Friday, February 8, 2013

1302.0701 (Christina V. Kraus et al.)

Majorana edge states in two atomic wires coupled by pair-hopping    [PDF]

Christina V. Kraus, Marcello Dalmonte, Mikhail A. Baranov, Andreas M. Laeuchli, P. Zoller

1302.1602 (Stephan Burkhardt et al.)

Noise assisted transport in the Wannier-Stark system    [PDF]

Stephan Burkhardt, Matthias Kraft, Riccardo Mannella, Sandro Wimberger

1302.1604 (Nathaniel Johnston)

The Minimum Size of Qubit Unextendible Product Bases    [PDF]

Nathaniel Johnston

1302.1624 (Michele Dall'Arno)

Gaussian Quantum Reading beyond the Standard Quantum Limit    [PDF]

Michele Dall'Arno

1302.1628 (Fei Zhan et al.)

Hydrogen atom as a quantum-classical hybrid system    [PDF]

Fei Zhan, Biao Wu

1302.1635 (GianCarlo Ghirardi et al.)

Comment on "Is a system's wave function in one-to-one correspondence
with its elements of reality?" [arXiv:1111.6597]

GianCarlo Ghirardi, Raffaele Romano

1302.1653 (Aharon Blank)

Scheme for a spin-based quantum computer employing induction detection
and imaging

Aharon Blank

1302.1662 (Miloslav Znojil et al.)

A generalized family of discrete PT-symmetric square wells    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil, Junde Wu

1302.1682 (Ning Wu et al.)

Dynamics of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model: a time-dependent variational

Ning Wu, Liwei Duan, Xin Li, Yang Zhao

1302.1694 (H. Aswath Babu et al.)

Optical instabilities in three-level lambda and V system inside

H. Aswath Babu, Harshawardhan Wanare

1302.1701 (Satoshi Sunohara et al.)

Blind post-processing for the unbalanced BB84    [PDF]

Satoshi Sunohara, Kiyoshi Tamaki, Nobuyuki Imoto

1302.1707 (Aurora Voje et al.)

Multi-phonon relaxation and generation of quantum states in a nonlinear
mechanical oscillator

Aurora Voje, Alexander Croy, Andreas Isacsson

1302.1709 (S. J. Balian et al.)

Theoretical analysis of spin qubit decoherence near optimal working

S. J. Balian, T. S. Monteiro

1302.1750 (Roland Omnes)

A quantum approach to the uniqueness of Reality    [PDF]

Roland Omnes

1302.1783 (James M. McCracken)

Quantum Channel Negativity as a Measure of System-Bath Coupling and

James M. McCracken

1302.1801 (Michael Schug et al.)

Heralded photonic interaction between distant single ions    [PDF]

Michael Schug, Jan Huwer, Christoph Kurz, Philipp Müller, Jürgen Eschner

1302.1807 (Justin D. Cohen et al.)

Optical coupling to nanoscale optomechanical cavities for near
quantum-limited motion transduction

Justin D. Cohen, Sean Meenehan, Oskar Painter

1302.1823 (Sindhu Chitikela)

Intensity and State Estimation in Quantum Cryptography    [PDF]

Sindhu Chitikela

1302.1824 (Christina V. Kraus et al.)

Braiding of Atomic Majorana Fermions in Wire Networks and Implementation
of the Deutsch-Josza Algorithm

Christina V. Kraus, P. Zoller, Mikhail A. Baranov

1302.1827 (Guin-Dar Lin et al.)

Vibrational spectroscopy of polar molecules with superradiance    [PDF]

Guin-Dar Lin, Susanne F. Yelin

1302.1838 (Ole Andersson et al.)

Operational geometric phase for mixed quantum states    [PDF]

Ole Andersson, Hoshang Heydari

1302.1844 (Ole Andersson et al.)

Geometry of quantum dynamics and a time-energy uncertainty relation for
mixed states

Ole Andersson, Hoshang Heydari

1302.1845 (Alexey A. Kovalev et al.)

Linked-Cluster Technique for Finding the Distance of a Quantum LDPC Code    [PDF]

Alexey A. Kovalev, Ilya Dumer, Leonid P. Pryadko

1302.1855 (Tomás Ramos et al.)

Nonlinear Quantum Optomechanics via Individual Intrinsic Two-Level

Tomás Ramos, Vivishek Sudhir, Kai Stannigel, Peter Zoller, Tobias J. Kippenberg