Thursday, May 10, 2012

1007.1751 (A. B. Klimov et al.)

Graph states in phase space    [PDF]

A. B. Klimov, C. Munoz, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

1107.3489 (Gregory Berkolaiko et al.)

Critical partitions and nodal deficiency of billiard eigenfunctions    [PDF]

Gregory Berkolaiko, Peter Kuchment, Uzy Smilansky

1108.5261 (George F. R. Ellis)

On the limits of quantum theory: contextuality and the quantum-classical

George F. R. Ellis

1112.5040 (M. P. Strzys et al.)

An extension of Bogoliubov theory for a many-body system with a time
scale hierarchy: the quantum mechanics of second Josephson oscillations

M. P. Strzys, J. R. Anglin

1205.1802 (Sophia E. Economou)

High fidelity quantum gates via analytically solvable pulses    [PDF]

Sophia E. Economou

1205.1818 (S. A. Fulling et al.)

Wedges, Cones, Cosmic Strings, and the Reality of Vacuum Energy    [PDF]

S. A. Fulling, C. S. Trendafilova, P. N. Truong, J. Wagner

1205.1836 (Kyle Keane et al.)

Simple quantum error detection and correction for superconducting qubits    [PDF]

Kyle Keane, Alexander N. Korotkov

1205.1850 (Peter P. Rohde et al.)

Increasing the dimensionality of quantum walks using multiple walkers    [PDF]

Peter P. Rohde, Andreas Schreiber, Martin Stefanak, Igor Jex, Alexei Gilchrist, Christine Silberhorn

1205.1876 (Guangjiong Dongy et al.)

Cavity-meidated collisionless sympathetic cooling of molecules with

Guangjiong Dongy, Chang Wang, Weiping Zhang

1205.1883 (P. Kaer et al.)

Microscopic theory of phonon-induced effects on semiconductor quantum
dot decay dynamics in cavity QED

P. Kaer, T. R. Nielsen, P. Lodahl, A. -P. Jauho, J. Mork

1205.1884 (Jing Yan Haw et al.)

Parity Measurement in Ultrastrong Coupling Regime    [PDF]

Jing Yan Haw, Yimin Wang, Valerio Scarani

1205.1888 (Dan M. Stamper-Kurn et al.)

Spinor Bose gases: Explorations of symmetries, magnetism and quantum

Dan M. Stamper-Kurn, Masahito Ueda

1205.1910 (David P. DiVincenzo et al.)

Multi-qubit parity measurement in circuit quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

David P. DiVincenzo, Firat Solgun

1205.1949 (G. Poulsen et al.)

Ground state sideband cooling of an ion in a room temperature trap with
a sub-Hertz heating rate

G. Poulsen, Y. Miroshnychenko, M. Drewsen

1205.1968 (J. Romero et al.)

Increasing the dimension in high-dimensional two-photon orbital angular
momentum entanglement

J. Romero, D. Giovannini, S. Franke-Anold, S. M. Barnett, M. J. Padgett

1205.1969 (Jan Perina Jr et al.)

Absolute detector calibration using twin beams    [PDF]

Jan Perina Jr, Ondrej Haderka, Vaclav Michalek, Martin Hamar

1205.1979 (Magdalena Stobińska et al.)

Entanglement Witnesses and Measures for Bright Squeezed Vacuum    [PDF]

Magdalena Stobińska, Falk Töppel, Pavel Sekatski, Maria V. Chekhova

1205.1992 (H. Nikolic)

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

H. Nikolic

1205.2004 (Michael Klaiber et al.)

Under-the-barrier dynamics in laser-induced relativistic tunneling    [PDF]

Michael Klaiber, Enderalp Yakaboylu, Heiko Bauke, Karen Z. Hatsagortsyan, Christoph H. Keitel

1205.2024 (Juan Yin et al.)

Teleporting independent qubits through a 97 km free-space channel    [PDF]

Juan Yin, He Lu, Ji-Gang Ren, Yuan Cao, Hai-Lin Yong, Yu-Ping Wu, Chang Liu, Sheng-Kai Liao, Yan Jiang, Xin-Dong Cai, Ping Xu, Ge-Sheng Pan, Jian-Yu Wang, Yu-Ao Chen, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Jian-Wei Pan

1205.2058 (Hideo Hasegawa)

Thermodynamical properties of quantum double-well systems    [PDF]

Hideo Hasegawa

1205.2068 (D. Pagel et al.)

Equilibration and thermalization of the dissipative quantum harmonic
oscillator in a non-thermal environment

D. Pagel, A. Alvermann, H. Fehske

1205.2076 (Riccardo Messina et al.)

Three-body amplification of photon heat tunneling    [PDF]

Riccardo Messina, Mauro Antezza, Philippe Ben-Abdallah