Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1006.3197 (Jayme De Luca)

Double-slit and electromagnetic models to complete quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Jayme De Luca

1108.1734 (Garry Goldstein et al.)

Exact Zero Modes in Closed Systems of Interacting Fermions    [PDF]

Garry Goldstein, Claudio Chamon

1111.5984 (Felix Karbstein et al.)

Optical probes of the quantum vacuum: The photon polarization tensor in
external fields

Felix Karbstein, Lars Roessler, Babette Döbrich, Holger Gies

1208.5090 (H. Sugimoto et al.)

Discrimination with error margin among three symmetric states of a qubit    [PDF]

H. Sugimoto, Y. Taninaka, A. Hayashi

1208.5091 (A. Jechow et al.)

Controllable optical phase shift over one radian from a single isolated

A. Jechow, B. G. Norton, S. Händel, V. Blūms, E. W. Streed, D. Kielpinski

1208.5101 (Lin Zhang et al.)

Remark on the coherent information saturating its upper bound    [PDF]

Lin Zhang, Jun Zhu

1208.5113 (Aline I. Maalouf et al.)

On the Lossless Property of a Class of Nonlinear Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Aline I. Maalouf, Ian R. Petersen

1208.5121 (C. Macchiavello et al.)

Quantum channel detection    [PDF]

C. Macchiavello, M. Rossi

1208.5123 (Arpita Chatterjee et al.)

Nonclassical properties of states engineered by superpositions of
quantum operations on classical states

Arpita Chatterjee, Himadri Shekhar Dhar, Rupamanjari Ghosh

1208.5132 (M. S. Leifer et al.)

Maximally epistemic interpretations of the quantum state and

M. S. Leifer, O. J. E. Maroney

1208.5135 (G. Zhao et al.)

Buried heterostructure vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with
semiconductor mirrors

G. Zhao, Y. Zhang, D. G. Deppe, K. Konthasinghe, A. Muller

1208.5148 (David A. Herrera-Martí et al.)

Loss Tolerance with Fractal Pentagons    [PDF]

David A. Herrera-Martí, Terry Rudolph

1208.5174 (Carlton M. Caves et al.)

Quantum limits on phase-preserving linear amplifiers    [PDF]

Carlton M. Caves, Joshua Combes, Zhang Jiang, Shashank Pandey

1208.5181 (Motoaki Bamba et al.)

Dissipation and detection of polaritons in ultrastrong coupling regime    [PDF]

Motoaki Bamba, Tetsuo Ogawa

1208.5189 (Lay Nam Chang et al.)

Biorthogonal Quantum Mechanics: Super-Quantum Correlations and
Expectation Values without Definite Probabilities

Lay Nam Chang, Zachary Lewis, Djordje Minic, Tatsu Takeuchi

1208.5218 (Yutaka Tabuchi et al.)

Design method of dynamical decoupling sequences integrated with optimal
control theory

Yutaka Tabuchi, Masahiro Kitagawa

1208.5223 (Arpita Maitra)

Third Party CNOT Attack on MDI QKD    [PDF]

Arpita Maitra

1208.5238 (T. J. Proctor et al.)

Low error deterministic geometric phase gates for qubus computation    [PDF]

T. J. Proctor, T. P. Spiller

1208.5262 (Charles Baily)

Early Atomic Models - From Mechanical to Quantum (1904-1913)    [PDF]

Charles Baily

1208.5297 (Dorje C. Brody et al.)

Mixed-state evolution in the presence of gain and loss    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody, Eva-Maria Graefe

1208.5334 (Fernando de Melo et al.)

The Power of Noisy Fermionic Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Fernando de Melo, Piotr Ćwikliński, Barbara M. Terhal

1208.5358 (V. K. Oikonomou)

Singularities of the Casimir Energy for Quantum Field Theories with
Lifshitz Dimensions

V. K. Oikonomou

1208.5359 (T. Cadez et al.)

Non-adiabatically driven electron in quantum wire with spin-orbit

T. Cadez, J. H. Jefferson, A. Ramsak

1208.5372 (Maxim V. Eingorn et al.)

Emergent quantum Euler equation and Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Maxim V. Eingorn, Vitaliy D. Rusov

1208.5378 (Woung-Young Hwang et al.)

Quantum State Discrimination with General Figures of Merit    [PDF]

Woung-Young Hwang, Yeong-Deok Han

1208.5381 (Hang-Shi Xu et al.)

Enhancement of quantum correlations for the system of cavity QED by
applying bang-bang pulses

Hang-Shi Xu, Jing-Bo Xu

1208.5387 (Hang-Shi Xu et al.)

Protecting quantum correlations of two qubits in independent
non-Markovian environments by bang-bang pulses

Hang-Shi Xu, Jing-Bo Xu

1208.5425 (Mona Arabzadeh et al.)

Depth-Optimized Reversible Circuit Synthesis    [PDF]

Mona Arabzadeh, Morteza Saheb Zamani, Mehdi Sedighi, Mehdi Saeedi

1208.5450 (Ran Wei et al.)

Majorana fermions in one-dimensional spin-orbit coupled Fermi gases    [PDF]

Ran Wei, Erich J. Mueller

1208.5459 (M. S. Reis et al.)

Evidence for entanglement at high temperatures in an engineered
molecular magnet

M. S. Reis, S. Soriano, A. M. dos Santos, B. C. Sales, D. O. Soares-Pinto, P. Brandao

1208.5470 (François Fillion-Gourdeau et al.)

Resonantly enhanced pair production in a simple diatomic model    [PDF]

François Fillion-Gourdeau, Emmanuel Lorin, André D. Bandrauk

1208.5473 (V. Ranjan et al.)

Probing dynamics of an electron-spin ensemble via a superconducting

V. Ranjan, G. de Lange, R. Schutjens, T. Debelhoir, J. P. Groen, D. Szombati, D. J. Thoen, T. M. Klapwijk, R. Hanson, L. DiCarlo

1208.5475 (Neris Ilano et al.)

Optimization of the damped quantum search    [PDF]

Neris Ilano, Cristine Villagonzalo, Ronald Banzon

1208.5478 (Roberto Passante et al.)

Vacuum local and global electromagnetic self-energies for a point-like
and an extended field source

Roberto Passante, Lucia Rizzuto, Salvatore Spagnolo