

Andrzej Jarosz

1202.5382 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Quantum information processing and multiatom entanglement engineering
with a thermal cavity

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5384 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Generation of entangled states for many multilevel atoms in a thermal
cavity and ions in thermal motion

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5387 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Unconventional geometric quantum phase gates with a cavity QED system    [PDF]

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5397 (Søren Gammelmark et al.)

Interacting spins in a cavity: finite size effects and symmetry-breaking

Søren Gammelmark, Klaus Mølmer

1202.5422 (Shi-Biao Zheng)

Dicke-like quantum phase transition and vacuum entanglement with two
coupled atomic ensembles

Shi-Biao Zheng

1202.5434 (Geraldo A. Barbosa)

Can humans see beyond intensity images?    [PDF]

Geraldo A. Barbosa

1202.5435 (Ulrike Herzog)

Optimized maximum-confidence discrimination of N mixed quantum states
and application to symmetric states

Ulrike Herzog

1202.5459 (Xing-Can Yao et al.)

Experimental demonstration of topological error correction    [PDF]

Xing-Can Yao, Tian-Xiong Wang, Hao-Ze Chen, Wei-Bo Gao, Austin G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Zeng-Bing Chen, Nai-Le Liu, Chao-Yang Lu, You-Jin Deng, Yu-Ao Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

1202.5462 (Gregg M. Gallatin et al.)

Propagation of Vortex Electron Wave Functions in a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Gregg M. Gallatin, Ben McMorran

1202.5518 (Francesco De Martini et al.)

Investigating macroscopic quantum superpositions and the
quantum-to-classical transition by optical parametric amplification

Francesco De Martini, Fabio Sciarrino

1202.5533 (Chad Rigetti et al.)

Superconducting qubit in waveguide cavity with coherence time
approaching 0.1ms

Chad Rigetti, Stefano Poletto, Jay M. Gambetta, B. L. T. Plourde, Jerry M. Chow, A. D. Corcoles, John A. Smolin, Seth T. Merkel, J. R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen

1202.5541 (J. E. Johnson et al.)

Heralded state preparation in a superconducting qubit    [PDF]

J. E. Johnson, C. Macklin, D. H. Slichter, R. Vijay, E. B. Weingarten, John Clarke, I. Siddiqi

Friday, February 24, 2012

1012.3075 (J. Maziero et al.)

Classicality witness for two-qubit states    [PDF]

J. Maziero, R. M. Serra

1103.5037 (Matthew F. Pusey)

Stabilizer notation for Spekkens' toy theory    [PDF]

Matthew F. Pusey

1108.1607 (Zhaoliang Wang et al.)

Exact Eigenfunctions of $N$-Body system with Quadratic Pair Potential    [PDF]

Zhaoliang Wang, Anmin Wang, Yang Yang, Xuechao Li

1109.1697 (Pijush K. Ghosh)

A note on topological insulator phase in non-hermitian quantum systems    [PDF]

Pijush K. Ghosh

1110.5055 (Yutaka Shikano)

Theory of "Weak Value" and Quantum Mechanical Measurements    [PDF]

Yutaka Shikano

1110.5570 (N. M. Linke et al.)

Background-free detection of trapped ions    [PDF]

N. M. Linke, D. T. C. Allcock, D. J. Szwer, C. J. Ballance, T. P. Harty, H. A. Janacek, D. N. Stacey, A. M. Steane, D. M. Lucas

1111.0529 (H. T. Ng et al.)

Coherent control of atomic spin currents in a double well    [PDF]

H. T. Ng, Shih-I Chu

1111.3898 (David Rodriguez)

Wigner-PDC description of photon entanglement as a local theory    [PDF]

David Rodriguez

1112.0265 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Physical regularization for the spin-1/2 Aharonov-Bohm problem in
conical space

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva, M. Pereira

1202.5044 (Robert Paul Salazar et al.)

Constrained quantum mechanics: chaos in non-planar billiards    [PDF]

Robert Paul Salazar, Gabriel Tellez

1202.5056 (Jun Jing et al.)

Non-perturbative Dynamical Decoupling Control and Threshold    [PDF]

Jun Jing, Lian-Ao Wu, J. Q. You, Ting Yu

1202.5058 (Christoph Spengler et al.)

Entanglement detection via mutually unbiased bases    [PDF]

Christoph Spengler, Marcus Huber, Stephen Brierley, Theodor Adaktylos, Beatrix C. Hiesmayr

1202.5060 (G. A. Levin et al.)

Energy Transport in Closed Quantum Systems    [PDF]

G. A. Levin, W. A. Jones, K. Walczak, K. L. Yerkes

1202.5067 (Andrew L. C. Hayward et al.)

Fractional Quantum Hall Physics in Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard Lattices    [PDF]

Andrew L. C. Hayward, Andrew M. Martin, Andrew D. Greentree

1202.5086 (Jiajia Du et al.)

Pairing imbalance in BCS-BEC crossover of inhomogeneous three-component
Fermi-gas in two dimensions

Jiajia Du, Junjun Liang, J. -Q. Liang

1202.5091 (Ching-Hao Chang et al.)

Analogy of RKKY oscillations to the heat exchange in cold atoms    [PDF]

Ching-Hao Chang, Tzay-Ming Hong

1202.5095 (Ahmed M. Abdelrahman et al.)

Observations of indirect exciton trapping in one- and two-dimensional
magnetic lattices

Ahmed M. Abdelrahman, Byoung S. Ham

1202.5104 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

An observation of quadratic algebra, dual family of nonlinear coherent
states and their non-classical properties, in the generalized isotonic

V. Chithiika Ruby, M. Senthilvelan

1202.5106 (J. Sperling et al.)

True photo-counting statistics of multiple on-off detectors    [PDF]

J. Sperling, W. Vogel, G. S. Agarwal

1202.5111 (James M. Chappell et al.)

N-player quantum games in an EPR setting    [PDF]

James M. Chappell, Azhar Iqbal, Derek Abbott

1202.5136 (Hui Khoon Ng et al.)

A simple minimax estimator for quantum states    [PDF]

Hui Khoon Ng, Berthold-Georg Englert

1202.5139 (Prabha Mandayam et al.)

Towards a Unified Framework for Approximate Quantum Error Correction    [PDF]

Prabha Mandayam, Hui Khoon Ng

1202.5143 (Sudip Kumar Haldar et al.)

Quantum many-body tunneling of attractive Bose-Einstein condensate
through double asymmetric barrier

Sudip Kumar Haldar, Pankaj Debnath, Barnali Chakrabarti

1202.5144 (A. D. Ribeiro et al.)

Entanglement dynamics via semiclassical propagators in systems of two

A. D. Ribeiro, R. M. Angelo

1202.5148 (Bengt E Y Svensson)

New wine in old bottles: Quantum measurement - direct, indirect, weak -
with some applications

Bengt E Y Svensson

1202.5174 (T. Salger et al.)

Coherent negative mobility of ultracold atoms in an optical lattice    [PDF]

T. Salger, S. Kling, S. Denisov, A. V. Ponomarev, P. Hanggi, M. Weitz

1202.5181 (A. S. Sanz)

Quantumness beyond quantum mechanics    [PDF]

A. S. Sanz

1202.5191 (Jonas A. Mlynek et al.)

Time Resolved Collective Entanglement Dynamics in Cavity Quantum

Jonas A. Mlynek, Abdufarrukh A. Abdumalikov Jr., Johannes M. Fink, Lars Steffen, Matthias Baur, Christian Lang, Arjan F. van Loo, Andreas Wallraff

1202.5192 (J. Z. Bernád et al.)

Photon-assisted entanglement creation by minimum-error generalized
quantum measurements in the strong coupling regime

J. Z. Bernád, G. Alber

1202.5196 (L. Steffen et al.)

Experimental Monte Carlo Quantum Process Certification    [PDF]

L. Steffen, M. P. da Silva, A. Fedorov, M. Baur, A. Wallraff

1202.5214 (Daniel L. Whitenack et al.)

Density Functional Resonance Theory: complex density functions,
convergence, orbital energies, and functionals

Daniel L. Whitenack, Adam Wasserman

1202.5226 (Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari et al.)

Confined Dirac Particles in Constant and Tilted Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari, Hocine Bahlouli, Ahmed Jellal

1202.5246 (Adhip Agarwala et al.)

Quantum diffraction grating with cold atoms in an optical lattice    [PDF]

Adhip Agarwala, Madhurima Nath, Jasleen Lugani, K. Thyagarajan, Sankalpa Ghosh

1202.5250 (Jakob Meineke et al.)

Interferometric Measurement of Local Spin-Fluctuations in a Quantum Gas    [PDF]

Jakob Meineke, Jean-Philippe Brantut, David Stadler, Torben Müller, Henning Moritz, Tilman Esslinger

1202.5270 (Robin Blume-Kohout)

Robust error bars for quantum tomography    [PDF]

Robin Blume-Kohout

1202.5278 (Bart Van Tiggelen et al.)

QED Corrections to the Electromagnetic Abraham Force. Casimir Momentum
of the Hydrogen atom?

Bart Van Tiggelen, Sebastien Kawka, Geert L. J. A. Rikken

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1103.3914 (Wei Fan et al.)

Quantum corrections to the dynamics of the Bose-Einstein condensate in a
double-well potential

Wei Fan, Yan Xu, Bing Chen

1105.1294 (Keiichi Nagao et al.)

Momentum and Hamiltonian in Complex Action Theory    [PDF]

Keiichi Nagao, Holger Bech Nielsen

1106.3419 (Andreas M. Läuchli et al.)

Entanglement spectra of coupled S=1/2 spin chains in a ladder geometry    [PDF]

Andreas M. Läuchli, John Schliemann

1109.0957 (L. Lamata et al.)

The nonrelativistic limit of the Majorana equation and its simulation in
trapped ions

L. Lamata, J. Casanova, I. L. Egusquiza, E. Solano

1109.2560 (Paul B. Slater)

Moment-Based Evidence for Simple Rational-Valued Hilbert-Schmidt Generic
2 x 2 Separability Probabilities

Paul B. Slater

1110.3322 (M. Hohenadler et al.)

Luttinger Liquid Physics and Spin-Flip Scattering on Helical Edges    [PDF]

M. Hohenadler, F. F. Assaad

1111.4095 (Andreas Christ et al.)

Limits on the deterministic creation of pure single-photon states using
parametric down-conversion

Andreas Christ, Christine Silberhorn

1112.0171 (Li-hui Sun et al.)

First-order coherence versus entanglement in a nano-mechanical cavity    [PDF]

Li-hui Sun, Gao-xiang Li, Zbigniew Ficek

1112.4966 (S. -A. Biehs et al.)

Towards a black body for near-field thermal radiation    [PDF]

S. -A. Biehs, M. Tschikin, P. Ben-Abdallah

1202.4918 (V. I. Yukalov et al.)

Quantum decision making by social agents    [PDF]

V. I. Yukalov, D. Sornette

1202.4764 (Lea F. Santos et al.)

Weak and strong typicality in quantum systems    [PDF]

Lea F. Santos, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Marcos Rigol

1202.4810 (Lorenzo Campos Venuti et al.)

Probability density of quantum expectation values    [PDF]

Lorenzo Campos Venuti, Paolo Zanardi

1202.4827 (Peng Xue et al.)

Two coupled Jaynes-Cummings cells    [PDF]

Peng Xue, Zbigniew Ficek, Barry C. Sanders

1202.4854 (Brian Julsgaard et al.)

Measurement-induced two-qubit entanglement in a bad cavity: Fundamental
and practical considerations

Brian Julsgaard, Klaus Mølmer

1202.4886 (R. K. Pradhan)

Are Quantum States Subjective?    [PDF]

R. K. Pradhan

1202.4894 (Issam Ibnouhsein et al.)

Twin Quantum Cheshire Cats    [PDF]

Issam Ibnouhsein, Alexei Grinbaum

1202.4931 (Erik Nielsen et al.)

A many-electron tight binding method for the analysis of quantum dot

Erik Nielsen, Rajib Rahman, Richard P. Muller

1202.5032 (Xin Wang et al.)

Composite pulses for robust universal control of singlet-triplet qubits    [PDF]

Xin Wang, Lev S. Bishop, J. P. Kestner, Edwin Barnes, Kai Sun, S. Das Sarma

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1002.3908 (Witold Chmielowiec et al.)

Fractional Fourier Transform and Geometric Quantization    [PDF]

Witold Chmielowiec, Jerzy Kijowski

1006.4651 (J. DiGuglielmo et al.)

Preparing the bound instance of quantum entanglement    [PDF]

J. DiGuglielmo, A. Samblowski, B. Hage, C. Pineda, J. Eisert, R. Schnabel

1102.1193 (Michael Rios)

Extremal Black Holes as Qudits    [PDF]

Michael Rios

1104.0772 (Shih-Yuin Lin)

Instantaneous projective measurements spatially local in a relativistic
quantum field

Shih-Yuin Lin

1104.1410 (Martin Schwarz et al.)

Preparing projected entangled pair states on a quantum computer    [PDF]

Martin Schwarz, Kristan Temme, Frank Verstraete

1105.1216 (Jieci Wang et al.)

System-environment dynamics of X-type states in noninertial frames    [PDF]

Jieci Wang, Jiliang Jing

1106.3538 (S. M. Rochester et al.)

Orientation-to-alignment conversion and spin squeezing    [PDF]

S. M. Rochester, M. P. Ledbetter, T. Zigdon, A. D. Wilson-Gordon, D. Budker

1106.5097 (Lei Wang et al.)

Quantum Information transmission    [PDF]

Lei Wang, Jie-Hui Huang, Jonathan P. Dowling, Shi-Yao Zhu

1109.4567 (Margaret Hawton)

Photon location in spacetime    [PDF]

Margaret Hawton

1110.0018 (Oleg N. Kirillov)

PT-symmetry, indefinite damping and dissipation-induced instabilities    [PDF]

Oleg N. Kirillov

1110.4718 (Matthew A. Broome et al.)

Reducing multi-photon rates in pulsed down-conversion by temporal

Matthew A. Broome, Marcelo P. Almeida, Alessandro Fedrizzi, Andrew G. White

1110.6056 (Jeffrey H. Shapiro)

Comment on `Simulation of Bell states with incoherent thermal light'    [PDF]

Jeffrey H. Shapiro

1111.1101 (Richard Tatham et al.)

Nonclassical correlations in continuous-variable non-Gaussian Werner

Richard Tatham, Ladislav Mišta Jr., Gerardo Adesso, Natalia Korolkova

1112.1366 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Material dependence of Casimir forces: gradient expansion beyond

G. Bimonte, T. Emig, M. Kardar

1201.2887 (Wen-ge Wang et al.)

Preferred States of Decoherence under Intermediate System-Environment

Wen-ge Wang, Lewei He, Jiangbin Gong

1202.4475 (G. Passante et al.)

Measuring DQC1 Quantum Discord using DQC1    [PDF]

G. Passante, O. Moussa, R. Laflamme

1202.4513 (Howard Barnum et al.)

Local tomography and the Jordan structure of quantum theory    [PDF]

Howard Barnum, Alexander Wilce

1202.4519 (Jing Zhu et al.)

Multipartite Quantum Entanglement Evolution in Photosynthetic Complexes    [PDF]

Jing Zhu, Sabre Kais, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Sam Rodriques, Ben Brock, Peter J. Love

1202.4529 (Doron Cohen et al.)

A straightforward quantum-mechanical derivation of the Crooks
fluctuation theorem and the Jarzynski equality

Doron Cohen, Yoseph Imry

1202.4546 (Ming-Liang Hu)

Disentanglement, Bell-nonlocality violation and teleportation capacity
of the decaying tripartite states

Ming-Liang Hu

1202.4556 (Maxim Goryachev et al.)

Extremely Low-Loss Acoustic Phonons in a Quartz Bulk Acoustic Wave

Maxim Goryachev, Daniel L. Creedon, Eugene N. Ivanov, Serge Galliou, Roger Bourquin, Michael E. Tobar

1202.4559 (L. Slodička et al.)

Interferometric thermometry of a single sub-Doppler cooled atom    [PDF]

L. Slodička, G. Hétet, N. Röck, S. Gerber, P. Schindler, M. Kumph, M. Hennrich, R. Blatt

1202.4583 (V. Chithiika Ruby et al.)

A report on the nonlinear squeezed states and their non-classical
properties of a generalized isotonic oscillator

V. Chithiika Ruby, M. Senthilvelan

1202.4621 (Wen-An Li et al.)

Controllable entanglement preparations between atoms in
spatially-separated cavities via quantum Zeno dynamics

Wen-An Li, L. F. Wei

1202.4638 (Julio César Arce)

Unification of the conditional probability and semiclassical
interpretations for the problem of time in quantum theory

Julio César Arce

1202.4644 (Emmanuel Baudin)

Magic composite pulses    [PDF]

Emmanuel Baudin

1202.4708 (Simon J. D. Phoenix et al.)

Playing Games with Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Simon J. D. Phoenix, Faisal Shah Khan

1202.4718 (A. M. Zagoskin et al.)

Heat cost of parametric generation of microwave squeezed states    [PDF]

A. M. Zagoskin, E. Il'ichev, Franco Nori

1202.4744 (A. Gogyan et al.)

Deterministic production of free-propagating Fock states of programmable
photon number from a single atom-cavity system

A. Gogyan, S. Guerin, C. Leroy, Yu. Malakyan

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1006.0354 (Jiangyou Pan et al.)

Quantum Public-Key Encryption with Information Theoretic Security    [PDF]

Jiangyou Pan, Li Yang

1006.4366 (Philipp Hyllus et al.)

Fisher information and multiparticle entanglement    [PDF]

Philipp Hyllus, Wiesław Laskowski, Roland Krischek, Christian Schwemmer, Witlef Wieczorek, Harald Weinfurter, Luca Pezzé, Augusto Smerzi

1006.4368 (Geza Toth)

Multipartite entanglement and high precision metrology    [PDF]

Geza Toth

1102.5125 (Richard J. Mathar)

Corrigendum to "Universal factorization of 3n-j (j>2) symbols..." [J.
Phys. A: Math. Gen. 37 (2004) 3259]

Richard J. Mathar

1103.5449 (Kei Koga et al.)

Dissipation-induced pure Gaussian state    [PDF]

Kei Koga, Naoki Yamamoto

1104.3839 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

Stationary States of NLS on Star Graphs    [PDF]

Riccardo Adami, Claudio Cacciapuoti, Domenico Finco, Diego Noja

1108.2065 (Sadegh Raeisi et al.)

Coarse Graining Makes It Hard to See Micro-Macro Entanglement    [PDF]

Sadegh Raeisi, Pavel Sekatski, Christoph Simon

1108.2615 (Iwo Bialynicki-Birula et al.)

Removal of the Schwinger nonanaliticity in pair production by adiabatic
switching of the electric field

Iwo Bialynicki-Birula, Lukasz Rudnicki

1108.3763 (Lajos Diósi)

Non-Markovian Open Quantum Systems: Input-Output Fields, Memory,

Lajos Diósi

1110.0223 (G. Romero et al.)

Ultrafast Quantum Gates in Circuit QED    [PDF]

G. Romero, D. Ballester, Y. M. Wang, V. Scarani, E. Solano

1110.1653 (Yinyin Qian et al.)

Many-body Landau-Zener Transition in Cold Atom Double Well Optical

Yinyin Qian, Ming Gong, Chuanwei Zhang

1110.2459 (Hosho Katsura)

Sine-square deformation of solvable spin chains and conformal field

Hosho Katsura

1110.3127 (B. Neethi Simon et al.)

Hamilton's turns as visual tool-kit for designing of single-qubit
unitary gates

B. Neethi Simon, C. M. Chandrashekar, Sudhavathani Simon

1110.3329 (Hannes Bernien et al.)

Two-photon quantum interference from separate nitrogen vacancy centers
in diamond

Hannes Bernien, Lilian Childress, Lucio Robledo, Matthew Markham, Daniel Twitchen, Ronald Hanson

1110.4960 (Anthony Leverrier)

A symmetrization technique for continuous-variable quantum key

Anthony Leverrier

1110.5691 (Jeffrey H. Shapiro et al.)

Comment on "Observation of anticorrelation in incoherent thermal light

Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Eric Lantz

1111.6070 (M. Montero et al.)

Convergence of fermionic field entanglement at infinite acceleration in
relativistic quantum information

M. Montero, E. Martin-Martinez

1112.0083 (Ph. A. Jacquet et al.)

Temperature and Voltage Probes Far from Equilibrium    [PDF]

Ph. A. Jacquet, C. -A. Pillet

1112.0916 (Yuval Shagam et al.)

Towards density and phase space compression of molecular gases in
magneto-electrostatic traps

Yuval Shagam, Edvardas Narevicius

1112.1212 (Rui-Rui Zhou et al.)

Quantum election scheme based on anonymous quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Rui-Rui Zhou, Li Yang

1201.0643 (D. E. Chang et al.)

Cavity QED with atomic mirrors    [PDF]

D. E. Chang, L. Jiang, A. V. Gorshkov, H. J. Kimble

1202.4028 (A. M. Dyckovsky et al.)

Analysis of photon-mediated entanglement between distinguishable matter

A. M. Dyckovsky, S. Olmschenk

1202.4046 (Martin Bitter et al.)

Coherent Ro-vibrational Revivals in a Thermal Molecular Ensemble    [PDF]

Martin Bitter, Evgeny A. Shapiro, Valery Milner

1202.4054 (Guo-Zhu Pan et al.)

Nonlocality Distillation for High-Dimensional System    [PDF]

Guo-Zhu Pan, Chao Li, Zheng-Gen Chen, Ming Yang, Zhuo-Liang Cao

1202.4065 (ChengGang Shao)

Quantum limit in continuous quantum measurement    [PDF]

ChengGang Shao

1202.4077 (Ying Li et al.)

Long-distance entanglement generation with scalable and robust
two-dimensional quantum network

Ying Li, Daniel Cavalcanti, Leong Chuan Kwek

1202.4089 (A. El Allati et al.)

Dynamics of multi-modes maximum entangled coherent state over amplitude
damping channel

A. El Allati, Y. Hassouni, N. Metwally

1202.4111 (Andreas Deuchert et al.)

Dynamics and symmetries of a repulsively bound atom pair in an infinite
optical lattice

Andreas Deuchert, Kaspar Sakmann, Alexej I. Streltsov, Ofir E. Alon, Lorenz S. Cederbaum

1202.4117 (Ray J. Rivers)

Path Integrals for (Complex) Classical and Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Ray J. Rivers

1202.4120 (Palle Jorgensen et al.)

Spectral Theory of Multiple Intervals    [PDF]

Palle Jorgensen, Steen Pedersen, Feng Tian

1202.4125 (Yuanwei Zhang et al.)

Finite temperature Dicke phase transition of a Bose-Einstein condensate
in an optical cavity

Yuanwei Zhang, Jinling Lian, J. -Q. Liang, Gang Chen, Chuanwei Zhang, Suotang Jia

1202.4206 (Xun Chen et al.)

Understanding Polarization Correlation of Entangled Vector Meson Pairs    [PDF]

Xun Chen, Siguang Wang, Yajun Mao

1202.4208 (Xin-Ping Xu et al.)

Symmetry and localization of quantum walk induced by extra link in

Xin-Ping Xu, Yusuke Ide, Norio Konno

1202.4210 (K. M. Fonseca Romero)

Non-Markovian Microscopic Depolarizing Channel: Simple Non-Markovian
Microscopic Models for the Depolarizing Channel of a Single Qubit

K. M. Fonseca Romero

1202.4255 (Seung-Hyeok Kye)

Facial structures for various notions of positivity and applications to
the theory of entanglement

Seung-Hyeok Kye

1202.4263 (V. I. Yukalov)

Decoherence and equilibration under nondestructive measurements    [PDF]

V. I. Yukalov

1202.4268 (Altug Arda et al.)

Exact Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation via Laplace Transform
Approach: Pseudoharmonic potential and Mie-type potentials

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1202.4271 (Altug Arda et al.)

Non-Central Potentials, Exact Solutions and Laplace Transform Approach    [PDF]

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1202.4280 (Ansgar Pernice et al.)

Models of decoherence with negative dephasing rate    [PDF]

Ansgar Pernice, Julius Helm, Walter T. Strunz

1202.4313 (Yanfeng Zhang et al.)

GaN directional couplers for integrated quantum photonics    [PDF]

Yanfeng Zhang, Loyd McKnight, Erman Engin, Ian M. Watson, Martin J. Cryan, Erdan Gu, Mark G. Thompson, Stephane Calvez, Jeremy L. O'Brien, Martin D. Dawson

1202.4314 (N. Timoney et al.)

Atomic frequency comb memory with spin wave storage in 153Eu3+:Y2SiO5    [PDF]

N. Timoney, B. Lauritzen, I. Usmani, M. Afzelius, N. Gisin

1202.4316 (James R. Wootton et al.)

High threshold error correction for the surface code    [PDF]

James R. Wootton, Daniel Loss

1202.4324 (Chen Wang et al.)

Quantum correlations in the collective spin systems    [PDF]

Chen Wang, Yu-Yu Zhang, Qing-Hu Chen

1202.4379 (T. van der Sar et al.)

Decoherence-protected quantum gates for a hybrid solid-state spin

T. van der Sar, Z. H. Wang, M. S. Blok, H. Bernien, T. H. Taminiau, D. M. Toyli, D. A. Lidar, D. D. Awschalom, R. Hanson, V. V. Dobrovitski

1202.4397 (Sumiyoshi Abe et al.)

Thermodynamic processes generated by a class of completely positive
quantum operations

Sumiyoshi Abe, Yuki Aoyaghi

1202.4440 (Chetan S. Mandayam Nayakar et al.)

Libertarian free will and quantum indeterminism    [PDF]

Chetan S. Mandayam Nayakar, S. Omkar, R. Srikanth

1202.4444 (Mingwu Lu et al.)

Quantum degenerate dipolar Fermi gas    [PDF]

Mingwu Lu, Nathaniel Q. Burdick, Benjamin L. Lev

Monday, February 20, 2012

0805.3392 (Majid Ghojavand)

A Low Complexity Scheme for Entanglement Distributor Buses    [PDF]

Majid Ghojavand

1106.0109 (Da-Bao Yang et al.)

Demonstrating Additional Law of Relativistic Velocities based on
Squeezed Light

Da-Bao Yang, Yan Li, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen

1109.1943 (J. Bouda et al.)

Encryption with Weakly Random Keys Using Quantum Ciphertext    [PDF]

J. Bouda, M. Pivoluska, M. Plesch

1109.3163 (Leandro Aolita et al.)

Fully nonlocal, monogamous, and random genuinely multipartite quantum

Leandro Aolita, Rodrigo Gallego, Adán Cabello, Antonio Acín

1110.2312 (Jun-Qing Li et al.)

Spontaneous breaking of permutation symmetry in pseudo-Hermitian quantum

Jun-Qing Li, Yan-Gang Miao

1111.2026 (Mario Berta et al.)

Quantum to Classical Randomness Extractors    [PDF]

Mario Berta, Omar Fawzi, Stephanie Wehner

1111.3554 (Xiangguo Yin et al.)

Quantum criticality of a one-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixture    [PDF]

Xiangguo Yin, Xi-Wen Guan, Yunbo Zhang, Shu Chen

1111.7272 (S. M. Anton et al.)

Pure dephasing in flux qubits due to flux noise with spectral density
scaling as $1/ f^α$

S. M. Anton, C. Müller, J. S. Birenbaum, S. R. O'Kelley, A. D. Fefferman, D. S. Golubev, G. C. Hilton, H. -M. Cho, K. D. Irwin, F. C. Wellstood, Gerd Schön, A. Shnirman, John Clarke

1112.3419 (Zhihao Xu et al.)

Wigner crystal induced by dipole-dipole interaction in one-dimensional
optical lattices

Zhihao Xu, Shu Chen

1112.3885 (Martin Kiffner et al.)

Dissipative quantum light field engineering    [PDF]

Martin Kiffner, Uwe Dorner, Dieter Jaksch

1202.3817 (Tobias Fritz)

On infinite-dimensional state spaces    [PDF]

Tobias Fritz

1202.3822 (Won-Young Hwang et al.)

No-signaling Quantum Key Distribution: A Straightforward Approach    [PDF]

Won-Young Hwang, Joonwoo Bae, Nathan Killoran

1202.3831 (Travis Horrom et al.)

Quantum Enhanced Magnetometer with Low Frequency Squeezing    [PDF]

Travis Horrom, Robinjeet Singh, Jonathan P. Dowling, Eugeniy E. Mikhailov

1202.3846 (Ivan Janeček et al.)

Multiscale non-adiabatic dynamics with radiative decay, case study on
the post-ionization fragmentation of rare-gas tetramers

Ivan Janeček, Tomáš Janča, Pavel Naar, Frederic Renard, René Kalus, Florent X. Gadéa

1202.3849 (Da-Bao Yang et al.)

Berry phases for interacting spins in composite environments    [PDF]

Da-Bao Yang, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen

1202.3853 (Alexey E. Rastegin)

Relations for certain symmetric norms and anti-norms before and after
partial trace

Alexey E. Rastegin

1202.3888 (A. Mikhalychev et al.)

Nonlinear coherent loss for generating non-classical states    [PDF]

A. Mikhalychev, D. Mogilevtsev, S. Kilin

1202.3903 (F. A. Grünbaum et al.)

Recurrence for discrete time unitary evolutions    [PDF]

F. A. Grünbaum, L. Velázquez, A. H. Werner, R. F. Werner

1202.3921 (U. Seyfarth et al.)

Symmetries and security of a quantum-public-key encryption based on
single-qubit rotations

U. Seyfarth, G. M. Nikolopoulos, G. Alber

1202.3975 (Patrik Thunström et al.)

Electronic entanglement in late transition metal oxides    [PDF]

Patrik Thunström, Igor Di Marco, Olle Eriksson

1202.4010 (Abel Molina et al.)

Optimal counterfeiting attacks and generalizations for Wiesner's quantum

Abel Molina, Thomas Vidick, John Watrous