Monday, July 23, 2012

1009.5020 (Daniel Braun)

Ultimate quantum bounds on mass measurements with a nano-mechanical

Daniel Braun

1010.1750 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandao et al.)

Faithful Squashed Entanglement    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandao, Matthias Christandl, Jon Yard

1107.0686 (G. A. T. Pender et al.)

Optomechanical cooling of levitated spheres with doubly-resonant fields    [PDF]

G. A. T. Pender, P. F. Barker, Florian Marquardt, James Millen, T. S. Monteiro

1108.5349 (Marco Tomamichel et al.)

The Link between Entropic Uncertainty and Nonlocality    [PDF]

Marco Tomamichel, Esther Hänggi

1112.1811 (Gerard 't Hooft)

How a wave function can collapse without violating Schroedinger's
equation, and how to understand Born's rule

Gerard 't Hooft

1207.0053 (K. W. Murch et al.)

Cavity-assisted quantum bath engineering    [PDF]

K. W. Murch, U. Vool, D. Zhou, S. J. Weber, S. M. Girvin, I. Siddiqi

1207.4805 (Dominic V. Else et al.)

Symmetry protection of measurement-based quantum computation in ground

Dominic V. Else, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty

1207.4877 (Alessandro Sergi et al.)

Non-Hermitian quantum dynamics of a two-level system and models of
dissipative environments

Alessandro Sergi, Konstantin G. Zloshchastiev

1207.4899 (D. Pagel et al.)

Strongly entangled light from planar microcavities    [PDF]

D. Pagel, H. Fehske, J. Sperling, W. Vogel

1207.4912 (Robert Johne et al.)

Proposal of a two-qubit quantum phase gate for quantum photonic
integrated circuits

Robert Johne, Andrea Fiore

1207.4913 (James M. Robins et al.)

A proof of Bell's inequality in quantum mechanics using causal

James M. Robins, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Richard D. Gill

1207.4915 (Ming-Xia Huo et al.)

Spinons and Holons with Polarized Photons in a Nonlinear Waveguide    [PDF]

Ming-Xia Huo, Dimitris G. Angelakis, Leong Chuan Kwek

1207.4939 (Oded Regev et al.)

Quantum XOR Games    [PDF]

Oded Regev, Thomas Vidick

1207.4964 (Pascal Böhi et al.)

Simple microwave field imaging technique using hot atomic vapor cells    [PDF]

Pascal Böhi, Philipp Treutlein

1207.4972 (S. Weiler et al.)

Phonon-Assisted Incoherent Excitation of a Quantum Dot and its Emission

S. Weiler, A. Ulhaq, C. Roy, S. M. Ulrich, D. Richter, M. Jetter, S. Hughes, P. Michler

1207.4974 (C. Ammon et al.)

Simulating the coupling of angular momenta in distant matter qubits    [PDF]

C. Ammon, A. Maser, U. Schilling, T. Bastin, J. von Zanthier

1207.4985 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Supersymmetry, shape invariance and the Legendre equations    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, Ashok Das

1207.4987 (Norio Konno et al.)

The square and cube of the transition matrix of the discrete-time
quantum walk on a graph

Norio Konno, Iwao Sato

1207.5000 (V. Zatloukal et al.)

Transport properties of anyons in random topological environments    [PDF]

V. Zatloukal, L. Lehman, S. Singh, J. K. Pachos, G. K. Brennen

1207.5008 (Kim Fook Lee et al.)

Quantum Key Distribution based on Single Photon Bi-partite Correlation    [PDF]

Kim Fook Lee, Yong Meng Sua, Harith B. Ahmad

1207.5012 (S. Agarwal et al.)

Witnessing non-classicality of a quantum oscillator state by coupling it
to a qubit

S. Agarwal, J. H. Eberly

1207.5013 (A. Casado et al.)

Wigner representation for polarization-momentum hyperentanglement
generated in parametric down conversion, and its application to complete
Bell-state measurement

A. Casado, S. Guerra, J. Plácido