Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1012.0653 (Amit Dutta et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in transverse field spin models: From
Statistical Physics to Quantum Information

Amit Dutta, Uma Divakaran, Diptiman Sen, Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Thomas F. Rosenbaum, Gabriel Aeppli

1112.0947 (Dalimil Mazac et al.)

Topological order, entanglement, and quantum memory at finite

Dalimil Mazac, Alioscia Hamma

1201.3111 (Ron Folman)

Two-particle quantum transmission    [PDF]

Ron Folman

1201.3427 (Davids Agboola et al.)

Novel quasi-exactly solvable models with anharmonic singular potentials    [PDF]

Davids Agboola, Yao-Zhong Zhang

1211.5597 (F. Caruso et al.)

Effects on the Non-Relativistic Dynamics of a Charged Particle
Interacting with a Chern-Simons Potential

F. Caruso, J. A. Helayël-Neto, J. Martins, V. Oguri

1211.5617 (Srinivas Sridharan et al.)

Optimal rotation control for a qubit subject to continuous measurement    [PDF]

Srinivas Sridharan, Masahiro Yanagisawa, Joshua Combes

1211.5627 (Francois David)

A short introduction to the quantum formalism[s]    [PDF]

Francois David

1211.5632 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Inadequacy of Taylor series for perturbation expansion: a lesson from
weak measurement

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1211.5654 (Muhammed Yönaç et al.)

Effects of Quantum Error Correction on Entanglement Sudden Death    [PDF]

Muhammed Yönaç, J. H. Eberly

1211.5660 (D. E. Chang et al.)

Self-organization of atoms along a nanophotonic waveguide    [PDF]

D. E. Chang, J. I. Cirac, H. J. Kimble

1211.5665 (K. Szczygielski et al.)

New Approach to Markovian Master Equation and Thermodynamics of
Two-level System in Strong Laser Field

K. Szczygielski, R. Alicki, D. Gelbwaser-Klimovsky

1211.5671 (Mattia Lupetti et al.)

A plasmon enhanced attosecond extreme ultraviolet source    [PDF]

Mattia Lupetti, Matthias F. Kling, Armin Scrinzi

1211.5675 (Kil-Chan Ha et al.)

Exposedness of Choi type entanglement witnesses and applications to
lengths of separable states

Kil-Chan Ha, Seung-Hyeok Kye

1211.5676 (Ricardo Weder)

Universality of Entanglement Creation in Low-Energy Two-Dimensional

Ricardo Weder

1211.5679 (Manik Banik et al.)

Uncertainty principle certifies genuine source of intrinsic randomness    [PDF]

Manik Banik, Trina Chakraborty, Pinaki Patra

1211.5685 (Andrey Kudryavtsev)

The exactly solvable two-dimensional stationary Schrödinger operators
obtaining by the nonlocal Darboux transformation

Andrey Kudryavtsev

1211.5699 (Miguel Antonio Sulangi et al.)

The effect of the geometric potential and an external magnetic field on
a charged particle on a helicoid

Miguel Antonio Sulangi, Quirino M. Sugon Jr

1211.5725 (Xiao-yu Chen et al.)

Realignment Entanglement Criterion for Continuous Bipartite Symmetric
Quantum States

Xiao-yu Chen, Li-zhen Jiang, Ping Yu, Mingzhen Tian

1211.5788 (Yusuke Ikeda et al.)

Deterministic generation of Gaussian pure state in quasi-local
dissipative system

Yusuke Ikeda, Naoki Yamamoto

1211.5794 (Alex C. Han et al.)

The Nature of Quantum States Created by One Photon Absorption: Pulsed
Coherent vs. Pulsed Incoherent Light

Alex C. Han, Moshe Shapiro, Paul Brumer

1211.5801 (Ran Fischer et al.)

Bulk Nuclear Polarization Enhanced at Room-Temperature by Optical

Ran Fischer, Christian O. Bretschneider, Paz London, Dmitry Budker, David Gershoni, Lucio Frydman

1211.5815 (D. E. Pelinovsky et al.)

PT-symmetric lattices with spatially extended gain/loss are generically

D. E. Pelinovsky, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis

1211.5825 (Adan Cabello et al.)

Basic logical structures in quantum correlations    [PDF]

Adan Cabello, Lars Eirik Danielsen, Antonio J. Lopez-Tarrida, Jose R. Portillo

1211.5826 (Li-zhen Jiang et al.)

Entanglement Criterion for Coherent Subtraction and Coherent Addition
Bipartite Continuous variable States

Li-zhen Jiang, Xiao-yu Chen, Tian-yu Ye, Fang-yu Hong

1211.5839 (Aaron R. Warren)

The K-Theoretic Formulation of D-Brane Aharonov-Bohm Phases    [PDF]

Aaron R. Warren

1211.5889 (Miroslav Pardy)

Electron spin motion in the delta-function pulse    [PDF]

Miroslav Pardy

1211.5907 (Mohammad Reza Pourkarimi et al.)

Decoherence effect on quantum correlation and entanglement in a
two-qubit spin chain

Mohammad Reza Pourkarimi, Majid Rahnama

1211.5913 (Andrea Smirne et al.)

Signatures of non-Markovianity in classical single-time probability

Andrea Smirne, Alberto Stabile, Bassano Vacchini

1211.5921 (Jonathan Silman et al.)

Device-Independent Randomness Generation in the Presence of Weak

Jonathan Silman, Stefano Pironio, Serge Massar

1211.5922 (Christoph Kurz et al.)

A high-rate source for single photons in a pure quantum state    [PDF]

Christoph Kurz, Jan Huwer, Michael Schug, Philipp Müller, Jürgen Eschner

1211.5927 (Atul Kumar et al.)

Optimal quantum communication using multiparticle partially entangled

Atul Kumar, Satyabrata Adhikari, Subhashish Banerjee, Sovik Roy

1211.5929 (Navinder Singh)

Charge dynamics in an ideal cuprate $Ca_{2-x} Na_x Cu O_2 Cl_2$: optical
conductivity from Yang-Rice-Zhang ansatz

Navinder Singh

1211.5956 (Grzegorz Kwiatkowski et al.)

Quantum corrections to phi^4 model solutions and applications to
Heisenberg chain dynamics

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Sergey Leble

1211.6004 (Marcelo A. Marchiolli et al.)

Spin squeezing and entanglement via finite-dimensional discrete
phase-space description

Marcelo A. Marchiolli, Diógenes Galetti, Tiago Debarba

1211.6042 (V. A. Benderskii et al.)

Revivals in Caldeira - Leggett Hamiltonian Dynamics    [PDF]

V. A. Benderskii, E. I. Kats, A. S. Kotkin

1211.6056 (Adam Bednorz et al.)

Nonsymmetrized Correlations in Quantum Noninvasive Measurements    [PDF]

Adam Bednorz, Christoph Bruder, Bertrand Reulet, Wolfgang Belzig

1211.6084 (Sara Rajaram et al.)

Photon Counting as a Probe of Superfluidity in a Two-Band Bose Hubbard
System Coupled to a Cavity Field

Sara Rajaram, Nandini Trivedi