Friday, April 27, 2012

1104.1347 (D. Hayes et al.)

Coherent Error Suppression in Multi-Qubit Entangling Gates    [PDF]

D. Hayes, S. M. Clark, S. Debnath, D. Hucul, I. V. Inlek, K. W. Lee, Q. Quraishi, C. Monroe

1108.2261 (Michael Silberstein et al.)

Being, Becoming and the Undivided Universe: A Dialogue between
Relational Blockworld and the Implicate Order Concerning the Unification of
Relativity and Quantum Theory

Michael Silberstein, W. M. Stuckey, Timothy McDevitt

1109.0036 (William Donnelly)

Decomposition of entanglement entropy in lattice gauge theory    [PDF]

William Donnelly

1111.3837 (Zhengjun Xi et al.)

Necessary and sufficient condition for saturating the upper bound of
quantum discord

Zhengjun Xi, Xiao-Ming Lu, Xiaoguang Wang, Yongming Li

1112.0736 (Zhengjun Xi et al.)

Measurement-induced nonlocality based on the relative entropy    [PDF]

Zhengjun Xi, Xiaoguang Wang, Yongming Li

1201.2443 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Cosmological constant, inflation and no-cloning theorem    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Feng-Li Lin

1201.3344 (Zhihao Lan et al.)

Coexistence of spin-1/2 and spin-1 Dirac-Weyl fermions in the
edge-centered honeycomb lattice

Zhihao Lan, Nathan Goldman, Patrik Ohberg

1204.5262 (Shu-Hao Yeh et al.)

Population and Entanglement Dynamics in Light Harvesting Complex II

Shu-Hao Yeh, Jing Zhu, Sabre Kais

1204.5948 (Craig J. Hogan)

Covariant Macroscopic Quantum Geometry    [PDF]

Craig J. Hogan

1204.5757 (Mark Fannes et al.)

Fermionic Markov Chains    [PDF]

Mark Fannes, Jeroen Wouters

1204.5758 (V. D. Salakhutdinov et al.)

Full-field quantum correlations of spatially entangled photons    [PDF]

V. D. Salakhutdinov, E. R. Eliel, W. Löffler

1204.5767 (Stan Gudder)

Causal set approach to discrete quantum gravity    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1204.5769 (Wen-ge Wang et al.)

Scaling behavior in quantum phase transitions    [PDF]

Wen-ge Wang, Pinquan Qin, Giuliano Benenti, Giulio Casati

1204.5775 (Simone Cialdi et al.)

A novel method to investigate how the spatial correlation of the pump
beam affects the purity of polarization entangled states

Simone Cialdi, Davide Brivio, Andrea Tabacchini, Ali Mohammed Kadhimi, Matteo G. A. Paris

1204.5781 (Mehul Malik et al.)

Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence on a High-Dimensional Quantum Key
Distribution System using Orbital Angular Momentum for Encoding

Mehul Malik, Malcolm O'Sullivan, Brandon Rodenburg, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Jonathan Leach, Martin P. J. Lavery, Miles J. Padgett, Robert W. Boyd

1204.5789 (Joseph W. Britton et al.)

Engineered 2D Ising interactions on a trapped-ion quantum simulator with
hundreds of spins

Joseph W. Britton, Brian C. Sawyer, Adam C. Keith, C. -C. Joseph Wang, James K. Freericks, Hermann Uys, Michael J. Biercuk, John. J. Bollinger

1204.5795 (Jason D. Biggs et al.)

Two-Dimensional Stimulated Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Molecules
with Broadband X-ray Pulses

Jason D. Biggs, Yu Zhang, Daniel Healion, Shaul Mukamel

1204.5832 (Zhi-Kun Su et al.)

A simple scheme for quantum networks based on orbital angular momentum
states of photons

Zhi-Kun Su, Fa-Qiang Wang, Rui-Bo Jin, Rui-Sheng Liang, Song-Hao Liu

1204.5848 (Antoine Suarez)

Decision at the beam-splitter, or decision at detection, that is the

Antoine Suarez

1204.5850 (A. A. Vyshnevyy et al.)

Three Mach Zehnder Interferometers Setup for Production and Observation
of GHZ-entanglement of Electrons

A. A. Vyshnevyy, G. B. Lesovik, T. Jonckheere, T. Martin

1204.5868 (Jianwei Xu)

Global Quantum discord of multi-qubit states    [PDF]

Jianwei Xu

1204.5870 (André Xuereb et al.)

Multipartite optomechanical entanglement from competing nonlinearities    [PDF]

André Xuereb, Marco Barbieri, Mauro Paternostro

1204.5882 (Paul Jouguet et al.)

High Performance Error Correction for Quantum Key Distribution using
Polar Codes

Paul Jouguet, Sébastien Kunz-Jacques

1204.5884 (Chong Xiang et al.)

Unicity Distance of Quantum Encryption Protocols    [PDF]

Chong Xiang, Li Yang

1204.5889 (Pinja Haikka et al.)

Robust non-Markovianity in ultracold gases    [PDF]

Pinja Haikka, Suzanne McEndoo, Gabriele De Chiara, Massimo Palma, Sabrina Maniscalco

1204.5890 (Tao Zhou et al.)

Influence of detector motion on discrimination between photon

Tao Zhou, Jingxin Cui, Ye Cao

1204.5896 (Malte C. Tichy et al.)

Dynamical effects of exchange symmetry breaking in mixtures of
interacting bosons

Malte C. Tichy, Jacob F. Sherson, Klaus Mølmer

1204.5898 (K. J. Oyewumi)

Approximate Spin and Pseudospin Solutions of the Dirac equation with
Rosen-Morse Potential including a Coulomb Tensor Interaction

K. J. Oyewumi

1204.5911 (M. F. Ciappina et al.)

Tailoring high-order harmonic generation with nonhomogeneous fields and
electron confinement

M. F. Ciappina, Srdjan S. Acimovic, T. Shaaran, J. Biegert, R. Quidant, M. Lewenstein

1204.5913 (Matty J. Hoban)

Computational Perspectives on Bell Inequalities and Many-body Quantum

Matty J. Hoban

1204.5918 (A. Croy et al.)

Dynamics of a nano-scale rotor driven by single-electron tunneling    [PDF]

A. Croy, A. Eisfeld

1204.5931 (Matisse Wei-Yuan Tu et al.)

Coherent control of artificial molecules using an Aharonov-Bohm magnetic

Matisse Wei-Yuan Tu, Wei-Min Zhang, Franco Nori

1204.5936 (Aamir Anis et al.)

Maximum-likelihood coherent-state quantum process tomography    [PDF]

Aamir Anis, A. I. Lvovsky

1204.5937 (K. Barr et al.)

Periodicity and perfect state transfer in quantum walks on three
families of graphs

K. Barr, T. Proctor, D. Allen, V. Kendon

1204.5940 (Lin Zhang et al.)

Opto-mechanical measurement of micro-trap on atom chip via nonlinear
cavity enhanced Raman scattering spectrum

Lin Zhang, Aravind Chiruvelli

1204.5949 (Yanting Zhang et al.)

Quantum Adsorption of an Electron to Porous Silicon    [PDF]

Yanting Zhang, Dennis P. Clougherty

1204.5953 (Philip J. Aston)

Is Radioactive Decay Really Exponential?    [PDF]

Philip J. Aston

1204.5961 (Adrian Kent)

Beable-Guided Quantum Theories: Generalising Quantum Probability Laws    [PDF]

Adrian Kent

1204.5989 (Miloslav Znojil)

Crypto-unitary quantum evolution operators    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1204.6021 (Michael S. Underwood et al.)

Bose-Hubbard model for universal quantum walk-based computation    [PDF]

Michael S. Underwood, David L. Feder