Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0038 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Casimir Forces in a Single Conducting Cylindrical Cavity    [PDF]

H. Razmi, S. M. Shirazi

1308.0004 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Casimir Atomic Pendulum    [PDF]

H. Razmi, M. Abdollahi

1308.0006 (H. Razmi et al.)

Casimir Torque for a Perfectly Conducting Wedge: A Canonical Quantum
Field Theoretical Approach

H. Razmi, S. M. Modarresi

1308.0007 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Covariant Electromagnetic Casimir Effect for Real Conducting
Cylindrical Shells

H. Razmi, N. Fadaei

1308.0008 (Babatunde J. Falaye et al.)

Relativistic symmetries in trigonometric Poschl-Teller potential plus
tensor interaction

Babatunde J. Falaye, Sameer M. Ikhdair

1308.0019 (S. Etcheverry et al.)

Quantum key distribution session with 16-dimensional photonic states    [PDF]

S. Etcheverry, G. Cañas, E. S. Gómez, W. A. T. Nogueira, C. Saavedra, G. B. Xavier, G. Lima

1308.0030 (Douglas R. M. Pimentel et al.)

A brief discussion on the possible bound states for a class of singular

Douglas R. M. Pimentel, Antonio S. de Castro

1308.0043 (Andres A. Reynoso et al.)

Complex-band-structure eigenvalue method adapted to Floquet systems:\\
topological superconducting wires as a case study

Andres A. Reynoso, Diego Frustaglia

1308.0069 (Jonathan Lavoie et al.)

Spectral compression of single photons    [PDF]

Jonathan Lavoie, John M. Donohue, Logan G. Wright, Alessandro Fedrizzi, Kevin J. Resch

1308.0084 (Melvyn Ho et al.)

Device-independent certification of the teleportation of a qubit    [PDF]

Melvyn Ho, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Valerio Scarani

1308.0086 (Wei-Bin Yan et al.)

Tunable single-photon frequency conversion in a Sagnac interferometer    [PDF]

Wei-Bin Yan, Jin-Feng Huang, Heng Fan

1308.0110 (Satya Sainadh U et al.)

A mechanical switch for state transfer in dual cavity optomechanical

Satya Sainadh U, Andal Narayanan

1308.0129 (L. Weller et al.)

Cooperative Enhancement of Energy Transfer in a High-Density Thermal

L. Weller, R. J. Bettles, C. L. Vaillant, M. A. Zentile, R. M. Potvliege, C. S. Adams, I. G. Hughes

1308.0131 (Zhao-Yu Sun et al.)

Violation of Bell inequality in perfect translation invariant systems    [PDF]

Zhao-Yu Sun, Yu-Ying Wu, Hai-Lin Huang, Bo-Jun Chen, Bo Wang

1308.0155 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Approximate Analytical Solutions to Relativistic and Nonrelativistic
Pöschl-Teller Potential with its Thermodynamic Properties

Sameer M. Ikhdair, Babatunde J. Falaye

1308.0167 (Avi Marchewka et al.)

Zeros in Bosonic Wave-Function Result in Local Anti-Bunching: Refining
Feynman's argument

Avi Marchewka, E'rel Granot

1308.0221 (Ruslan Sharipov)

A model with two quantum particles similar to the hydrogen atom    [PDF]

Ruslan Sharipov

1308.0225 (Mohammad Hafezi et al.)

Engineering three-body interaction and Pfaffian states in circuit QED

Mohammad Hafezi, Prabin Adhikari, Jacob M. Taylor

1308.0231 (S. Ahren et al.)

Spin effects in strong-field laser-electron interactions    [PDF]

S. Ahren, T. O. Müller, S. Villalba-Chávez, H. Bauke, C. Müller

1308.0238 (A. Nicolas et al.)

A quantum memory for orbital angular momentum photonic qubits    [PDF]

A. Nicolas, L. Veissier, L. Giner, E. Giacobino, D. Maxein, J. Laurat

1308.0242 (Daniel Stanek et al.)

Dynamics and decoherence in the central spin model in the low-field

Daniel Stanek, Carsten Raas, Götz S. Uhrig

1308.0244 (I. C. Fulga et al.)

Effects of disorder on Coulomb-assisted braiding of Majorana fermions    [PDF]

I. C. Fulga, B. van Heck, M. Burrello, T. Hyart

1308.0259 (Muhammad Asjad et al.)

Reservoir engineering of a mechanical resonator: generating a
macroscopic superposition state and monitoring its decoherence

Muhammad Asjad, David Vitali

1308.0264 (H. Schempp et al.)

Full counting statistics of laser excited Rydberg aggregates in a
one-dimensional geometry

H. Schempp, G. Günter, M. Robert-de-Saint-Vincent, C. S. Hofmann, D. Breyel, A. Komnik, D. W. Schönleber, M. Gärttner, J. Evers, S. Whitlock, M. Weidemüller

1308.0270 (Siddhartha Das et al.)

Unification of Bell, Leggett-Garg and Kochen-Specker inequalities and a
hybrid spatio-temporal inequality

Siddhartha Das, S. Aravinda, R. Srikanth, Dipankar Home

1308.0272 (Srikant Veeraraghavan et al.)

Global Solutions of Hartree-Fock Theory and their Consequences for
Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems

Srikant Veeraraghavan, David A. Mazziotti

1308.0277 (Maurizio Fagotti)

Dynamical Phase Transitions as Properties of the Stationary State:
Analytic Results after Quantum Quenches in the Spin-1/2 XXZ Chain

Maurizio Fagotti

1308.0312 (Rotem Arnon-Friedman et al.)

de Finetti reductions beyond quantum theory    [PDF]

Rotem Arnon-Friedman, Renato Renner

1308.0313 (Easwar Magesan et al.)

Compressing measurements in quantum dynamic parameter estimation    [PDF]

Easwar Magesan, Alexandre Cooper, Paola Cappellaro

1308.0316 (T. B. Wahl et al.)

Projected entangled-pair states can describe chiral topological states    [PDF]

T. B. Wahl, H. -H. Tu, N. Schuch, J. I. Cirac

1308.0321 (M. Aidelsburger et al.)

Realization of the Hofstadter Hamiltonian with ultracold atoms in
optical lattices

M. Aidelsburger, M. Atala, M. Lohse, J. T. Barreiro, B. Paredes, I. Bloch