Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1011.0242 (Martin Lenz et al.)

Dynamical tunnelling with ultracold atoms in magnetic microtraps    [PDF]

Martin Lenz, Sebastian Wüster, Christopher J. Vale, Norman R. Heckenberg, Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, C. A. Holmes, G. J. Milburn, Matthew J. Davis

1307.7705 (S. G. Chefranov et al.)

Compton Effect in the Medium with Non-unity Refractive Index    [PDF]

S. G. Chefranov, A. G. Chefranov, Vinay Venugopal

1307.7972 (Teimuraz Nadareishvili et al.)

Generalization of the hypervirial and Feynman-Hellman theorems    [PDF]

Teimuraz Nadareishvili, Anzor Khelashvili

1307.7718 (S. M. Giampaolo et al.)

Universal aspects in the behavior of the entanglement spectrum in one
dimension: scaling transition at the factorization point and ordered
entangled structures

S. M. Giampaolo, S. Montangero, F. Dell'Anno, S. De Siena, F. Illuminati

1307.7726 (J. Dubail et al.)

Tensor network trial states for chiral topological phases in two

J. Dubail, N. Read

1307.7743 (Javier Cerrillo et al.)

Non-Markovian Dynamical Maps: Numerical Processing of Open Quantum

Javier Cerrillo, Jianshu Cao

1307.7744 (Huw Price et al.)

Dispelling the Quantum Spooks -- a Clue that Einstein Missed?    [PDF]

Huw Price, Ken Wharton

1307.7754 (J. A. Sherman et al.)

Experimental recovery of a qubit from partial collapse    [PDF]

J. A. Sherman, M. J. Curtis, D. J. Szwer, D. T. C. Allcock, G. Imreh, D. M. Lucas, A. M. Steane

1307.7763 (Oliver Buerschaper)

Twisted Injectivity in PEPS and the Classification of Quantum Phases    [PDF]

Oliver Buerschaper

1307.7829 (Thomas Brochmann Pedersen et al.)

High Performance Information Reconciliation for QKD with CASCADE    [PDF]

Thomas Brochmann Pedersen, Mustafa Toyran

1307.7843 (D. S. Smirnov et al.)

Effect of exchange interaction on the spin fluctuations of localized

D. S. Smirnov, M. M. Glazov, E. L. Ivchenko

1307.7876 (Michael Tomka et al.)

Exceptional and regular spectra of generalized Rabi model    [PDF]

Michael Tomka, Omar El Araby, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Vladimir Gritsev

1307.7899 (M. Asghari et al.)

Harmonic oscillator with minimal length, minimal momentum, and maximal
momentum uncertainties in SUSYQM framework

M. Asghari, P. Pedram, K. Nozari

1307.7902 (Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano et al.)

Fermionic computation is non-local tomographic and violates monogamy of

Giacomo Mauro D'Ariano, Franco Manessi, Paolo Perinotti, Alessandro Tosini

1307.7904 (Andrzej Grudka et al.)

On equivalence between Popescu-Rohrlich boxes and random access codes    [PDF]

Andrzej Grudka, Karol Horodecki, Michał Horodecki, Waldemar Kłobus, Marcin Pawłowski

1307.7927 (Helen Ebbe et al.)

Multi-User Non-Locality Amplification    [PDF]

Helen Ebbe, Stefan Wolf

1307.7939 (Harald Herrmann et al.)

Post-selection free, integrated optical source of non-degenerate,
polarization entangled photon pairs

Harald Herrmann, Xu Yang, Abu Thomas, Andreas Poppe, Wolfgang Sohler, Christine Silberhorn

1307.7964 (Victor Mukherjee et al.)

Speeding up and slowing down the relaxation of a qubit by optimal

Victor Mukherjee, Alberto Carlini, Andrea Mari, Tommaso Caneva, Simone Montangero, Tommaso Calarco, Rosario Fazio, Vittorio Giovannetti

1307.7989 (Manik Banik et al.)

Nonlocality of pure bipartite entangled states from preparation

Manik Banik, Some Sankar Bhattacharya, Sujit K Choudhary, Guruprasad Kar, Amit Mukherjee, Arup Roy

1307.8001 (Utkan Güngördü et al.)

Non-adiabatic universal holonomic quantum gates    [PDF]

Utkan Güngördü, Yidun Wan, Mikio Nakahara

1307.8009 (Xiaoxing Jing et al.)

Quantum Fisher Information of Entangled Coherent States in a Lossy
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer

Xiaoxing Jing, Jing Liu, Wei Zhong, Xiaoguang Wang

1307.8041 (Ryan Babbush et al.)

Resource Efficient Gadgets for Compiling Adiabatic Quantum Optimization

Ryan Babbush, Bryan O'Gorman, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1307.8056 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

Landau level transitions indoped graphene in a time dependent magnetic

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Pablo Bechthold, Paula Jasen, Estela Gonzalez, Oscar Nagel

1307.8078 (Igor Lesanovsky et al.)

Kinetic constraints, hierarchical relaxation and onset of glassiness in
strongly interacting and dissipative Rydberg gases

Igor Lesanovsky, Juan P. Garrahan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1307.7171 (Victor Veitch et al.)

The Resource Theory of Stabilizer Computation    [PDF]

Victor Veitch, Seyed Ali Hamed Mousavian, Daniel Gottesman, Joseph Emerson

1307.7193 (Daniel Mirell et al.)

Macroscopic Violation of Duality Generated on a Laser Beam    [PDF]

Daniel Mirell, Stuart Mirell

1307.7194 (N. Daniilidis et al.)

Probing surface electric field noise with a single ion    [PDF]

N. Daniilidis, S. Gerber, G. Bolloten, M. Ramm, A. Ransford, E. Ulin-Avila, I. Talukdar, H. Häffner

1307.7207 (Qiang Zhou et al.)

A polarization maintaining scheme for 1.5 μm polarization entangled
photon pair generation in optical fibers

Qiang Zhou, Wei Zhang, Tianzhu Niu, Shuai Dong, Yidong Huang, Jiangde Peng

1307.7220 (Anmer Daskin et al.)

Multiple Network Alignment on Quantum Computers    [PDF]

Anmer Daskin, Ananth Grama, Sabre Kais

1307.7246 (Bijan Bagchi et al.)

Tracking down localized modes in PT-symmetric Hamiltonians under the
influence of a competing nonlinearity

Bijan Bagchi, Subhrajit Modak, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1307.7277 (Boris Zhilinskii et al.)

Qualitative features of the rearrangement of molecular energy spectra
from a "wall-crossing" perspective

Boris Zhilinskii, Toshihiro Iwai

1307.7285 (L. Zhong et al.)

Squeezing with a flux-driven Josephson parametric amplifier    [PDF]

L. Zhong, E. P. Menzel, R. Di Candia, P. Eder, M. Ihmig, A. Baust, M. Haeberlein, E. Hoffmann, K. Inomata, T. Yamamoto, Y. Nakamura, E. Solano, F. Deppe, A. Marx, R. Gross

1307.7318 (Guang Ping He)

Secure quantum bit commitment against empty promises. II. The density

Guang Ping He

1307.7329 (Emilio Pisanty)

Under-the-barrier electron-ion interaction during tunnel ionization    [PDF]

Emilio Pisanty

1307.7353 (Y. M. Zhang et al.)

Quantum Fisher information of entangled coherent state in the presence
of photon losses: exact solution

Y. M. Zhang, X. W. Li, W. Yang, G. R. Jin

1307.7367 (Hongting Song et al.)

Multi-photon filtering    [PDF]

Hongting Song, Guofeng Zhang, Zairong Xi

1307.7368 (Markus Karl et al.)

Universal scaling at non-thermal fixed points of a two-component Bose

Markus Karl, Boris Nowak, Thomas Gasenzer

1307.7380 (E. Celeghini et al.)

Jacobi polynomials and SU(2,2)    [PDF]

E. Celeghini, M. A. del Olmo, M. A. Velasco

1307.7400 (Oleg Kim et al.)

Additional resonances for cavity-mediated laser cooling    [PDF]

Oleg Kim, Almut Beige

1307.7415 (N. A. McMahon et al.)

Optimal architecture for a non-deterministic noiseless linear amplifier    [PDF]

N. A. McMahon, A. P. Lund, T. C. Ralph

1307.7417 (Graciela Domenech et al.)

Equational characterization for two-valued states in orthomodular
quantum systems

Graciela Domenech, Hector Freytes, Christian De Ronde

1307.7424 (Alexei M. Frolov et al.)

Triplet states in the Be atom: bound state spectrum and hyperfine

Alexei M. Frolov, Maria Belen Ruiz

1307.7428 (A. Thilagam)

Exciton propagation via quantum walks based on non-Hermitian coin flip

A. Thilagam

1307.7476 (Moonjoo Lee et al.)

Theoretical model and experimental setup for 3D imaging of cavity vacuum
with single atoms confined by a nanohole aperture

Moonjoo Lee, Kyungwon An

1307.7487 (Chengjie Zhang et al.)

Detecting and estimating continuous-variable entanglement by local
orthogonal observables

Chengjie Zhang, Sixia Yu, Qing Chen, C. H. Oh

1307.7488 (Anargyros Papageorgiou et al.)

Measures of quantum computing speedup    [PDF]

Anargyros Papageorgiou, Joseph F. Traub

1307.7535 (Yasuhiro Yamada et al.)

Universal departure from Johnson-Nyquist relation caused by limited

Yasuhiro Yamada, Masatoshi Imada

1307.7541 (Giacomo Corrielli et al.)

Integrated optical waveplates for arbitrary operations on
polarization-encoded single-qubits

Giacomo Corrielli, Andrea Crespi, Roberto Osellame, Riccardo Geremia, Roberta Ramponi, Linda Sansoni, Andrea Santinelli, Paolo Mataloni, Fabio Sciarrino

1307.7551 (Akshata Shenoy H. et al.)

Semi-counterfactual Quantum Cryptography    [PDF]

Akshata Shenoy H., R. Srikanth, T. Srinivas

1307.7590 (Yi-Chen Zhang et al.)

Improvement of two-way continuous-variable quantum key distribution
using optical amplifiers

Yi-Chen Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Christian Weedbrook, Song Yu, Wanyi Gu, Maozhu Sun, Xiang Peng, Hong Guo

1307.7598 (D. B. Hume et al.)

Accurate Atom Counting in Mesoscopic Ensembles    [PDF]

D. B. Hume, I. Stroescu, M. Joos, W. Muessel, H. Strobel, M. K. Oberthaler

1307.7637 (R. D. Wilson et al.)

Signatures of the collapse and revival of a spin Schrödinger cat
state in a continuously monitored field mode

R. D. Wilson, M. J. Everitt, W. J. Munro, Tim Spiller

1307.7653 (Peter C. Humphreys et al.)

Quantum Enhanced Multiple Phase Estimation    [PDF]

Peter C. Humphreys, Marco Barbieri, Animesh Datta, Ian A. Walmsley

1307.7694 (D. M. Jezek et al.)

Multimode model for an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate in a ring-shaped
optical lattice

D. M. Jezek, H. M. Cataldo

Monday, July 29, 2013

1110.1239 (Samuel L. Braunstein et al.)

Entanglement entropy in all dimensions    [PDF]

Samuel L. Braunstein, Saurya Das, S. Shankaranarayanan

1307.6858 (Christian Schilling)

Natural Orbitals and Occupation Numbers for Harmonium: Fermions vs.

Christian Schilling

1307.6871 (Marcin Jarzyna et al.)

Dephasing in coherent communication with weak signal states    [PDF]

Marcin Jarzyna, Konrad Banaszek, Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski

1307.6912 (Yan Li et al.)

Zitterbewegung in Bogoliubov's System    [PDF]

Yan Li, Hong-Yi Su, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen, Chunfeng Wu, L. C. Kwek

1307.6920 (Valeriy I. Sbitnev)

Droplets moving on a fluid surface: interference pattern from two slits    [PDF]

Valeriy I. Sbitnev

1307.6922 (G. Vacanti et al.)

Superadiabatic dynamics in open quantum systems    [PDF]

G. Vacanti, R. Fazio, S. Montagero, G. M. Palma, M. Paternostro, V. Vedral

1307.6926 (Yuji Sekino et al.)

Quantum-information Division and Optimal Uncorrelated Cloning    [PDF]

Yuji Sekino, Satoshi Ishizaka

1307.6950 (Adam Miranowicz et al.)

Phase-space interference of states optically truncated by quantum
scissors: Generation of distinct superpositions of qudit coherent states by
displacement of vacuum

Adam Miranowicz, Malgorzata Paprzycka, Anirban Pathak, Franco Nori

1307.6970 (Tetsufumi Tanamoto)

Implementation of standard quantum error correction codes for
solid-state qubits

Tetsufumi Tanamoto

1307.6986 (David Reeb et al.)

Coexistence does not imply Joint Measurability    [PDF]

David Reeb, Daniel Reitzner, Michael M. Wolf

1307.6993 (Markus Johansson et al.)

A-balancedness, topological phases, and a classification scheme of pure
multipartite states

Markus Johansson, Marie Ericsson, Erik Sjöqvist, Andreas Osterloh

1307.7012 (Wolfgang Niedenzu et al.)

Seeding patterns for self-organization of photons and atoms    [PDF]

Wolfgang Niedenzu, Stefan Schütz, Hessam Habibian, Giovanna Morigi, Helmut Ritsch

1307.7021 (Rainer Kaltenbaek)

Testing quantum physics in space using optically trapped nanospheres    [PDF]

Rainer Kaltenbaek

1307.7025 (Miriam Backens)

The ZX-calculus is complete for stabilizer quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Miriam Backens

1307.7027 (Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg et al.)

Self-Consistent Projection Operator Approach to Quantum Many-Body

Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg, Michael J. Hartmann

1307.7036 (Dominique Delande et al.)

Many-body Matter-wave Dark Soliton    [PDF]

Dominique Delande, Krzysztof Sacha

1307.7044 (Stefan Walter et al.)

Quantum synchronization of a driven self-sustained oscillator    [PDF]

Stefan Walter, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Christoph Bruder

1307.7048 (Ross Duncan et al.)

Pivoting makes the ZX-calculus complete for real stabilizers    [PDF]

Ross Duncan, Simon Perdrix

1307.7053 (Tzyh Haur Yang et al.)

Opening the black box: how to estimate physical properties from
non-local correlations

Tzyh Haur Yang, Tamás Vértesi, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Valerio Scarani, Miguel Navascués

1307.7073 (Vahid Azimi Mousolou et al.)

Non-Abelian off-diagonal geometric phases in nano-engineered four-qubit

Vahid Azimi Mousolou, Carlo M. Canali, Erik Sjöqvist

1307.7082 (Mehdi Ahmadi et al.)

Relativistic Quantum Metrology: Exploiting relativity to improve quantum
measurement technologies

Mehdi Ahmadi, David Edward Bruschi, Nicolai Friis, Carlos Sabín, Gerardo Adesso, Ivette Fuentes

Friday, July 26, 2013

1305.2126 (Vincent X. Genest et al.)

The singular and the 2:1 anisotropic Dunkl oscillators in the plane    [PDF]

Vincent X. Genest, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1307.6592 (F. Kolley et al.)

Entanglement spectroscopy of SU(2)-broken phases in two dimensions    [PDF]

F. Kolley, S. Depenbrock, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, V. Alba

1307.6597 (Matthew C. Palmer et al.)

Changing quantum reference frames    [PDF]

Matthew C. Palmer, Florian Girelli, Stephen D. Bartlett

1307.6615 (Andrew G. Semenov)

On the macroscopic quantization in mesoscopic rings and single-electron

Andrew G. Semenov

1307.6617 (Iman Marvian)

Symmetry Protected Topological Entanglement    [PDF]

Iman Marvian

1307.6631 (Mattias T Johnsson et al.)

Squeezing in Bose-Einstein condensates with large numbers of atoms    [PDF]

Mattias T Johnsson, Graham R Dennis, Joseph J Hope

1307.6656 (Hui Zhao et al.)

Characterization of four-qubit states via Bell inequalities    [PDF]

Hui Zhao, Xing-Hua Zhang, Shao-Ming Fei, Zhi-Xi Wang

1307.6657 (Bobo Hua et al.)

A Note on Resistance of NPT to Mixture of Separable States    [PDF]

Bobo Hua, Xiu-Hong Gao, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei

1307.6659 (Ting-Gui Zhang et al.)

Local unitary invariants for multipartite states    [PDF]

Ting-Gui Zhang, Ming-Jing Zhao, Xianqing Li-Jost, Shao-Ming Fei

1307.6660 (Xue-Na Zhu et al.)

One-way Unlocalizable Information Deficit    [PDF]

Xue-Na Zhu, Shao-Ming Fei

1307.6680 (Z. Y. Sun et al.)

Bell inequality and nonlocality in a two-dimensional mixed spin systems    [PDF]

Z. Y. Sun, Y. Y. Wu, H. L. Huang, B. Wang

1307.6710 (Pawel Kurzynski et al.)

Fundamental monogamy relation between contextuality and nonlocality    [PDF]

Pawel Kurzynski, Adan Cabello, Dagomir Kaszlikowski

1307.6725 (Thiago Prudêncio et al.)

Confinement and quantum anomaly in quasi-1D spinless fermion chains    [PDF]

Thiago Prudêncio, Álvaro Ferraz

1307.6744 (Bryan Dalton. Libby Heaney et al.)

New Spin Squeezing and Other Entanglement Tests for Two Mode Systems of
Identical Bosons

Bryan Dalton. Libby Heaney, John Goold, Barry Garraway, Thomas Busch

1307.6813 (F. F. Bellotti et al.)

Contact parameters in two dimensions for general three-body systems    [PDF]

F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, M. T. Yamashita, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1307.6820 (Meiyu Wang et al.)

Generation of four-photon polarization entangled state based on EPR

Meiyu Wang, Fengli Yan

1307.6826 (Dong Ding et al.)

Preparation of $km$-photon concatenated GHZ states for observing
distinct quantum effects at macroscopic scale

Dong Ding, Fengli Yan, Ting Gao

1307.6833 (M. Cerkaski et al.)

Geometrical crossover in two-body systems in a magnetic fiel    [PDF]

M. Cerkaski, R. G. Nazmitdinov

1307.6839 (Adrian Kent et al.)

Sphere colourings and Bell inequalities    [PDF]

Adrian Kent, Damián Pitalúa-García

1307.6852 (Tomasz Sowiński)

One-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model with pure three-body interactions    [PDF]

Tomasz Sowiński

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6541 (Ahmad Nawaz)

The strategic form of quantum prisoners' dilemma    [PDF]

Ahmad Nawaz

1307.6214 (Emilio Cobanera et al.)

Fock Parafermions and Self-Dual Representations of the Braid Group    [PDF]

Emilio Cobanera, Gerardo Ortiz

1307.6222 (Benjamin J. Brown et al.)

Glassy topological quantum memories in two-dimensions    [PDF]

Benjamin J. Brown, Abbas Al-Shimary, Jiannis K. Pachos

1307.6229 (Salman Khan et al.)

Noisy Relativistic Quantum Games in Noninertial Frames    [PDF]

Salman Khan, M. Khalid Khan

1307.6264 (Mordecai Waegell)

Nonclassical Structures within the N-qubit Pauli Group    [PDF]

Mordecai Waegell

1307.6271 (Jun-Hua Chen et al.)

Quantum mechanical perspectives and generalization of the fractional
Fourier Transformation

Jun-Hua Chen, Hong-Yi Fan

1307.6286 (Marcio M. Santos et al.)

Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm via deterministic quantum computaion with one
qubit model

Marcio M. Santos, Eduardo I. Duzzioni

1307.6288 (Takuya Machida et al.)

Self-avoiding quantum walk in the subspace and its limit theorems    [PDF]

Takuya Machida, C. M. Chandrashekar, Norio Konno, Thomas Busch

1307.6301 (Jan Jeske et al.)

Quantum metrology in the presence of spatially correlated noise:
Restoring Heisenberg scaling

Jan Jeske, Jared H. Cole, Susana Huelga

1307.6304 (Koh Saitoh et al.)

Measuring the orbital angular momentum of electron vortex beams using a
forked grating

Koh Saitoh, Yuya Hasegawa, Kazuma Hirakawa, Nobuo Tanaka, Masaya Uchida

1307.6364 (Olivier Morin et al.)

Experimentally accessing the optimal temporal mode of traveling quantum
light states

Olivier Morin, Claude Fabre, Julien Laurat

1307.6390 (R. Augusiak et al.)

Monogamies of correlations and amplification of randomness    [PDF]

R. Augusiak, M. Demianowicz, M. Pawłowski, J. Tura, A. Acín

1307.6415 (Subhasis Panda et al.)

Metric deformation and boundary value problems in 3D    [PDF]

Subhasis Panda, S. Pratik Khastgir

1307.6416 (Detlev Buchholz)

The resolvent algebra: Ideals and dimension    [PDF]

Detlev Buchholz

1307.6424 (Guillaume Labroille et al.)

Pulse shaping with birefringent crystals: a tool for quantum metrology    [PDF]

Guillaume Labroille, Olivier Pinel, Nicolas Treps, Manuel Joffre

1307.6474 (S. Carretta et al.)

Quantum-Information Processing with Hybrid Spin-Photon Qubit Encoding    [PDF]

S. Carretta, A. Chiesa, F. Troiani, D. Gerace, G. Amoretti, P. Santini

1307.6475 (Johannes Kofler et al.)

On 'Bell violation using entangled photons without the fair-sampling

Johannes Kofler, Sven Ramelow, Marissa Giustina, Anton Zeilinger

1307.6492 (Thomas Häberle et al.)

High-dynamic-range imaging of nanoscale magnetic fields using optimal
control of a single qubit

Thomas Häberle, Dominik Schmid-Lorch, Khaled Karrai, Friedemann Reinhard, Jörg Wrachtrup

1307.6493 (Eduardo Mascarenhas et al.)

A quantum optical diode in a nonlinear-linear resonators junction    [PDF]

Eduardo Mascarenhas, Daniel Valente, Simone Montangero, Alexia Auffeves, Dario Gerace, M. Franca Santos

1307.6497 (Feng Pan et al.)

The Heine-Stieltjes correspondence and a new angular momentum projection
for many-particle systems

Feng Pan, Bo Li, Yao-Zhong Zhang, Jerry P. Draayer

1307.6538 (Itay Hen)

Period Finding with Adiabatic Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Itay Hen

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1109.2584 (Alfred Driessen)

Life and Quantum Biology, an Interdisciplinary Approach    [PDF]

Alfred Driessen

1304.0011 (A. Bermudez et al.)

Controlling and measuring quantum transport of heat in trapped-ion

A. Bermudez, M. Bruderer, M. B. Plenio

1305.2443 (Stefan S. Natu et al.)

Spin dynamics in a spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas    [PDF]

Stefan S. Natu, S. Das Sarma

1305.2763 (Yaakov S. Weinstein)

Quantum Error Correction Implementation after Multiple Gates    [PDF]

Yaakov S. Weinstein

1307.5855 (Agata M. Branczyk et al.)

Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy for the quantum-optics

Agata M. Branczyk, Daniel B. Turner, Gregory D. Scholes

1307.5891 (Minghui Xu et al.)

Quantum Synchronization of Two Ensembles of Atoms    [PDF]

Minghui Xu, D. A. Tieri, E. C. Fine, James K. Thompson, M. J. Holland

1307.5892 (Mohan Sarovar et al.)

Error suppression and correction in adiabatic quantum computing:
non-equilibrium dynamics

Mohan Sarovar, Kevin C. Young

1307.5893 (Kevin C. Young et al.)

Error suppression and error correction in adiabatic quantum computation:
techniques and challenges

Kevin C. Young, Mohan Sarovar, Robin Blume-Kohout

1307.5922 (C. M. Chandrashekar et al.)

Device-independent and secured quantum memory using localised quantum

C. M. Chandrashekar, Th. Busch

1307.5951 (Qin Liu et al.)

A universal setup for active control of a single-photon detector    [PDF]

Qin Liu, Antía Lamas-Linares, Christian Kurtsiefer, Johannes Skaar, Vadim Makarov, Ilja Gerhardt

1307.5979 (John Schliemann)

The Large-Volume Limit of a Quantum Tetrahedron is a Quantum Harmonic

John Schliemann

1307.5986 (Emmanuel Fort et al.)

Trajectory eigenmodes of an orbiting wave source    [PDF]

Emmanuel Fort, Yves Couder

1307.5995 (Chitra Shukla et al.)

Direct quantum communication without actual transmission of the message

Chitra Shukla, Anirban Pathak

1307.6005 (Adeline Orieux et al.)

Experimental Detection of Quantum Channels    [PDF]

Adeline Orieux, Linda Sansoni, Mauro Persechino, Paolo Mataloni, Matteo Rossi, Chiara Macchiavello

1307.6032 (Jani Tuorila et al.)

Charge qubit driven via the Josephson nonlinearity    [PDF]

Jani Tuorila, Matti Silveri, Mika Sillanpää, Erkki Thuneberg, Yuriy Makhlin, Pertti Hakonen

1307.6034 (Yichen Huang)

Scaling of quantum discord in spin models    [PDF]

Yichen Huang

1307.6037 (Ting-Gui Zhang et al.)

A Note on State Decomposition Independent Local Invariants    [PDF]

Ting-Gui Zhang, Naihuan Jing, Xianqing Li-Jost, Ming-Jing Zhao, Shao-Ming Fei

1307.6041 (Shi Wang et al.)

Quantum Optical Realization of Classical Linear Stochastic Systems    [PDF]

Shi Wang, H. I. Nurdin, Guofeng Zhang, Matthew R. James

1307.6057 (Falk Töppel et al.)

Goos-Hänchen and Imbert-Fedorov shifts from a quantum-mechanical

Falk Töppel, Marco Ornigotti, Andrea Aiello

1307.6077 (Fu-Lin Zhang et al.)

Perturbed tripartite entanglement under W-type noise    [PDF]

Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen

1307.6083 (William M. R. Simpson)

Ontological aspects of the Casimir Effect    [PDF]

William M. R. Simpson

1307.6089 (Lan Zhou et al.)

Efficient hybrid entanglement concentration for quantum communications    [PDF]

Lan Zhou, Yu-Bo Sheng

1307.6095 (T. J. Proctor et al.)

Minimal ancilla-controlled quantum computation    [PDF]

T. J. Proctor, E. Andersson, V. M. Kendon

1307.6108 (Spyros Efthimiades)

Perceptions of the Schrodinger Equation    [PDF]

Spyros Efthimiades

1307.6128 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Dynamically generated flat-band phases in optical kagome lattices    [PDF]

Gia-Wei Chern, Chih-Chun Chien, Massimiliano Di Ventra

1307.6152 (Daniel Valente et al.)

Frequency cavity pulling induced by a single semiconductor quantum dot    [PDF]

Daniel Valente, Jan Suffczyński, Tomasz Jakubczyk, Adrien Dousse, Aristide Lemaître, Isabelle Sagnes, Loïc Lanco, Paul Voisin, Alexia Auffeves, Pascale Senellart

1307.6175 (G. B. Deyneka et al.)

Relativistic calculations of the U91+(1s)-U92+ collision using the
finite basis set of cubic Hermite splines on a lattice in coordinate space

G. B. Deyneka, I. A. Maltsev, I. I. Tupitsyn, V. M. Shabaev, A. I. Bondarev, Y. S. Kozhedub, G. Plunien, Th. Stoehlker

1307.6182 (Ting-Gui Zhang et al.)

Separable State Decompositions for a Class of Mixed States    [PDF]

Ting-Gui Zhang, Xiaofen Huang, Xianqing Li-Jost, Naihuan Jing, Shao-Ming Fei

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1112.3679 (Denys I. Bondar et al.)

Conceptual inconsistencies in finite-dimensional quantum and classical

Denys I. Bondar, Renan Cabrera, Herschel A. Rabitz

1209.0058 (Xueyuan Hu et al.)

Super-additivity of quantum-correlating power    [PDF]

Xueyuan Hu, Heng Fan, D. L. Zhou, Wu-Ming Liu

1305.1969 (L. F. Buchmann et al.)

Phase Conjugation in Quantum Optomechanics    [PDF]

L. F. Buchmann, E. M. Wright, P. Meystre

1305.2519 (A. Matzkin et al.)

Three-box paradox and "Cheshire cat grin": the case of spin-1 atoms    [PDF]

A. Matzkin, A. K. Pan

1307.5368 (Saikat Guha et al.)

Quantum enigma machines and the locking capacity of a quantum channel    [PDF]

Saikat Guha, Patrick Hayden, Hari Krovi, Seth Lloyd, Cosmo Lupo, Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Masahiro Takeoka, Mark M. Wilde

1307.5370 (Alexey E. Rastegin et al.)

Jarzynski equality for quantum stochastic maps    [PDF]

Alexey E. Rastegin, Karol Życzkowski

1307.5385 (Ying-Qi Lü et al.)

Frozen Gaussian quantum discord in photonic crystal cavity array system    [PDF]

Ying-Qi Lü, Jun-Hong An, Xi-Meng Chen, Hong-Gang Luo, C. H. Oh

1307.5403 (Nigum Arshed et al.)

Entanglement-assisted capacities of time-correlated amplitude-damping

Nigum Arshed, A. H. Toor

1307.5441 (C. A. Downing)

A class of exactly solvable models for the Schrodinger equation    [PDF]

C. A. Downing

1307.5445 (Will Gunton et al.)

Realization of BEC-BCS crossover physics in a compact oven-loaded
magneto-optic trap apparatus

Will Gunton, Mariusz Semczuk, Kirk W. Madison

1307.5462 (I. Herbauts et al.)

Demonstration of active routing of entanglement in a multi-user network    [PDF]

I. Herbauts, B. Blauensteiner, A. Poppe, T. Jennewein, H. Hübel

1307.5472 (Gor A. Abovyan et al.)

Visualization of superposition states and Raman processes with
two-dimensional atomic deflection

Gor A. Abovyan, Gagik P. Djotyan, Gagik Yu. Kryuchkyan

1307.5508 (Ahmad Nawaz)

Werner-like States and Strategic Form of Quantum Games    [PDF]

Ahmad Nawaz

1307.5532 (Yen-Chang Lin et al.)

Quantum entanglement for two electrons in the excited states of
helium-like systems

Yen-Chang Lin, Yew Kam Ho

1307.5544 (E. Mascarenhas et al.)

Latency in pure state thermodynamics of quantum phase transitions    [PDF]

E. Mascarenhas, H. Braganca, R. Dorner, M. Franca Santos, V. Vedral, K. Modi, J. Goold

1307.5546 (Enej Ilievski et al.)

Quantum group approach to steady states of boundary-driven open quantum

Enej Ilievski, Bojan Žunkovič

1307.5567 (Shuming Hu et al.)

Many-body nodal hypersurface and domain averages for correlated wave

Shuming Hu, Kevin Rasch, Lubos Mitas

1307.5590 (Qing Ai et al.)

Clustered Geometries Exploiting Quantum Coherence Effects for Efficient
Energy Transfer in Light Harvesting

Qing Ai, Tzu-Chi Yen, Bih-Yaw Jin, Yuan-Chung Cheng

1307.5596 (Yangjie Liu et al.)

Space charge effect of the time-dependent ultrafast laser excited
electron emission from a metal surface

Yangjie Liu, L. K. Ang

1307.5615 (Simone De Liberato)

Comment on "System-environment coupling derived by Maxwell's boundary
conditions from the weak to the ultrastrong light-matter coupling regime"

Simone De Liberato

1307.5646 (Stefan Schauer et al.)

On the Optimality of Basis Transformations to Secure Entanglement
Swapping Based QKD Protocols

Stefan Schauer, Martin Suda

1307.5649 (Nam-Chol Kim et al.)

Influence of Pulse width and Rabi frequency on the Population dynamics
of three-level system in two-photon absorption process

Nam-Chol Kim, Myong-Chol Ko, Song-Jin Im, Zhong-Hua Hao

1307.5663 (Da Wei et al.)

Tuning inter-dot tunnel coupling of an etched graphene double quantum
dot by adjacent metal gates

Da Wei, Hai-Ou Li, Gang Cao, Gang Luo, Zhi-Xiong Zheng, Tao Tu, Ming Xiao, Guang-Can Guo, Hong-Wen Jiang, Guo-Ping Guo

1307.5672 (Muhammad Tanveer Baig et al.)

A scalable, fast and multichannel arbitrary waveform generator    [PDF]

Muhammad Tanveer Baig, Michael Johanning, Andreas Wiese, Stefan Heidbrink, Michael Ziolkowski, Christof Wunderlich

1307.5681 (Soumya Bera et al.)

Stabilizing Spin Coherence Through Environmental Entanglement in
Strongly Dissipative Quantum Systems

Soumya Bera, Serge Florens, Harold U. Baranger, Nicolas Roch, Ahsan Nazir, Alex W. Chin

1307.5696 (Z. Y. Xie et al.)

Renormalization of quantum many-body systems by the projected entangled
simplex states

Z. Y. Xie, J. Chen, J. F. Yu, X. Kong, B. Normand, T. Xiang

1307.5699 (Stefano Pirandola)

Breaking entanglement-breaking by classical correlations    [PDF]

Stefano Pirandola

1307.5726 (P. Sinkovicz et al.)

Spin liquid phases of alkaline earth atoms at finite temperature    [PDF]

P. Sinkovicz, A. Zamora, E. Szirmai, M. Lewenstein, G. Szirmai

1307.5733 (Roberto Beneduci)

Uniform continuity of POVMs    [PDF]

Roberto Beneduci

1307.5757 (Ahmad Nawaz)

Prisoners' Dilemma in Presence of Collective Dephasing    [PDF]

Ahmad Nawaz

1307.5768 (A. Rancon et al.)

Exact dynamics and thermalization of an open bosonic quantum system in
presence of a quantum phase transition induced by the environment

A. Rancon, J. Bonart

1307.5779 (Elie Wolfe et al.)

Certifying Separability in Symmetric Mixed States of N qudits, and

Elie Wolfe, S. F. Yelin

Monday, July 22, 2013

0912.1732 (Steven J. M. Habraken et al.)

Geometric phases in astigmatic optical modes of arbitrary order    [PDF]

Steven J. M. Habraken, Gerard Nienhuis

1105.4164 (Bhaskar Roy Bardhan et al.)

Dynamical Decoupling in Optical Fibers: Preserving Polarization Qubits
from Birefringent Dephasing

Bhaskar Roy Bardhan, Petr M. Anisimov, Manish K. Gupta, Katherine L. Brown, N. Cody Jones, Hwang Lee, Jonathan P. Dowling

1307.5282 (Laurent Boué et al.)

Analytic solution of the dynamics of quantum vortex reconnection    [PDF]

Laurent Boué, Dmytro Khomenko, Victor S. L'vov, Itamar Procaccia

1307.5062 (Donatello Dolce et al.)

The role of quantum recurrence in superconductivity, carbon nanotubes
and related gauge symmetry breaking

Donatello Dolce, Andrea Perali

1307.5075 (Arijeet Pal et al.)

Driven nonlinear dynamics of two coupled exchange-only qubits    [PDF]

Arijeet Pal, Emmanuel I. Rashba, Bertrand I. Halperin

1307.5087 (Jacob Farinholt)

Efficient Ancilla-Free Multi-Qudit Clifford Gate Decomposition in
Arbitrary Finite Dimension

Jacob Farinholt

1307.5093 (C. Creatore et al.)

An efficient biologically-inspired photocell enhanced by quantum

C. Creatore, M. A. Parker, S. Emmott, A. W. Chin

1307.5140 (Thi Ha Kyaw et al.)

Measurement-Based Quantum Computation with Two-Body Qubits via Adiabatic

Thi Ha Kyaw, Ying Li, Leong Chuan Kwek

1307.5143 (Zeph Landau et al.)

A polynomial-time algorithm for the ground state of 1D gapped local

Zeph Landau, Umesh Vazirani, Thomas Vidick

1307.5158 (C. Semay et al.)

Approximate solutions for N-body Hamiltonians with identical particles
in D dimensions

C. Semay, C. Roland

1307.5162 (Jingfu Zhang et al.)

Protected quantum computing: Interleaving gate operations with dynamical
decoupling sequences

Jingfu Zhang, Alexandre M. Souza, Frederico Dias Brandao, Dieter Suter

1307.5175 (Tilman Enss)

Transverse spin diffusion in strongly interacting Fermi gases    [PDF]

Tilman Enss

1307.5181 (Alessandro Ridolfo et al.)

Ultra-strong optical nonlinearities    [PDF]

Alessandro Ridolfo, Elena del Valle, Michael J. Hartmann

1307.5187 (Alexej I. Streltsov)

Quantum systems of ultra-cold bosons with customized inter-particle

Alexej I. Streltsov

1307.5206 (Stefano Azzini et al.)

Stimulated and spontaneous four-wave mixing in silicon-on-insulator
coupled photonic wire nano-cavities

Stefano Azzini, Davide Grassani, Matteo Galli, Dario Gerace, Maddalena Patrini, Marco Liscidini, Philippe Velha, Daniele Bajoni

1307.5220 (K. Rama Koteswara Rao et al.)

Simulation of mirror inversion of quantum states in an XY spin chain
using NMR

K. Rama Koteswara Rao, T. S. Mahesh, Anil Kumar

1307.5291 (Hadrien Kurkjian et al.)

Spin squeezing and EPR entanglement of two bimodal condensates in
state-dependent potentials

Hadrien Kurkjian, Krzysztof Pawlowski, Philipp Treutlein, Alice Sinatra

1307.5309 (Andreas Kronwald et al.)

Arbitrarily large steady-state bosonic squeezing via dissipation    [PDF]

Andreas Kronwald, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk

1307.5311 (Nicolas Didier et al.)

Dissipation-induced perfect squeezing by damping modulation in circuit
quantum electrodynamics

Nicolas Didier, Farzad Qassemi, Alexandre Blais

1307.5315 (Vahid Azimi Mousolou et al.)

Non-Abelian geometric phase for orange slice shaped paths    [PDF]

Vahid Azimi Mousolou, Erik Sjöqvist

Friday, July 19, 2013

1107.2707 (H. Bombin)

Structure of 2D Topological Stabilizer Codes    [PDF]

H. Bombin

1306.0053 (Hai-Rui Wei et al.)

Scalable photonic quantum computing assisted by quantum-dot spin in
double-sided optical microcavity

Hai-Rui Wei, Fu-Guo Deng

1307.4750 (Fernando Mendes Vasconcelos et al.)

On the role of the basis of measurement in quantum gate teleportation    [PDF]

Fernando Mendes Vasconcelos, Rubens Viana Ramos

1307.4498 (Chad A. Husko et al.)

Multi-photon absorption limits to heralded single photon sources    [PDF]

Chad A. Husko, Alex S. Clark, Matthew J. Collins, Alfredo De Rossi, Sylvain Combrie, Gaelle Lehoucq, Isabella H. Rey, Thomas F. Krauss, Chunle Xiong, Benjamin J. Eggleton

1307.4770 (Bhaskar Roy Bardhan et al.)

Effects of Phase Fluctuations on Phase Sensitivity and Visibility of
Path-Entangled Photon Fock States

Bhaskar Roy Bardhan, Kebei Jiang, Jonathan P. Dowling

1307.4774 (B. H. McGuyer et al.)

Measurement of Nonadiabatic Effects in Ultracold Molecules via Anomalous
Linear and Quadratic Zeeman Shifts

B. H. McGuyer, C. B. Osborn, M. McDonald, G. Reinaudi, W. Skomorowski, R. Moszynski, T. Zelevinsky

1307.4784 (Michał Lesiuk et al.)

On the large interelectronic distance behavior of the correlation factor
for explicitly correlated wave functions

Michał Lesiuk, Bogumił Jeziorski, Robert Moszynski

1307.4807 (Stephan Hoyer et al.)

Realistic and verifiable coherent control of excitonic states in a light
harvesting complex

Stephan Hoyer, Filippo Caruso, Simone Montangero, Mohan Sarovar, Tommaso Calarco, Martin B. Plenio, K. Birgitta Whaley

1307.4810 (A. V. Turbiner et al.)

Stable He$^-$ can exist in a strong magnetic field    [PDF]

A. V. Turbiner, J. C. Lopez Vieyra

1307.4833 (Christian Bergenfeldt et al.)

Hybrid Microwave Cavity Heat Engine    [PDF]

Christian Bergenfeldt, Peter Samuelsson, Björn Sothmann, Christian Flindt, Markus Büttiker

1307.4848 (Si-Yuan Liu et al.)

General monogamy property of global quantum discord    [PDF]

Si-Yuan Liu, Yu-Ran Zhang, Li-Ming Zhao, Wen-Li Yang, Heng Fan

1307.4906 (Jarosław Adam Miszczak)

Functional framework for representing and transforming quantum channels    [PDF]

Jarosław Adam Miszczak

1307.4940 (Tobias Geiger et al.)

Microscopic scattering theory for interacting bosons in weak random

Tobias Geiger, Andreas Buchleitner, Thomas Wellens

1307.4978 (Amlan K. Roy)

Accurate ro-vibrational spectroscopy of diatomic molecules in a Morse
oscillator potential

Amlan K. Roy

1307.4993 (Anand Ganti et al.)

On the gap of Hamiltonians for the adiabatic simulation of quantum

Anand Ganti, Rolando Somma

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1209.1061 (R. Kanamoto et al.)

Superpositions in Atomic Quantum Rings    [PDF]

R. Kanamoto, P. Öhberg, E. M. Wright

1307.4684 (Jan Gieseler et al.)

Thermal nonlinearities in a nanomechanical oscillator    [PDF]

Jan Gieseler, Lukas Novotny, Romain Quidant

1307.4404 (Flavien Hirsch et al.)

Genuine hidden quantum nonlocality    [PDF]

Flavien Hirsch, Marco Túlio Quintino, Joseph Bowles, Nicolas Brunner

1307.4407 (Thomas Markovich et al.)

More accurate and efficient bath spectral densities from

Thomas Markovich, Samuel M. Blau, John Parkhill, Christoph Kreisbeck, Jacob N. Sanders, Xavier Andrade, Alán Aspuru-Guzik

1307.4443 (Y. Lin et al.)

Dissipative production of a maximally entangled steady state    [PDF]

Y. Lin, J. P. Gaebler, F. Reiter, T. R. Tan, R. Bowler, A. S. S\orensen, D. Leibfried, D. J. Wineland

1307.4449 (Andrey V. Sokolov)

Polynomial Supersymmetry for Matrix Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Andrey V. Sokolov

1307.4490 (S. Kun et al.)

Thermalized Non-Equilibrated Matter against Random Matrix Theory,
Quantum Chaos and Direct Interaction: Warming up

S. Kun, Y. Li, M. H. Zhao, M. R. Huang

1307.4513 (Manuel Valiente et al.)

Effective field theory of interactions on the lattice    [PDF]

Manuel Valiente, Nikolaj T. Zinner

1307.4524 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Weak values maximizing the output of weak measurements    [PDF]

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1307.4571 (Antonio A. Valido et al.)

Gaussian entanglement induced by an extended thermal environment    [PDF]

Antonio A. Valido, Daniel Alonso, Sigmund Kohler

1307.4619 (Florian Hebenstreit et al.)

Real-time dynamics of string breaking    [PDF]

Florian Hebenstreit, Jürgen Berges, Daniil Gelfand

1307.4630 (Cosmo Lupo et al.)

Quantum reading capacity under thermal and correlated noise    [PDF]

Cosmo Lupo, Stefano Pirandola, Vittorio Giovannetti, Stefano Mancini

1307.4633 (Ivan A. Denisov et al.)

Nanodiamond Collective Electron States and its Localization    [PDF]

Ivan A. Denisov, Andrey A. Zimin, Leslie A. Bursill, Peter I. Belobrov

1307.4637 (O. Pinel et al.)

Quantum parameter estimation using general single-mode Gaussian states    [PDF]

O. Pinel, P. Jian, N. Treps, C. Fabre, and D. Braun

1307.4673 (Jonathan C. F. Matthews et al.)

Practical Quantum Metrology    [PDF]

Jonathan C. F. Matthews, Xiao-Qi Zhou, Peter J. Shadbolt, Hugo Cable, Peter J. Shadbolt, Dylan J. Saunders, Gabriel A. Durkin, Geoff J. Pryde, Jeremy L. O'Brien

1307.4677 (Benjamin Audoux)

An application of Khovanov homology to quantum codes    [PDF]

Benjamin Audoux

1307.4739 (André Nock et al.)

Distributions of Off-Diagonal Scattering Matrix Elements: Exact Results    [PDF]

André Nock, Santosh Kumar, Hans-Jürgen Sommers, Thomas Guhr

1307.4749 (E. Arias et al.)

The Phononic Casimir Effect in Random Fluids    [PDF]

E. Arias, C. H. G. Bessa, J. G. Duenas, G. Menezes, N. F. Svaiter

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1107.5839 (A. R. Vieira et al.)

Geometry in the entanglement dynamics of the double Jaynes-Cummings

A. R. Vieira, J. G. G. de Oliveira Junior, J. G. Peixoto de Faria, M. C. Nemes

1307.4295 (N. N. Trunov)

Effective quantum number for describing nanosystems    [PDF]

N. N. Trunov

1307.4294 (Piero Chiarelli)

Are the micro and the macro arrow of time connected each other    [PDF]

Piero Chiarelli

1307.4369 (M. W. C. Dharma-wardana)

Density-Functional theory, finite-temperature classical maps, and their
implications for foundational studies of quantum systems

M. W. C. Dharma-wardana

1307.4092 (Yasaman Bahri et al.)

Localization and topology protected quantum coherence at the edge of
'hot' matter

Yasaman Bahri, Ronen Vosk, Ehud Altman, Ashvin Vishwanath

1307.4101 (J. Acacio de Barros)

Decision Making for Inconsistent Expert Judgments Using Signed

J. Acacio de Barros

1307.4125 (Jason N. Byrd et al.)

Associative detachment of rubidium hydroxide    [PDF]

Jason N. Byrd, H. Harvey Michels, John A. Montgomery Jr., Robin Côté

1307.4144 (Cesar E. Pachon et al.)

The Origin of the Dynamical Quantum Non-locality    [PDF]

Cesar E. Pachon, Leonardo A. Pachon

1307.4161 (Bo Gao)

Quantum-defect theory for $-1/r^4$ type of interactions    [PDF]

Bo Gao

1307.4176 (V. F. Maisi et al.)

Full counting statistics of Andreev tunneling    [PDF]

V. F. Maisi, D. Kambly, C. Flindt, J. P. Pekola

1307.4182 (Jiawen Deng et al.)

Boosting work characteristics and overall heat engine performance via
accelerated adiabatic control: quantum and classical

Jiawen Deng, Qing-hai Wang, Zhihao Liu, Peter Hanggi, Jiangbin Gong

1307.4184 (Frederick H. Willeboordse)

Classical Inversion of the CHSH Inequality    [PDF]

Frederick H. Willeboordse

1307.4195 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi et al.)

Modified Dispersion Relation, Photon's Velocity, and Unruh Effect    [PDF]

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Elias C. Vagenas

1307.4238 (Sangyoub Lee et al.)

A variant of the Brillouin-Wigner perturbation theory with
Epstein-Nesbet partitioning

Sangyoub Lee, Cheol Ho Choi, Eunji Kim, Young Kyun Choi

1307.4265 (Patrick J. Coles et al.)

Improved entropic uncertainty relations and information exclusion

Patrick J. Coles, Marco Piani

1307.4282 (Juan Restrepo et al.)

Single Polariton Optomechanics    [PDF]

Juan Restrepo, Cristiano Ciuti, Ivan Favero

1307.4317 (B. Militello et al.)

Zeno Dynamics and High-Temperature Master Equations Beyond Secular

B. Militello, M. Scala, A. Messina

1307.4326 (M. -H. Yung et al.)

From transistor to trapped-ion computers for quantum chemistry    [PDF]

M. -H. Yung, J. Casanova, A. Mezzacapo, J. McClean, L. Lamata, A. Aspuru-Guzik, E. Solano

1307.4348 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Double-Scaling Limit of the O(N)-Symmetric Anharmonic Oscillator    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Sarben Sarkar

1307.4349 (S. Shankar et al.)

Stabilizing entanglement autonomously between two superconducting qubits    [PDF]

S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, Z. Leghtas, K. M. Sliwa, A. Narla, U. Vool, S. M. Girvin, L. Frunzio, M. Mirrahimi, M. H. Devoret

1307.4360 (Jason Doukas et al.)

Unruh Effect under Non-equilibrium conditions: Oscillatory motion of an
Unruh-DeWitt detector

Jason Doukas, Shih-Yuin Lin, B. L. Hu, Robert B. Mann

1307.4365 (Nicola Vona et al.)

Sharpening the Implications of Bell's Theorem    [PDF]

Nicola Vona, Yeong-Cherng Liang

1307.4366 (Nicola Vona et al.)

Are Bohmian arrival times measurable?    [PDF]

Nicola Vona, Günter Hinrichs, Detlef Dürr