Friday, March 29, 2013

1112.5863 (David A. Mazziotti)

Effect of Strong Electron Correlation on the Efficiency of
Photosynthetic Light Harvesting

David A. Mazziotti

1303.6439 (Alessandro Cerioni et al.)

Accurate Complex Scaling of Three Dimensional Numerical Potentials    [PDF]

Alessandro Cerioni, Luigi Genovese, Ivan Duchemin, Thierry Deutsch

1303.6950 (G. T. Hickman et al.)

Dynamically corrected gates for an exchange-only qubit    [PDF]

G. T. Hickman, Xin Wang, J. P. Kestner, S. Das Sarma

1303.6965 (Canran Xu et al.)

Full Counting Statistics of Photons Emitted by Double Quantum Dot    [PDF]

Canran Xu, Maxim G. Vavilov

1303.6971 (Cody Jones)

Composite Toffoli gate with two-round error detection    [PDF]

Cody Jones

1303.6983 (Philip Richerme et al.)

Trapped-Ion Quantum Simulation of an Ising Model with Transverse and
Longitudinal Fields

Philip Richerme, Crystal Senko, Simcha Korenblit, Jacob Smith, Aaron Lee, Wesley C. Campbell, Christopher Monroe

1303.6996 (Victor M. Acosta et al.)

Electromagnetically-induced transparency in a diamond spin ensemble
enables all-optical electromagnetic field sensing

Victor M. Acosta, Kasper Jensen, Charles Santori, Dmitry Budker, Rymond G. Beausoleil1

1303.7013 (C. M. Chandrashekar et al.)

Quantum percolation and Anderson transition point for transport of a
two-state particle

C. M. Chandrashekar, Th. Busch

1303.7019 (Kicheon Kang)

Local Geometric Phase and Quantum State Tomography in a Superconducting

Kicheon Kang

1303.7020 (Salman Beigi et al.)

Symmetries of Codeword Stabilized Quantum Codes    [PDF]

Salman Beigi, Jianxin Chen, Markus Grassl, Zhengfeng Ji, Qiang Wang, Bei Zeng

1303.7045 (Sudip Kumar Haldar et al.)

Correlated many-body calculation to study characteristics of Shannon
information entropy for ultracold trapped interacting bosons

Sudip Kumar Haldar, Barnali Chakrabarti, Tapan Kumar Das, Anindya Biswas

1303.7047 (Jesse A. Vaitkus et al.)

Digital three-state adiabatic passage    [PDF]

Jesse A. Vaitkus, Andrew D. Greentree

1303.7053 (V. N. Rodionov)

Non-Hermitian $\cal PT$-symmetric quantum mechanics of relativistic
particles with the restriction of mass

V. N. Rodionov

1303.7063 (Georgios M. Nikolopoulos)

Statistics of a quantum-state-transfer Hamiltonian in the presence of

Georgios M. Nikolopoulos

1303.7101 (J. C. G. Biniok et al.)

Multi-slit interferometry and commuting functions of position and

J. C. G. Biniok, P. Busch

1303.7104 (D. V. Khomitsky et al.)

Edge states and topological properties of electrons on the bismuth on
silicon surface with giant spin-orbit coupling

D. V. Khomitsky, A. A. Chubanov

1303.7138 (Armand Lebreton et al.)

Unequivocal differentiation of coherent and chaotic light through
interferometric photon correlation measurements

Armand Lebreton, Izo Abram, Rémy Braive, Isabelle Sagnes, Isabelle Robert-Philip, Alexios Beveratos

1303.7140 (Georg Schütz et al.)

New prospects and techniques for matter wave interferometry with ions    [PDF]

Georg Schütz, Alexander Rembold, Andreas Pooch, Philipp Schneeweiss, Arno Rauschenbeutel, Ing-Shouh Hwang, Alexander Stibor

1303.7150 (I. Marquette et al.)

New ladder operators for a rational extension of the harmonic oscillator
and superintegrability of some two-dimensional systems

I. Marquette, C. Quesne

1303.7154 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Quantum state tomography from sequential measurement of two variables in
a single setup

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1303.7157 (K. Zhao et al.)

New Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor isostructural to 122 type iron
pnictide superconductor with TC up to 180 K

K. Zhao, Z. Deng, X. C. Wang, W. Han, J. L. Zhu, X. Li, Q. Q. Liu, R. C. Yu, T. Goko, B. Frandsen, Lian Liu, Fanlong Ning, Y. J. Uemura, H. Dabkowska, G. M. Luke, H. Luetkens, E. Morenzoni, S. R. Dunsiger, A. Senyshyn, P. Böni, C. Q. Jin

1303.7187 (M. T. Turnbull et al.)

Role of the phase-matching condition in non-degenerate four-wave mixing
in hot vapors for the generation of squeezed states of light

M. T. Turnbull, P. G. Petrov, C. S. Embrey, A. M. Marino, V. Boyer

1303.7193 (M. N. Chernodub)

On magnetic-field-induced dissipationless electric current in nanowires    [PDF]

M. N. Chernodub

1303.7207 (Katharina Boguslawski et al.)

Orbital entanglement in bond-formation processes    [PDF]

Katharina Boguslawski, Pawel Tecmer, Gergely Barcza, Ors Legeza, Markus Reiher

1303.7222 (Junghee Ryu et al.)

Multi-setting tripartite GHZ theorem    [PDF]

Junghee Ryu, Changhyoup Lee, Marek Zukowski, Jinhyoung Lee

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6649 (Paul Busch)

Unsharp Localization and Causality in Relativistic Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Paul Busch

1303.6655 (Romain Vasseur et al.)

Crossover physics in the non-equilibrium dynamics of quenched quantum
impurity systems

Romain Vasseur, Kien Trinh, Stephan Haas, Hubert Saleur

1303.6658 (Michel Bauer et al.)

Open quantum random walks: bi-stability on pure states and ballistically
induced diffusion

Michel Bauer, Denis Bernard, Antoine Tilloy

1303.6696 (Omar Gamel et al.)

Measures of quantum state purity and classical degree of polarization    [PDF]

Omar Gamel, Daniel F. V. James

1303.6701 (C. Allen Bishop et al.)

Quantum-Secured Surveillance Based on Mach-Zehnder Interferometry    [PDF]

C. Allen Bishop, Travis S. Humble, Ryan S. Bennink, Brian P. Williams

1303.6730 (David M. Toyli et al.)

Fluorescence thermometry enhanced by the quantum coherence of single
spins in diamond

David M. Toyli, Charles F. de las Casas, David J. Christle, Viatcheslav V. Dobrovitski, David D. Awschalom

1303.6740 (Weidong Tang et al.)

Multi-setting Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Paradoxes    [PDF]

Weidong Tang, Sixia Yu, C. H. Oh

1303.6814 (Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin et al.)

The SWAP test and the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect are equivalent    [PDF]

Juan Carlos Garcia-Escartin, Pedro Chamorro-Posada

1303.6830 (Anders Bolund et al.)

How many atoms get excited when they decay?    [PDF]

Anders Bolund, Klaus Mølmer

1303.6831 (Min Li et al.)

Qunatum Parrondo's games constructed by quantum random walk    [PDF]

Min Li, Yong-Sheng Zhang, Guang-Can Guo

1303.6844 (David Krejcirik et al.)

Magnetic effects in curved quantum waveguides    [PDF]

David Krejcirik, Nicolas Raymond

1303.6858 (D. Banerjee et al.)

The (2+1)-d U(1) Quantum Link Model Masquerading as Deconfined

D. Banerjee, F. -J. Jiang, P. Widmer, U. -J. Wiese

1303.6917 (Anton Kapustin)

Is there life beyond Quantum Mechanics?    [PDF]

Anton Kapustin

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.5820 (Satoru Odake)

Recurrence Relations of the Multi-Indexed Orthogonal Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake

1303.6273 (W. H. Klink et al.)

Quantum Mechanics in Noninertial Reference Frames: Violations of the
Nonrelativistic Equivalence Principle

W. H. Klink, S. Wickramasekara

1303.6274 (W. H. Klink et al.)

Quantum Mechanics in non-inertial reference frames: time-dependent
rotations and loop prolongations

W. H. Klink, S. Wickramasekara

1303.6473 (Andrei Khrennikov)

Classical random field viewpoint to
Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan-Lindblad equation and its linear and nonlinear

Andrei Khrennikov

1303.6304 (Michael J. Kastoryano et al.)

Rapid mixing implies exponential decay of correlations    [PDF]

Michael J. Kastoryano, Jens Eisert

1303.6339 (Sungwook Lee et al.)

Can PT-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics be a Viable Alternative Quantum

Sungwook Lee, Lawrence R. Mead

1303.6353 (J. J. Mendoza-Arenas et al.)

Heat transport in the $XXZ$ spin chain: from ballistic to diffusive
regimes and dephasing enhancement

J. J. Mendoza-Arenas, S. Al-Assam, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch

1303.6354 (Noah Graham)

Electromagnetic Casimir Forces in Elliptic Cylinder Geometries    [PDF]

Noah Graham

1303.6356 (Seckin Sefi et al.)

A measurement-induced optical Kerr interaction    [PDF]

Seckin Sefi, Vishal Vaibhav, Peter van Loock

1303.6357 (T. Rosenband et al.)

Exponential scaling of clock stability with atom number    [PDF]

T. Rosenband, D. R. Leibrandt

1303.6365 (Dong-Ling Deng et al.)

Fault Tolerant Quantum Random Number Generator Certified by Majorana

Dong-Ling Deng, Lu-Ming Duan

1303.6393 (Hal Tasaki)

The second law of thermodynamics for pure quantum states    [PDF]

Hal Tasaki

1303.6403 (J. Sperling et al.)

Multipartite Entanglement Witnesses    [PDF]

J. Sperling, W. Vogel

1303.6404 (Sixia Yu et al.)

Robertson-Schroedinger Uncertainty Relation Refined by Skew Information    [PDF]

Sixia Yu, C. H. Oh

1303.6431 (Rudolf Haag)

On the Sharpness of Localization of Individual Events in Space and Time    [PDF]

Rudolf Haag

1303.6497 (David W. Lyons et al.)

Entanglement verification using local unitary stabilizers    [PDF]

David W. Lyons, Scott N. Walck

1303.6522 (Nicolas Brunner et al.)

Proposal for a loophole-free Bell test based on spin-photon interactions
in cavities

Nicolas Brunner, Andrew B. Young, Chengyong Hu, John G. Rarity

1303.6523 (Adan Cabello)

Proposed experiment to exclude higher-than-quantum violations of the
Bell inequality

Adan Cabello

1303.6536 (P. Busch et al.)

Quantum Measurements Constrained by Symmetries    [PDF]

P. Busch, L. D. Loveridge

1303.6537 (Hichem Eleuch et al.)

Width bifurcation and dynamical phase transitions in open quantum

Hichem Eleuch, Ingrid Rotter

1303.6558 (Obinna Abah et al.)

Efficiency of heat engines coupled to nonequilibrium reservoirs    [PDF]

Obinna Abah, Eric Lutz

1303.6580 (Christian Majenz et al.)

Coarse-Graining Can Beat the Rotating Wave Approximation in Quantum
Markovian Master Equations

Christian Majenz, Tameem Albash, Heinz-Peter Breuer, Daniel A. Lidar

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1007.1875 (André Chailloux et al.)

Lower Bounds for Quantum Oblivious Transfer    [PDF]

André Chailloux, Iordanis Kerenidis, Jamie Sikora

1111.3882 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandão et al.)

The Resource Theory of Quantum States Out of Thermal Equilibrium    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Michał Horodecki, Jonathan Oppenheim, Joseph M. Renes, Robert W. Spekkens

1303.6181 (Nikolay Chuprikov)

What is wrong in the current models of tunneling    [PDF]

Nikolay Chuprikov

1303.5770 (A. Lemmer et al.)

Driven Geometric Phase Gates with Trapped Ions    [PDF]

A. Lemmer, A. Bermudez, M. B. Plenio

1303.5826 (Sumanta Das et al.)

Collective Quantum Dot Inversion and Amplification of Photon and Phonon

Sumanta Das, Mihai Macovei

1303.5833 (Thierry Jecko)

On the mathematical treatment of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation    [PDF]

Thierry Jecko

1303.5858 (Andrey Kudryavtsev)

The nonlocal Darboux transformation of the 2D stationary Schrödinger
equation and its relation to the Moutard transformation

Andrey Kudryavtsev

1303.5883 (M. T. Yamashita et al.)

Single-Particle Momentum Distributions of Efimov States in Mixed-Species

M. T. Yamashita, F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1303.5888 (Denis V. Vasilyev et al.)

Dissipative vs. Conditional Generation of Gaussian Entanglement and Spin

Denis V. Vasilyev, Christine A. Muschik, Klemens Hammerer

1303.5892 (B. M. Rodríguez-Lara et al.)

A classical simulation of nonlinear Jaynes--Cummings and Rabi models in
photonic lattices

B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, Francisco Soto-Eguibar, Alejandro Zárate Cárdenas, H. M. Moya-Cessa

1303.5904 (S. R. Hedemann)

Hyperspherical Parameterization of Unitary Matrices    [PDF]

S. R. Hedemann

1303.5935 (V. A. Reshetov et al.)

Polarization properties of 'slow' light    [PDF]

V. A. Reshetov, I. V. Meleshko

1303.5939 (Maxim A. Efremov et al.)

Three-body bound states in atomic mixture with resonant p-wave

Maxim A. Efremov, Lev Plimak, Misha Yu. Ivanov, Wolfgang P. Schleich

1303.5942 (Luc Devroye et al.)

Exact simulation for the GHZ distribution    [PDF]

Luc Devroye, Claude Gravel

1303.5981 (Craig Hogan)

Quantum Geometry in the Lab    [PDF]

Craig Hogan

1303.6007 (Terrell Ward Bynum)

On the Possibility of Quantum Informational Structural Realism    [PDF]

Terrell Ward Bynum

1303.6009 (Keyu Xia et al.)

Ultrabroadband nonreciprocal transverse energy flow of light in linear
passive photonic circuits

Keyu Xia, M. Alamri, M. Suhail Zubairy

1303.6015 (Rui-Bo Jin et al.)

Widely tunable single photon source with high purity at telecom

Rui-Bo Jin, Ryosuke Shimizu, Kentaro Wakui, Hugo Benichi, Masahide Sasaki

1303.6025 (Ian R. Petersen)

Robust Stability Analysis of an Optical Parametric Amplifier Quantum

Ian R. Petersen

1303.6031 (Abraham G. Kofman et al.)

Connection-state approach to pre- and post-selected measurements    [PDF]

Abraham G. Kofman, Sahin K. Ozdemir, Franco Nori

1303.6034 (Akira SaiToh)

ZKCM: a C++ library for multiprecision matrix computation with
applications in quantum information

Akira SaiToh

1303.6039 (Xiang-Chun Ma et al.)

Improved wavelength attack on practical continuous variables quantum key
distribution system with heterodyne protocol

Xiang-Chun Ma, Shi-Hai Sun, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Lin-Mei Liang

1303.6043 (Xiang-Chun Ma et al.)

Local oscillator fluctuation opens a loophole for Eve in practical
continuous-variable quantum key distribution system

Xiang-Chun Ma, Shi-Hai Sun, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Lin-Mei Liang

1303.6045 (Hitoshi Katsuda et al.)

Nonadiabatic Quantum Annealing for One-Dimensional Trasverse-Field Ising

Hitoshi Katsuda, Hidetoshi Nishimori

1303.6055 (Seokwon Yoo et al.)

Quantum speedup in machine learning: Finding a circuit implementing a
task of N-bit Boolean function

Seokwon Yoo, Jeongho Bang, Changhyoup Lee, Jinhyoung Lee

1303.6057 (B. J. Hiley)

Bohmian Non-commutative Dynamics: History and New Developments    [PDF]

B. J. Hiley

1303.6105 (O. N. Golubjeva et al.)

Quantum mechanical analogue of the zeroth law of thermodynamics. (On the
problem of incorporating Thermodynamics into Quantum Theory)

O. N. Golubjeva, A. D. Sukhanov

1303.6123 (Jianlan Wu et al.)

Higher-Order Kinetic Expansion of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics: Mapping
Quantum Networks to Kinetic Networks

Jianlan Wu, Jianshu Cao

1303.6176 (C. D. Fosco et al.)

Vacuum fluctuations and generalized boundary conditions    [PDF]

C. D. Fosco, F. C. Lombardo, F. D. Mazzitelli

1303.6202 (Christof Bernhard et al.)

Shaping frequency entangled qudits    [PDF]

Christof Bernhard, Bänz Bessire, Thomas Feurer, André Stefanov

1303.6203 (Ernesto Estrada et al.)

Walk Entropies in Quantum Networks    [PDF]

Ernesto Estrada, Jose A. de la Pena, Naomichi Hatano

1303.6208 (Carlos Sabín et al.)

Dynamical phase quantum thermometer for an ultracold Bose-Einstein

Carlos Sabín, Angela White, Lucia Hackermuller, Ivette Fuentes

1303.6226 (Shohini Ghose et al.)

Secure quantum communication using multiqubit entanglement and

Shohini Ghose, Atul Kumar, Vaibhav Madhok, A. M. Hamel

1303.6261 (Nicolas Sangouard et al.)

Heralded Mapping of Photonic Entanglement into Single Atoms in Free
Space: Proposal for a Loophole-Free Bell Test

Nicolas Sangouard, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Philipp Muller, Joyee Ghosh, Jurgen Eschner

Monday, March 25, 2013

1303.5471 (Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda et al.)

Emergent Second Law in Pure Quantum States    [PDF]

Tatsuhiko N. Ikeda, Naoyuki Sakumichi, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Masahito Ueda

1303.5502 (Cristian S. Calude et al.)

Spectral Representation of Some Computably Enumerable Sets With an
Application to Quantum Provability

Cristian S. Calude, Kohtaro Tadaki

1303.5516 (Akihiro Yamaguchi et al.)

Quantum effects in the interaction of off-resonant coherent light with a
single atom

Akihiro Yamaguchi, Holger F. Hofmann

1303.5523 (Chitra Shukla et al.)

Bidirectional controlled teleportation by using 5-qubit states: A
generalized view

Chitra Shukla, Anindita Banerjee, Anirban Pathak

1303.5530 (Teiko Heinosaari et al.)

Qualitative Noise-Disturbance Relation for Quantum Measurements    [PDF]

Teiko Heinosaari, Takayuki Miyadera

1303.5564 (Y. Liu et al.)

Synchronization transition in the quantum dynamics of two spins    [PDF]

Y. Liu, F. Piechon, J. N. Fuchs

1303.5570 (S. Javad Akhtarshenas et al.)

Tight Lower Bound on the Geometric Discord: A Measure of the Quantumness    [PDF]

S. Javad Akhtarshenas, Hamidreza Mohammadi, Saman Karimi, Zahra Azmi

1303.5591 (Andrzej Grudka et al.)

Free randomness amplification using bipartite chain correlations    [PDF]

Andrzej Grudka, Karol Horodecki, Michał Horodecki, Paweł Horodecki, Marcin Pawłowski, Ravishankar Ramanathan

1303.5615 (S. Rosi et al.)

Fast closed-loop optimal control of ultracold atoms in an optical

S. Rosi, A. Bernard, N. Fabbri, L. Fallani, C. Fort, M. Inguscio, T. Calarco, S. Montangero

1303.5629 (Kai-Hong Luo et al.)

Nonlocal imaging by conditional averaging of random reference

Kai-Hong Luo, Boqiang Huang, Wei-Mou Zheng, Ling-An Wu

1303.5644 (Christian Kraglund Andersen et al.)

An effective tunneling description of voltage switching in Josephson
Junctions driven by time varying fields

Christian Kraglund Andersen, Klaus Mølmer

1303.5666 (Yu-Zhu Sun et al.)

Photonic Nonlinearities via Quantum Zeno Blockade    [PDF]

Yu-Zhu Sun, Yu-Ping Huang, Prem Kumar

Friday, March 22, 2013

0910.1745 (Johan Aberg et al.)

Directed quantum communication    [PDF]

Johan Aberg, Stefan Hengl, Renato Renner

1303.5322 (J. Yuan et al.)

Chiral specific electron vortex beam spectroscopy    [PDF]

J. Yuan, S. M. Lloyd, M. Babiker

1303.5092 (Changhyoup Lee et al.)

Robust-to-loss entanglement generation using a quantum plasmonic
nanoparticle array

Changhyoup Lee, Mark Tame, Changsuk Noh, James Lim, Stefan A. Maier, Jinhyoung Lee, Dimitris G. Angelakis

1303.5110 (J. D. Montealegre et al.)

One-norm geometric quantum discord under decoherence    [PDF]

J. D. Montealegre, F. M. Paula, A. Saguia, M. S. Sarandy

1303.5122 (N. A. Sinitsyn)

Nonadiabatic transitions in exactly solvable quantum mechanical
multichannel model: role of level curvature and counterintuitive behavior

N. A. Sinitsyn

1303.5124 (Miguel Navascues)

All entangled states violate a Leggett inequality    [PDF]

Miguel Navascues

1303.5176 (L. P. Teo)

Material dependence of Casimir interaction between a sphere and a plate:
First analytic correction beyond proximity force approximation

L. P. Teo

1303.5182 (Fazal Ghafoor)

Autler-Townes multiplet spectroscopy    [PDF]

Fazal Ghafoor

1303.5186 (Fazal Ghafoor)

An alternative realization of spontaneous emission cancelation via Field
Generated Coherence (FGC)

Fazal Ghafoor

1303.5238 (V. N. Chernega)

Purity dependent uncertainty relation and possible enhancement of
quantum tunneling phenomenon

V. N. Chernega

1303.5256 (Omri Gat et al.)

Resonance phenomena in the interaction of a many-photon wave packet and
a qubit

Omri Gat, Max Lein, Stefan Teufel

1303.5257 (Federica A. Beduini et al.)

Optical spin squeezing: bright beams as high-flux entangled photon

Federica A. Beduini, Morgan W. Mitchell

1303.5266 (Song Cheng et al.)

Complete positivity and contextuality of quantum dynamics    [PDF]

Song Cheng, Dongsheng Wang

1303.5281 (Giorgio Brida et al.)

Experimental Test of an Event-Based Corpuscular Model Modification as an
Alternative to Quantum Mechanics

Giorgio Brida, Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Marco Genovese, Alan Migdall, Fabrizio Piacentini, Sergey V. Polyakov, Paolo Traina

1303.5289 (Héloïse Linget et al.)

Time reversal of light by linear dispersive filtering near atomic

Héloïse Linget, Thierry Chanelière, Jean-Louis Le Gouët, Anne Louchet-Chauvet

1303.5319 (J. Lockhart et al.)

Performance of continuous time quantum walks under phase damping    [PDF]

J. Lockhart, C. Di Franco, M. Paternostro

1303.5326 (Junghee Ryu et al.)

Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger theorem for N-partite quDits    [PDF]

Junghee Ryu, Changhyoup Lee, Marek Zukowski, Jinhyoung Lee

1303.5343 (Zheshen Zhang et al.)

Entanglement's Benefit Survives an Entanglement-Breaking Channel    [PDF]

Zheshen Zhang, Maria Tengner, Tian Zhong, Franco N. C. Wong, Jeffrey H. Shapiro

1303.5355 (Giulia Ferrini et al.)

Compact Gaussian quantum computation by multi-pixel homodyne detection    [PDF]

Giulia Ferrini, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Thomas Coudreau, Claude Fabre, Nicolas Treps

Thursday, March 21, 2013

0706.2159 (N. Aharon et al.)

Continuous input nonlocal games    [PDF]

N. Aharon, S. Machnes, B. Reznik, J. Silman, L. Vaidman

0907.4201 (Chui-Ping Yang et al.)

Phase gate of one superconducting qubit simultaneously controlling n
qubits in a cavity

Chui-Ping Yang, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori

1009.3617 (Avi Marchewka et al.)

Quantum Dynamics Arising from Statistical Axioms    [PDF]

Avi Marchewka, Er'el Granot

1010.5049 (Ramon Lapiedra et al.)

Determinism and Quantum Mechanics with time Bell inequalities    [PDF]

Ramon Lapiedra, A. Perez

1012.5714 (Miao Zhang et al.)

Frequency-doubled scattering of symmetry-breaking surface-state
electrons on liquid Helium

Miao Zhang, Wenzhi Jia, Lianfu Wei

1101.3521 (Amit Hagar et al.)

Counting Steps: A New Approach to Objective Probability in Physics    [PDF]

Amit Hagar, Giuseppe Sergioli

1108.0374 (Lluis Masanes et al.)

The complexity of energy eigenstates as a mechanism for equilibration    [PDF]

Lluis Masanes, Augusto J. Roncaglia, Antonio Acin

1108.1588 (Andrey Akhmeteli)

No Drama Quantum Electrodynamics?    [PDF]

Andrey Akhmeteli

1110.2574 (Mehdi Saeedi et al.)

Synthesis and Optimization of Reversible Circuits - A Survey    [PDF]

Mehdi Saeedi, Igor L. Markov

1303.4729 (Yousef Ghazi-Tabatabai)

Coevents as Beables    [PDF]

Yousef Ghazi-Tabatabai

1303.4716 (T. S. Jackson et al.)

Entanglement subspaces, trial wavefunctions, and special Hamiltonians in
the fractional quantum Hall effect

T. S. Jackson, N. Read, S. H. Simon

1303.4744 (Toby S. Cubitt et al.)

Stability of local quantum dissipative systems    [PDF]

Toby S. Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, Spyridon Michalakis, David Perez-Garcia

1303.4802 (Hong-Yi Fan et al.)

Damping law of photocount distribution in a dissipative channel    [PDF]

Hong-Yi Fan, Sen-Yue Lou, Li-Yun Hu

1303.4815 (Yao Yao et al.)

Quantum discord of ensemble of quantum states    [PDF]

Yao Yao, Jing-Zheng Huang, Xu-Bo Zou, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Wei Chen, Guang-Can Guo, Zheng-Fu Han

1303.4820 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

The observable-state model and non-renormalizable theories    [PDF]

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Alfredo Juan, Mario Castagnino

1303.4821 (Erik Woodhead)

A quantum cloning bound and application to quantum key distribution    [PDF]

Erik Woodhead

1303.4827 (Yao Yao et al.)

Geometric interpretation of the geometric discord    [PDF]

Yao Yao, Hong-Wei Li, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Zheng-Fu Han

1303.4830 (Y. Yao et al.)

Bell violation versus geometric measure of quantum discord and their
dynamical behavior

Y. Yao, H. W. Li, M. Li, Z. Q. Yin, W. Chen, Z. F. Han

1303.4841 (Yao Yao et al.)

The effect of channel decoherence on entangled coherent states: A
theoretical analysis

Yao Yao, Hong-Wei Li, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Guang-Can Guo, Zheng-Fu Han

1303.4843 (Huy Nguyên Lê et al.)

Super-polynomial complex quantum states    [PDF]

Huy Nguyên Lê, Yu Cai, Xingyao Wu, Valerio Scarani

1303.4864 (Zhihai Wang et al.)

Coherent decay of dressed states in Jaynes-Cummings model with a common

Zhihai Wang, D. L. Zhou

1303.4868 (Yu-Ting Chen et al.)

Multiparty Quantum Remote Control    [PDF]

Yu-Ting Chen, Tzonelih Hwang

1303.4874 (Ali Mostafazadeh)

Nonlinear Spectral Singularities and Lasing Threshold Condition    [PDF]

Ali Mostafazadeh

1303.4876 (Miloslav Znojil)

Can unavoided level crossing disguise phase transition?    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1303.4927 (Jovica Stanojevic et al.)

Dispersive optical nonlinearities in an EIT-Rydberg medium    [PDF]

Jovica Stanojevic, Valentina Parigi, Erwan Bimbard, Alexei Ourjoumtsev, Philippe Grangier

1303.4937 (Fernando C. Lombardo et al.)

Nonunitary geometric phases: a qubit coupled to an environment with
random noise

Fernando C. Lombardo, Paula I. Villar

1303.4939 (Joachim Schäfer et al.)

Equivalence relations for the classical capacity of single-mode Gaussian
quantum channels

Joachim Schäfer, Evgueni Karpov, Raúl García-Patrón, Oleg V. Pilyavets, Nicolas J. Cerf

1303.4976 (Sebastian G. Hofer et al.)

Time-Continuous Bell Measurements    [PDF]

Sebastian G. Hofer, Denis Vasilyev, Markus Aspelmeyer, Klemens Hammerer

1303.4977 (U. G. Aglietti et al.)

Renormalization in Winter Model    [PDF]

U. G. Aglietti, P. M. Santini

1303.4978 (A. De Pasquale et al.)

Amendable Gaussian channels    [PDF]

A. De Pasquale, A. Mari, A. Porzio, V. Giovannetti

1303.4990 (Stefano Finazzi et al.)

Spontaneous quantum emission from analog white holes in a nonlinear
optical medium

Stefano Finazzi, Iacopo Carusotto

1303.4993 (V. S. Shchesnovich et al.)

The quantum de Finetti representation for the Bayesian Quantum
Tomography and the Quantum Discord

V. S. Shchesnovich, D. S. Mogilevtsev

1303.5003 (Giuliano G. La Guardia)

Convolutional Codes: Techniques of Construction    [PDF]

Giuliano G. La Guardia

1303.5006 (Scott M. Cohen)

Local quantum protocols for separable measurements with many parties    [PDF]

Scott M. Cohen

1303.5040 (Erez Zohar et al.)

Quantum simulations of gauge theories with ultracold atoms: local gauge
invariance from angular momentum conservation

Erez Zohar, J. Ignacio Cirac, Benni Reznik

1303.5043 (Zhan Zheng et al.)

Do entangled photons induce two-photon two-atom transitions more
efficiently than other states of light ?

Zhan Zheng, Pablo L. Saldanha, Jose R. Rios Leite, Claude Fabre

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.3986 (Gerd Niestegge)

Super quantum probabilities and three-slit experiments -- Wright's
pentagon state and the Popescu-Rohrlich box require third-order interference

Gerd Niestegge

1303.4008 (Sinan Bugu et al.)

Enhancing the W State Quantum Network Fusion Process with A Single
Fredkin Gate

Sinan Bugu, Can Yesilyurt, Fatih Ozaydin

1303.4011 (M. Ferrero et al.)

Heuristic Classification of Physical Theories based on Quantum

M. Ferrero, J. L. Sánchez-Gómez

1303.4019 (Piotr Frackiewicz)

A comment on the generalization of the Marinatto-Weber quantum game

Piotr Frackiewicz

1303.4026 (Ali Abu Nada et al.)

Relative performance of ancilla verification and decoding in the
[[7,1,3]] Steane code

Ali Abu Nada, Ben Fortescue, Mark Byrd

1303.4058 (Yu-Ming He et al.)

On-demand semiconductor single-photon source with near-unity

Yu-Ming He, Yu He, Yu-Jia Wei, Dian Wu, Mete Atatüre, Christian Schneider, Sven Höfling, Martin Kamp, Chao-Yang Lu, Jian-Wei Pan

1303.4067 (Jiro Matsumoto)

The Casimir effect as a candidate of dark energy    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.4071 (J. Chang et al.)

Improved superconducting qubit coherence using titanium nitride    [PDF]

J. Chang, M. R. Vissers, A. D. Corcoles, M. Sandberg, J. Gao, David W. Abraham, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta, M. B. Rothwell, G. A. Keefe, Matthias Steffen, D. P. Pappas

1303.4077 (Luca Mazzarella et al.)

Consensus for Quantum Networks: From Symmetry to Gossip Iterations    [PDF]

Luca Mazzarella, Alain Sarlette, Francesco Ticozzi

1303.4100 (H R Jalali et al.)

On the ladder operators and nonclassicality of generalized coherent
state associated with a particle in an infinite square well

H R Jalali, M K Tavassoly

1303.4105 (M K Tavassoly et al.)

Barut-Girardello and Gilmore-Perelomov coherent states for
pseudoharmonic oscillator and their nonclassical properties: factorization

M K Tavassoly, H R Jalali

1303.4106 (M J Faghihi et al.)

Entanglement dynamics and position-momentum entropic uncertainty
relation of a $Λ$-type three-level atom interacting with a two-mode
cavity field in the presence of nonlinearities

M J Faghihi, M K Tavassoly, M R Hooshmandasl

1303.4127 (Matthew Falk)

Quantum Search on the Spatial Grid    [PDF]

Matthew Falk

1303.4162 (A. V. Zolotaryuk)

Single point potentials with total resonant tunneling    [PDF]

A. V. Zolotaryuk

1303.4180 (X. -W. Luo et al.)

Diffusion Effects in Gradient Echo Memory    [PDF]

X. -W. Luo, J. J. Hope, B. Hillman, T. M. Stace

1303.4188 (Alena A. Demchenko et al.)

Back action cancellation in resolved sideband regime    [PDF]

Alena A. Demchenko, Sergey P. Vyatchanin

1303.4190 (Ching-Yu Huang et al.)

Symmetry Protected Quantum State Renormalization    [PDF]

Ching-Yu Huang, Xie Chen, Feng-Li Lin

1303.4209 (Fabio Deelan Cunden et al.)

Typical Entanglement    [PDF]

Fabio Deelan Cunden, Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Florio, Saverio Pascazio

1303.4230 (Yu. A. Sitenko et al.)

The Aharonov--Bohm effect in scattering theory    [PDF]

Yu. A. Sitenko, N. D. Vlasii

1303.4284 (A. Bassi et al.)

Uniqueness of the equation for state-vector collapse    [PDF]

A. Bassi, D. Duerr, G. Hinrichs

1303.4291 (Yaakov S. Weinstein)

Non-Fault Tolerant T-Gates for the [7,1,3] Quantum Error Correction Code    [PDF]

Yaakov S. Weinstein

1303.4304 (E. D. Lopaeva et al.)

Experimental realisation of quantum illumination    [PDF]

E. D. Lopaeva, I. Ruo Berchera, I. P. Degiovanni, S. Olivares, G. Brida, M. Genovese

1303.4318 (Ali Ü. C. Hardal et al.)

Spin squeezing and quantum coherence in systems with two-particle
exchange interactions

Ali Ü. C. Hardal, Özgür E. Müstecaplıoglu

1303.4322 (Christoph Thurn et al.)

Non-Markovian spin transfer dynamics in magnetic semiconductors despite
short memory times

Christoph Thurn, Moritz Cygorek, Vollrath Martin Axt, Tilmann Kuhn

1303.4331 (Miloslav Znojil)

Non-Hermitian star-shaped quantum graphs    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil

1303.4339 (Luca Chirolli et al.)

Interactions in electronic Mach-Zehnder interferometers with
co-propagating edge channels

Luca Chirolli, Fabio Taddei, Rosario Fazio, Vittorio Giovannetti

1303.4356 (Johannes Wilms)

Mutual information in interacting spin systems    [PDF]

Johannes Wilms

1303.4357 (Bin Yan)

Quantum Correlations are Tight Bounded by Exclusivity Principle    [PDF]

Bin Yan

1303.4367 (Pablo L. Saldanha et al.)

Wigner rotations and an apparent paradox in relativistic quantum

Pablo L. Saldanha, Vlatko Vedral

1303.4369 (Álvaro Gómez-León et al.)

Floquet-Bloch theory and topology in periodically driven lattices    [PDF]

Álvaro Gómez-León, Gloria Platero

1303.4379 (T. Hyart et al.)

Flux-controlled quantum computation with Majorana fermions    [PDF]

T. Hyart, B. van Heck, I. C. Fulga, M. Burrello, A. R. Akhmerov, C. W. J. Beenakker

1303.4420 (Pieter Naaijkens)

Kosaki-Longo index and classification of charges in 2D quantum spin

Pieter Naaijkens

1303.4446 (Daoling Peng et al.)

An efficient implementation of two-component relativistic
exact-decoupling methods for large molecules

Daoling Peng, Nils Middendorf, Florian Weigend, Markus Reiher

1303.4455 (Benjamin J. Brown et al.)

Topological Entanglement Entropy with a Twist    [PDF]

Benjamin J. Brown, Stephen D. Bartlett, Andrew C. Doherty, Sean D. Barrett

1303.4467 (Alexey E. Rastegin)

Uncertainty relations for MUBs and SIC-POVMs in terms of generalized

Alexey E. Rastegin

1303.4487 (Sebastian A. Schulz et al.)

Integrated multi vector vortex beam generator    [PDF]

Sebastian A. Schulz, Taras Machula, Ebrahim Karimi, Robert W. Boyd

1303.4539 (Erik M. Gauger et al.)

Comment on "Quantum Coherence and Sensitivity of Avian Magnetoreception"    [PDF]

Erik M. Gauger, Simon C. Benjamin

1303.4560 (Matteo Colangeli et al.)

Current in a quantum driven thermostatted system with off-diagonal

Matteo Colangeli, Marco Pizzi, Lamberto Rondoni

1303.4568 (Kenzo Ishikawa et al.)

Finite-size corrections to Fermi's golden rule: I Decay rates    [PDF]

Kenzo Ishikawa, Yutaka Tobita

1303.4574 (H. De Raedt et al.)

Quantum theory as the most robust description of reproducible

H. De Raedt, M. I. Katsnelson, K. Michielsen

1303.4634 (A. Fedrizzi et al.)

Experimental distribution of entanglement via separable states    [PDF]

A. Fedrizzi, M. Zuppardo, G. G. Gillett, M. A. Broome, M. de Almeida, M. Paternostro, A. G. White, T. Paterek

1303.4652 (Terence C. Farrelly et al.)

Causal Fermions in Discrete Spacetime    [PDF]

Terence C. Farrelly, Anthony J. Short

1303.4659 (Michael Zwolak et al.)

Complementarity of quantum discord and classically accessible

Michael Zwolak, Wojciech H. Zurek

1303.4686 (Karen V. Hovhannisyan et al.)

The role of entanglement in work extraction    [PDF]

Karen V. Hovhannisyan, Martí Perarnau-Llobet, Marcus Huber, Antonio Acín

1303.4690 (Sebastian Meznaric)

Information Theoretic Resources in Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Sebastian Meznaric

1303.4697 (Tom Bienaime et al.)

Interplay between radiation pressure force and scattered light intensity
in the cooperative scattering by cold atoms

Tom Bienaime, Romain Bachelard, Julien Chabe, Mohamed-Taha Rouabah, Louis Bellando, Philippe W. Courteille, Nicola Piovella, Robin Kaiser

1303.4706 (Jason D. Biggs et al.)

Multidimensional X-Ray Spectroscopy of Valence and Core Excitations in

Jason D. Biggs, Yu Zhang, Daniel Healion, Shaul Mukamel

1303.4713 (N. G. de Almeida et al.)

A proposal to implement a quantum delayed choice experiment assisted by
a cavity QED

N. G. de Almeida, A. T. Avelar, W. B. Cardoso

1303.4718 (Thomas Kiesel)

Classical and quantum-mechanical phase space distributions    [PDF]

Thomas Kiesel

1303.4724 (Sania Jevtic et al.)

The Quantum Steering Ellipsoid    [PDF]

Sania Jevtic, Matthew F. Pusey, David Jennings, Terry Rudolph

Monday, March 18, 2013

1007.2869 (Daisuke Aratsu)

Fault-tolerance of ancilla preparation for logical Toffoli gate of a
family of Calderbank-Shor-Steane codes

Daisuke Aratsu

1009.4464 (Francesco Buscemi et al.)

General theory of environment-assisted entanglement distillation    [PDF]

Francesco Buscemi, Nilanjana Datta

1011.3941 (Stephen L. Adler et al.)

On spontaneous photon emission in collapse models    [PDF]

Stephen L. Adler, Angelo Bassi, Sandro Donadi

1104.2841 (Haizhao Zhi)

Quantum game interpretation of Dirac spinor field    [PDF]

Haizhao Zhi

1109.3379 (G. S. Agarwal et al.)

Spontaneous Generation of Photons in Transmission of Quantum Fields in
PT Symmetric Optical Systems

G. S. Agarwal, Kenan Qu

1303.3790 (Gerold Gruendler)

What the Casimir-Effect really is telling about Zero-Point Energy    [PDF]

Gerold Gruendler

1303.3582 (D. H. Delphenich)

A strain tensor that couples to the Madelung stress tensor    [PDF]

D. H. Delphenich

1303.3623 (Andrey A. Sukhorukov et al.)

Classical Simulation of Squeezed Vacuum in Optical Waveguide Arrays    [PDF]

Andrey A. Sukhorukov, Alexander S. Solntsev, John Sipe

1303.3625 (Maksym Teslyk et al.)

Quantum logic dequantization: efficiency loss    [PDF]

Maksym Teslyk, Olena Teslyk

1303.3637 (Masanori Hiroishi et al.)

An investigation of the transfer dynamics of quantum teleportation by
weak measurement statistics

Masanori Hiroishi, Holger F. Hofmann

1303.3647 (Stan Gudder)

Compatibility for Probabilistic Theories    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1303.3657 (Yong-Chun Liu et al.)

Dynamic dissipative cooling of a mechanical oscillator in
strong-coupling optomechanics

Yong-Chun Liu, Yun-Feng Xiao, Xingsheng Luan, Chee Wei Wong

1303.3669 (Rajesh Kumar Yadav et al.)

The Scattering amplitude for one parameter family of shape invariant
potentials related to Xm Jacobi polynomials

Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Avinash Khare, Bhabani Prasad Mandala

1303.3682 (Alex Monras)

Phase space formalism for quantum estimation of Gaussian states    [PDF]

Alex Monras

1303.3687 (Lan Zhou et al.)

Quantum Routing of Single Photons with Cyclic Three-Level System    [PDF]

Lan Zhou, Li-Ping Yang, Yong Li, C. P. Sun

1303.3712 (Eylee Jung et al.)

Entanglement Classification of extended
Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger-Symmetric States

Eylee Jung, DaeKil Park

1303.3757 (Przemysław Sadowski)

Generating efficient quantum circuits for preparing maximally
multipartite entangled states

Przemysław Sadowski

1303.3768 (Abolfazl Bayat et al.)

Entanglement Amplification in the Non-Perturbative Dynamics of Modular
Quantum Systems

Abolfazl Bayat, Salvatore M. Giampaolo, Fabrizio Illuminati, Martin B. Plenio

1303.3771 (Madalin Guta et al.)

Systems identification for passive linear quantum systems: the transfer
function approach

Madalin Guta, Naoki Yamamoto

1303.3793 (Lane Clark et al.)

The Distribution of Ramsey Numbers    [PDF]

Lane Clark, Frank Gaitan

1303.3795 (Mario Collura et al.)

Equilibration of a Tonks-Girardeau gas following a trap release    [PDF]

Mario Collura, Spyros Sotiriadis, Pasquale Calabrese

1303.3798 (S. C. Webster et al.)

Simple Manipulation of a Microwave Dressed-State Ion Qubit    [PDF]

S. C. Webster, S. Weidt, K. Lake, J. J. McLoughlin, W. K. Hensinger

1303.3819 (Z. Leghtas et al.)

Stabilizing a Bell state of two superconducting qubits by dissipation

Z. Leghtas, U. Vool, S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, S. M. Girvin, M. H. Devoret, M. Mirrahimi

1303.3821 (Utkarsh Mishra et al.)

Tuning interaction strength leads to ergodic-nonergodic transition of
quantum correlations in anisotropic Heisenberg spin model

Utkarsh Mishra, R. Prabhu, Aditi Sen De, Ujjwal Sen

1303.3832 (Denis Gonta et al.)

Efficient quantum memory using a leaky planar resonator with a coupled
atom and an input single-photon pulse

Denis Gonta, Peter van Loock

1303.3837 (Jochen Szangolies et al.)

Improving Tests of Quantum Contextuality in the Presence of Noise    [PDF]

Jochen Szangolies, Matthias Kleinmann, Otfried Gühne

1303.3840 (Gianluca Bertaina)

Two-dimensional short-range interacting attractive and repulsive Fermi
gases at zero temperature

Gianluca Bertaina

1303.3848 (Fabian Lackner et al.)

Semiclassical wavefunctions for open quantum billiards    [PDF]

Fabian Lackner, Iva Brezinova, Florian Libisch, Joachim Burgdörfer

1303.3861 (R. Sufiani et al.)

Generation of quantum entanglement between three level atoms via $n$
coupled cavities

R. Sufiani, A. Darkhosh

1303.3862 (Heiko Bauke et al.)

What is the relativistic spin operator?    [PDF]

Heiko Bauke, Sven Ahrens, Christoph H. Keitel, Rainer Grobe

Friday, March 15, 2013

1303.2687 (Shusa Deng et al.)

Multiband s-wave topological superconductors: role of dimensionality and
magnetic field response

Shusa Deng, Gerardo Ortiz, Lorenza Viola

1303.3281 (R. Jafari)

Geometric Phase and Fidelity of The One-Dimensional Extended Quantum
Compass Model in a Transverse Field

R. Jafari

1303.3320 (Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa et al.)

On the preservation of commutation and anticommutation relations of
N-level quantum systems

Luis A. Duffaut Espinosa, Z. Miao, I. R. Petersen, V. Ugrinovskii, M. R. James

1303.3340 (Karim Benmessai et al.)

Hybrid Electron Spin Resonance and Whispering Gallery Mode Resonance
Spectroscopy of Fe3+ in Sapphire

Karim Benmessai, Warrick G. Farr, Daniel L. Creedon, Yarema Reshitnyk, Jean-Michel Le Floch, Timothy Duty, Michael E. Tobar

1303.3352 (Wade Naylor)

Vacuum excited SPPs    [PDF]

Wade Naylor

1303.3366 (Peizhi Mai et al.)

Derivation of Lindblad master equation for the quantum Ising model
interacting with a heat bath

Peizhi Mai, Shuai Yin

1303.3367 (Kelvin M. C. Lee et al.)

Ground state of a resonant two-qubit Rabi model in the ultrastrong
coupling regime

Kelvin M. C. Lee, C. K. Law

1303.3383 (Wijnand Broer et al.)

Significance of the Casimir force and surface roughness for actuation
dynamics of MEMS

Wijnand Broer, George Palasantzas, Jasper Knoester, Vitaly B. Svetovoy

1303.3405 (H. H. Jen et al.)

Unconventional Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Strongly
Correlated Quantum Gases

H. H. Jen, Daw-Wei Wang

1303.3406 (A. Valles et al.)

Generation of polarization-entangled photon pairs in a Bragg reflection

A. Valles, M. Hendrych, J. Svozilik, R. Machulka, P. Abolghasem, D. Kang, B. J. Bijlani, A. S. Helmy, J. P. Torres

1303.3412 (David Viennot et al.)

Schrodinger's cat kicked by Arnold's cat: decoherence, relaxation and
chaos in a kicked spin bath

David Viennot, Lucile Aubourg

1303.3420 (M. A. Bellos et al.)

Excitation of ultracold molecules to trilobite-like Rydberg states    [PDF]

M. A. Bellos, R. Carollo, J. Banerjee, E. E. Eyler, P. L. Gould, W. C. Stwalley

1303.3432 (Yutaka Shikano et al.)

Nonlinear discrete-time quantum walk and anomalous diffusion    [PDF]

Yutaka Shikano, Tatsuaki Wada, Junsei Horikawa

1303.3437 (Yong-Liang Zhang et al.)

Criterion on remote clocks synchronization within a Heisenberg scaling

Yong-Liang Zhang, Yu-Ran Zhang, Liang-Zhu Mu, Heng Fan

1303.3447 (A. A. Gangat)

In-situ monitoring and control of mechanical wavefunction collapse: an
optomechanical scheme

A. A. Gangat

1303.3456 (Sylvia Bratzik et al.)

Quantum repeaters and quantum key distribution: the impact of
entanglement distillation on the secret key rate

Sylvia Bratzik, Silvestre Abruzzo, Hermann Kampermann, Dagmar Bruß

1303.3459 (Peter Kirton et al.)

A non-equilibrium model of photon condensation    [PDF]

Peter Kirton, Jonathan Keeling