Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1104.4812 (Masoud Mohseni et al.)

Energy-scales convergence for optimal and robust quantum transport in
photosynthetic complexes

Masoud Mohseni, Alireza Shabani, Seth Lloyd, Herschel Rabitz

1109.1866 (Marcos Villagra et al.)

Quantum Walks on the Line with Phase Parameters    [PDF]

Marcos Villagra, Masaki Nakanishi, Shigeru Yamashita, Yasuhiko Nakashima

1211.2655 (Iwo Bialynicki-Birula et al.)

The role of the Riemann-Silberstein vector in classical and quantum
theories of electromagnetism

Iwo Bialynicki-Birula, Zofia Bialynicka-Birula

1212.6373 (D. M. Xun et al.)

Quantum motion on a torus as a submanifold problem in a generalized
Dirac's theory of second-class constraints

D. M. Xun, Q. H. Liu, X. M. Zhu

1212.6376 (G. Y. Wu et al.)

The VOI-Based Valleytronics    [PDF]

G. Y. Wu, N. -Y. Lue, Y. -C. Chen

1212.6378 (Kil-Chan Ha)

Separability of qubit-qudit quantum states with strong positive partial

Kil-Chan Ha

1212.6416 (Leonardo A. Pachon et al.)

Coherent Phase Control in Closed and Open Quantum Systems: A General
Master Equation Approach

Leonardo A. Pachon, Li Yu, Paul Brumer

1212.6417 (Thomas B. Bahder)

Interaction of Diatomic Molecules with Photon Angular Momentum    [PDF]

Thomas B. Bahder

1212.6432 (Matouš Ringel et al.)

Topologically protected strongly-correlated states of photons    [PDF]

Matouš Ringel, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Vladimir Gritsev

1212.6452 (Jianju Tang et al.)

A control protocol of finite dimensional quantum systems using square

Jianju Tang, H. C. Fu

1212.6474 (Denis Novitsky)

Propagation of subcycle pulses in a two-level medium: Area-theorem
breakdown and pulse shape

Denis Novitsky

1212.6482 (Ingvar Lindgren et al.)

Energy-dependent perturbation theory: Possibility for improved tests of

Ingvar Lindgren, Sten Salomonson, Johan Holmberg

1212.6506 (Charis Anastopoulos et al.)

Quantum temporal probabilities in tunneling systems: I. Tunneling times
in quantum field theory

Charis Anastopoulos, Ntina Savvidou

1212.6508 (Charis Anastopoulos et al.)

Quantum temporal probabilities in tunneling systems: II. No
faster-than-light signals are possible in tunneling

Charis Anastopoulos, Ntina Savvidou

1212.6523 (Jeongho Bang et al.)

Recursive quantum algorithm to find the lowest eigenstate of a general

Jeongho Bang, Seung-Woo Lee, Chang-Woo Lee, Hyunseok Jeong, Jinhyoung Lee

1212.6568 (Stefano Roddaro et al.)

Coherent edge mixing and interferometry in quantum Hall bilayers    [PDF]

Stefano Roddaro, Luca Chirolli, Fabio Taddei, Marco Polini, Vittorio Giovannetti

1212.6589 (Tameem Albash et al.)

Fluctuation theorems for quantum processes    [PDF]

Tameem Albash, Daniel A. Lidar, Milad Marvian, Paolo Zanardi

1212.6595 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Krein-Adler transformations for shape-invariant potentials and pseudo
virtual states

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1212.6684 (Charles L. Fefferman et al.)

Waves in Honeycomb Structures    [PDF]

Charles L. Fefferman, Michael I. Weinstein

1212.6703 (Alexey A. Kovalev et al.)

Quantum "hyperbicycle" low-density parity check codes with finite rate    [PDF]

Alexey A. Kovalev, Leonid P. Pryadko

1212.6705 (Yan-Gang Miao et al.)

Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics viewed from quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Yan-Gang Miao, Zhen-Ming Xu

1212.6726 (Takashi Mori)

Exactness of the mean-field dynamics in the optical cavity system    [PDF]

Takashi Mori

1212.6727 (Puya Sharif et al.)

Strategies in Symmetric Kolkata Restaurant Problem    [PDF]

Puya Sharif, Hoshang Heydari

1212.6739 (Riccardo Fantoni)

Low temperature acoustic polaron localization    [PDF]

Riccardo Fantoni

1212.6746 (H. Krauter et al.)

Deterministic quantum teleportation between distant atomic objects    [PDF]

H. Krauter, D. Salart, C. A. Muschik, J. M. Petersen, Heng Shen, T. Fernholz, E. S. Polzik

1212.6768 (Alexei M. Frolov)

On the isotopic shifts in the light two-electron atoms and ions    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1212.6778 (K. Ziegler)

Non-Abelian chiral symmetry controls random scattering in two-band

K. Ziegler

1212.6784 (K. R. W. Jones)

On Quantization, the Generalized Schrödinger Equation and Classical

K. R. W. Jones

1212.6786 (K. R. W. Jones)

The classical Schrödinger equation    [PDF]

K. R. W. Jones

1212.6804 (M. Mohseni et al.)

Geometrical effects on energy transfer in disordered open quantum

M. Mohseni, A. Shabani, S. Lloyd, Y. Omar, H. Rabitz

1212.6881 (Souvik Pramanik et al.)

Planck Scale Effects in Electrodynamics of a Generalized Charged

Souvik Pramanik, Subir Ghosh, Probir Pal

1212.6888 (B. Mojaveri et al.)

SU(1,1) Nonlinear Coherent States    [PDF]

B. Mojaveri, A. Dehghani

1212.6924 (A. A. Vyshnevyy et al.)

Two-particle entanglement in capacitively coupled Mach-Zehnder

A. A. Vyshnevyy, A. V. Lebedev, G. B. Lesovik, G. Blatter

1212.6946 (Ariel Caticha)

The Entropic Dynamics of Relativistic Quantum Fields    [PDF]

Ariel Caticha

1212.6953 (M. Gullans et al.)

Preparation of Non-equilibrium Nuclear Spin States in Double Quantum

M. Gullans, J. J. Krich, J. M. Taylor, B. I. Halperin, M. D. Lukin

1212.6959 (Tongcang Li et al.)

Reply to Comment on "Space-Time Crystals of Trapped Ions"    [PDF]

Tongcang Li, Zhe-Xuan Gong, Zhang-Qi Yin, H. T. Quan, Xiaobo Yin, Peng Zhang, L. -M. Duan, Xiang Zhang

1212.6964 (Vadym Kliuchnikov et al.)

Practical approximation of single-qubit unitaries by single-qubit
quantum Clifford and T circuits

Vadym Kliuchnikov, Dmitri Maslov, Michele Mosca

1212.6967 (Ariel Caticha)

Entropic Inference: some pitfalls and paradoxes we can avoid    [PDF]

Ariel Caticha