Tuesday, April 10, 2012

0901.0332 (Florin Moldoveanu)

Overview of the structural unification of quantum mechanics and
relativity using the algebra of quantions

Florin Moldoveanu

0911.5467 (Ashok Ajoy et al.)

Algorithmic approach to simulate Hamiltonian dynamics and an NMR
simulation of Quantum State Transfer

Ashok Ajoy, Rama Koteswara Rao, Anil Kumar, Pranaw Rungta

1012.0288 (Sangchul Oh et al.)

Effect of Randomness on Quantum Data Buses of Heisenberg Spin Chains    [PDF]

Sangchul Oh, Yun-Pil Shim, Jianjia Fei, Mark Friesen, Xuedong Hu

1108.2024 (Chris Fields)

Autonomy all the way down: Systems and dynamics in quantum Bayesianism    [PDF]

Chris Fields

1109.4981 (Boerge Hemmerling et al.)

A Novel, Robust Quantum Detection Scheme    [PDF]

Boerge Hemmerling, Florian Gebert, Yong Wan, Piet O. Schmidt

1109.5495 (Yu Luo et al.)

Deterministic preparation of Dicke states of donor nuclear spins in
silicon by cooperative pumping

Yu Luo, Hongyi Yu, Wang Yao

1204.1550 (Robert R. Tucci)

An Introduction to Quantum Bayesian Networks for Mixed States    [PDF]

Robert R. Tucci

1204.1612 (Yu Guo et al.)

Entanglement detection beyond the CCNR criterion for infinite-dimensions    [PDF]

Yu Guo, Jinchuan Hou

1204.1642 (Chee-Leong Ching et al.)

The Constraints and Spectra of a Deformed Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Chee-Leong Ching, Rajesh R. Parwani, Kuldip Singh

1204.1674 (Igor G. Vladimirov)

The monomer-dimer problem and moment Lyapunov exponents of homogeneous
Gaussian random fields

Igor G. Vladimirov

1204.1680 (Peng Xue et al.)

Probing multipartite entanglement in a coupled Jaynes-Cummings system    [PDF]

Peng Xue, Zbigniew Ficek, Barry C. Sanders

1204.1697 (Yi-Fei Wang et al.)

Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Topological Flat Bands with Chern
Number Two

Yi-Fei Wang, Hong Yao, Chang-De Gong, D. N. Sheng

1204.1708 (Xinyu Zhao et al.)

Dynamics of coupled cavity arrays embedded in a non-Markovian bath    [PDF]

Xinyu Zhao, Jun Jing, J. Q. You, Ting Yu

1204.1712 (Thiago Guerreiro et al.)

Single-photon space-like antibunching    [PDF]

Thiago Guerreiro, Bruno Sanguinetti, Hugo Zbinden, Nicolas Gisin, Antoine Suarez

1204.1724 (Kazuhide Ichikawa et al.)

Study of Simulation Method of Time Evolution in Rigged QED    [PDF]

Kazuhide Ichikawa, Masahiro Fukuda, Akitomo Tachibana

1204.1732 (Antoine Suarez)

Empty waves, many worlds, parallel lives, and nonlocal decision at

Antoine Suarez

1204.1742 (Jing Zhang et al.)

Quantum internet using code division multiple access    [PDF]

Jing Zhang, Yu-xi Liu, Sahin Kaya Ozdemir, Re-Bing Wu, Xiang-Bin Wang, Franco Nori

1204.1747 (Heiner Kohler et al.)

Fidelity and level correlations in the transition from regularity to

Heiner Kohler, Christian Recher

1204.1778 (W. L. Yang et al.)

Quantum simulation of artificial Abelian gauge field using
nitrogen-vacancy center ensembles coupled to superconducting resonators

W. L. Yang, Zhang-qi Yin, Z. X. Chen, Su-Peng Kou, M. Feng, C. H. Oh

1204.1794 (F. E. S. Steinhoff)

Nonclassicality witnesses and entanglement creation    [PDF]

F. E. S. Steinhoff

1204.1798 (Jing-Ling Chen et al.)

Quantumness of Product States    [PDF]

Jing-Ling Chen, Hong-Yi Su, Chunfeng Wu, C. H. Oh

1204.1813 (Kabgyun Jeong)

Randomizing quantum states in Shatten $p$-norms    [PDF]

Kabgyun Jeong

1204.1836 (V. Giovannetti et al.)

Master equation for cascade quantum channels: a collisional approach    [PDF]

V. Giovannetti, G. M. Palma

1204.1838 (Ruben S. Andrist et al.)

Optimal Error Correction in Topological Subsystem Codes    [PDF]

Ruben S. Andrist, H. Bombin, Helmut G. Katzgraber, M. A. Martin-Delgado

1204.1858 (Vladimir V. Kisil)

Classical/Quantum=Commutative/Noncommutative?    [PDF]

Vladimir V. Kisil

1204.1863 (Igor Traskunov et al.)

Bound entangled ststes of four qubits in tomographic probability

Igor Traskunov, V. I. Man'ko

1204.1870 (Jing-Ling Chen et al.)

Quantum steering without inequalities    [PDF]

Jing-Ling Chen, Xiang-Jun Ye, Chunfeng Wu, Hong-Yi Su, Adan Cabello, L. C. Kwek, C. H. Oh

1204.1876 (Allan Tameshtit)

Zero-point energies, the uncertainty principle and positivity of the
quantum Brownian density operator

Allan Tameshtit

1204.1893 (Lijian Zhang et al.)

Mapping coherence in measurement via full quantum tomography of a hybrid
optical detector

Lijian Zhang, Hendrik Coldenstrodt-Ronge, Animesh Datta, Graciana Puentes, Jeff S. Lundeen, Xian-Min Jin, Brian J. Smith, Martin B. Plenio, Ian A. Walmsley

1204.1900 (M. Ramzan)

Decoherence dynamics of geometric measure of quantum discord and
measurement-induced nonlocality for noninertial observers at finite

M. Ramzan