Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1112.2641 (Matthias Ohliger et al.)

Efficient measurement-based quantum computing with continuous-variable

Matthias Ohliger, Jens Eisert

1207.1675 (I. Garcia-Mata et al.)

Multifractality of quantum wave packets    [PDF]

I. Garcia-Mata, J. Martin, O. Giraud, B. Georgeot

1207.2419 (S. Sivakumar)

Stern-Gerlach Experiments and Complex Numbers in Quantum Physics    [PDF]

S. Sivakumar

1207.2188 (L. Neves et al.)

Quantum teleportation via maximum-confidence quantum measurements    [PDF]

L. Neves, M. A. Solís-Prosser, A. Delgado, O. Jiménez

1207.2206 (Jong-Chan Lee et al.)

Scheme for directly observing the non-commutativity of the position and
the momentum operators with interference

Jong-Chan Lee, Yong-Su Kim, Young-Sik Ra, Hyang-Tag Lim, Yoon-Ho Kim

1207.2208 (Marcin Zwierz)

Comment on "Geometric derivation of the quantum speed limit"    [PDF]

Marcin Zwierz

1207.2260 (Zhaoguo Li et al.)

Two-dimensional universal conductance fluctuations and the
electron-phonon interaction of topological surface states in Bi2Te2Se

Zhaoguo Li, Taishi Chen, Haiyang Pan, Fengqi Song, Baigeng Wang, Junhao Han, Yuyuan Qin, Xuefeng Wang, Rong Zhang, Jianguo Wan, Dingyu Xing, Guanghou Wang

1207.2267 (Banasri Basu et al.)

Magnetic field dependence of the entanglement entropy of one dimensional
spin systems in quantum phase transition induced by a quench

Banasri Basu, Pratul Bandyopadhyay, Priyadarshi Majumdar

1207.2269 (Masayuki Okano et al.)

Generation of broadband spontaneous parametric fluorescence using
multiple bulk nonlinear crystals

Masayuki Okano, Ryo Okamoto, Akira Tanaka, Shanthi Subashchandran, Shigeki Takeuchi

1207.2276 (Anurag Anshu et al.)

Pseudo-telepathy games and genuine NS n-way nonlocality using graph

Anurag Anshu, Mehdi Mhalla

1207.2278 (Ali Mostafazadeh)

Spectral Singularities Do Not Correspond to Bound States in the

Ali Mostafazadeh

1207.2286 (Eyuri Wakakuwa et al.)

Chain rule implies Tsirelson's bound: an approach from a generalized
mutual information

Eyuri Wakakuwa, Mio Murao

1207.2299 (Liang Han et al.)

Identifying the orbital angular momentum of light based on atomic

Liang Han, Mingtao Cao, Ruifeng Liu, Hao Liu, Wenge Guo, Dong Wei, Shaoyan Gao, Pei Zhang, Hong Gao

1207.2307 (Robert Beals et al.)

Efficient Distributed Quantum Computing    [PDF]

Robert Beals, Stephen Brierley, Oliver Gray, Aram Harrow, Samuel Kutin, Noah Linden, Dan Shepherd, Mark Stather

1207.2321 (Daniel K. Park et al.)

Three Paths Interference Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Test of the
Consistency of Born's Rule

Daniel K. Park, Osama Moussa, Raymond Laflamme

1207.2343 (E. -M. Laine et al.)

Local in time master equations with memory effects: Applicability and

E. -M. Laine, K. Luoma, J. Piilo

1207.2358 (Amilcar R. de Queiroz et al.)

Renormalization of Noncommutative Quantum Field Theories    [PDF]

Amilcar R. de Queiroz, Rahul Srivastava, Sachindeo Vaidya

1207.2376 (Robert Fickler et al.)

Quantum Entanglement of Very High Angular Momenta    [PDF]

Robert Fickler, Radek Lapkiewicz, William N. Plick, Mario Krenn, Christoph Schaeff, Sven Ramelow, Anton Zeilinger

1207.2391 (Chih-Chun Chien et al.)

Large-N approximation for single- and two-component dilute Bose gases    [PDF]

Chih-Chun Chien, Fred Cooper, Eddy Timmermans

1207.2198 (O. Viyuela et al.)

Out-of-Equilibrium Thermal Effects in a 1D Topological Insulator    [PDF]

O. Viyuela, A. Rivas, M. A. Martin-Delgado