Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8117 (Brian Swingle)

Entanglement does not generally decrease under renormalization    [PDF]

Brian Swingle

1307.8129 (Mikhail Lemeshko)

Manipulating scattering of ultracold atoms with light-induced

Mikhail Lemeshko

1307.8176 (S. S. Y. Chua et al.)

Impact of backscattered light in a squeezing-enhanced interferometric
gravitational-wave detector

S. S. Y. Chua, S. Dwyer, L. Barsotti, D. Sigg, R. M. S. Schofield, V. V. Frolov, K. Kawabe, M. Evans, G. D. Meadors, M. Factourovich, R. Gustafson, N. Smith-Lefebvre, C. Vorvick, M. Landry, A. Khalaidovski, M. S. Stefszky, C. M. Mow-Lowry, B. C. Buchler, D. A. Shaddock, P. K. Lam, R. Schnabel, N. Mavalvala, D. E. McClelland

1307.8185 (Nuno Costa Dias et al.)

Maximal Covariance Group of Wigner Transforms and Pseudo-Differential

Nuno Costa Dias, Maurice A. de Gosson, João Nuno Prata

1307.8190 (Kristen L. Pudenz et al.)

Error corrected quantum annealing with hundreds of qubits    [PDF]

Kristen L. Pudenz, Tameem Albash, Daniel A. Lidar

1307.8219 (Swathi S. Hegde et al.)

Freezing a Quantum Magnet by Repeated Quantum Interference: An
Experimental Realization

Swathi S. Hegde, Hemant Katiyar, T. S. Mahesh, Arnab Das

1307.8220 (Viktor S. Perunicic et al.)

Single molecule NMR detection and spectroscopy using single spins in

Viktor S. Perunicic, Liam T. Hall, David A. Simpson, Charles D. Hill, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg

1307.8238 (Keith R. Motes et al.)

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion photon sources are scalable in
the asymptotic limit for boson-sampling

Keith R. Motes, Jonathan P. Dowling, Peter P. Rohde

1307.8274 (Pedro Sancho)

Absorption properties of identical atoms    [PDF]

Pedro Sancho

1307.8282 (V. Bolpasi et al.)

An ultra-bright atom laser    [PDF]

V. Bolpasi, N. K. Efremidis, M. J. Morrissey, P. Condylis, D. Sahagun, M. Baker, W. von Klitzing

1307.8306 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Approximate relativistic solutions for a new ring-shaped Hulthén

Sameer M. Ikhdair, Majid Hamzavi

1307.8311 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Relativistic symmetries in Rosen-Morse potential and tensor interaction
using the Nikiforov-Uvarov method

Sameer M. Ikhdair, majid Hamzavi

1307.8318 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Approximate eigensolutions of the deformed Woods-Saxon potential via AIM    [PDF]

Sameer M. Ikhdair, Babatunde James Falaye, Majid Hamzavi

1307.8378 (Cyriaque Genet et al.)

Non-markovian polariton dynamics in organic strong coupling    [PDF]

Cyriaque Genet, Astrid Lambrecht, Thomas W. Ebbesen, Serge Reynaud

1307.8406 (Teck Seng Koh et al.)

High fidelity gates in quantum dot spin qubits    [PDF]

Teck Seng Koh, S. N. Coppersmith, Mark Friesen

1307.8416 (Sebastiano Peotta et al.)

Improving the Gutzwiller Ansatz with Matrix Product States    [PDF]

Sebastiano Peotta, Massimiliano Di Ventra

1307.8417 (Dries Sels et al.)

Wigner distribution functions for complex dynamical systems: the
emergence of the Wigner-Boltzmann equation

Dries Sels, Fons Brosens

1307.8424 (N. Buric et al.)

Phase space hybrid theory of quantum measurement with nonlinear and
stochastic dynamics

N. Buric, D. B. Popovic, S. Prvanovic, M. Radonjic