Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1010.0498 (Hui-Chong Niu et al.)

Faithful entanglement sharing for quantum communication against
collective noise

Hui-Chong Niu, Bao-Cang Ren, Tie-Jun Wang, Ming Hua, Fu-Guo Deng

1106.1208 (Eric Chitambar et al.)

Increasing Entanglement by Separable Operations and New Monotones for
W-type Entanglement

Eric Chitambar, Wei Cui, Hoi-Kwong Lo

1106.2264 (Guillaume Aubrun et al.)

Entanglement thresholds for random induced states    [PDF]

Guillaume Aubrun, Stanislaw J. Szarek, Deping Ye

1107.3108 (B. Öztop et al.)

Excitations of optically driven atomic condensate in a cavity: theory of
photodetection measurements

B. Öztop, M. Bordyuh, Ö. E. Müstecapl\ioğlu, H. E. Türeci

1201.2232 (Yukihiro Ota et al.)

Entanglement amplification via local weak measurements    [PDF]

Yukihiro Ota, Sahel Ashhab, Franco Nori

1210.4473 (Partha Ghose)

Nonquantum Cognition    [PDF]

Partha Ghose

1210.4183 (Julius Bonart et al.)

Effective potential renormalization and polaronic mass shift in a
trapped dynamical impurity-luttinger liquid system

Julius Bonart, Leticia F. Cugliandolo

1210.4186 (Alessio Serafini)

Feedback control in quantum optics: an overview of experimental
breakthroughs and areas of application

Alessio Serafini

1210.4192 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Spectral function of a scalar boson coupled to fermions    [PDF]

Francesco Giacosa, Giuseppe Pagliara

1210.4205 (Francisco M. Fernández et al.)

Critical parameters for quantum wells from a local approximation    [PDF]

Francisco M. Fernández, Javier Garcia

1210.4208 (W. J. M. Kort-Kamp et al.)

Spontaneous emission in the presence of a spherical plasmonic cloak    [PDF]

W. J. M. Kort-Kamp, F. S. S. Rosa, F. A. Pinheiro, C. Farina

1210.4212 (Holger F. Hofmann et al.)

Proposal for a weak measurement of photon arrival time    [PDF]

Holger F. Hofmann, Changliang Ren

1210.4234 (James Schneeloch et al.)

Witnessing Continuous Variable Entanglement with Discrete Measurements    [PDF]

James Schneeloch, P. Ben Dixon, Gregory A. Howland, Curtis J. Broadbent, John C. Howell

1210.4248 (Tabish Qureshi et al.)

Einstein's Recoiling Slit Experiment, Complementarity and Uncertainty    [PDF]

Tabish Qureshi, Radhika Vathsan

1210.4249 (Thomas J. Milburn et al.)

Checking the error correction strength of arbitrary surface code logical

Thomas J. Milburn, Austin G. Fowler

1210.4262 (Olivier Brunet)

Dynamics and Hidden Variables    [PDF]

Olivier Brunet

1210.4275 (Xue-Xin Ren et al.)

Single-photon transport and mechanical NOON state generation in
microcavity optomechanics

Xue-Xin Ren, Hao-Kun Li, Meng-Yuan Yan, Yong-Chun Liu, Yun-Feng Xiao, Qihuang Gong

1210.4298 (Smail Bougouffa et al.)

Atoms versus photons as carriers of quantum states    [PDF]

Smail Bougouffa, Zbigniew Ficek

1210.4300 (Ansuman Dey et al.)

Fine-grained uncertainty relation and biased non-local games in
bipartite and tripartite systems

Ansuman Dey, T. Pramanik, A. S. Majumdar

1210.4303 (Io-Chun Hoi et al.)

Microwave Quantum Optics with an Artificial Atom    [PDF]

Io-Chun Hoi, C. M. Wilson, Göran Johansson, Joel Lindkvist, Borja Peropadre, Tauno Palomaki, Per Delsing

1210.4309 (Gregers Poulsen et al.)

Adiabatic cooling of a single trapped ion    [PDF]

Gregers Poulsen, Michael Drewsen

1210.4311 (Christopher Stihl et al.)

Modulated pulses compensating classical noise    [PDF]

Christopher Stihl, Benedikt Fauseweh, Stefano Pasini, Götz S. Uhrig

1210.4323 (Zhen-Yu Wang)

Quantum adiabatic evolution is not necessary adiabatic: Adiabatic
evolution realized by dynamical decoupling

Zhen-Yu Wang

1210.4353 (Florian Speelman)

Position-Based Quantum Cryptography and the Garden-Hose Game    [PDF]

Florian Speelman

1210.4359 (Marco Tomamichel et al.)

Strong Parallel Repetition for a Monogamy-of-Entanglement Game    [PDF]

Marco Tomamichel, Serge Fehr, J\kedrzej Kaniewski, Stephanie Wehner

1210.4384 (M. S. Ramkarthik et al.)

Entanglement signatures for the dimerization transition in the
Majumdar-Ghosh model

M. S. Ramkarthik, V. Ravi Chandra, Arul Lakshminarayan

1210.4394 (Lian-Ao Wu et al.)

Ground state cooling is not possible given initial system-thermal bath

Lian-Ao Wu, Dvira Segal, Paul Brumer

1210.4406 (Gerhard Groessing et al.)

A Classical Framework for Nonlocality and Entanglement    [PDF]

Gerhard Groessing, Siegfried Fussy, Johannes Mesa Pascasio, Herbert Schwabl

1210.4409 (Tzyh Haur Yang et al.)

Self Testing of Partially Entangled States    [PDF]

Tzyh Haur Yang, Miguel Navascues

1210.4413 (E. P. Menzel et al.)

Path Entanglement of Continuous-Variable Quantum Microwaves    [PDF]

E. P. Menzel, R. Di Candia, F. Deppe, P. Eder, L. Zhong, M. Ihmig, M. Haeberlein, A. Baust, E. Hoffmann, D. Ballester, K. Inomata, T. Yamamoto, Y. Nakamura, E. Solano, A. Marx, R. Gross

1210.4455 (Wei C. Jiang et al.)

A silicon-chip source of bright photon-pair comb    [PDF]

Wei C. Jiang, Xiyuan Lu, Jidong Zhang, Oskar Painter, Qiang Lin

1210.4456 (Alan Lai)

Quantizing G-connections via the tangent groupoid    [PDF]

Alan Lai

1210.4466 (S. Choi et al.)

Squeezing and robustness of frictionless cooling strategies    [PDF]

S. Choi, R. Onofrio, B. Sundaram

1210.4486 (Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo et al.)

Entanglement in permutation symmetric states, fractal dimensions, and
geometric quantum mechanics

Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo, Benjamin Doyon

1210.4488 (Brian Mischuck et al.)

Qudit Quantum Computation in the Jaynes-Cummings Model    [PDF]

Brian Mischuck, Klaus M\olmer

1210.4501 (Jacob Mower et al.)

High-dimensional quantum key distribution using dispersive optics    [PDF]

Jacob Mower, Zheshen Zhang, Pierre Desjardins, Catherine Lee, Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Dirk Englund

1210.4535 (Antoniya Aleksandrova et al.)

The Ubit Model in Real-Vector-Space Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Antoniya Aleksandrova, Victoria Borish, William K. Wootters