Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1011.2787 (Gus Gutoski et al.)

Parallel approximation of min-max problems    [PDF]

Gus Gutoski, Xiaodi Wu

1201.5708 (Alexander Selem)

Anomalous Currents on Closed Surfaces: Extended Proximity, Partial
Quantization, and Qubits

Alexander Selem

1211.5308 (Yves Grandati et al.)

Disconjugacy, regularity of multi-indexed rationally-extended
potentials, and Laguerre exceptional polynomials

Yves Grandati, Christiane Quesne

1212.1724 (David E. Roberson et al.)

Graph Homomorphisms for Quantum Players    [PDF]

David E. Roberson, Laura Mancinska

1212.1739 (Sergio Boixo et al.)

Experimental signature of programmable quantum annealing    [PDF]

Sergio Boixo, Tameem Albash, Federico M. Spedalieri, Nicholas Chancellor, Daniel A. Lidar

1212.1753 (Agnieszka Werpachowska)

Reduced Operator Approximation for modelling open quantum systems    [PDF]

Agnieszka Werpachowska

1212.1756 (Adan Cabello)

Specker's fundamental principle of quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Adan Cabello

1212.1782 (M. O. Katanaev)

On geometric interpretation of the Berry phase    [PDF]

M. O. Katanaev

1212.1817 (Xiao-Fan Xu et al.)

Demonstration of active feedforward one-way quantum computing with
photon-matter hyperentanglement

Xiao-Fan Xu, Xiao-Hui Bao, Jian-Wei Pan

1212.1828 (A. A. Rajabi et al.)

Relativistic symmetries in the Hulthén scalar-vector-tensor

A. A. Rajabi, M. Hamzavi

1212.1830 (A. A. Rajabi et al.)

Tensor coupling and relativistic spin and pseudospin symmetries with the
Hellmann potential

A. A. Rajabi, M. Hamzavi

1212.1861 (Jia-wen Deng et al.)

General PT-Symmetric Matrices    [PDF]

Jia-wen Deng, Uwe Guenther, Qing-hai Wang

1212.1862 (Guofeng Zhang et al.)

On the response of quantum linear systems to single photon input fields    [PDF]

Guofeng Zhang, Matthew R. James

1212.1865 (M. O. Katanaev)

On geometric interpretation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect    [PDF]

M. O. Katanaev

1212.1890 (Pavel A. Andreev)

The quantum hydrodynamic description of quantum gases with different

Pavel A. Andreev

1212.1894 (M. Bordag)

Surface plasmon for graphene in the Dirac equation model    [PDF]

M. Bordag

1212.1944 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Effects of quantum deformation on the spin-1/2 Aharonov-Bohm problem    [PDF]

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva

1212.1945 (A. R. R. Carvalho et al.)

Cavity driven by a single photon: conditional dynamics and non-linear
phase shift

A. R. R. Carvalho, M. R. Hush, M. R. James

1212.1951 (Hui Khoon Ng et al.)

One-dimensional transport revisited: A simple and exact solution for
phase disorder

Hui Khoon Ng, Berthold-Georg Englert

1212.1964 (Ran Cheng et al.)

Microscopic Theory of Spin Transfer Torques in Ferromagnets    [PDF]

Ran Cheng, Qian Niu

1212.1971 (Gennadiy Burlak et al.)

Time-Frequency Integrals and the Stationary Phase Method in Problems of
Waves Propagation from Moving Sources

Gennadiy Burlak, Vladimir Rabinovich

1212.1972 (Robert J. Ducharme)

A Solution Technique for Quantum Mechanical Differential Equations Using
Multiple Complex Planes

Robert J. Ducharme

1212.1973 (Eric G. Brown et al.)

Detectors for probing relativistic quantum physics beyond perturbation

Eric G. Brown, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Nicolas C. Menicucci, Robert B. Mann

1212.1981 (Francesco Caravelli et al.)

Quenches and lattice simulators for particle creation    [PDF]

Francesco Caravelli, Fotini Markopoulou, Arnau Riera, Lorenzo Sindoni

1212.2019 (Jonatan Bohr Brask et al.)

Testing nonlocality of single-photon entanglement without a shared
reference frame

Jonatan Bohr Brask, Rafael Chaves, Nicolas Brunner

1212.2029 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Non-Markovian random unitary qubit dynamics    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Filip A. Wudarski

1212.2048 (Ranjith Nair et al.)

Realizable receivers for discriminating arbitrary coherent-state
waveforms and multi-copy quantum states near the quantum limit

Ranjith Nair, Saikat Guha

1212.2055 (Sebastian Deffner et al.)

Thermodynamic length for far from equilibrium quantum systems    [PDF]

Sebastian Deffner, Eric Lutz

1212.2070 (Sebastian Schmidt et al.)

Circuit QED lattices: towards quantum simulation with superconducting

Sebastian Schmidt, Jens Koch

1212.2092 (B. Bagchi et al.)

A generalized non-Hermitian Pais-Uhlenbeck quantum Hamiltonian, its
Hermitian equivalence and position-dependent mass correspondence

B. Bagchi, A. Ghose Choudhury, Partha Guha

1212.2095 (Mario Salerno et al.)

Optimal transport and von Neumann entropy in an Heisenberg XXZ chain out
of equilibrium

Mario Salerno, Vladislav Popkov

1212.2104 (Siamak S. Gousheh et al.)

Non-adiabatic Non-cyclic Generalization of the Berry Phase for a
Spin-1/2 Particle in a Rotating Magnetic Field

Siamak S. Gousheh, Azadeh Mohammadi, Leila Shahkarami

1212.2110 (David Edward Bruschi et al.)

Time evolution techniques for detectors in relativistic quantum

David Edward Bruschi, Antony R. Lee, Ivette Fuentes

1212.2121 (Peng Ye et al.)

2D Lattice Model Construction of Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases    [PDF]

Peng Ye, Xiao-Gang Wen

1212.2122 (B. Bagchi et al.)

CPT-conserved effective mass Hamiltonians through first and higher order
charge operator C in a supersymmetric framework

B. Bagchi, A. Banerjee, A. Ganguly

1212.2147 (Magnus O. Borgh et al.)

Topological interface physics of defects and textures in spinor
Bose-Einstein condensates

Magnus O. Borgh, Janne Ruostekoski

1212.2156 (A. S. M. de Castro et al.)

Influence of the field-detector coupling strength on the dynamical
Casimir effect

A. S. M. de Castro, A. Cacheffo, V. V. Dodonov

1212.2194 (Wieslaw Laskowski et al.)

Entanglement witnesses with variable number of local measurements    [PDF]

Wieslaw Laskowski, Marcin Markiewicz, Tomasz Paterek

1212.2200 (Marco Lanzagorta)

Effect of Gravitational Frame Dragging on Orbiting Qubits    [PDF]

Marco Lanzagorta