Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1101.1077 (Bart Jacobs)

Dagger Categories of Tame Relations    [PDF]

Bart Jacobs

1104.1920 (ahmed becir et al.)

Security bounds for the eavesdropping collective attacks on general
CV-QKD protocols

ahmed becir, Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin

1109.0959 (A. Becir et al.)

Tightening the eavesdropping accessible information for continuous
variable quantum key distribution protocols that involve non-maximally

A. Becir, M. R. Wahiddin

1201.1272 (Bart Jacobs et al.)

Relating Operator Spaces via Adjunctions    [PDF]

Bart Jacobs, Jorik Mandemaker

1201.4420 (D. M. Toyli et al.)

Measurement and Control of Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Spins above
600 K

D. M. Toyli, D. J. Christle, A. Alkauskas, B. B. Buckley, C. G. Van de Walle, D. D. Awschalom

1207.3788 (M. Chaichian et al.)

Thermal Casimir-Polder interaction of different atoms with graphene    [PDF]

M. Chaichian, G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko, A. Tureanu

1207.3789 (Emilio Cuevas et al.)

Level statistics of disordered spin-1/2 systems and its implications for
materials with localized Cooper pairs

Emilio Cuevas, Mikhail Feigel'man, Lev Ioffe, Marc Mezard

1207.3817 (Alexandre B. Tacla et al.)

Mean-field dynamics of two-mode Bose-Einstein condensates in highly
anisotropic potentials: interference, dimensionality, and entanglement

Alexandre B. Tacla, Carlton M. Caves

1207.3821 (Clemens Müller et al.)

$T_1$-Echo Sequence - Protecting the state of a qubit in the presence of
coherent interaction

Clemens Müller, Alexander Shnirman, Martin Weides

1207.3849 (Adam Sawicki et al.)

When is a pure state of three qubits determined by its single-particle
reduced density matrices?

Adam Sawicki, Michael Walter, Marek Kuś

1207.3854 (S. V. Mousavi)

Quantum Particle in an Infinite Circular-Well potential with a Moving
Wall: Exact Solutions and Dynamics

S. V. Mousavi

1207.3880 (Abuzer Yakaryilmaz)

One-counter verifiers for decidable languages    [PDF]

Abuzer Yakaryilmaz

1207.3881 (Illarion Dorofeyev)

Coupled quantum oscillators within independent quantum reservoirs    [PDF]

Illarion Dorofeyev

1207.3897 (Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros et al.)

Testing one-body density functionals on a solvable model    [PDF]

Carlos L. Benavides-Riveros, Joseph C. Várilly

1207.3898 (Zbigniew Ambrozinski)

Tunneling with Tamm-Dancoff method    [PDF]

Zbigniew Ambrozinski

1207.3911 (Salman Beigi et al.)

Information Theoretic Benefit of Entanglement in Classical Communication

Salman Beigi, Amin Gohari

1207.3918 (Bassano Vacchini)

A classical appraisal of quantum definitions of non-Markovian dynamics    [PDF]

Bassano Vacchini

1207.3927 (Oleg Szehr)

Decoupling Theorems    [PDF]

Oleg Szehr

1207.3942 (Wei Cui et al.)

Confidence and Backaction in the Quantum Filter Equation    [PDF]

Wei Cui, Neill Lambert, Yukihiro Ota, Xin-You Lü, Z. -L. Xiang, J. Q. You, Franco Nori

1207.3957 (Thomas Koffel et al.)

Entanglement entropy for the long range Ising chain    [PDF]

Thomas Koffel, M. Lewenstein, Luca Tagliacozzo

1207.3963 (Ole Jürgensen et al.)

Density-induced processes in quantum gas mixtures in optical lattices    [PDF]

Ole Jürgensen, Klaus Sengstock, Dirk-Sören Lühmann

1207.3986 (Nicolas Brunner et al.)

Persistency of multipartite quantum correlations    [PDF]

Nicolas Brunner, Tamas Vertesi

1207.4072 (Mattia Walschaers et al.)

Centro-symmetric Hamiltonians foster quantum transport    [PDF]

Mattia Walschaers, Roberto Mulet, Andreas Buchleitner

1207.4076 (H. M. França et al.)

The Schrödinger equation, the zero-point electromagnetic radiation and
the photoelectric effect

H. M. França, A. Kamimura, G. A. Barreto

1207.4087 (Jiří Svozilík et al.)

Implementation of a spatial two-dimensional quantum random walk with
tunable decoherence

Jiří Svozilík, Roberto de Jesús León-Montiel, Juan P. Torres

1207.4095 (Zhi-Hao Ma et al.)

Multipartite Quantum Correlations in Open Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Zhi-Hao Ma, Zhi-Hua Chen, Felipe F. Fanchini