Monday, June 11, 2012

1012.1457 (Malte C. Tichy et al.)

Shaking the entropy out of a lattice: atomic filtering by vibrational

Malte C. Tichy, Klaus Mølmer, Jacob F. Sherson

1101.0882 (S. N. Sandhya)

Entanglement distribution in $V$ and $Λ$ systems    [PDF]

S. N. Sandhya

1106.3513 (Khabat Heshami et al.)

Controllable-dipole quantum memory    [PDF]

Khabat Heshami, Adam Green, Yang Han, Arnaud Rispe, Erhan Saglamyurek, Neil Sinclair, Wolfgang Tittel, Christoph Simon

1110.0558 (Y. Deng et al.)

Spin-orbit-coupled dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Y. Deng, J. Cheng, H. Jing, C. -P. Sun, S. Yi

1112.3942 (Ping Xiang et al.)

Tunable exciton interactions in optical lattices with polar molecules    [PDF]

Ping Xiang, Marina Litinskaya, Roman V. Krems

1201.2792 (Nigel Sim et al.)

Measurement of Photon Statistics with Live Photoreceptor Cells    [PDF]

Nigel Sim, Mei Fun Cheng, Dmitri Bessarab, C. Michael Jones, Leonid A. Krivitsky

1206.1598 (Mark Howard et al.)

Qudit versions of the qubit "pi-over-eight" gate    [PDF]

Mark Howard, Jiri Vala

1206.1606 (Ching-Hao Wang et al.)

Particle-wave duality in quantum tunneling of a bright soliton    [PDF]

Ching-Hao Wang, Tzay-Ming Hong, Ray-Kuang Lee, Daw-Wei Wang

1206.1609 (Sergey Bravyi et al.)

Classification of topologically protected gates for local stabilizer

Sergey Bravyi, Robert Koenig

1206.1641 (Ilja Gerhardt et al.)

Excitation and emission spectra of rubidium in rare-gas thin-films    [PDF]

Ilja Gerhardt, Brian Sin, Takamasa Momose

1206.1666 (D. A. Kulikov et al.)

$\hbar$-expansion for the Schrödinger equation with a
position-dependent mass

D. A. Kulikov, V. M. Shapoval

1206.1668 (Chun-Fang Li)

On the angular momentum of photons    [PDF]

Chun-Fang Li

1206.1691 (A. Ruschhaupt et al.)

Optimally robust shortcuts to population inversion in two-level quantum

A. Ruschhaupt, Xi Chen, D. Alonso, J. G. Muga

1206.1726 (Gian Luca Giorgi et al.)

Genuine correlations in finite-size spin systems    [PDF]

Gian Luca Giorgi, Thomas Busch

1206.1736 (Martin Leijnse et al.)

Introduction to topological superconductivity and Majorana fermions    [PDF]

Martin Leijnse, Karsten Flensberg

1206.1740 (Jędrzej Kaniewski et al.)

Secure bit commitment from relativistic constraints    [PDF]

Jędrzej Kaniewski, Marco Tomamichel, Esther Hänggi, Stephanie Wehner

1206.1776 (Douglas J. Mason et al.)

Husimi Maps in Graphene    [PDF]

Douglas J. Mason, Mario F. Borunda, Eric J. Heller

1206.1788 (Mihai A. Macovei)

Optical force acting on strongly driven atoms in free space or modified

Mihai A. Macovei

1206.1807 (Paolo Giorda et al.)

Non-Gaussian quantum discord for Gaussian states    [PDF]

Paolo Giorda, Michele Allegra, Matteo G. A. Paris

1206.1813 (Ingrid Rotter)

Dynamical stabilization and time in open quantum systems    [PDF]

Ingrid Rotter

1206.1847 (Yamen Hamdouni)

A novel nontrivial bosonic representation of spin operators in the large
$N$ limit at high temperatures

Yamen Hamdouni