Monday, April 1, 2013

1303.7229 (Qi-Ren Zhang)

Quantum electrodynamics in a laser and the electron laser collision    [PDF]

Qi-Ren Zhang

1303.7249 (Olivier Sigwarth et al.)

Multiple scattering of light in cold atomic clouds with a magnetic field    [PDF]

Olivier Sigwarth, Guillaume Labeyrie, Dominique Delande, Christian Miniatura

1303.7257 (Armen E. Allahverdyan et al.)

Statistical theory of ideal quantum measurement processes    [PDF]

Armen E. Allahverdyan, Roger Balian, Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

1303.7271 (Jan Kolodynski et al.)

Efficient tools for quantum metrology with uncorrelated noise    [PDF]

Jan Kolodynski, Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski

1303.7308 (Teiko Heinosaari)

A simple sufficient condition for the coexistence of quantum effects    [PDF]

Teiko Heinosaari

1303.7351 (N. T. Zinner et al.)

Comparing and contrasting nuclei and cold atomic gases    [PDF]

N. T. Zinner, A. S. Jensen

1303.7359 (Tobias Grießer et al.)

Light induced crystallization of cold atoms in a thin 1D optical tube    [PDF]

Tobias Grießer, Helmut Ritsch

1303.7362 (P. A. Andreev et al.)

Exact analytical soliton solutions in dipolar BEC    [PDF]

P. A. Andreev, L. S. Kuz'menkov

1303.7418 (Roland Albrecht et al.)

Coupling of a single NV-center in diamond to a fiber-based microcavity    [PDF]

Roland Albrecht, Alexander Bommer, Christian Deutsch, Jakob Reichel, Christoph Becher

1303.7421 (A. A. Kyasov et al.)

Fluctuation-Electromagnetic Interaction of Rotating Neutral Particle
with the Surface: Relativistic Theory

A. A. Kyasov, G. V. Dedkov

1303.7432 (James Schneeloch et al.)

EPR Steering Inequalities from Entropic Uncertainty Relations    [PDF]

James Schneeloch, Curtis J. Broadbent, Stephen P. Walborn, Eric G. Cavalcanti, John C. Howell

1303.7435 (Charles H. Bennett et al.)

On the security of key distribution based on Johnson-Nyquist noise    [PDF]

Charles H. Bennett, C. Jess Riedel

1303.7447 (Jong Soo Lim et al.)

Emergence of Majorana modes in cylindrical nanowires    [PDF]

Jong Soo Lim, Rosa López, Llorenç Serra

1303.7449 (Neill Lambert et al.)

Photon-mediated electron transport in hybrid circuit-QED    [PDF]

Neill Lambert, Christian Flindt, Franco Nori

1303.7464 (Yanbao Zhang et al.)

Efficient quantification of experimental evidence against local realism    [PDF]

Yanbao Zhang, Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill

1303.7469 (Xunnong Xu et al.)

Beating the standard quantum limit for force sensing with a coupled
two-mode optomechanical system

Xunnong Xu, Jacob M. Taylor