Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1008.0630 (Raman Sharma et al.)

Diffraction limit of the sub-Planck structures    [PDF]

Raman Sharma, Suranjana Ghosh, Utpal Roy, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1103.2878 (James R. Wootton)

Towards unambiguous calculation of the topological entropy for mixed

James R. Wootton

1104.3304 (Lajos Diósi)

Non-Markovian Open Quantum Systems: Lorentzian from Markovian    [PDF]

Lajos Diósi

1106.1445 (Mark M. Wilde)

From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory    [PDF]

Mark M. Wilde

1106.3856 (Christian Zielinski et al.)

Entanglement Efficiencies in PT-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Christian Zielinski, Qing-hai Wang

1205.3425 (J. Klepp et al.)

Three-port beam splitter for slow neutrons using holographic
nanoparticle-polymer composite diffraction gratings

J. Klepp, Y. Tomita, C. Pruner, J. Kohlbrecher, M. Fally

1205.3195 (C. Jess Riedel)

Decoherence and the Quantum Detection of Classically Undetectable

C. Jess Riedel

1205.3197 (C. Jess Riedel et al.)

The Rise and Fall of Redundancy in Decoherence and Quantum Darwinism    [PDF]

C. Jess Riedel, Wojciech H. Zurek, Michael Zwolak

1205.3229 (M. S. Stefszky et al.)

Balanced Homodyne Detection of Optical Quantum States at Audio-Band
Frequencies and Below

M. S. Stefszky, C. M. Mow-Lowry, S. S. Y. Chua, D. A. Shaddock, B. C. Buchler, H. Vahlbruch, A. Khalaidovski, R. Schnabel, P. K. Lam, D. E. McClelland

1205.3240 (Sahar Basiri Esfahani et al.)

Phonon number measurements using single photon opto-mechanics    [PDF]

Sahar Basiri Esfahani, Uzma Akram, Gerard J. Milburn

1205.3258 (R. E. Kastner)

On Delayed Choice and Contingent Absorber Experiments    [PDF]

R. E. Kastner

1205.3265 (Qin Li et al.)

On the security of arbitrated quantum signature schemes    [PDF]

Qin Li, Chengqing Li, Zhonghua Wen, Weizhong Zhao, W. H. Chan

1205.3269 (Igor G. Vladimirov et al.)

Characterization and Moment Stability Analysis of Quasilinear Quantum
Stochastic Systems with Quadratic Coupling to External Fields

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

1205.3280 (Rafael Rabelo et al.)

Device-independent bounds for Hardy's experiment    [PDF]

Rafael Rabelo, Law Yun Zhi, Valerio Scarani

1205.3294 (T. Subeesh et al.)

Phase-space based operator valued measure for the quantum optical phase    [PDF]

T. Subeesh, Vivishek Sudhir

1205.3303 (B. Blass et al.)

Quantum relaxation and finite size effects in the XY chain in a
transverse field after global quenches

B. Blass, H. Rieger, F. Iglói

1205.3307 (Konstantin Y Bliokh et al.)

Spatio-temporal vortex beams and angular momentum    [PDF]

Konstantin Y Bliokh, Franco Nori

1205.3310 (Joanne L. Hall et al.)

Planar Difference Functions    [PDF]

Joanne L. Hall, Asha Rao, Diane Donovan

1205.3315 (Jason Morton et al.)

Undecidability in Tensor Network States    [PDF]

Jason Morton, Jacob Biamonte

1205.3330 (Alexander G. Anderson et al.)

Complex Trajectories in a Classical Periodic Potential    [PDF]

Alexander G. Anderson, Carl M. Bender

1205.3331 (Huei Ying Nelly Ng et al.)

Experimental implementation of bit commitment in the noisy-storage model    [PDF]

Huei Ying Nelly Ng, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Chen Ming Chia, Christian Kurtsiefer, Stephanie Wehner

1205.3333 (Souvik Pramanik et al.)

Taming the Ghost in Pais-Uhlenbeck Oscillator    [PDF]

Souvik Pramanik, Subir Ghosh

1205.3340 (Iacopo Pozzana)

The entanglement or separability of mixed quantum states as a matter of
the choice of observables

Iacopo Pozzana

1205.3341 (Eric M. Kessler et al.)

Dissipative Phase Transition in Central Spin Systems    [PDF]

Eric M. Kessler, Geza Giedke, Atac Imamoglu, Susanne F. Yelin, Mikhail D. Lukin, Juan I. Cirac

1205.3353 (F. Giazotto et al.)

The Josephson heat interferometer    [PDF]

F. Giazotto, M. J. Martinez-Perez

1205.3354 (K. Z. Hatsagortsyan et al.)

Photon-photon interaction in structured QED vacuum    [PDF]

K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan

1205.3356 (Kil-Chan Ha et al.)

The structural physical approximations and optimal entanglement

Kil-Chan Ha, Seung-Hyeok Kye

1205.3358 (Matthias Kleinmann et al.)

Typical local measurements in generalised probabilistic theories:
emergence of quantum bipartite correlations

Matthias Kleinmann, Tobias J. Osborne, Volkher B. Scholz, Albert H. Werner

1205.3363 (Marco Ornigotti et al.)

An algorithm for the optical equivalence theorem    [PDF]

Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello, Gerd Leuchs

1205.3393 (Gerhard Groessing et al.)

The Quantum as an Emergent System    [PDF]

Gerhard Groessing, Siegfried Fussy, Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Herbert Schwabl

1205.3407 (Robert Koenig et al.)

Limits on classical communication from quantum entropy power

Robert Koenig, Graeme Smith

1205.3409 (Robert Koenig et al.)

The entropy power inequality for quantum systems    [PDF]

Robert Koenig, Graeme Smith

1205.3439 (Daniel Braak)

Continued Fractions and the Rabi Model    [PDF]

Daniel Braak

1205.3444 (Edward Yesid Villegas)

Symbolic Solution for Generalized Quantum Cylindrical Wells using
Computer Algebra

Edward Yesid Villegas

1205.3447 (Stefan Nimmrichter et al.)

Macroscopicity of quantum superposition states    [PDF]

Stefan Nimmrichter, Klaus Hornberger

1205.3456 (X. Wang et al.)

Absolute Dynamical Limit to Cooling Weakly-Coupled Quantum Systems    [PDF]

X. Wang, Sai Vinjanampathy, Frederick W. Strauch, Kurt Jacobs

1205.3465 (Matteo Brunelli et al.)

Qubit-assisted thermometry of a quantum harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

Matteo Brunelli, Stefano Olivares, Mauro Paternostro, Matteo G. A. Paris

1205.3472 (A. V. Dodonov et al.)

Dynamical Casimir Effect in cavity with N-level detector or N-1
two-level atoms

A. V. Dodonov, V. V. Dodonov