Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1109.0535 (Florin Moldoveanu)

Disproof of Joy Christian's "Disproof of Bell's theorem"    [PDF]

Florin Moldoveanu

1301.7051 (H. Fearn)

On radiation reaction and the [x,p ] commutator for an accelerating

H. Fearn

1301.6804 (Mingsheng Ying et al.)

Quantum Information-Flow Security: Noninterference and Access Control    [PDF]

Mingsheng Ying, Yuang Feng, Nengkun Yu

1301.6827 (Riccardo Fantoni)

Hellmann and Feynman theorem versus diffusion Monte Carlo experiment    [PDF]

Riccardo Fantoni

1301.6838 (Shengjun Wu)

The mysteries of quantum correlation    [PDF]

Shengjun Wu

1301.6880 (Shibdas Roy et al.)

Adaptive Continuous Homodyne Phase Estimation Using Robust
Fixed-Interval Smoothing

Shibdas Roy, Ian R. Petersen, Elanor H. Huntington

1301.6907 (Atreju Tauschinsky et al.)

High-Precision Measurement of Rydberg State Hyperfine Splitting in a
Room-Temperature Vapour Cell

Atreju Tauschinsky, Richard Newell, H. B. van Linden van den Heuvell, R. J. C. Spreeuw

1301.6924 (N. Timoney et al.)

Single-photon-level optical storage in a solid-state spin-wave memory    [PDF]

N. Timoney, I. Usmani, P. Jobez, M. Afzelius, N. Gisin

1301.6951 (Stefan Kessler et al.)

Creation and dynamics of remote spin-entangled pairs in the expansion of
strongly correlated fermionic atom clouds

Stefan Kessler, Ian P. McCulloch, Florian Marquardt

1301.6969 (Radu Ionicioiu et al.)

Quantum control in foundational experiments    [PDF]

Radu Ionicioiu, Thomas Jennewein, Robert B. Mann, Daniel R. Terno

1301.6970 (Edward J. O'Reilly et al.)

Non-classicality of molecular vibrations activating electronic dynamics
at room temperature

Edward J. O'Reilly, Alexandra Olaya-Castro

1301.7007 (John A. Smolin et al.)

Pretending to factor large numbers on a quantum computer    [PDF]

John A. Smolin, Graeme Smith, Alex Vargo

1301.7008 (B. King et al.)

Double-slit vacuum polarisation effects in ultra-intense laser fields    [PDF]

B. King, A. Di Piazza, C. H. Keitel

1301.7012 (K. B. Wharton)

Lagrangian-Only Quantum Theory    [PDF]

K. B. Wharton

1301.7021 (R. Dorner et al.)

Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single
qubit interferometry

R. Dorner, S. R. Clark, L. Heaney, R. Fazio, J. Goold, V. Vedral

1301.7025 (Daniel Garcia-Sanchez et al.)

Casimir probe based upon metallized high Q SiN nanomembrane resonator    [PDF]

Daniel Garcia-Sanchez, King Yan Fong, Harish Bhaskaran, Steve Lamoreaux, Hong X. Tang

1301.7030 (Laura Mazzola et al.)

Measuring the characteristic function of the work distribution    [PDF]

Laura Mazzola, Gabriele De Chiara, Mauro Paternostro

1301.7038 (B. King et al.)

A matterless double slit    [PDF]

B. King, A. Di Piazza, C. H. Keitel

1301.7053 (Fedor Herbut)

Delayed Twin Observables Are They a Fundamental Concept in Quantum

Fedor Herbut