Thursday, June 14, 2012

0911.2504 (Eric G. Cavalcanti et al.)

Bell nonlocality, signal locality and unpredictability (or What Bohr
could have told Einstein at Solvay had he known about Bell experiments)

Eric G. Cavalcanti, Howard M. Wiseman

1108.0679 (Yuichiro Fujiwara et al.)

A characterization of entanglement-assisted quantum low-density
parity-check codes

Yuichiro Fujiwara, Vladimir D. Tonchev

1112.2050 (Amit Kumar Pal et al.)

Markovian evolution of classical and quantum correlations in
transverse-field XY model

Amit Kumar Pal, Indrani Bose

1201.1037 (Steven B. Giddings)

Black holes, quantum information, and unitary evolution    [PDF]

Steven B. Giddings

1206.2649 (Wieslaw Laskowski et al.)

Incompatible local hidden-variable models of quantum correlations    [PDF]

Wieslaw Laskowski, Marcin Markiewicz, Tomasz Paterek, Marcin Wiesniak

1206.2670 (Adolfo del Campo et al.)

Assisted finite-rate adiabatic passage across a quantum critical point:
Exact solution for the quantum Ising model

Adolfo del Campo, Marek M. Rams, Wojciech H. Zurek

1206.2675 (Dorje C. Brody et al.)

Quantum splines    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody, Darryl D. Holm, David M. Meier

1206.2688 (Ryan Hamerly et al.)

Coherent controllers for optical-feedback cooling of quantum oscillators    [PDF]

Ryan Hamerly, Hideo Mabuchi

1206.2701 (G. B. Xavier et al.)

Employing long fibre-optical Mach- Zehnder interferometers for quantum
cryptography with orthogonal states

G. B. Xavier, G. P. Temporao, J. P. von der Weid

1206.2707 (Y. Subasi et al.)

The equilibrium states of open quantum systems in the strong coupling

Y. Subasi, C. H. Fleming, J. M. Taylor, B. L. Hu

1206.2718 (Weidong Tang et al.)

Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger paradoxes from qudit graph states    [PDF]

Weidong Tang, Sixia Yu, C. H. Oh

1206.2725 (Eric G. Cavalcanti et al.)

The preparation problem in nonlinear extensions of quantum theory    [PDF]

Eric G. Cavalcanti, Nicolas C. Menicucci, Jacques L. Pienaar

1206.2736 (Su-Yong Lee et al.)

Generating arbitrary photon-number entangled states for
continuous-variable quantum informatics

Su-Yong Lee, Jiyong Park, Hai-Woong Lee, Hyunchul Nha

1206.2769 (Massimo Borrelli et al.)

Dynamics of Atom-Atom Correlations in the Fermi problem    [PDF]

Massimo Borrelli, Carlos Sabín, Gerardo Adesso, Francesco Plastina, Sabrina Maniscalco

1206.2821 (Xiao-Ming Lu et al.)

Statistical distinguishability of some non-commuting quantum states can
be broadcast

Xiao-Ming Lu, Zhe Sun, Xiaoguang Wang, Shunlong Luo, C. H. Oh

1206.2852 (Michal Micuda et al.)

Noiseless loss suppression in quantum optical communication    [PDF]

Michal Micuda, Ivo Straka, Martina Mikova, Miloslav Dusek, Nicolas J. Cerf, Jaromir Fiurasek, Miroslav Jezek

1206.2869 (K. J. A. Reijnders et al.)

Semiclassical theory of potential scattering for massless Dirac fermions    [PDF]

K. J. A. Reijnders, T. Tudorovskiy, M. I. Katsnelson

1206.2884 (Cécilia Lancien et al.)

Distinguishing multi-partite states by local measurements    [PDF]

Cécilia Lancien, Andreas Winter

1206.2897 (Alexander Wilce)

Conjugates, Correlation and Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Alexander Wilce

1206.2906 (Eric R. Bittner et al.)

Theory of vibronic assistance in the nonequilibrium condensation of
exciton polaritons in optically--pumped organic single crystal microcavities

Eric R. Bittner, Svitlana Zaster, Carlos Silva

1206.2907 (Alexander V Turbiner)

Particular Integrability and (Quasi)-exact-solvability    [PDF]

Alexander V Turbiner