Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1007.1875 (André Chailloux et al.)

Lower Bounds for Quantum Oblivious Transfer    [PDF]

André Chailloux, Iordanis Kerenidis, Jamie Sikora

1111.3882 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandão et al.)

The Resource Theory of Quantum States Out of Thermal Equilibrium    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Michał Horodecki, Jonathan Oppenheim, Joseph M. Renes, Robert W. Spekkens

1303.6181 (Nikolay Chuprikov)

What is wrong in the current models of tunneling    [PDF]

Nikolay Chuprikov

1303.5770 (A. Lemmer et al.)

Driven Geometric Phase Gates with Trapped Ions    [PDF]

A. Lemmer, A. Bermudez, M. B. Plenio

1303.5826 (Sumanta Das et al.)

Collective Quantum Dot Inversion and Amplification of Photon and Phonon

Sumanta Das, Mihai Macovei

1303.5833 (Thierry Jecko)

On the mathematical treatment of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation    [PDF]

Thierry Jecko

1303.5858 (Andrey Kudryavtsev)

The nonlocal Darboux transformation of the 2D stationary Schrödinger
equation and its relation to the Moutard transformation

Andrey Kudryavtsev

1303.5883 (M. T. Yamashita et al.)

Single-Particle Momentum Distributions of Efimov States in Mixed-Species

M. T. Yamashita, F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1303.5888 (Denis V. Vasilyev et al.)

Dissipative vs. Conditional Generation of Gaussian Entanglement and Spin

Denis V. Vasilyev, Christine A. Muschik, Klemens Hammerer

1303.5892 (B. M. Rodríguez-Lara et al.)

A classical simulation of nonlinear Jaynes--Cummings and Rabi models in
photonic lattices

B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, Francisco Soto-Eguibar, Alejandro Zárate Cárdenas, H. M. Moya-Cessa

1303.5904 (S. R. Hedemann)

Hyperspherical Parameterization of Unitary Matrices    [PDF]

S. R. Hedemann

1303.5935 (V. A. Reshetov et al.)

Polarization properties of 'slow' light    [PDF]

V. A. Reshetov, I. V. Meleshko

1303.5939 (Maxim A. Efremov et al.)

Three-body bound states in atomic mixture with resonant p-wave

Maxim A. Efremov, Lev Plimak, Misha Yu. Ivanov, Wolfgang P. Schleich

1303.5942 (Luc Devroye et al.)

Exact simulation for the GHZ distribution    [PDF]

Luc Devroye, Claude Gravel

1303.5981 (Craig Hogan)

Quantum Geometry in the Lab    [PDF]

Craig Hogan

1303.6007 (Terrell Ward Bynum)

On the Possibility of Quantum Informational Structural Realism    [PDF]

Terrell Ward Bynum

1303.6009 (Keyu Xia et al.)

Ultrabroadband nonreciprocal transverse energy flow of light in linear
passive photonic circuits

Keyu Xia, M. Alamri, M. Suhail Zubairy

1303.6015 (Rui-Bo Jin et al.)

Widely tunable single photon source with high purity at telecom

Rui-Bo Jin, Ryosuke Shimizu, Kentaro Wakui, Hugo Benichi, Masahide Sasaki

1303.6025 (Ian R. Petersen)

Robust Stability Analysis of an Optical Parametric Amplifier Quantum

Ian R. Petersen

1303.6031 (Abraham G. Kofman et al.)

Connection-state approach to pre- and post-selected measurements    [PDF]

Abraham G. Kofman, Sahin K. Ozdemir, Franco Nori

1303.6034 (Akira SaiToh)

ZKCM: a C++ library for multiprecision matrix computation with
applications in quantum information

Akira SaiToh

1303.6039 (Xiang-Chun Ma et al.)

Improved wavelength attack on practical continuous variables quantum key
distribution system with heterodyne protocol

Xiang-Chun Ma, Shi-Hai Sun, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Lin-Mei Liang

1303.6043 (Xiang-Chun Ma et al.)

Local oscillator fluctuation opens a loophole for Eve in practical
continuous-variable quantum key distribution system

Xiang-Chun Ma, Shi-Hai Sun, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Lin-Mei Liang

1303.6045 (Hitoshi Katsuda et al.)

Nonadiabatic Quantum Annealing for One-Dimensional Trasverse-Field Ising

Hitoshi Katsuda, Hidetoshi Nishimori

1303.6055 (Seokwon Yoo et al.)

Quantum speedup in machine learning: Finding a circuit implementing a
task of N-bit Boolean function

Seokwon Yoo, Jeongho Bang, Changhyoup Lee, Jinhyoung Lee

1303.6057 (B. J. Hiley)

Bohmian Non-commutative Dynamics: History and New Developments    [PDF]

B. J. Hiley

1303.6105 (O. N. Golubjeva et al.)

Quantum mechanical analogue of the zeroth law of thermodynamics. (On the
problem of incorporating Thermodynamics into Quantum Theory)

O. N. Golubjeva, A. D. Sukhanov

1303.6123 (Jianlan Wu et al.)

Higher-Order Kinetic Expansion of Quantum Dissipative Dynamics: Mapping
Quantum Networks to Kinetic Networks

Jianlan Wu, Jianshu Cao

1303.6176 (C. D. Fosco et al.)

Vacuum fluctuations and generalized boundary conditions    [PDF]

C. D. Fosco, F. C. Lombardo, F. D. Mazzitelli

1303.6202 (Christof Bernhard et al.)

Shaping frequency entangled qudits    [PDF]

Christof Bernhard, Bänz Bessire, Thomas Feurer, André Stefanov

1303.6203 (Ernesto Estrada et al.)

Walk Entropies in Quantum Networks    [PDF]

Ernesto Estrada, Jose A. de la Pena, Naomichi Hatano

1303.6208 (Carlos Sabín et al.)

Dynamical phase quantum thermometer for an ultracold Bose-Einstein

Carlos Sabín, Angela White, Lucia Hackermuller, Ivette Fuentes

1303.6226 (Shohini Ghose et al.)

Secure quantum communication using multiqubit entanglement and

Shohini Ghose, Atul Kumar, Vaibhav Madhok, A. M. Hamel

1303.6261 (Nicolas Sangouard et al.)

Heralded Mapping of Photonic Entanglement into Single Atoms in Free
Space: Proposal for a Loophole-Free Bell Test

Nicolas Sangouard, Jean-Daniel Bancal, Philipp Muller, Joyee Ghosh, Jurgen Eschner