Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1105.2185 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Transport Properties through Double Barrier Structure in Graphene    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, El Bouazzaoui Choubabi, Hocine Bahlouli, Abdullah Aljaafari

1105.6308 (O. Romero-Isart et al.)

Quantum Memory Assisted Probing of Dynamical Spin Correlations    [PDF]

O. Romero-Isart, M. Rizzi, C. A. Muschik, E. S. Polzik, M. Lewenstein, A. Sanpera

1106.0748 (Joy Christian)

Restoring Local Causality and Objective Reality to the Entangled Photons    [PDF]

Joy Christian

1106.2850 (Igor Bjelaković et al.)

Universal quantum state merging    [PDF]

Igor Bjelaković, Holger Boche, Gisbert Janßen

1106.3894 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Entanglement in Coupled Harmonic Oscillators via Unitary Transformation    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, Fethi Madouri, Abdeldjalil Merdaci

1108.3898 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Mixed States from Anomalies    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, Amilcar R. de Queiroz

1108.4865 (Chris Fields)

If physics is an information science, what is an observer?    [PDF]

Chris Fields

1109.0133 (Jie Li et al.)

Non-Markovian effects on non-locality of a qubit-oscillator system    [PDF]

Jie Li, Gerard McKeown, Fernando L. Semiao, Mauro Paternostro

1109.1497 (K. Milton et al.)

Casimir densities for a spherical boundary in de Sitter spacetime    [PDF]

K. Milton, A. A. Saharian

1110.4367 (Laszlo B. Kish et al.)

Information Networks Secured by the Laws of Physics    [PDF]

Laszlo B. Kish, Ferdinand Peper

1110.4549 (András Bodor et al.)

Comment on `Underlining some limitations of the statistical formalism in
quantum mechanics' by Fratini and Hayrapetyan

András Bodor, Lajos Diósi

1110.4629 (Demetrios A. Kalamidas)

A proposal for a feasible quantum-optical experiment to test the
validity of the No-Signaling Theorem

Demetrios A. Kalamidas

1110.5077 (S. Son et al.)

Hard x-ray or gamma ray laser by a dense electron beam    [PDF]

S. Son, S. J. Moon

1110.6361 (A. C. Lobo et al.)

The ontological status of density matrices and the consistency of the
Deutsch CTC model

A. C. Lobo, I. L. Paiva, P. R. Dieguez

1111.0199 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello et al.)

Fermionic Casimir densities in a conical space with a circular boundary
and magnetic flux

E. R. Bezerra de Mello, F. Moraes, A. A. Saharian

1201.5969 (Swapan Rana et al.)

Tight lower bound on geometric discord of bipartite states    [PDF]

Swapan Rana, Preeti Parashar

1202.2386 (A. Frisk Kockum et al.)

Undoing measurement-induced dephasing in circuit QED    [PDF]

A. Frisk Kockum, L. Tornberg, G. Johansson

1202.2397 (Yu-Quan Ma et al.)

Topological Euler Number and the Characterization of Topological Phases
in Gapped Fermionic Systems

Yu-Quan Ma, Shi-Jian Gu, Shu Chen, Heng Fan, Wu-Ming Liu

1202.2403 (J. M. Deutsch et al.)

The microscopic origin of thermodynamic entropy in isolated systems    [PDF]

J. M. Deutsch, Haibin Li, Auditya Sharma

1202.2413 (Ananya Ghatak et al.)

Entangled Quantum State Discrimination using Pseudo-Hermitian System    [PDF]

Ananya Ghatak, Bhabani Prasad Mandal

1202.2418 (Shuntaro Takeda et al.)

Quantum mode filtering of non-Gaussian states for teleportation-based
quantum information processing

Shuntaro Takeda, Hugo Benichi, Takahiro Mizuta, Noriyuki Lee, Jun-ichi Yoshikawa, Akira Furusawa

1202.2456 (C. Lupo et al.)

Invariant measures on multimode quantum Gaussian states    [PDF]

C. Lupo, S. Mancini, A. De Pasquale, P. Facchi, G. Florio, S. Pascazio

1202.2472 (Lajos Diósi)

Classical-Quantum Coexistence: a `Free Will' Test    [PDF]

Lajos Diósi

1202.2530 (Pierre de Fouquieres)

Implementing Quantum Gates by Optimal Control with Doubly Exponential

Pierre de Fouquieres

1202.2534 (Karl-Peter Marzlin et al.)

Continuous-Variable Bell Inequalities in Phase Space    [PDF]

Karl-Peter Marzlin, T. A. Osborn

1202.2539 (Frank Wilczek)

Quantum Time Crystals    [PDF]

Frank Wilczek

1202.2556 (Edmond Jonckheere et al.)

Curvature of spin networks    [PDF]

Edmond Jonckheere, Frank Langbein, Sophie Schirmer

1202.2574 (Jeng-Da Chai et al.)

Nonempirical double-hybrid density functional: The PBE0-2 functional    [PDF]

Jeng-Da Chai, Shan-Ping Mao

1202.2593 (Masayuki Ohzeki)

Analysis on optimal error threshold in surface code with loss of qubits    [PDF]

Masayuki Ohzeki

1202.2616 (Yu-Bo Sheng et al.)

Efficient entanglement concentration for three-photon W states with
parity check measurement

Yu-Bo Sheng, Lan Zhou, Sheng-Mei Zhao

1202.2626 (T. Graveson et al.)

Development of a high-sensitivity torsion balance to investigate the
thermal Casimir force

T. Graveson, C. Rackson, W. J. Kim

1202.2639 (Austin G. Fowler)

Low-overhead surface code logical H    [PDF]

Austin G. Fowler

1202.2649 (Mircea Trif et al.)

Resonantly Tunable Majorana Polariton in a Microwave Cavity    [PDF]

Mircea Trif, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

1202.2651 (Shenggen Zheng et al.)

State succinctness of two-way finite automata with quantum and classical

Shenggen Zheng, Daowen Qiu, Lvzhou Li

1202.2653 (A. Dechant et al.)

Anomalous spatial diffusion and multifractality in optical lattices    [PDF]

A. Dechant, E. Lutz

1202.2666 (Yu-Bo Sheng et al.)

Efficient electronic entanglement concentration assisted with single
mobile electron

Yu-Bo Sheng, Lan Zhou, Wei-Wen Cheng, Long-Yan Gong, Sheng-Mei Zhao

1202.2685 (Nandan Satapathy et al.)

Classical light analogue of the nonlocal Aharonov-Bohm effect    [PDF]

Nandan Satapathy, Deepak Pandey, Poonam Mehta, Supurna Sinha, Joseph Samuel, Hema Ramachandran

1202.2693 (Celia Blanco et al.)

Multistate transitions and quantum oscillations of optical activity    [PDF]

Celia Blanco, David Hochberg

1202.2698 (Uri Steinitz et al.)

Laser Induced Gas Vortices    [PDF]

Uri Steinitz, Yehiam Prior, Ilya Sh. Averbukh

1202.2726 (Stefan Schmid et al.)

An apparatus for immersing trapped ions into an ultracold gas of neutral

Stefan Schmid, Arne Härter, Albert Frisch, Sascha Hoinka, Johannes Hecker Denschlag

1202.2728 (Fabrizio Logiurato et al.)

Born Rule and Noncontextual Probability    [PDF]

Fabrizio Logiurato, Augusto Smerzi

1202.2730 (Jannes B. Wübbena et al.)

Sympathetic Cooling of Mixed Species Two-Ion Crystals for Precision

Jannes B. Wübbena, Sana Amairi, Olaf Mandel, Piet O. Schmidt

1202.2743 (Keisuke Fujii et al.)

Error- and Loss-Tolerances of Surface Codes with General Lattice

Keisuke Fujii, Yuuki Tokunaga

1202.2750 (Andreas Doering)

Topos-Based Logic for Quantum Systems and Bi-Heyting Algebras    [PDF]

Andreas Doering

1202.2768 (Peter Reimann et al.)

Equilibration of isolated macroscopic quantum systems    [PDF]

Peter Reimann, Michael Kastner

1202.2776 (Huaixiu Zheng et al.)

Strongly-Correlated Photons Generated by Coupling a Three- or Four-level
System to a Waveguide

Huaixiu Zheng, Daniel J. Gauthier, Harold U. Baranger

1202.2779 (K. P. Heeg et al.)

A hybrid model for Rydberg gases including exact two-body correlations    [PDF]

K. P. Heeg, M. Gärttner, J. Evers

1202.2780 (Detlev Buchholz et al.)

Lie Algebras of Derivations and Resolvent Algebras    [PDF]

Detlev Buchholz, Hendrik Grundling

1202.2798 (Chao-Qian Pang et al.)

Most robust and fragile two-qubit entangled states under depolarizing

Chao-Qian Pang, Fu-Lin Zhang, Yue Jiang, Mai-Lin Liang

1202.2817 (Mohammad H. Amin et al.)

An approximate diagonalization method for large scale Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Mohammad H. Amin, Anatly Yu. Smirnov, Neil G. Dickson, Marshal Drew-Brook