Thursday, October 4, 2012

1101.5924 (Benno van den Berg et al.)

No-go theorems for functorial localic spectra of noncommutative rings    [PDF]

Benno van den Berg, Chris Heunen

1110.2613 (Alex Lang et al.)

Trichromatic Open Digraphs for Understanding Qubits    [PDF]

Alex Lang, Bob Coecke

1110.3055 (Bob Coecke et al.)

Pictures of complete positivity in arbitrary dimension    [PDF]

Bob Coecke, Chris Heunen

1110.6215 (Sh. Barzanjeh et al.)

Reversible optical to microwave quantum interface    [PDF]

Sh. Barzanjeh, M. Abdi, G. J. Milburn, P. Tombesi, D. Vitali

1111.3620 (Samson Abramsky et al.)

The Cohomology of Non-Locality and Contextuality    [PDF]

Samson Abramsky, Shane Mansfield, Rui Soares Barbosa

1111.5787 (Uwe R. Fischer et al.)

Identifying strongly correlated supersolid states on the optical lattice
by quench-induced π-states

Uwe R. Fischer, Bo Xiong

1210.0051 (F. Revson Fernandes Pereira et al.)

Quantum Memories via Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in
Three-Level Systems

F. Revson Fernandes Pereira, Danieverton Moretti, Elloá B. Guedes

1210.0102 (Omar Mustafa)

(1+1)-Dirac bound states in one-dimensional heterostructures;
position-dependent Fermi velocity and mass

Omar Mustafa

1210.0107 (Bingjie Xu et al.)

Improve the Maximum Transmission Distance of Four-State Continuous
Variable Quantum Key Distribution by using a Noiseless Linear Amplifier

Bingjie Xu, Chunming Tang, Hui Chen, Wenzheng Zhang, Fuchen Zhu

1210.0111 (Lin Chen et al.)

Qubit-qudit states with positive partial transpose    [PDF]

Lin Chen, Dragomir Z. Djokovic

1210.0113 (Hao You et al.)

Simulating the Transverse Ising Model on a Quantum Computer: Error
Correction with the Surface Code

Hao You, Michael R. Geller, P. C. Stancil

1210.0119 (Bikashkali Midya et al.)

Infinite families of (quasi)-Hermitian Hamiltonians associated with
exceptional $X_m$ Jacobi polynomials

Bikashkali Midya, Barnana Roy

1210.0142 (R. Islam et al.)

Emergence and Frustration of Magnetic Order with Variable-Range
Interactions in a Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator

R. Islam, C. Senko, W. C. Campbell, S. Korenblit, J. Smith, A. Lee, E. E. Edwards, C. -C. J. Wang, J. K. Freericks, C. Monroe

1210.0173 (Kai Wen et al.)

Landau-Zener transition stabilized by the enhanced quantum Zeno effect
in the bosonic system

Kai Wen, Tim Byrnes, Yoshihisa Yamamoto

1210.0177 (Ana M. Martins)

Entanglement in parametric down-conversion with phase mismatch at finite

Ana M. Martins

1210.0182 (Z. Y. Xu et al.)

Quantum-memory-assisted entropic uncertainty relation with a single
nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond

Z. Y. Xu, S. Q. Zhu, W. L. Yang

1210.0194 (Corsin Pfister et al.)

If no information gain implies no disturbance, then any discrete
physical theory is classical

Corsin Pfister, Stephanie Wehner

1210.0199 (Xing Rong et al.)

Experimental protection and revival of quantum correlation in open solid

Xing Rong, Fangzhou Jin, Zixiang Wang, Jianpei Geng, Chenyong Ju, Ya Wang, Runmin Zhang, Changkui Duan, Minjun Shi, Jiangfeng Du

1210.0204 (A. S. de Castro)

Delta potentials revisited via Fourier transform    [PDF]

A. S. de Castro

1210.0207 (C. -L. Ho et al.)

Confluence of apparent singularities in multi-indexed orthogonal
polynomials: the Jacobi case

C. -L. Ho, R. Sasaki, K. Takemura

1210.0209 (Catherine Holloway et al.)

Optimal pair generation rate for Entanglement-based QKD    [PDF]

Catherine Holloway, John A. Doucette, Christopher Erven, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Thomas Jennewein

1210.0239 (D. Z. Rossatto et al.)

Cooling by heating in the quantum optics domain    [PDF]

D. Z. Rossatto, A. R. de Almeida, T. Werlang, C. J. Villas-Boas, N. G. de Almeida

1210.0253 (D. -A. Deckert et al.)

Effective Dynamics of a Heavy Particle in an Ideal Bose Gas in the
Thermodynamic Limit

D. -A. Deckert, J. Fröhlich, P. Pickl, A. Pizzo

1210.1097 (Yun Shang et al.)

Turing machines based on unsharp quantum logic    [PDF]

Yun Shang, Xian Lu, Ruqian Lu

1210.0913 (Patrick Hayden et al.)

Summoning Information in Spacetime, or Where and When Can a Qubit Be?    [PDF]

Patrick Hayden, Alex May

1210.0922 (Andrzej M. Frydryszak)

Qubit, superqubit and squbit    [PDF]

Andrzej M. Frydryszak

1210.0935 (Ata Ulhaq et al.)

Detuning-Dependent Mollow Triplet of a Coherently-Driven Single Quantum

Ata Ulhaq, Stefanie Weiler, Chiranjeeb Roy, Sven Marcus Ulrich, Michael Jetter, Stephen Hughes, Peter Michler

1210.0944 (Robert Oeckl)

Reverse Engineering Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Robert Oeckl

1210.0961 (Xi Kong et al.)

An experimental test of the non-classicality of quantum mechanics using
an unmovable and indivisible system

Xi Kong, Mingjun Shi, Fazhan Shi, Pengfei Wang, Pu Huang, Qi Zhang, Chenyong Ju, Changkui Duan, Sixia Yu, Jiangfeng Du

1210.0970 (Zhi Xiao et al.)

Revisiting 1-Dimensional Double-Barrier Tunneling in Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Zhi Xiao, Shi-sen Du, Chun-Xi Zhang

1210.0974 (Peter Selinger)

Quantum circuits of T-depth one    [PDF]

Peter Selinger

1210.0991 (Bixuan Fan et al.)

Breakdown of the cross-Kerr scheme for Photon Counting    [PDF]

Bixuan Fan, Anton F. Kockum, Joshua Combes, Göran Johansson, Io-chun Hoi, Christopher Wilson, Per Delsing, G. J. Milburn, Thomas M. Stace

1210.1009 (Matthieu Bellec et al.)

A Faithful Communication Hamiltonian in Photonic Lattices    [PDF]

Matthieu Bellec, Georgios M. Nikolopoulos, Stelios Tzortzakis

1210.1014 (Troy Lee et al.)

Improved Quantum Query Algorithms for Triangle Finding and Associativity

Troy Lee, Frederic Magniez, Miklos Santha

1210.1021 (Alain Sarlette et al.)

Robust open-loop stabilization of Fock states by time-varying quantum

Alain Sarlette, Pierre Rouchon

1210.1049 (Joe Ghalbouni et al.)

Experimental wavelength division multiplexed photon pair distribution    [PDF]

Joe Ghalbouni, Imad Agha, Robert Frey, Eleni Diamanti, Isabelle Zaquine

1210.1054 (Megan Agnew et al.)

Entanglement verification via nonlinear witnesses    [PDF]

Megan Agnew, Jeff Z. Salvail, Jonathan Leach, Robert W. Boyd

1210.1055 (D. M. Appleby et al.)

Systems of Imprimitivity for the Clifford Group    [PDF]

D. M. Appleby, Ingemar Bengtsson, Stephen Brierley, Åsa Ericsson, Markus Grassl, Jan-Åke Larsson

1210.1088 (Kil-Chan Ha et al.)

Separable states with unique decompositions    [PDF]

Kil-Chan Ha, Seung-Hyeok Kye

1210.1105 (Cyril Stark)

Simultaneous Estimation of Dimension, States and Measurements:
Computation of representative density matrices and POVMs

Cyril Stark

1210.1113 (Huaixiu Zheng et al.)

Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution with Nonclassical Light Generated
in a One-dimensional Waveguide

Huaixiu Zheng, Daniel J. Gauthier, Harold U. Baranger

1210.1122 (A. D'Arrigo et al.)

Hidden entanglement in the presence of random telegraph dephasing noise    [PDF]

A. D'Arrigo, R. Lo Franco, G. Benenti, E. Paladino, G. Falci

1210.1130 (Andrzej J. Maciejewski Maria Przybylska et al.)

How to calculte spectra of Rabi and related models    [PDF]

Andrzej J. Maciejewski Maria Przybylska, Tomasz Stachowiak

1210.1138 (Piero Chiarelli)

The Schrödinger equation and its generalized analogs derived by the
quantum hydrodynamic representation

Piero Chiarelli

1210.1148 (Andris Ambainis et al.)

The quantum query complexity of combinatorial group testing    [PDF]

Andris Ambainis, Ashley Montanaro

1210.1150 (R. Kumar et al.)

Experimental characterization of bosonic photon creation and
annihilation operators

R. Kumar, E. Barrios, C. Kupchak, A. I. Lvovsky

1210.1171 (Oleg Szehr et al.)

Perturbation Bounds for Quantum Markov Processes and their Fixed Points    [PDF]

Oleg Szehr, Michael M. Wolf

1210.1173 (Nicolas Brunner et al.)

Bell nonlocality and Bayesian game theory    [PDF]

Nicolas Brunner, Noah Linden

1210.1176 (Vladislav Terekhovich)

Probabilistic and Geometric Languages in the Context of the Principle of
Least Action

Vladislav Terekhovich

1210.1199 (Stacey Jeffery et al.)

Nested Quantum Walks with Quantum Data Structures    [PDF]

Stacey Jeffery, Robin Kothari, Frederic Magniez