Monday, August 20, 2012

1208.3382 (Yan Li et al.)

Higgs algebraic symmetry of screened system in a spherical geometry    [PDF]

Yan Li, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen

1208.3496 (Kamil Michnicki)

3-d quantum stabilizer codes with a power law energy barrier    [PDF]

Kamil Michnicki

1208.3503 (Raul A. Santos)

Bulk-Boundary correspondence of entanglement spectrum in 2D spin ground

Raul A. Santos

1208.3515 (Qiang Deng et al.)

Decoherence induced deformation of the ground state in adiabatic quantum

Qiang Deng, Dmitri V. Averin, Mohammad H. Amin, Peter Smith

1208.3528 (Andrei Derevianko et al.)

Highly-charged ions as a basis of optical atomic clockwork of
exceptional accuracy

Andrei Derevianko, V. A. Dzuba, V. V. Flambaum

1208.3556 (Karel Lemr et al.)

Linear-optical programmable quantum router    [PDF]

Karel Lemr, Antonín Černoch

1208.3569 (Peter Bowles et al.)

Asymptotically optimal quantum channel reversal for qudit ensembles and
multimode Gaussian states

Peter Bowles, Madalin Guta, Gerardo Adesso

1208.3572 (J. Bernabeu et al.)

Consistent Probabilistic Description of the Neutral Kaon System: Novel
Observable Effects

J. Bernabeu, N. E. Mavromatos, P. Villanueva-Perez

1208.3588 (Zhen Wang et al.)

Monogamous property of generalized W states in three-qubit systems in
terms of relative entropy of entanglement

Zhen Wang, Xiu-Hong Gao, Zhi-Xi Wang

1208.3632 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

Proof of an entropy conjecture for Bloch coherent spin states and its

Elliott H. Lieb, Jan Philip Solovej

1208.3656 (Ashok Ajoy et al.)

Quantum simulation via filtered Hamiltonian engineering: application to
perfect quantum transport in spin networks

Ashok Ajoy, Paola Cappellaro

1208.3657 (Frederick W. Strauch)

All-Resonant Control of Superconducting Resonators    [PDF]

Frederick W. Strauch

1208.3660 (A. Mari et al.)

Positive Wigner functions render classical simulation of quantum
computation efficient

A. Mari, J. Eisert